Gemini Reborne

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If Marcelina thought kisses with Emilio before converging were nice, she didn't know how she would go without it now. Her hands were greedily playing in his hair, stroking and curling it around her fingers, pulling him closer. He was no better, his arms circling tight around her waist and shoulders, losing himself with her. He worked his lips on hers with a natural confidence and seduction that drew a soft moan from her. Pleased immensely, Emilio began to suck at her bottom lip, flicking his tongue along the seam of her lips. She shivered, making another small moan and nipping at his bottom lip in return.

He rumbled pleasantly, teasing her mouth open and showing her the proper way to conquer a kiss. Marcelina was pliant, lightly massaging the nape of his neck. Cupping her cheeks, Emilio had a filling taste of her, then enticed her into tasting him. Marcelina smirked in their kiss, and happily showed him her skills, finding they were well-matched indeed. Emilio was loath to be the first to pull away, but he wasn't a natural water-breather. Even if he did control his breathing through his nose, he couldn't match Marcelina. Slowly, he ended their moment of euphoria, positively sailing on the afterglow of finally converging. Marcelina chased after him and stole a small kiss, giggling.

"I don't think I'll go a day without that now, Emilio," she warned playfully, not able to overcome this silly glee in her system. Emilio loved it, of course. "Feel free to take that and more whenever you desire, Marcelina~" he teased, stretching and showing off fluid, strong muscle. Marcelina was successfully distracted, providing an opportunity that he couldn't skip. He flexed his pectorals, making her visibly jump and blink fast. "I've never seen someone do that." Her hand touched his chest, gently pressing and relaxing. Emilio smirked and made his muscles flex particularly hard. She bit her lip, obviously finding it a turn on. He quickly decided he like seeing her that way. "That's...nice," she said, trying to hide it.

Emilio wanted to laugh, as if she could hide something that obvious. Even if Marcelina managed to keep it off her face, their bond was fully done, that emotional sixth sense was fully bridged and easy to cross. He caressed along her arm, looking her straight in the eye. Marcelina was swept up in his desire, mixing with hers. He leaned forward and tilted her head, kissing up her jaw with small, but hot kisses. He lightly mouthed at her ear lobe and she made a small whine, unable to handle the hunger and passion in it. Emilio was playing her like a master musician plays a well-tuned instrument, though she didn't object. "Emilio, please-" He smiled, almost ferally against her skin, moving from her ear down her neck. "Please what, Marcelina?" He teased, his hands moving in small circles on her back.

"S-stop teasing me, you're playing dirty," she huffed, humming low in her throat. "How can I when you make such nice noises at every little thing I do? You're very tempting, love." Emilio continued to mouth on her neck, making her arch her back and squirm. Marcelina found she didn't like being teased much. That is to say, she liked it very much, but by Poseidon if it wasn't an infuriating test on her patience. Marcelina wasn't a patient woman. Emilio had mercy on her, however, after pressing one more hot, open-mouthed kiss just behind her ear and getting a whine out of her. "Let's have some fish, hm?" He suggested.

Marcelina had a lovely flush to her whole neck and face, and a heavy lidded gaze that tested Emilio's self-control to a new degree. She nodded dazedly, swimming to the pouch of fish. Ramon had already taken his fair share, so she didn't have to feel guilty about forgetting. By the time she got back to Emilio her head had cleared. As they ate, Marcelina had a sudden worry hit her gut. "Emilio, we have one day left, what do we do once we're back on the ship? I can't bear to try and hide this. It goes against my nature." Marcelina felt Emilio mentally startle at that, then sigh. Frowning lightly, he gave a small shrug. "I'm not sure, I'm afraid we'll have to, at least for a while."

Marcelina stubbornly shook her head. "That's what the first Gemini did, and that spelt near-disaster. We can avoid that if we confront it directly, and that means getting rid of Arturo's delusions." There was a pause, and Emilio's frown deepened. "What delusions? I just assumed he didn't want me to 'take you' from him and commit mutiny." Marcelina sat up straight and fixed him with a flat look. "You just answered your own question, love," she said. It took Emilio ten seconds flat to understand. When he did, he pulled a sour face. "Oh. Wonderful, he may have a conniption over this."

Marcelina looked away and lightly scratched the base of her neck. "It might be more than that. He's went and gotten more attatched than he should've, especially with the bonds between us three clashing so much. Arturo is going to be a wild card, possibly violent. More so if we try to hide this from him," she explained, crossing her arms. Emilio hummed in agreement. "We just have to out-stubborn him. I've known him for a long time, it can be done." He smiled and drew her close again, unable to resist nipping at her ear again. She shivered and clung to him, letting Emilio get an even better hold on him. "With reason, he'll see what's best."

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