Gemini Reborne

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“I didn’t see you or Emilio when I woke up, are you two alright?” Sergio asked Marcelina curiously as they walked to her cabin mid-afternoon. She smiled at him, her lips still humming from Emilio’s kisses. For now, she felt better. “Yes, everything is as it should be. We had to leave early to confer with the ship sprite,” she explained. Sergio smiled now, leaning towards her excitedly. “I wanna meet this ship sprite! A friend of yours is a friend of mine.”

He winked and she laughed, patting his side. “Maybe next time. Ship sprites are their own rulers, and only see people they deem necessary,” Marcelina explained, tipping her head to the floor. They got to her cabin and paused for a moment. “What, calling me unnecessary now, Celi?” Sergio asked, plainly teasing. Marcelina rolled her eyes and nudged him with her hip. “Course not, you’re just as important as the sprite. You’re just needed with me more often than with Ammon,” Marcelina replied, turning the doorknob. As she did it was yanked open from the inside, making her tumble into darkness.

Sergio ran in to grab her, but familiar green eyes narrowed at him. He was promptly launched out and the door slammed shut. Marcelina ran towards it, pressing her back to it and spreading her hands out. This was entirely new, she knew this area and she was loose. A low chuckle drew her attention to Arturo. He was silhouetted by sunlight--also new, he let natural light in--and looked equally worse and revived. Marcelina had no trouble defining his features; he was still pale, still being fed poison by the black magic. His hair and clothes were haggard, almost thrown on his body. However, Marcelina still found too much enthrallment in those damned eyes. He had reached his breaking point, too.

She set her jaw, looking him over with a wary eye, but not fear. She could tell Arturo had lost a part of himself, that half of this wasn’t his doing. “I couldn’t wait for nightfall, not with what I have planned for us,” he cooed, leering at her. Marcelina remained flat to the door, knees bent and on her toes for easy movement. “Arturo, you’ve been too involved with that black magic. Can’t you see that the longer you let it pollute your body the more you lose yourself?” Arturo tilted his head a few degrees to the left, looking over himself. “Eh, maybe harming my cleanliness, but why would I care about that? You take priority.” He walked towards her now, making her take large steps back in a circular pattern, always hugging the walls. Some part of Marcelina laughed at that: after being pinned to a wall, now it was her only method of evading him.

“I’m not your ‘priority’ Arturo. You need to accept that I’m not yours, never was yours, never will be yours. Great harm will come your way, believe that,” she ground out through her clenched jaw. “I’m growing tired of hearing you say that. I’d prefer you as were last night. You remember?" Arturo licked his lips, then in a burst of green fire and speed, he grabbed her in a bear hug. They were extremely tight around her waist, working on restricting her air. Walking them to the middle of the room, Arturo nuzzled into her collarbone. “We were close, like this, with your legs on my shoulders and your body so ready to be taken,” he mumbled into her skin, before seeming to materialize to the bed. Pinning her on it, he settled over her, adjusting her legs so that dangled off his shoulders.

“I felt you against me through my trousers. Your arousal. Just waiting for me to come inside and sate it,” Arturo hissed while leaning over her, nipping her ear and making her shudder. It made Arturo chuckle, making a minute adjustment so he could press against her again. “You try so hard not to show me your pleasure, but your body doesn’t lie. Deep inside, Marcelina,” he mused, starting to roll his hips with each word, “deep inside, you absolutely love this!” He leaned forward, almost bending her in half, to rest his arms on either side of her head. Marcelina glared up at him, teeth bared. As she opened her mouth to retaliate, he shushed her.

“I’m not done. My favorite part is watching you cum. Watching your body quiver, watching your eyes flutter and your breath catch. That’s my favorite. Feeling you gush on me is a close second, though.” He tapped her nose playfully. ” I wanted to badly to taste you last night, but I didn’t want to spoil today. Besides, you made me cum so hard it sapped all my energy. Naughty creature~” Arturo’s eyes left her face to roam her body, the green in them flashing with pride at every trace of himself on her skin. Marcelina was fighting tears of anger and the icy root of fear but tried her damnedest to stifle them. She replayed her moment with Emilio over and over, finding strength from it.

“Not fighting me anymore? Good, means I can release you after this,” Arturo chirped, nuzzling her cheek. Marcelina blinked a few times, caught off guard. “What?” Arturo hummed lightly, kissing her jaw mindlessly as he rambled on, “After I finally take you back, I’ll be able to remove Emilio and Sergio. You’ll be released. Just you and I will remain, as it should be.” Just like that, Marcelina was panicking. “No! Arturo, you can’t take them! Please don’t!” She pleaded, tears pooling in the corners of her eyes. Arturo frowned and slowly sat up, one hand rubbing her calf possessively while the other pushed up her dress. “Silly creature, I can and I will. Now, don’t be difficult, I need this to go smoothly,” he replied.

Once her dress was lifted up to her stomach, he scooted back and laid on his belly, his chin resting just above her waist. Marcelina gave a breathy whimper, starting to give in. Arturo was truly unnegotiable, too far gone to reason with. She hadn’t fought hard enough and her future ruin fell on her alone. Tears started to drip down her temple. Arturo couldn't have cared less, dipped his head to nuzzle at the path of dark curls between her legs. “Like coaxing a plant to bear ripe, juicy fruit,” he teased, peppering light kisses down the middle, before tapping the tip of his tongue on the center.

Marcelina recoiled harshly, not willing to let him ruin her easily. The small burst of willpower allowed her to hear Sergio and Emilio kicking at the door, shouting her name. Marcelina began to remember her goal. This wouldn’t be Arturo’s victory, it wouldn’t! Marcelina couldn’t allow it; she refused to have her happiness stolen. She pushed herself up on her elbows and scooted back, one foot popping up to kick Arturo’s shoulder, shoving him away. Arturo shouted in surprise, then glowered at her, his calm demeanor shredded. “Had to make this difficult, you stupid bitch!” He spat out, rising up with a jerky rhythm. His hands were glowing, ready to hurt. Marcelina prepared for the worst, holding her breath, but suddenly Emilio’s frantic shouts sliced through the air. “Marcelina, you can overcome him, I know you can! Please, my soulmate, don’t give in!”

She felt lighter with every word, the pressure of dark magic receding, but where she was elevated, Arturo was pushed further into his wrath. The dark magic expanded, trying to fight against Marcelina’s rebelling. “He’s a fool, Marcelina. You’re mine, and you will submit!” He extended his hand and began to close it, cutting off Marcelina’s air. She choked, trying to push the weight off her, but it took twice as much energy as before. “No! No no no, he’s the fool, Marcelina. You and I made vows, we were blessed by Poseidon himself! We are the Gemini! Doesn’t that mean something?!”

Marcelina gritted her teeth, incensed by his words. Of course, it meant something, it meant everything! She wasn’t going to lose it to a poisoned fool! As she pushed back harder, a cold front exploded into the room, frosting everything inside. Arturo was knocked back, disrupting his choke hold on Marcelina. She quickly rolled off the bed, coughing as she ran toward the door. “No! Damn it, you’re MINE!” Arturo managed to snatch her ankle and almost trip her up, but Marcelina dragged him behind her to the door. Yanking on it with all her strength, she used her free leg to kick at Arturo. He was making headway, though, getting to his feet and pulling at her waist from behind.

Marcelina pulled harder, straining every muscle, but it was too much to focus on fighting the black magic and Arturo. “Emilio! The damn door won’t open!” She felt him and Sergio push on it from their side, adding their strength and support. The wood bent and whined, cracking but not breaking open yet. Arturo was standing up now, growling in her ear. “It won’t happen, Marcelina. Your love is futile and you fucking know it!” He grumbled savagely behind her, digging his fingers into her skin, adamantly trying to drag her back. Marcelina felt an unbridled rage take over her, turning around to push Arturo back with all her unnatural strength. He fell to the floor, the room growing almost unbearably cold. “Don’t you DARE blaspheme what I have! You are nothing Arturo, nothing but a damned idiot! Emilio is my mate! I devote myself to him and I gave him a part of my soul, just as he did for me! Nothing you could do will come between it! I’ve had ENOUGH of you!”

In a final, angry yank, the door literally burst, letting out all the dark magic in a rush of light. Cold, pure energy filled her, visibly sparking as it dissolved every trace of Arturo from her, inside and out. As it did, Arturo grew weaker and weaker, all power sucked from him. He grappled for purchase, but a heavy hand pinned him to the floor. He tried to find the source, but the light was too bright. Emilio watched in awe as Marcelina took slow steps out the cabin, towards him. He met her halfway, the cold energy passing over to him at the touch of her hand. It crashed through him in a vibrant phase of healing. Just as suddenly as it happened, it was over. Arturo and Marcelina were entirely unconscious, but Marcelina looked healthier than ever while Arturo looked ready to crumble into dust. The icy aura Emilio recognized as Ammon was gone.

Emilio couldn’t care less about Arturo or Ammon, however. Quickly, he lifted Marcelina off the floor, surprised to feel their inner sixth sense restored again. It was dormant, repairing itself while Marcelina was unconscious, but it was there. He kissed her forehead, proud of her and grateful. "My mate is back, it's over. Finally, it's over."

Sergio went inside the cabin, taking in the carnage and Arturo's pitiful state. "I'll get Arturo out of here, you and Celi rest in the infirmary," he instructed quietly. Then, slinging Arturo over his shoulder, Sergio walked out. Emilio followed him for a moment, then split off towards the infirmary. Hours had passed because of this whole ordeal, and he was sure more would pass while Marcelina recovered.

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