Gemini Reborne

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When she fainted, the captain-Arturo- naturally assumed the worst and swore. It'd do no good to have a dead creature aboard, not when he had so many plans for her. "Hurry up and get her in the tub! We'll get to port in a few hours." A few of the stronger men managed to lift Marcelina up and carry her to the captain's cabin, lowering her carefully into the sea-water filled tub. The water overflowed out of the tub from the displacement, but not enough to risk her drying out. Arturo looked over her, scrutinizing. "It'll do. Let's hope she wakes." Then he left her, going back to the deck to survey the area.

"Capitán, are you sure it's wise to have such a dangerous creature aboard? She could easily kill us all now, with us concentrated into one area." The first mate, a calm man with a wise mind, stood next to Arturo, brown eyes looking over the horizon with a nervous calm. "There are many magical values involved in catching a nereid, Renardo. I can control her abilities as long as she's on my ship. She can be our trump card against others. Trust me." Renardo looked skeptical, but held his opinion after that, giving a small nod.

An hour passed peacefully, the winds picked up in their favour, bringing them further to the Spanish port at Málaga. Arturo began to wonder again on the state of his creature, so he ventured back into his cabin to check on her. Marcelina looked disturbed even at rest, her tail flicking fretfully up and down, seeking a current no longer there. Finally, she awoke with a start. Green eyes desperately looked around for a watery home, but instead felt only the dry roughness of air and the cramped confines of the tub. The water kept her in this form, but barely, as it was half-full and cold. With no current or sunlight, it was like a torture device. She would sit here and wait for the water to freeze and kill her slowly. As her thoughts leaned more and more towards death Arturo was more than happy to see her more or less fine. Clearing his throat, he sidled up to her, a smirk of pride and gloating all over his face. "Now, who said to faint like that and give my crew a fright, hm?"

Marcelina snapped her head to look at him, murder and unbridled rage in the matching greens. "I demand an answer, creature. I know you understand me." Arturo crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently. Marcelina narrowed her eyes and told him bluntly, "Either you are very stupid or very suicidal, human." Arturo blinked at the clearly spoken, scathing words. He expected her to speak, but not so well. "You're doubly wrong, creature. As we speak, my ship is headed to port to unload and restock for another long journey. Your job is to use your abilities over the sea to our aid. I know much more about you than you'd expect, like how I forbid you to cause harm to me, my crew, and my ship, and you have to obey lest you suffer greatly." Arturo smirked again and Marcelina was especially eager to rip his mouth off, along with the rest of that face.

"What makes you think that's true, cocky mortal? How do you know that I won't conjure up my father to swallow this pathetic ship?" She sat up, fingers gripping the tub's edges with great strength. The marble strained under her force. Arturo was unafraid, leaning over to grab her chin and force their faces close. "I, as your captor, hereby forbid you to use your sea faring powers in any ill will towards me, my vessel, and my crew, for all my days. I forbid you to call upon outside forces to that same end, or you will dissolve into nothing but sea foam. I command you to serve the purpose of my servant against other ships and the sea's dangers." As he spoke, Marcelina physically felt her body pressed down, her heart palpitating as her natural magic was constricted in such a way.

She squirmed and fought back best as she could, but just as fast as it came, it was gone and Marcelina was fine again. She could feel something was off in her, something blocking the full extent of her essence, and that was infuriating. "Bastard! You absolute bastard! I should curse you to insanity!" Marcelina was able to pull her face away from the captain's, who only chuckled and stood straight. "But you can't, or you'll die. In the end, no matter what you choose I still win." Marcelina hissed at him, baring teeth dangerously sharp and potent. "I hope you die a violent, early death." Arturo found her threats incredibly amusing and didn't hide his laughter, going so far as to pet her hair and then leave her in the tub. "We'll be at port in another hour. Enjoy staring out the window."

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