Gemini Reborne

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Nefarious Plans

Arturo was usually quite calm, or when not calm, quite able to control himself within reason. Not so now. He was in constant motion: pacing or taking long walks, going into the market to buy gifts upon gifts for Marcelina. His paranoia was getting to him badly. It'd been two days, with neither Emilio nor Marcelina to watch over and keep separate. Arturo couldn't shake the feeling that Emilio would succeed in stealing her away, and he hated it. He hated that he could do nothing against it until they got back.

A part of him even wondered if Marcelina had went rogue, killing Emilio and abandoning him. While from a logical sense, Arturo knew that to be false, otherwise his bond over her would've fizzled out with her death. The only reason she was able to be on her own for so long was because he had allowed it and because Marcelina wasn't stupid enough to try and harm Emilio. She held him dear anyway, and nereids weren't known to hurt those they cared for. No, she wouldn't get herself killed, and Arturo was glad for it. He couldn't afford her dying on him, for both profit and for desire. He had a healthy lust mixed with affection for her, it'd be unfortunate to have such a supple body and sweet face taken away.

Therefore, Arturo had was bent on not only getting his chance at her affection, which was quite slim, but also her body, which was even slimmer. Marcelina was young, untouched, he'd treat her gently at first, for courtesy's sake. Therein lied his greatest predicament, for Marcelina was deep underwater with his only rival. Emilio was a much better charmer, even in their youth, and it always annoyed him. That charm hadn't left at all, affecting even Marcelina, right from their first meeting. Now, months later, Arturo was certain Emilio would have no trouble winning her completely.

How, then, did Arturo stand a chance? Arturo huffed in the lone space of his cabin, roughly carding a hand through his unruly hair. At this rate, he'd fare better with black magic on his side. A bolt of realization went through him. The answer was in black magic! Arturo left his cabin in a hurry, going straight into town. He knew that the carpenter hadn't left from their last confrontation, and the old man had plenty of tools he could use on Marcelina. Of course, Arturo was right, barging in on the carpenter with no warning. The old man paled and tried to run, but Arturo swiftly shot him in the leg. He went down with a cry, cursing under his breath.

Arturo walked slowly over him, his eyes dark with the threat of pain. "You have ancient knowledge on nereids and their magic. Tell me how I can strengthen a bond with one beyond controlling their ability," he demanded flatly, putting pressure on the carpenter's wound with his foot. The carpenter flailed and cried, quickly directing Arturo to the right book on dark magic. Arturo smiled with nefarious glee as he pilfered it. Now, he wasn't wondering about what he could do in general, but what he could do first.

Arturo left the carpenter's shop noticeably cheerier than when he entered. Marcelina would become very attatched to him soon, Arturo was excitedly anticipating it. Returning to his ship, he poured over every spell in it, before settling on the perfect one. He chuckled, then laughed outright. Marcelina was as good as his.

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