Gemini Reborne

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Taking Action

Marcelina was surprised to wake up outside, and more so with Sergio's face above hers, blue eyes wide in concern. "Celi? You alright? You look like you cried yourself to sleep out here." He helped her up and patted her back in a show of support. Marcelina sighed and rubbed her face, surprised to feel no tear burns. "Well, you're not exactly wrong." She answered, feeling better internally. There was a sense of duty that came with Poseidon's words. She had to relax, had to see Emilio as something worth her future. Sergio only looked at her with twice as much worry. "Were you hurt?" He looked her up and down, trying to find bruises or signs of pain, "If one of those blockheads did anything I'll teach 'em a good lesson!" He was so quick to protect her, it was endearing. Marcelina could only smile tiredly and pat his bicep. "Gio, calm down. No one hurt me, I can handle myself even with these troublesome bonds." Sergio sighed in relief before smiling brightly at her. "You said my nickname! It's like we're really siblings now!"

Marcelina allowed a chuckle. "What time is it?" Changing the subject did the trick. "Ehh, probably close to 8 in the morning. I've only been outside a couple of minutes," he answered, squinting at the horizon and shrugging casually. Marcelina hummed lightly at the information, patting herself to ward off invisible dirt. "Have I missed breakfast?" Sergio shook his head and made way for her cabin. She didn't want a repeat of yesterday. When the bell rang for breakfast, Marcelina was completely calm and collected. Pulling on her boots much more fluidly, she went to the mess hall with a plan in mind. She had to convince Arturo to return the boat to Spain, which left a risk for his capture. It wouldn't bother her, in fact, she would encourage someone to catch the man, but now she had to worry for Emilio and Sergio.

Her entry into the hall seemed to demand attention, and for good reason. Marcelina walked to the center table and climbed onto it, standing tall above the mass of men. "I've something to announce." She said calmly, her profession in persuasion kicking in. Arturo and Emilio regarded her curiously. "I have been visited by my Father, and we are all in grave danger." A lie, but flawlessly and easily told, as what came naturally to her. "For all our sakes, Poseidon demands we turn back and stay close to the Mediterranean for at least four days." She looked at each section of the crew as she spoke, her posture commanding authority and her eyes obedience.

As general confusion began to arise, Marcelina hardened her face. There would be no denying her. "If we don't turn around, we will all die, and it will be most gruesome." Finished, she stepped off the table and made herself comfy to eat. That was when the slight chaos broke. Questions, either in fear or in opposition filled the air in nervous whispers. Arturo quickly confronted the nereid. "What in the world are you going on about, Marcelina?" The captain looked nervous and confused but was much better composed than the crew. "I woke very early this morning and felt the sea call to me. I left my cabin promptly and summoned Poseidon. He told me what I told you, more or less. Father is protective of me, but he won't tolerate disobedience. We have a day to start back to my home, or he will destroy us. I don't want to die, do you?" She didn't falter in her lie even as she added to it. Arturo rose an eyebrow at her and she mimicked him. "Then I suggest you listen and do as I say. I'm your only link to Poseidon and safety." Marcelina locked her eyes on Arturo's, green on green. There was a tense moment of silence between the two before the man yielded.

"Bringing you aboard has proved much more troublesome than I expected, you're making me risk poverty and death." He grumbled, running a hand through his choppy bands. Marcelina smiled vindictively. "Ah, but it was your mistake." Arturo rolled his eyes and left to tell his navigator their reverse in their course and then give Sergio the order to turn around.

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