Gemini Reborne

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Emilio watched the exchange between Marcelina and Arturo and was on a live wire of anxiety and anger. Arturo had been blatantly circling her and tried to intimidate her, as if she were a target, like the feeble ships they raided. It wouldn't do, and frankly, leaving her alone was a terrible idea. Not that Emilio didn't think Marcelina would be a damsel in distress or fall easily to Arturo, but the earlier bond that limited her arsenal of action put her in danger. If she tried to do physical or magical harm, she was as good as dead.

He could feel Marcelina's discomfort and barely withheld the urge to go and scoop her up and take her away. The whole exchange was equal parts infuriating and worrisome. Arturo usually wasn't this...dark, especially with women. She was a conquest to him now, rather than a whole unique personality, a being worthy of respect. It was very unlike him. Though Arturo wasn't exactly 'respectful' to the opposite gender anyway, he was crass and a pirate to boot. Just, not as bad as this. This meant he was over confident and that bothered Emilio more than ever before.

Emilio bit his lip to avoid saying something brash. Instead, he gradually worked his way to Marcelina, using an old mop and an excuse of dirty walkways. Emilio got halfway before Arturo arrived out of seemingly nowhere. "The decks have already been swabbed. You're mopping at nothing," he spoke smoothly, but his face looked to be hiding laughter. Emilio smiled tightly. "Yes, well, it looked like the first guy missed a spot," he trailed off, trying very hard not to give himself away more than he'd already did. They both knew this posturing was folly, just stalling for the inevitable climax. Arturo took 3 long strides and grabbed the front of Emilio's shirt. "I suggest you stop trying to get to Marcelina, Emilio. You've had your time."

There was a literal palpitation through the air once Arturo spoke Marcelina's name. It was a heavy ripple, creating a disarming, nauseating weight in Emilio. Arturo stumbled a bit, then leaned heavily on the rail, looking a bit pale. There was a distant cry from Marcelina, pained and distraught. Emilio pushed aside his discomfort and ran to her. She was collapsed on the deck, shaking harshly, unnaturally. Emilio draped himself over her, cradling her face when she stopped shaking as heavily. "Marcelina?! Hey, focus on me--it's ok, it's ok, Marcelina!" He repeated that like a mantra, locking eyes with her. She dug her fingers into his arms hard enough to bruise, pupils clouded over by an odd green mist. "I'm not letting you go until you can look at me, Marcelina. You can pull through this, I've got you, come on," he pressed, one hand stroking her hair and the other still holding her face.

Marcelina made a few grunts and whimpers, still clinging to him until she suddenly calmed down, panting heavily. "Marcelina? Love, tell me what's going on, please," he pleaded, his eyes wide and terrified. Marcelina didn't respond, slipping into complete unconsciousness. However, Emilio thought he saw that odd green mist clear away before her eyes slid shut. That wasn't much of a comfort, though, with her unconscious, Emilio was steadily panicking. He tried to feel for her psyche through their sixth sense but found the normally available bridge turbulent and impassable. Arturo finally regained himself once Marcelina passed out, a small chuckle announcing him.

Emilio looked over, not missing the unnatural green glow in his eyes and the slightest black tinge to his fingers. Uncontrollable rage filled him. Standing with a predatory grace, Emilio stood between Arturo and Marcelina, eyes narrow. "What did you do to her, you incorrigible bastard?!" He rushed Arturo, who let him grab his shirt collar and yank him in close. Emilio's eyes were wild and his teeth bared. "I took back what's rightfully mine. You both brought this upon yourselves, what with all the trysting. You can't have her all to yourself, Emilio!" Arturo looked just as feral, fists clenched and every muscle coiled.

Emilio leaned away for a moment, shock all over his features. "You did this because you're scared. Your lust and greed and pride have clouded your judgment, Arturo. I'm ashamed to have been your friend!" By now, all activity on the deck had stopped, and sailors gathered around to watch them in various degrees of confusion. "Scared? You mock me. This isn't fear, it's insurance. I've done nothing damaging to Marcelina, just put her more directly under my control," Arturo refuted, starting to walk towards her limp body. Emilio was determined to block his path, however, arms spreading out wide.

"Don't you take another step towards her Arturo. Marcelina is my mate. Poseidon himself has blessed us, and if you value your life, you'd best undo what you've afflicted on her," Emilio declared, standing tall, dominance radiating from every pore. There was a hushed silence, every man shocked at the open confession. Arturo looked livid, a greenish-black mist building around his fingers and his eyes flashing with malice. "I won't allow it! She is MINE! I brought her here! I allowed you to even interact! Now I see that was a mistake, and I'm taking back my creature!" Arturo rose his hand up and Marcelina's body lurched into the air, the mist wrapping around her waist to lift her up. Her body hung lucid and almost lifeless.

With a flick, she glided over their heads to float behind Arturo. Emilio watched with abject horror, then felt a surge of complete, overwhelming power in him, similar to the rush he got at Poseidon's touch. Balling his fists, Emilio squared his shoulders and stood his ground, declaring, "She isn't your 'creature'. Not anymore, not ever!" Then he pulled back his fist and released that power straight into Arturo's face with a brutal punch, sending the man launching across the deck and knock his head hard against the rail. When his body slumped unconscious onto the floor, the dark magic went dormant, releasing Marcelina mid-air. Emilio sprinted under to catch her, though the impact made them both fall to the floor.

She was still knocked out, breathing light and fast. Emilio gently touched her face and hissed at the raging fever she had developed. Hopefully, it was her body fighting off the now-poisoned bond. The deck was still consumed in shocked quiet, nobody moving towards Emilio nor Arturo. "Emilio?" Sergio took tentative steps towards the former, his young eyes wide and scared. "What, Sergio? Are you on your brother's side?" Emilio asked, sounding hurt and tired. Almost offended, Sergio lightly huffed and pouted. "What? No, of course not! Celi made me her brother now, and I stand by and take care of my family. Let's get her to the infirmary, try to sort this out," he offered with a smile.

Sergio turned around and after loudly dismissing the group of staring sailors, began walking to the infirmary. His presence creating a wide berth and an easy path. Emilio was surprised at first, but quickly recovered and followed after Sergio with Marcelina in his arms. At least he had a true ally in Sergio, that gave him hope.

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