Gemini Reborne

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The ship reversed course right after breakfast, and while no one outwardly rejected, there were still doubtful questions about it. One man was bold enough to speak directly to Marcelina. He walked up to where she was quietly sunbathing with an air of power and authority almost akin to Arturo's. Marcelina didn't notice him until he was standing over her, his tall stature blocking the light and warmth, instantly bringing her out of her reverie. "Madam, I'm not sure if you know me or care to, but I'm very conflicted about the change in course." He watched as Marcelina looked him over and stood. "I know you: one of the strong men Arturo had cart me around. What has you conflicted?" Not that he had any say in their course, but Marcelina was curious and needed to know so she could deflect it.

The strongman adjusted his stance to seem a bit bigger, cleared his throat, and began his case, "I've been with Arturo for many years, and in that time we've encountered a number of unholy tempests, and all manner of creatures. Every time, we've come out alive and usually unscathed. It seems unreasonable for us to turn around now just because of yet another storm." Marcelina rose an eyebrow at his insinuation. "I see, you think that because Arturo listened to me with no fuss, that it's suspicious. You're skeptical because you have experience with tempests and the like." When the man nodded, Marcelina laughed mockingly, her eyes narrowing. "Well, sailor, those are plausible reasons. But, allow me to explain something." she walked up close and personal to him, her body language full-out predatory. Seeing the man tense up only fueled her inner savagery and her act. "A storm truly fed by Poseidon is unbeatable. Remember the one that caused me to become human? That was only a light drizzle compared to what he will do to us. No ship has survived, no crew spared, not even the youngest child. All manner of creatures, natural or no, will be sent to us, ready to tear us into pieces of pieces until no trace of your existence remains." By now, Marcelina's voice was dark and her hands were around his neck. Her nails, though blunt and harmless, tapped menacingly at his jugular, ready to apart his skin, his muscles and drench the deck in blood. Her eyes were dark and narrowed into dangerous slits, full of barely-restrained hunger. "I refuse to die in such a manner, nor will I allow the few friends on this ship to face such a certain doom. Tell me, do you have any more 'conflictions'?" She asked, her threat placed clearly in her words.

Silence danced between them, thick with a subtle excitement. She was daring him to challenge her again. The man wisely yielded, stepping away from her. "I...I understand now. Sorry to have bothered you." Marcelina only smiled and waved him off, to which the man went on his way much quicker than he'd arrived. She smirked smugly and went back to lounging. However, Marcelina wouldn't remain unchallenged for long. At dinner, held up on deck due to the lovely weather, Marcelina was again faced with no-name sailors asking how and why she had to authority to turn around the ship. Realizing she would have to give them a more dramatic reason, she had a small lapse in self-control. "QUIET! If you all must know, then I will show you exactly what I was shown." Marcelina put her food down and stood on her seat and stared into the many eyes of all the men, Arturo, Emilio and Sergio included. She spared none her hypnotic gaze, tricking them all into a sense of calm until suddenly it wasn't.

It was raining so heavily the drops hurt, like small pebbles smacking non-stop on the skin. Marcelina was nowhere to be seen, and the ship was stuck in place with no wind to power them. There were sails, no mast, just the crew on the open deck. The air was stagnant, thick and humid, the salt almost nauseating. Softly and slowly, an ethereal hum drifted up from the left side, drawing every man to it. Tensely, they peeked over and saw the blackest waters as of yet, oddly still, hiding any possible threat. Except for Marcelina, who rose quietly out of the waters, surrounded by other women like her, all unequal in beauty. She was thoroughly occupied with them, plump lips locked in one embrace after another, slender fingers caressing smooth flawless skin. It was Emilio who would break the trance with one confused shout of "Marcelina?"

All hell broke loose, in a blunt sense. Marcelina was torn to shreds in front of everyone, her screams turning to gurgles and then into an unsettling silence. Her body was pulled under, a frenzy of red-tinted foam rising over the water until nothing but a tiny blue scale remained, ripped from her body. A screeching wind picked up, making the rainfall turn near sideways and move so fast it began to slice at the skin. Confused shouts of fear and pain overtook the ship, the men moving about in a panicked disarray. There was no way to gain control, the black sea trapping them viciously. The wind kept changing directions, adding to the chaos, but it was just the beginning. Men who saw nothing else to do began to jump overboard, unaware of the ravenous legion of blood-thirsty creatures waiting to feast on them. All that jumped were consumed, erased from existence. Then a new unearthly scream pierced the air painfully, accompanied by the roar of rushing water. A whirlpool began to form, sucking in the ship with an alarming speed. There was no doubt that this, too, was a sentient, hungry being that lived on flesh. The crew that this was the certain doom that awaited them on all fronts.

The ship began to tear apart the closer to the center it got, bringing anyone aboard to its gaping, cool maw. Just as the ship was about to become nothing but solitary planks, the scene evaporated. Nobody was hurt, not one hair out of place, but all eyes were wide in horror. Marcelina was still standing, regarding them all with a flat look of authority. Dare to challenge one of the sea and death would come your way, and they all understood that clearly. "That is was awaits us if we disobey. Now, unless you want a very detailed, personal moment of your death, stop questioning me." Stepping down from her seat, she resumed eating with a completely unruffled demeanor.

The same couldn't be said for the men around her. All were suddenly grateful that Arturo had bound her against harming them.

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