Gemini Reborne

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Marcelina was impressed with herself for so easily finding this ship. It'd been so long since she'd tasted human flesh, so long since her head had breached the surface and felt the sunlight. While she was of a race incredibly few, she was one of the best hunters and seductresses. Poseidon had done well in modeling her after the Spanish people from whose waters she lived in. This "Alejandro" had provided such a nice melody to enchant, and words already entrapping, that all she had to do was hum it for sailors to drop like birds into a watery death. Alejandro had successfully drowned and bled out by now. Lifting his head up, Marcelina looked upon his pretty face and licked her lips. Hopefully, he'd taste as good as he looked. Opening her mouth to reveal human teeth with an unnatural sharpness, she tilted Alejandro's head and tore a chunk of his neck.

Dear Poseidon! Humans, weak and useless as they were, had such wonderful flesh! She briefly registered the semi-frantic whispers of those too far to be ensnared, but Marcelina didn't care. No man would dare come so close to her feeding circle, less they become her food as well. She continued to savagely bite and tear meat from his neck, licking and slurping the blood that pooled. She looked a mess, quickly she scooped up ocean water to splash on herself and then drank from it, loving the combination of salt and iron. While Alejandro was a bit bitter--proof of heavy drinking-- he was young, juicy and rich. Marcelina practically went into a frenzy, starting to move to his chest. It'd been so long since she'd tried a human heart~! Even better, the growing size of drowned men would ensure a few months of good eating.

Normally, she'd gather up the men around her and swim into the deep waters, towards her cove to relax and better eat, but she was too engrossed in eating Alejandro to do so. She'd regret it since the sun would dry out her hair and make it harden, but that could be remedied easily enough. Except it wouldn't. The sudden 'splash' of a net drew her attention away, then the net tightened around her and began to pull. Instantly panicking, she thrashed, but only managed to entangle herself in the net with Alejandro's body. Hissing and raising a hand to claw away at the net, she was successfully stopped by the tip of a spear to her neck. It would easily pierce and kill her. Marcelina shuddered, she was only 150 years old, much too young to die. "Now, what did my ship ever do to you to warrant this massacre?" The commanding voice was a tenor full of suaveness and smugness and dangerous. That must be the captain.

"Try any more spells and you will soon find your voice snuffed out. Along with your cold heartbeat. Don't think I'm not aware of the benefits of a dead nereid." Marcelina hated that he was null of bluff or fear. The captain turned to the men holding the net. "Pull her up, carefully. I'll need a group to fill my tub with seawater so that we may hold this creature." Internally mourning her fate, Marcelina was left to cling to her body and sadly pull off small bits of him while the net was slowly pulled up. She saw a boat filled with men go down as she went up, their eyes all filled with fear and wonder and disgust at her. She bared her bloody teeth at them and they all hastily looked away. At least, Marcelina would keep her dignity while being captured. It took quite a while for her to come aboard, about as long as it took for the group to fill this supposed 'tub' she was to be confined in. When she was finally set down, she was covered in blood and gore, staring at the very large group of men. The deck was uncomfortably warm and dry, making her arch her back and tail away from it.

The captain took slow, teasing steps towards her, brazenly grabbing her chin and locking their eyes. Funnily enough, they matched in color, but not in magick. "Welcome aboard the Magia Negra, creature." Marcelina could barely manage the overwhelming dread and nausea and her eyes rolled back, body going limp.

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