Gemini Reborne

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Emilio wasn’t kidding about not sleeping, much to Marcelina’s pleasure. When Sergio came to fetch them for breakfast, they were not only already awake but also an absolute mess. Several hickeys dotted their necks and collars, and that was a fraction of what remained under their clothes. Marcelina could barely move her hips, much less her legs, so Emilio gladly carried her to the mess hall. Lucky for them, it was an empty space spare a small group of cabin boys to the furthest corner. They paid the couple no mind. Marcelina was significantly more tired than Emilio, for obvious reasons, so she made a seat out of his lap. She kept drooping in his arms, blinking slowly and yawning largely.

Emilio was no better, but he was handling it better. She took all of his wild energy for an entire night, after all. The least he could do was spoil her for it. “I hope I was able to ‘wow’ you like you wanted, my love,” he cooed, trying not to smile like an idiot or be too loud. Marcelina smiled and kissed one of the hickeys on his collar, still fresh and bright red. “That and more. It was worth not sleeping.” They shared a sleepy, chaste kiss. As they ate breakfast in a comfortable silence, Emilio’s free hand massaged her outer thigh. “We should contact Poseidon and Ammon soon, make sure to thank them,” Marcelina said, looking up at Emilio as she finger-combed through her hair.

He hummed softly in agreement. “We should check in after all that’s happened. Poseidon will be so proud of you, you know.” Emilio kissed her temple and she blushed. “I think I can stand now,” she said after a few minutes, making to get up. Only, Emilio’s arm wrapped securely around her waist. “Not yet, I like holding you like this. Besides, I can massage your sore spots for you.” He had a playful pout on his face that she couldn’t resist. “Fine, because you offered to massage my legs.” She sat facing him, hands on his shoulders, rubbing them affectionately.

Emilio smiled back as his hands caressed her outer thighs, then began to rub warm, firm circles into them. Marcelina winced once or twice--she really was sore, after dealing with their libidos for the the first time--but Emilio’s hands were skilled in this, too, and her face began to relax. Marcelina rested her head on his shoulder, lightly dozing as he continued to work on her thighs and waist. Then she let out a small gasp as one of those sneaky hands roamed higher up her thigh, massaging just outside her labia. Marcelina gave Emilio a look, but he had a genuine desire to dote on her aside from the lust. The mess hall was deserted by now, anyway.

With a sigh, Marcelina kissed his cheek, consenting to him. Emilio nosed his way to her, their mouths meeting in a slow, lazy kiss. With permission given, Emilio’s hand began to rub on her center, building her up. Marcelina scooted closer to him so that her thighs were on either side of his waist. Her dress fell over his hand, hiding it from view while letting his hand have access to her. Emilio kissed up her jaw line at the same time his fingers teased her clit and entrance, making Marcelina shiver and bite her lip to hold back moans.

Emilio grinned wolfishly as he nipped her earlobe, encouraging her to dive into the moment. He had the entire night to discover all of his mate’s sensitive spots inside and out, all her kinks. By now, he could have her undone with just the right combination of sensation overload in record time. Speaking of Marcelina, she was fully absorbed in pleasure: panting and squirming, head tipping to the side, her hips grinding wantonly against his hand. “M’close put ’em in...” she huffed, feeling herself ooze and drip on Emilio’s lap. He obeyed, pushing in one, two, three fingers, his thumb still pressing and massaging circles on her clit. Marcelina quivered, working herself on those long fingers, syncing up with his slow but deep pumps. She wanted so badly to let loose and buck on them, but the goal of this was to give her a slow, relaxing pleasure.

Emilio felt her insides clench and rub on his fingers, and knew she was moments from release. “Come on, let yourself go all over my hand. I wanna see you reach heaven, right here, right now,” He whispered right in her ear, and for Marcelina, it was much and just right. She orgasmed at his command, a chocked gasp of “Emilio” floating off her lips, feeling like soaring and falling. Emilio pulled his hand away slowly, continuing to palm and rub her thighs as Marcelina rode out the high. When Marcelina regained herself, there was still room on her cheeks for a blush, and through her pout, there was gratefulness and affection. She really did feel better, if not embarassed at the thrill she got out of publically engaging in carnal pleasures.

“You an incorrigible, lustful man, Emilio,” she teased, easing off his lap and standing. Marcelina’s legs were still shaky, but she could handle it. “Yes, but so are you, beautiful.” He slowly stood, idly sucking on his fingers. Marcelina just about blushed to her ears. “Must you always do that when you finish me?” Marcelina quietly whined as they walked out of the mess hall. Emilio smirked and winked at her. “Of course, waste not, want not.” Marcelina could only chuckle at that. She understood why the original Gemini had so many children once they were mated. That thought made her next step falter. What if she had children? What if, right now, she was with child? Marcelina glanced at her stomach, squinting at it, trying to find any evidence of such.

She quickly shook herself out of that. Being pregnant would mean she would have to return to her home waters for a season, not once breaching the surface or touching land until the day of birth. It would be impossible right now to turn around, especially since she had to deal with Arturo once and for all. Secondly, if she were pregnant, Marcelina would feel that itch to go to water this very moment. Since she didn’t, Marcelina assumed she was fine. There were bigger things to go over right now.

The deck was bustling with busy men as per norm, but now with Sergio as the captain. It had been a unanimous vote on the ship for Sergio to take over, much to his surprise and joy. In the distance, Marcelina could make out a merchant ship. Immediately, the thrill of her unlimited magic raced up her spine. “Hey, Celi! Can you that ‘damsel in distress’ gimmick again?” Sergio asked, beaming at her. Marcelina smirked, walking to the edge of the deck. “I can do more than that,” she replied softly. Straightening her back, Marcelina inhaled and then whistled at such a high pitch and volume that all the others had to cover their ears. As she whistled, Marcelina lifted her hands and brought them towards herself slowly.

Suddenly, the merchant ship was dragged closer. Marcelina smirked, then repeated the whistle and hand motions until the ship was easily able to be boarded. The merchant sailors could only stare in shock and now despair as a legion of pirates rained down on them. Marcelina stayed out of the conflict for the most part until a sailor stumbled out the kill zone. Marcelina watched him with flat eyes, almost bored. The sailor couldn’t look away from her, still shocked stupid at how she controlled an entire ship. “What will you do, sailor? Behind you lies certain death, and before you stands the catalyst. Will you try for revenge or accept your end?” Marcelina prodded, her hands warm and tingling with power. It would be too easy to kill him, but so exciting.

The sailor’s eyes shifted from confusion to rage, and he drew his sword. Marcelina smirked, enticing him to charge at her. She gave a slight flick of her hand and a spear of water, moving faster than the man could register, shot through his neck. He went down on his knees with a choked gurgle, the sword clanging loudly on the deck. Marcelina smiled, slowly walking to his twitching body. “You’re lucky I can’t eat you. That’d upset my stomach in this form.” She picked the sailor up by his foot and flung him off the deck, his blood making a mess of her clothes and the wood. Marcelina smiled in contentment as the body made a flat ‘pish’ on the surface of the water. She felt giddy, able to fully channel her arsenal of lethal weapons. In a way, this was stress relief. All the ways she had wanted to express her anger, mainly with Arturo, could be realized on these nameless sailors.

Marcelina became a blur of watery and savage death, spearing men through in rows of three or more, breaking necks and spines, completely severing heads of some or disemboweling others. In the end, she ended up with more blood on her hands, face, and dress than any sword. Marcelina couldn’t care less, in fact, she relished in every warm splatter of blood on her skin. It was good to be free! The pirates were impressed and afraid, truly understanding why she wasn’t to be underestimated. The silence of victory rested heavily in the air. Marcelina had silenced any sailor that dared to cry out, either by flinging him half-dead into the waves or by killing him on the spot.

In a way, it was welcome as opposed to the pained groans and whimpers that usually accompanied the pirates as they looted the ship. Marcelina rested against the railing, watching the merchant ship burn as it slowly sunk. Even as blood dried on her body and the sharp smell of iron filled her senses, Marcelina felt truly in tune with the sea again. It was amazing to have this again, undiluted in any way. It felt like being born again.

“Emilio. Sergio,” she called, looking over her shoulder at the two, who had been watching her with pride. “I’m ready to see Arturo.” Sergio gestured to her, eyebrow raised. “Shouldn’t you change first, Celi?” he asked, as a last attempt at humor before the severity of her request kicked in. The responding smile was as alluring as it was savage. “No, I’d rather not stain any more clothes.”

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