Gemini Reborne

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Emilio was practically shaking, gently taking Marcelina hands and rubbing them with his thumbs. She watched him put her hands on his chest, her hands going flat on his chest. Emilio gave her a gentle smile before putting his hands over her chest, locking their eyes. She exhaled slowly, nodding minutely. Ramon moved back a little before rising to his full height, looking down on them to act as the third party.

Emilio touched his forehead with Marcelina's, causing a full body shiver from her. "Marcelina, do you accept my offer of converging, so that I may give you half my soul and complete devotion to you and only you?" The moment he asked, a warm hum of ancient power bubbled up between and in the couple. Marcelina licked her lips but didn't hesitate, "Yes, I accept. With half of your soul and devotion, I give you half of mine and my devotion to you and only you." The warm hum began to escalate, vibrating in their bodies, making Marcelina breath faster and her fingers press into Emilio's skin. Emilio remained as steady as possible, despite feeling almost red hot and shaking. "I will cherish you more than any riches or beauty, and love you with each breath, with Poseidon and Ramon as my witness," Emilio recited, feeling a pulse deep in his being, barely able to see through the sudden brightness between them.

Marcelina made a soft noise, her eyes fluttering but not closing off the connection between their gazes. "You will be my one and only Geminius, my sun and stars, I will hold you tightly in my heart, with Poseidon and Ramon as my witnesses." She finally let her eyes close after that, the light too much to bear, the heat and emotions overwhelming her. Ramon put a hand on their backs, his voice clear and steady, "I bear full witness and approval of this pair, let it be that your bodies, souls, and hearts converge as one, so that none can be without the other, so that none will know you as well as the other, for eternity."

In a mind-shattering instant, the power spiked and filled them entirely. Marcelina felt her heart literally stop for several intense seconds, as half of her and half Emilio was taken and switched, fitting seamlessly within the other as it was meant to be. It could never be undone, that was the best part about it. The process was over in another flood of power, receding slowly and leaving them pleasantly warm. Marcelina was shaking as she carefully pulled away. Her heart beat was calm, but her soul was thrumming in a dizzying tandem with her new half. It was a completeness Marcelina didn't know she could feel. A part of her was unlocked and allowed to flourish.

Emilio was hers, she was his. Forever. When Emilio finally looked at her, she never saw so much love in a pair of eyes, such adoration, and desire. "Marcelina...", he purred at her, making her blush. "Hello again, Emilio," she replied, her voice cracking. Emilio chuckled, then pulled her for a flurry of kisses. Marcelina was instantly absorbed with him, not even noticing Ramon leaving, a bittersweet, but proud, smile on his face.

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