Gemini Reborne

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The trio walked with a somber confidence to the infirmary, not stalling, but not over-eager. "Sergio, you do realize I'm going to brutally kill your brother?" Marcelina asked her eyes didn't waver to gauge Sergio's reaction. She heard him sigh, and his steps lag for a second. "Yes, Celi, I do. I've long stopped seeing Arturo as my brother, and what he's done can't be forgiven," he replied, setting his jaw. Marcelina took one of his large hands and stroked the back with her thumb. "You will always be my brother, Sergio. I thank you for supporting me all this time."

Whatever light mood had been established was now whisked away, for the only barrier between Marcelina and Arturo was the door. Emilio and Sergio enveloped Marcelina in a hug despite the risk of getting blood on themselves. "This began with you and Arturo. It should end the same way," Emilio whispered to her, kissing her temple. "We'll be out here when you're done with him." Marcelina smiled, glad to have this support system. When they let her go, Marcelina steeled her face and walked into the infirmary, the door closing softly behind her.

Arturo was tied to his bed, courtesy of Sergio. He looked healthy, no longer under the influence of the dark magic. Marcelina felt the growl rumbling in her chest before she heard it. It echoed dangerously, shocking Arturo awake. His eyes landed on her and once he registered that it was her, narrowed with a matching hatred. He struggled to get loose, but Sergio had been thorough in securing him. "Now it's you who is bonded and vulnerable. How does it feel, knowing that your arrogance and meddling has brought your ruin?" She was surprisingly calm so far, sitting backward in a chair and watching him blankly. Though, make no mistake, the hatred was rolling off of her in tidal waves.

Arturo didn't answer, his muscles straining under his skin, nose flared, face turning red from the effort. Marcelina baser self-indulged in watching him struggle. He was the prey, she was the predator. As it should be. "Don't waste your energy, Arturo, you'll need it. Remember what I told you, all those months ago?" She taunted with a subtle tilt of her head. Rising from the chair, she took the three steps between her and Arturo with a slow, calculated pace. Arturo's eyes saw the blood on her dress and hands, her intent perfectly clear now. His eyes went wide in fear for the first time in years, going still. "I asked you a question, Arturo, you'd best answer it. Make your last words entertaining, you owe me at least that much."

Marcelina leaned over Arturo until their noses almost touched and the smell of iron was overpowering. Green eyes were locked in a death match. "I know..." Arturo began, his voice scratchy. "I know you're upset, and rightly so, but please, don't do it like this," he finished, his eyes pleading with hers. Marcelina recoiled sharply, completely taken back. "Why, are you honestly doing this? You're asking me to not kill you?" At Arturo's continued staring, she burst into boisterous laughter. She tipped her head back and let it loose. Despite the lovely way it sounded, it sent chills up Arturo's body. "Oh, this is rich! Arturo, captain of the Magia Negra, the captor of a nereid, is a spineless coward! Asking me to 'please don't do it like this', as if he were an innocent!" Marcelina slowly eased off into child-like giggles. "The audacity of you, Arturo!"

Abruptly, her mirth morphed into fury. "FUCK YOUR PLEASE! Did you heed my "please don't"s?" Marcelina's eyes were dark with unparalleled rage. The loom of electric danger she was so good at producing through her anger manifested in the room, casting a dark shadow on the walls. Her hands were shaking with restraint. Arturo flinched, trying to get away even though it was futile. "Marce-"DON'T YOU DARE SAY MY NAME!" With a sudden, swift yank, Marcelina ripped Arturo off the bed, the leather restraints snapping one by one. She gripped him by the neck, forcing him to his knees. He gagged and dug his nails into her arms, trying to pry her off. She only squeezed harder.

"To answer my question, my words were: 'you may think you have control over me because of a simple bond, but you by no means have dominion over me.' I am a Gemini, nothing you could have done would keep me down. Now you are to die at my hands, forsaken and hated," she hissed, teeth bared. It was silent, spare Arturo's legs scraping the floor and the choked breaths he tried to steal. When it looked like he would pass out, Marcelina suddenly dropped him.

Arturo collapsed in a gasping heap, taking in gulps of air between burning coughs. "This isn't how I wanted to do this," she sighed, watching him coldly. "I want you to suffer, Arturo. As I have suffered under you, so shall you under me." Marcelina picked him up again, and in a twisted mockery of him, pinned him to the nearest wall and bit his neck. He grunted in pain, glaring at her when she pulled back. Mixed in with the ugly finger-shaped bruises on his neck was now her teeth marks. It blossomed a bright red on his pale skin. "Perfect," she teased. Arturo sported a full grimace, panting heavily. "I should've killed you the moment I caught you," he croaked, kicking at her.

Marcelina took it like it was nothing, smiling widely. "You've wasted your last words," she cooed, pulling back and punching his mouth full-force. His head hit the wall with a loud crack, accompanied by the sound of his teeth cracking. While he was busy screaming, Marcelina let him fall to the floor, grabbed the chair and crashed it on his head. She did it over and over until she heard the sound of his jaw breaking. Marcelina chuckled darkly as he languished on the floor, in a weakened daze. Blood flowed from his nose and mouth, shining in the sunlight. The light caught her attention, bringing it to the open window. Glancing between it and Arturo, a wicked smile bloomed on her face. "It's almost a shame, Arturo. Your face wasn't terribly awful."

Grabbing him by the hair, Marcelina dragged him to the window. After unlocking it, she hoisted him up and put his head out of it until his neck rested on the window sill. He winced at the sun hit his eyes and the roar of the ocean filled his ears. Marcelina waited for him to gather himself together. When he did, he spat at her. The hot blood and spit mixture splattered across her face. Marcelina smirked, tasting some that had landed at the corner of her mouth. "Why thank you. I always wondered what you'd taste like," she chirped. There was a bright, carnal joy in her eyes, the look of a predator as they take the kill shot.

"Rot in the sea, you fucking waste," she hissed, lifting him up and slamming his neck on the hard edge. It broke at the third slam. Arturo's entire body went limp at once. Marcelina pushed it out the window, watching it flip until it crashed into the ocean with a harsh slap and a great splash. She watched it slowly float away and sink with a distant disgust.

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