Gemini Reborne

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In the three long weeks of the required sailing, hardly anything interesting happened, and even Marcelina was bored to irritation. She wasn't alone, of course. "Celi! Can't you sing a monster over, so we can get some energy out?! If I see one more happy little dolphin one more time, I'm gonna lose it!" Sergio whined loudly from his post, slouching heavily on the helm. A few sailors chorused their agreeing boredom, and Marcelina only a heaved a loud sigh. Turning onto her stomach, she looked over the deck from her tanning perch. "No, Arturo was the one to bond me against conjuring up possible harm. Otherwise, Sergio, you would all be in fatal shape."

The responding groan of disappointment rang out in loud unison, and all resumed their tedious and boring tasks. However, an hour later, shouts from the crow's nest announced a rival pirate ship ahead. It was huge and very promising, most likely carrying stolen goods. Arturo's smile was feral and he kicked into his role as captain immediately. "Men, prepare for a raid!" he shouted, seemingly as rough and gruff as ever, but there was an electric buzz of purpose in the air. Marcelina watched curiously, having never seen the pirates in action. She wanted to take part, so hopping from her perch, she approached Arturo with a plan in mind. "I can make this raid flawless if you let me. I won't be able to eat any of those men like this, but I certainly can still lure them to death." For once, the two were in full understanding of each other, smiling with the thrill of fighting.

The other ship spotted the Magia Negra relatively quickly, and the crew made ready for an attack. They were too slow to outrun the enemy, so instead they would wait. As she came closer, the eerie silence and lack of people threw them off-guard. In an hour or so, the ships were side by side, the decks easy to see and board. However, there wasn't a single man on the Magia Negra, but a single woman. She looked ragged, weak, and scared. The opposing captain came to the edge of his ship, curiously asking of her well-being. Marcelina pretended to cry, begging to be rescued. Naturally, the captain put a plank between the ships and quickly crossed over. Marcelina waited until he was an arm's length away, and the captain had no chance for escape. The second he touched her arm, she had him on his knees, his neck in her death grip, and kept squeezing. He flailed and screamed, seeing the predator in her eyes, the glee in having something to kill. His last noise was a gurgle as Marcelina's fingers ripped savagely into his jugular, then further into his neck. The other crew members could only stare in disgusted shock and awe, at a loss now that their captain was dead.

When the captain's body finally fell to the deck, the only attachment his head had was the back of his neck. Marcelina's hands were drenched in blood, as well as her dress and her feet. Small bits of gore littered the floor. Dead silence remained, then utter chaos rained down as the crew was ambushed by a legion of Magia Negra pirates boarding them from seemingly nowhere. In truth, it took only a simple tune from Marcelina to hide them in plain sight. The result was the fastest, most brutal raid to date. The other ship had been carrying mass amounts of marketable goods and supplies. Once everything valuable was taken on board, Arturo ordered the rival ship burned out of existence. It was done promptly, and the ship sank to the cheers of the crew.

The success was sorely needed, boosting moral and giving Arturo a profit once he landed. Sergio, just as bloodied and hyped up, couldn't help but to give Marcelina one of his tight, swinging hugs. She let him, her inner predator satisfied at having not only the first kill but the prize kill. "You are one dangerous woman, Celi! It was terrifying but amazing at the same time!" Sergio gushed, then grinned at her. Marcelina chuckled softly, patting his bicep tenderly. "I have many abilities, regardless of what skin I wear. Please put me down, Gio, I like being able to feel the deck under my feet." He hastily put her down, though nothing could ruin his admiring praise, following her around and bragging about her. Several men reminded him that everyone had seen Marcelina, and they were all just as awed as he was.

Emilio intercepted the two eventually, tipping his head to Marcelina, then bowing at the waist. "You have all the credit to our success. You get to have the first pick out the payment chest." She hesitated, feeling an array of emotions flurry through her heart. Half were good ones: affection, humor, pride, and half were bad: worry, uncertainty."Payment chest? I'm not a true member of the crew, you realize?", she asked. Sergio and Emilio took one hand each and lead her to the chest. It was full to the brim with priceless jewelry and countless pieces of eight. "It doesn't matter, you are the reason we have this fortune, it's only fair you get the first pick," Emilio explained, gesturing to the chest. Marcelina stared at it, her instinctual love for all things beautiful taking over. She carefully inspected each piece of jewelry, until coming upon a rare piece. She took it with loving familiarity, a shaky sigh passing through. "This one, I pick this one." It was a necklace clearly not made with human hands. Pearls both a rich green and blue were weaved into a masterful gold design. It had no clasp and at first seemed too small.

Marcelina simply moved her hair aside and put it on. The metal stretched and then contracted to fit perfectly around her neck, then draped along it to rest along her collar bone. The centerpiece laid just to the side of her cleavage. It gleamed in the light, almost pleased to have an owner. "It's beauty is like no other. It suits you," Emilio cooed quietly, admiring both it and Marcelina's slender neck. Marcelina gently touched the piece. "That's because it's made for nereids. I've no idea how the other pirates found it, for these are very rare." Satisfied, Marcelina stepped away from the chest to let the other crew have their turns.

The ship docked on the southernmost Spanish coast the next day. Marcelina was on a live wire: antsy and tense. It took all of her self-control not to dive off the side of the boat and relish in her home water. The last thing she wanted was to be seen by more humans, or risk getting stuck in her clothes. As the crew began to clear out of the ship, Marcelina made ready for her departure. Arturo approached her just before she stole away to her cabin. Seeing her excited and eager warmed him inside, and he wanted now more than over to just keep her with him and away from Emilio. It wasn't fair that Emilio would have her to himself, far away from his sight. However, Arturo already agreed to allow this, and he wouldn't go back on his word. He would continue to wait for his moment. "Be careful while you're with Emilio. I'll see you in three days." Arturo sighed and went to fetch said rival, squashing his wayward jealousy.

Three days seemed much longer than it sounded.

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