Gemini Reborne

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Marcelina woke with a jolt, then instantly regretted it. Nausea and a complete lack of energy made her see white spots dance in the dark of the room. She wasn’t sure what to think of all that had passed. Most likely it was a dream, and she was still on the floor of the infirmary, still cut off from her mate. However, it was dark out, past the time Arturo usually knocked her out, so maybe it was true. Maybe she was actually free. There was only one way to find out. So, getting up, she went to eat.

And promptly tripped over Emilio. With a yelp, Marcelina’s hands and knees met the floor harshly, and Emilio’s groans joined hers. “Marcelina?” Emilio’s voice was a bit scratchy, buts its deep tenors reverberated with Marcelina in a manner almost unfamiliar. Almost. The return of their shared sixth sense threw her off entirely, but joyfully. “Emilio...I can feel you again,” she responded. Almost daze-like, she untangled herself from Emilio. He sat up and looked at her like he did the day they converged, with a strengthed love now tried, tested and true. “Yes, my love. I can feel you, too. You have freed us from Arturo,” he whispered, smiling at the shock on her face.

They inched closer, slowly, until Emilio had his arms loosely around her waist and Marcelina was remapping the planes of his chest. She laughed, light and breathless, then in loud, euphoric joy. She hugged him tight, her laughter tickling his ear until he joined along. They laughed for a time, then they cried for a longer one. Emotions mixed and passed between them freely, hiding nothing, amazingly sincere and refreshing. Eventually, Emilio pulled back to look at Marcelina, wiping the tears from her face. “My beautiful, perfect mate. I’m so proud of you, you finally conquered Arturo,” he praised, watching and feeling her gladly receive it. He looked over her body, noting how every mark Arturo had left was erased, leaving her entirely untouched for him to shower with attention.

His smile softened, became more charming, and his fingers traced her jaw. “To the victor go the spoils, if she so desires them,” he spoke in a low purr. Marcelina felt her cheeks heat, the combined desires of her and Emilio settling low in her gut. However, she had to see to a few things first. Flattening her hand on his chest, Marcelina had to apply only a little pressure for Emilio to move back. “Of course, I desire them, but not yet. I want to prove our success.” She got up from the floor, stretching. Emilio was perfectly fine with waiting for this short while. Marcelina had been through enough ‘experiences’ with a lack of choice, he wouldn’t begrudge her for exercising it now.

“Well then, let’s go to dinner.” He got up and took her hand, rubbing the back with his palm while they walked. Marcelina didn’t realize how much pressure she’d been bearing until it was gone. She could almost fly away now, having finally removed Arturo. When they entered the mess hall together, that light feeling escalated to a vibrant pride and joy. The others seemed to sense that she was in the hall, as it went absolutely quiet. All eyes turned to her. Marcelina’s gaze roamed over every face, ultimately settling on Sergio. The instant she saw those happy and relieved sky blues, everything clicked. She rose her head high, grinning her own sunny smile.

Sergio lifted his drink. “To Celi!” He boasted, prompting the sailors behind him to raise their cups high and cheer thrice. “To Emilio!” Again, louder, more incensed. “To their happiness!” This brought a roar of good cheer, unified in joy and good will. Men stomped their feet and banged their fists on the tables to amplify the noise. Marcelina joined in, raising her hand--the one joined with Emilio’s--high above her head. That set the tone for the rest of dinner, after getting their food, Marcelina and Emilio wound their way to Sergio through the crowd. Sergio grabbed her into his characteristic swinging hug and Marcelina was content to let him, peals of laughter mixing with his. “How do you feel?” he asked breathlessly once he put her down. Marcelina let out a gust of air, sitting down and leaning against Emilio with an easy smile on her face.

“Amazing. As though I just finished a week-long shark hunt, but better. Like I’ve been well and truly blessed.” The hunger she felt before was almost washed out by the greater emotions within. Emilio could only smile down at her like the love-stricken fool he was, gently squeezing her arm. “Come eat, Marcelina. You’ll need the energy,” he whispered in her ear. Marcelina’s blush gave away the nature of his words regardless, along with Emilio’s smile. Poor Sergio quickly dug into his food to avoid become just as flustered as Marcelina.

Marcelina ate with a bit of a flourish, spurred on by the constant flow of desire going on between her and Emilio. The time for sleep had come and gone, and she was excited for what lied ahead. Emilio nearly dragged her away when they were finished, just as effected as her. They were lead out with various ‘advice’ and wolf whistles from other sailors. Marcelina would blush if they weren’t so inaccurate. It didn’t really matter, as Emilio would doing plenty with her. They walked quietly to one of the smaller officer’s cabins, hidden away on the ship. Emilio gently closed and locked the door, then turned, Marcelina a few steps away from him. They looked at each other and shared a small smile, the feeling of déjà vu not lost on them.

In slow, matched pace, they began to undress, undoing every button and string that held up their clothes. The moon was full, bathing the room in an ethereal silvery glow. Even the sea seemed to offer subtle encouragement, lapping lightly against the wood of the ship. With a simple step, they were bare before the other. While it wasn't the first time Emilio had seen Marcelina naked, it felt like it. He took in each sloping curve and each defined edge. He could almost count the freckles that were dusted on her smooth skin, the two beauty marks on her stomach and hip. He saw the graceful sweep of her neck and the inviting swells of her breasts, the hair above and below, in all its dark curls. All of her, Emilio took in and adored.

For Marcelina, Emilio was something completely unmapped. She stared at the broad shoulders and the planes of his chest. His hair, voluminous and wavy, stopped on either side of his collarbone, teasing her. He was muscled, but lithe, adding grace to his strength. Marcelina flicked her gaze down to the pronounced V of his hips, then his full thighs and then, almost shyly, back to his manhood. She lingered there, and Emilio could swear he felt the heat from her stare warm his skin. Tired of just looking, Emilio took three long strides up to her, rubbing his hands along her forearms in a silent question.

Marcelina shivered at the contrast between his warm, long-fingered hands and her cool skin. She dusted her fingertips down his chest, a silent answer. He smiled and Marcelina blushed, biting on her lip. Emilio smoothed it out with a gentle sweep of his thumb. That was how they began. They kissed with a flourish, full of pent-up desire and passion. However, it wasn't messy, but deliberate and skilled, rekindling what they had in the cave. Marcelina's hands went to his hair pulling him closer as she rose on her toes. Emilio helped out by wrapping his arms around her back, bringing their chests together. The moment their chests touched, they shared a full body shudder that had Marcelina's breath stopping short.

Emilio was only half aware of his hands, roaming down along her sides until they cupped her ass and lifted her up. Marcelina parted from the kiss with a gasp as their heights leveled out. Emilio stared up at with hazy, half-lidded eyes, already succumbing to his lust. She was no better. Spotting a chair, Emilio walked them to it and sat down, adjusting Marcelina so she could sit comfortably on his lap. She watched him, licking her lips to catch the taste of him of them. Emilio busied himself with hot, open-mouthed kisses across her collarbone, massaging a cheek in each hand. He listened for each pleased purr and gasp. He tried to steer clear of Arturo's popular spots, not wanting to scare her with flashbacks. Marcelina had full power here.

She cradled his neck, gently directing his head up to kiss him. There was room on his cheeks to blush, nuzzling her cheek. "You are the dominant power here, my love. Have me however you want~" He purred, nosing up her jaw to her ear. Marcelina tilted her head to the side, embracing that power. "I'll have you in all ways, Emilio. I want you to wow me..." she challenged. Her voice was pleasurable on its own, that right mix of husky and sultry that had Emilio's hands tighten on her rear. He hummed approvingly, making his way to her ear to kiss the pulse point under and behind it. She shivered, but not from disgust. The reaction had him nipping at her earlobe, then trail down to her neck, drawing a soft keen from her as a reward.

Marcelina was barely able to get out "bed" after the sudden switch in Emilio. The moment she did say it, though, the chair was no more, and the soft support of the bed cooled the flushed skin of her back. The bed supported them better, freeing up Emilio's hands to caress her front. Marcelina's breasts were a perfect weight and fit, and he massaged them with a transfixed gaze. For Marcelina, it was a new form of pleasant heat, new kindling for the hearth within. Looking at his face, she took in the flushed skin, the way his hair both fluffed out and stuck to him. His lips were red and puffy--kiss swollen, she realized--and she could easily guess that hers were, too. It looked good on Emilio. As if sensing her gaze, Emilio looked back at her, then winked before dipping down to take a nipple into his mouth.

Marcelina gasped and arched her chest, reaching up to grab at the pillow her head rested on. Emilio practically worshiped her breasts, his tongue and teeth working her nipple on one while his hand still massaged and teased the other. After a few minutes, he'd switch, then he brought them close together and took both nipples into his mouth. Marcelina couldn't help but squirm and moan from how well he was working her up. Her eyes fluttered, pupils blown in the haze of pleasure. "Emilio, it's hot...everywhere is hot-" Her words made him groan, loving how sweet she sounded even while being debauched. He was loath to pull away from her, and even then, he kept contact, his free hand sliding down her stomach. "Embrace that heat, love. It'll turn into a wildfire soon~" As he spoke, his hand found the source of her desire between her legs.

He unconsciously ground into the sheets at how wet and hot she was. Emilio bit his lip, his arousal almost painful. At his touch, Marcelina loosed a whine, unable to hold it back. Her eyes slid shut and her legs spread, wanting more. Emilio was glad to give it a taste of what was to come, gently working one finger, then two, inside. Marcelina momentarily lost her breath at the intrusion, her body squeezing around his fingers. She managed to open her eyes and saw Emilio staring between her legs in aroused hyper-focus. "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful," he cooed, then began to slowly pump in and out. Marcelina was in her own little mess, having almost no control over her moans and the occasional twitch of her hips.

Emilio quickly had a rhythm set, twisting his fingers at every push in and curling them at every withdrawal. Marcelina's mouth went slack to breathe and moan, staring at him. Laying on his belly, Emilio pressed feather-light kisses up her thigh, to just around his fingers, too quick for her to feel. "Do you like this, Marcelina? Tell me how it feels, tell me what you want." His voice had dropped an octave now, completely swallowed by the heat of the moment. Marcelina thought for a moment she had forgotten how to talk, but found the words, "Yes, it feels so good. My body--oh, my body, Emilio!--it wants more. I want it, Emilio, please."

Immediately, Emilio pressed his tongue flat on the sensitive bundle of nerves above her entrance, gathering her taste on his tongue. After a slight adjustment, he flicked his eyes to her and began to write the alphabet, watching for the letters that had the most effect. Marcelina squeaked at E, then at M. He smirked, then showed her no mercy, drawing those letters in every fashion while pumping his fingers faster, deeper than before. If she was a little mess before, now she was a big one, canting her hips into his mouth and hands, falling into the fire to gladly be consumed. Emilio kept it up for only ao few minutes before Marcelina became unhinged. Calling his name in a shuddering moan, every muscle spasmed and went taut, stars exploded behind her eyes, and reality disappeared.

Emilio rode her through her orgasm, neither slowing nor speeding up until he was sure it had passed. Then he kissed up her body, back to her lips where he stole the last of her breath. Marcelina was only aware of him through their sixth sense, feeling him tap into every part of her, rolling in her pleasure. His hands--one stickier than the other--roaming possessively along her curves. She felt worshiped, coveted, desired beyond anything else. Despite the amazing finish, she still felt an inner ache, a call for more. Emilio sensed that, of course, and gradually pulled back to sit up straight.

"Come here, love. I want to hold you while we do this," he had a gentle command in his voice that made her want to move, even though Marcelina could literally float into the sky and be content for all her days. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, as he wrapped his around her waist. With a gentle tug, they were pulled flush together. Emilio lifted her so that she sat on his lap, with her legs spread on either side of his waist. He rolled his hips and she felt the head of him prod at her opening. Willing her eyes to open, she saw the adoring look he sent her way and gave him a slow smile. "Breathe with me, Marcelina," he said, compelling her to follow.

On the slow inhale, he made the final position, and for the long, shaky exhale, they were pushed together. Marcelina quivered all over, a soft grunt showing the minute discomfort. She felt the sting at the back of her mind, but at the forefront, there was a fullness that brought a deep satisfaction. Emilio waited for her cue, despite his body screaming for movement. Her body welcomed him perfectly, and the dark heat that surrounded him felt like home. Luckily, Marcelina recovered fast, starting to move her hips as her body began to get impatient. Emilio held them with a light grip, tucking his head back into her neck while he began to set a rhythm. All the while, he whispered praise and pressed kisses into her skin.

They were slow and at times disjointed in the beginning, getting used to each other and the position. Once it clicked, though, it was magic. Emilio was hitting parts of her Marcelina didn't know existed, and she truly became debauched. She couldn't the volume or the amount of moans that left her mouth, spurring Emilio on to thrust harder, deeper, faster. Each thrust, every swing of the hips, every grind had one--or both--moaning and arching for more. No part of them was untouched, no part was left unmarked by either teeth or nails or the tight squeezes passed between them.

Neither were sure long they lasted, they couldn't give an accurate time, but it felt like forever; as if they never had started and never would end. Reality had paused for them, arms wrapped around each other, the soft slaps of skin joining the euphony of broken names and unspoken pleading for more and more still. The more they gave each other, the more frenzied their lovemaking became, the more they mutually burned in this shared flame. Emilio gripped Marcelina's thighs tight enough to bruise, rocking her into his pistoning hips. Marcelina arched her body to bring him deeper, her legs wrapped tight around his hips, locked at the ankle.

It was when Marcelina dropped her head to mouth 'I love you' into Emilio's neck that they erupted in ecstasy. Emilio groaned her name loud and desperate, shaking as his body released his pleasure into her. The feeling of him gushing set her off shortly after, her teeth digging into his shoulder and her nails dragging down his back, marking him as he marked her. They clung to every part of each other, shaking together, sharing the moment and the emotions.

Marcelina calmed down first, lowering her head to rest on Emilio's chest, listening to his frantic heartbeat. A part of her felt proud to have done that to him. Emilio didn't make her wait long, however, smiling lasciviously down at Marcelina. Rolling onto his back, he slowly pulled out, making them both shiver. "We won't be sleeping while night remains, Marcelina," he vowed, his hands already trailing down her back.

Marcelina smirked, nipping at his full bottom lip. "Good, I've had enough sleep. I meant it when I said I want you to wow me."

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