Gemini Reborne

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Nightfall was dreaded. Marcelina tried to stall it as long as she could, staying on deck, avoiding the places Arturo lurked in. For most of the day, she was even in the crow's nest, away from everyone. Not even Emilio could coax her down for a few hours. Finally, Marcelina couldn't fight it off any longer, she wasn't accustomed to going hungry, so she came down shortly after sundown.

Marcelina didn't even get to eat, Arturo had been lurking just by the doorway. He locked his gaze on her and with a few muttered chants Marcelina was knocked out. Emilio carried her to the infirmary alone, kissing her forehead even as she began to burn with fever. "We are the true constant, Marcelina. Remember that," he breathed into her hair, then laid her on the bed and sat to watch and wait.
Marcelina found herself in the same place as before, in the same chained state. She didn't try to fight it, trying to preserve strength and retain her head. Part of the terror of last time was that she panicked, so this time she would try to keep her mind as rational as possible. Hopefully, it would work, hopefully. Arturo was making her wait twice as long as yesterday, making her anxiety rise and fall. What if this round was simply loneliness? An example of her future without Emilio or Sergio?
Just as Marcelina was beginning to doze off, Arturo manifested, in the same startling ring of fire that faded into darkness. She snapped to attention, glaring at where she had last seen him. His footsteps didn't echo nor did they glow like yesterday, making it harder to track him. Arturo smirked, his eyes opening to become the only beacons of light on this plane. They narrowed at her. He took long, confident strides to her. Marcelina didn't flinch when he trailed dark fingertips along her jawline. "I see you're not as scared this time. Are you accepting me already? I'm pleased," he cooed with a pleased purr.
"You're sorely mistaken, this won't be like before. You won't be molesting me," she hissed. Arturo chuckled, then in a sudden flash, the room was no longer dark. Marcelina flinched at the lighting. However, now she could see him. He looked put-together here, whatever handsome features he had before were enhanced and he wore expensive, lavish clothing. His eyes left her face and roamed along her neck again, his smile widening at every hickey. "It won't be like before, you're right," he began, clasping his hands behind his back and leaning in. "It'll be much better."
He shot his hand towards her, but Marcelina was prepared and twisted away, the chain rattling loudly. He huffed and tried to grab her again, but she twisted on the other side, kicking at his leg. Arturo winced and moved away to recover. Marcelina growled low at him, hands clenched into fists above her. "You're being difficult, I would advise against that," Arturo grumbled, sizing her up. Marcelina spat at his feet. He leveled her with a dark glower, and with a flick of glowing hands, the room was darker than ever before. It was suffocating almost, making Marcelina's breaths come short and fast. Suddenly she was being shoved onto the wall with extraordinary force. It was as if she was being pushed into the wall.
Marcelina tried to cry out, but no air came. Arturo began to close his hand into a fist and whatever air Marcelina had was slowly wheezing out, making little white stars flick in her vision. Fear began to force her submission the longer Arturo had her pinned in this darkness. She could feel him, but not on her skin, and that scared her more than if it were his physical hand on her neck. "Oh, silly nereid. Don't you know? I adore women like you, more so when I break them," he whispered, far away yet right in her ear. She gagged softly, squirming on the wall. She heard--over the ringing in her ears from lack of air--Arturo's shirt coming undone. Then he finally unclenched his hand, bringing air rushing in. Marcelina went slack on the wall as the pressure receded, coughing and fighting back tears.
Marcelina didn't hear him coming up on her until he was grabbing her face with bruising force. Tilting her head up, he forced his thumb in her mouth, rubbing along her teeth. He tasted overwhelmingly minty, with the dryness of soot. She felt him drag his nose along her neck towards her ear, inhaling deeply. "Mm, you tempt me without even trying, dear." Arturo's tongue licked behing her ear, making her shiver. She wanted to bite his thumb off, but most likely he was waiting for her to try something. "So delicious, it's addictive," he cooed, blowing on the wet path.
Marcelina couldn't stay still and take this. She lifted her leg to kick again, but he anticipated it. He caught her leg at the thigh and hiked it up and around his waist. Marcelina's breath caught and his escaped in a chuckle. "Eager, Marcelina?" Her captured leg was lifted higher and spread. He adjusted and Marcelina was uncomfortably aware of every inch of his front on hers. She hated her sensitivity, taking shuddering breaths. "I most certainly am," he rumbled.
Arturo rolled his hips and Marcelina almost barfed. His thumb was still in her mouth, tapping and stroking her teeth, the inside of her cheeks. "Y-you're disgusting, Arturo," she hissed, keeping her teeth clenched together. Arturo laughed and continued to roll his hips, setting up a rhythm that provided the most contact. He gripped her thighs tight enough to bruise. Marcelina felt her body start to react and quickly turned her face away, eyes shut tight.
Arturo dug his thumbnail hard into her cheek, twisting so her head whipped forwards. Pulsing magic into her leg to keep it up in that position, Arturo used his free hands to grab her face. "Look at me Marcelina!" He commanded, brightening the room to an overwhelming white. Marcelina was forced to stare at the wild pleasure in his eyes, wondering if hers looked the same. The shame that brought made her choke a sob. "See the raw power of the flesh! See how easy it is to control you this way?" He growled out, pressing harder with each grind. A moaning grunt accompanied his movements, matched with Marcelina's broken gasps and soft sobs.
Unable to help himself, Arturo removed his thumb from her mouth to drag his hand down her back. His head dipped to mark the tops of her breasts. He lapped at her cleavage, kissed and lavished them. Marcelina didn't know how to handle all the emotions and physical sensations. Every part of her was hot, tingling waves of heavy pleasure, but bitter with shame and sorrow that it wasn't Emilio. Marcelina wanted to close her eyes and look away, but Arturo forced her to watch him, the way his body rocked with each undulation of his hips, his flushed face, his big green eyes.
She saw her heaving chest, the darting of his pink tongue over her breasts, the blossoming bites and hickeys. Marcelina wanted to explode, in more than one sense of the word. "A-Arturo! Stop this, I'm begging you, please, please stop it! I can't...I don't want it!" She had no idea what 'it' was, but she knew that while her body seemed to crave it, her mind, no, her entire inner being wanted to shred it into nothing.
Arturo glared at her, starting to bite her harder as anger and lust fueled him. He moved faster, worked them up faster, harder, deeper despite the limitations of his trousers. Marcelina gasped and a moan bubbled out of her throat before she could stop it, making him laugh victoriously and move in half-circles. The movement pressed on a part of her in just the right way, consistently now. Marcelina felt tears of frustration and pleasure burn down her face, her nails digging into her palms. Her body was starting to float up and up, her toes tingling until they were numb. "Arturo! Make it stop, make it stop!"
He only kept going, spurred on by her words, the brimming release in his body. He thrusted slowly, but harshly, grinding upwards and downwards. Marcelina's breaths rose higher and higher, her pleading turned to whimpers and gasps until finally, finally, it came. She shook, everything clenching and quivering all at once. Her nails cut into her skin and her toes curled tight enough to pop. Marcelina felt like she was on fire, falling at a great speed towards certain death. She oozed and dripped from her core, searing, scarring her from within.
Arturo shuddered harshly, groaning as he bit into her shoulder--Marcelina didn't even feel him, so powerful was 'it'--while his pleasure seeped into his trousers. They panted heavily, limp, equally weighed down and floating. After what felt like centuries, Arturo released her, smiling in a digustingly affectionate way. He kissed her nose, making her erupt into sobs before fading away.
Marcelina woke up still sobbing, feeling dirty, confused, robbed of something precious even if he hadn't taken her fully. She turned to her side, shocked to find Emilio still awake, looking far away and betrayed. In a sense, he was, having seen and heard everything from afar. They met eyes, and it all became clear. Marcelina's body gave a bone-rattling shudder. "Emilio?"
He held up his hand, not able to cope with the broken, post-coital lull in her voice. He silently gathered her in his arms and laid them down to rest. Marcelina felt rejected even as he kissed her cheek and pet her hair.
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