Gemini Reborne

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Mission Reminder

Dinner continued on in relative silence, the type that comes with fearful thoughts. This was a harsh reminder that Marcelina was indeed inhuman, despite current appearances. She saw things and did things far beyond any human ability or understanding. If any man could understand that best, with was Arturo, and even it had taken a few skirmishes for him to yield to her in these matters. Marcelina continued to stare at the dark waters, not in the mind of earthly things. Seeing one's own death was jarring for any creature, and besides, the looming responsibility of seeing to Emilio was throwing her in a loop.

She was confused over everything and nothing, over choices and demands. She still was so reluctant to begin the converging courtship with Emilio as advised by him and Poseidon. A part of it was because she'd never know what to expect, which was common for any of her fellow female kind. With converging came an onslaught of unlocked emotions and it was a lot to adjust to on a dime. Then there was the current situation. Arturo had suffered a bad hit from her friendly bond with Emilio. If he knew that it was more than that 'friendly' bond, he could react badly. She wanted to maintain this sense of calm and keep control. Footsteps coming her way pushed the matter to the back of her mind, letting Marcelina focus. Arturo's approach wasn't surprising, in fact, it was necessary. If Marcelina would have Emilio with her for three days, they had to lay down the strategy.

He sat down at a close distance across from her, green eyes dark, but the artificial light of a lantern game them a bit of a glow. It was odd, the mix of fire and emerald, but Marcelina entertained the thought that it was pretty to look at. Arturo's face was projecting concern and an awkward sense of purpose, he had a good deal to say, drawing her attention. "What is holding your thoughts, Arturo?" She began, crossing her legs at the ankles. The captain gulped quietly and focused on her face. Marcelina's eyes, by comparison, were self-lit by her inner magic, defying the darkness. They watched him with a calm interest that was infectious, as he began to ease the longer he stared. It was a natural reaction in men who looked into the eyes of a nereid. They lived to captivate, no matter what body they were in. "Well, how is your secret quest going?" He started out gruff at first, but his voice eased with a quick cough.

The question caught her off-guard enough to ask "Which one?" In turn, he gave a confused tilt of his head and a small frown. "Finding out Emilio's true nature and where he could stand with you...remember?" Marcelina internally hit herself for her traveling mind and mouth. "Yes, of course. It's...been eventful, but nothing for certain. I believe the vision is my Father's way of motivating me to find out. The most I can say is wait a little while longer, Arturo." she smiled placatingly. Arturo accepted this but in his mind, he was latched onto her small slip up. What else was she doing? Was it dangerous to his plans? Letting it pass over quietly, for now, he moved on. "Fine then. We still have a few weeks until we dock, but not terribly long." He looked heavenward and sighed. "It'll be odd for me to dock with no booty to trade. At least we can build a stronger container for you and get you back in your true state." He gave her a small grin. "Though, do you want to revert? After all, in this body, you're able to move freely." Arturo tried hard not to say "stay in this body for me" and was pleased with himself for keeping his desires quiet.

Marcelina leaned back on her haunches, pondering it. Being human wasn't terrible, especially since she could move freely and with the goals she had to accomplish, that was essential. However, she couldn't deny her innermost need to swim again and be in her natural state. So with a little shrug, Marcelina looked back to the captain and smiled. "You drive a good point, Arturo. However, I belong as a water creature and I welcome it, even if I were to be contained. Though I ask that you put it outside, I want to avoid being carried constantly." She waited with some type of suspense to see if Arturo would adhere to his promise. Arturo almost pouted at how she shot down his inner plans. He considered just doing what he needed to see to his wants, but looking at her practically forbid him from going through with it.

"That should be fine. You'd still be close to me for other things, after all." It was, after all, her comfort on the line, and if he were to at least be on good terms with her, Arturo would provide her with it. Marcelina thanked him with a smile and a grateful relief which danced in her eyes.

Arturo found himself just a bit speechless because of it, and more affirmed in his desires.

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