Gemini Reborne

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This was going to be quite precarious. Emilio had finished Arturo's hair and face as well as picked a suitable spot for 'Marcelina' to sunbathe. As of now, he had Arturo's tub sitting on the deck, filled with water carefully extracted from the tank for Marcelina. It was just a matter of transport. Sergio was extremely strong, so he could carry her fine, but she was wet and slippery, Emilio assumed, and Sergio could drop her. Right now, he stood with Sergio, letting Marcelina look him over for a moment. Marcelina rested her chin on her arms, not sparing even a minute detail in her survey of the boy. Well, he wasn't a boy (by man's standards. He was 21, full grown) but Marcelina thought him too...youthful and full of good intent to be a real 'man'. Men were wicked, two-faced, thieving creatures. He wasn't. "This is Sergio. I'm aware that you have seen his face before. He is Arturo's younger half-brother. He's also our strongest man, despite appearances." Emilio gave a small, non-threatening smile to Marcelina.

Marcelina was unresponsive for the most part, staring blankly at Sergio. Sergio smiled at her, and in a manner completely unexpected of a man of his size and lifestyle held his arms to her. "Don't fret, I can carry you fine! You'll be outside enjoying the sunlight in a minute!" He was animated to the point of childish, and it didn't help Marcelina trust him any better. She gave in out of necessity, grabbing his arms and using them for support as she pulled up to his chest. It took her little effort, but Sergio grunted from the weight of her and her own strength against his. She was not to be underestimated, Sergio understood that well. Once they were lined up and quite close, (Marcelina's breath was fanning out over his face, it gave him the most interesting shivers) Sergio adjusted her a bit and walked them outside. True to his word, he didn't so much as wiggle once he gathered up into his arms. Like before, he held her close and with sureness, walking behind Emilio to the designated area.

She was set down into the tub-full enough to not overflow out completely this time-and Sergio gave a mock salute to Emilio before going back to his duties at the helm. Marcelina relaxed, the water was cool enough to not be uncomfortable, but on the same spectrum it was warmed up by the sun. It was wonderful. The tub wasn't so bad now, her tail was mostly submerged, and she scooted herself up so that the fin could also be under the water, free to move and circulate it under her. It was as close to sunbathing on rocks as she could get. Once she was settled in, she turned on her stomach and rested her arms on the back curved edge of the tub, providing a pillow for her chin. Green eyes fluttered and then shut on their own accord, letting her body absorb the sun's rays and magical properties. Emilio pulled up a box and sat-since he had to 'guard' her- during this brief respite watching either her or the horizon to pass the time.

The crew often stalled for short moments to get a real look at her. Why not? Arturo had made it clear to everyone that she was subdued and could do them no harm. She certainly was pretty, and rare. So naturally, Marcelina was the topic of many hushed whispers of admiration for a while. In the sun, her hair dried to reveal a new texture of soft waves. Her hair was brown, dark in some places and only slightly lighter in others as an effect of the sun. Her skin-subtly getting tanner- was warm and soft, with a light dusting of freckles from Emilio's view point. He assumed she'd fallen asleep by now from how relaxed she was in that tub. Her breaths were calm and slow. However, he was wrong. She couldn't very well sleep surrounded by all these men who couldn't seem to shut up about her. It wasn't really irritating as much as it was getting to be repetitive. At least she wasn't actually tired, then she might've hissed at one or two. Marcelina rolled over on her back, shivering only slightly from the stark contrast between air heat and water heat. Her eyes opened and stayed that way, wandering the scene with mixed awe.

So high up above the surface, the view was odd but most certainly beautiful. The horizon was much more detailed, since she didn't bob and weave as much with the ocean's current. The whole sea surface up until that point was visible, as well as the endlessly blue sky. Not a cloud was in sight, which was amazing to her. The water was a much deeper blue than the waters Marcelina occupied most: a clear reminder that this majestic ocean was much deeper than her lovely seas at home, and colder. She couldn't look away. On this ship she was able to go places previously unknown, but still as a 'trinket', still limited and denied basic freedoms. It was incredibly bitter sweet. Marcelina had gotten so engrossed in her thoughts that Emilio's smooth chuckles had visibly startled her. "Much more to take in above the water than in it, yes?" He asked, amusement clear in his eyes, but extremely nonchalant about it. She hesitated, still caught up in the sheer looks of the man, which was something unheard to her kind. Men weren't pretty. At least, not as pretty as this one. Nodding, Marcelina adjusted herself again, this time her fin poked out of the water, idly moving in minute ups and downs. "You aren't what I expected from pirates. Why are you here? Were you taken as well by Arturo?" He was much too at ease, well-kept and radiated a higher existence than the others.

The question caught Emilio unawares, so he took more than his usual seconds to answer. "No no, I chose this life, for many reasons. Some more noble than others." Marcelina tilted her head curiously and Emilio entertained the thought that it was cute. "What are your 'noble' reasons then?" Her fin gave a small flick, the parallel of a scoff. "Someone has to cook and doctor properly on this ship,and I can't let Arturo go anywhere without me there to keep him sane. He is still, in essence, my best friend and the closest I have to a brother-Sergio aside- so I can't abandon him." Marcelina was, to put it plainly, taken aback by such an idea. Emilio being friends-close ones at that- with someone like Arturo? "I know, it seems highly unlikely. Our genes deem us half-enemies from the start, and to be honest, I've no idea how we really managed to be this close, what with all the clashes we have. Trust me when I say this, though: that he does have his good traits. We bring out the best and the worst in each other." He had such a sincere face, along with a subtle smile that did him wonders, that Marcelina almost felt like she must believe him.

Maybe she did, but only slightly. "I will take what you say for thought, but now you trust me when I say this: I'm very cross with Arturo-for good reason- and until he either apologizes or decides to value my input and personal instructions as valuable I will still be cross. If you want to have a somewhat pleasant trip with me here, you'll get him to see that." Their eyes met, locked and the unspoken agreement was made. "He isn't one to apologize, and he's the most prideful man I've ever known besides myself, but I'll do my best to help ease this tension and animosity between you two." Emilio smiled before laughing again. "Funny, how it's Arturo, the man who used to rant constantly about the existence of beings like you, who angers the most beautiful-and dangerous- of those he so idolizes."

Emilio leaned back and smiled his subtle grin again and Marcelina had to fight an odd feeling in her cheeks. Her eyes quickly cut away from his face to the ocean. "You would make a decent nereid, Emilio."

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