Gemini Reborne

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Waking up to torrential rain hadn't been at all amusing. Neither was the way it kept following them, day after day. A week of rain wasn't exactly unheard of, but it was unfair. It was ironic, given the lovely weather yesterday, but Arturo should've seen that as a sign of this downpour. As he battled with the storm, keeping his crew together and his ship afloat, he noted that this ugly weather seemed to fight back just as hard. It was...unnatural, how it acted. Not like a simple overseas storm. He wondered if it had anything to do with Marcelina, but considering she wasn't screaming in agony(or making much of a sound at all) he ruled that out. He internally grumbled over his bad luck though. Hadn't he kept Marcelina for them to avoid storms like this?

Today was the worst of all the stormy days. Waves tossed the ship back and forth like a plaything, and rain fell at a painful speed and near-sideways slant. Even the seasoned sailors like Arturo and Emilio were slipping near-constantly. A good handful of men had fallen overboard, mostly new pick ups. Arturo was managing to stay afloat, at least, working together with Sergio at the helm and using his booming voice to command over the waves and the whistling winds. "Incoming! Starboard side!" One sailor had just enough time to scream in terror before the surely unnatural wave crashed into the ship. It tipped dangerously to the side, knocking over anyone who wasn't under the deck or clinging to something into the sea. There was a moment of utter terror, where even Arturo was silent, praying that he would make it through. Then the wave relented, and the ship righted with a harsh descent.

There was a scream and a crash, and suddenly the storm began to lighten up, drawing away as if it had accomplished something. Arturo was torn between asking what the noise was and contemplating just what exactly had happened. The noise won out, as Marcelina's terrified calls for Arturo were able to reach him. Arturo shoved Sergio out of the way and rushed into his cabin. The container lay all over the floor, with the wood bent out of shape by Marcelina's constant death grips. The glass was shattered and she squirmed painfully over it. Water was everywhere, and that meant she was in danger of shifting again. It took a moment of shock before Arturo was able to try and think of something. "Hold on, I'll try to get the tub full before you change." Then he rushed out, calling out orders for a team to assemble.

Marcelina watched in abject dismay as men went back and forth, lowering the tub to fill it. The second the tub touched the water, the waves began to get choppy again rocking the ship and making too much water slosh out. By the time the tub was able to successfully reach the deck, too much time had passed. Marcelina laid shivering on the floor, naked and lightly bleeding from where she squirmed too heavily on the glass. She hissed out in rage when the tub was placed in front of her. It was useless now. There was no way she'd revert unless the ship turned around for Spain. Arturo wouldn't risk it, naturally. Besides, nothing about that storm was natural, and she knew well why. She hiccuped quietly, sobbing openly. Her eyes roamed across the sullen faces of Arturo, Emilio, Sergio, and other nameless men. Some had the decency to look away from her nude body, but she could care less. Rage burned in her eyes, rage and hurt. Arturo took off his coat, to try and cover her, but she slapped it away.

"This is your fault! You took me away, and Poseidon decided to punish us all for your mistake! I'm stuck in this borrowed body until you take me home. But doing that is useless, I know you'll just take me away, and this will happen over and over again! Why couldn't you accept your casualties and sailed on? You humans have never changed, always meddling too far into our lives, inevitably ruining them!" She directed all her rage at Arturo, her fingers sliding on the wet floor, unable to dig her claws in like she'd wanted. It took all her strength to just push herself up on her arms, which were shaking. She couldn't turn and hide away, so instead she just glared at Arturo, bottom lip shaking and tears free falling to the floor. Magic still buzzed under her skin, and in her eyes, but it was noticeably different, dimmed even further from being in a weaker body and under a bond. Arturo was quiet, just barely holding in the urge to bite his lip in guilt and shame.

The only people Marcelina let touch her were Emilio, who'd put his coat over her, and Sergio, who carried her to the small infirmary Emilio worked in when his doctoring skills were needed. Briefly, Arturo felt an odd jealousy unsettle his gut as the others handled Marcelina, but it was capped by his guilt. He wasn't one to feel guilty or shameful-he was a pirate, it wasn't in his nature-but Marcelina's words and the very real betrayal in her eyes pierced his defenses. He sighed and quietly set some cabin boys to work on cleaning the cabin, while he went below deck to find a spare hammock.

By evening the waters were tranquil and the weather the right mix of pleasant and wild, a subtle warning that it could turn sour if Poseidon saw fit. Emilio was able to remove any glass shards and bandage her cuts, which luckily were none too deep. Arturo came to take her to the mess hall, and Emilio carried her there, following behind him. Eating warm food and vegetables was a challenge for Marcelina, as well as using a spoon, but after the better half of an hour, Marcelina had managed to eat and keep the food down. Marcelina was more or less numb by the end of it, silent and staring at the floor. She barely hung onto Emilio.

Sergio donated one of his shirts for Marcelina to sleep in, as he was quite tall and as a human she was quite short-just over 5 feet.It took a combo of Emilio's shirt and Arturo's cargo shorts and boots for her to wear in the morning. Arturo took over carrying Marcelina back to his cabin, which had been cleaned. A hammock was tied up next to his bed, in the same place her container had been. Marcelina showed emotion for the first time since the incident. "I'd rather sleep on the floor." she said, curt and soft. The hammock didn't look at all stable to her, lightly swaying with the natural rock of the ship. Arturo sighed softly and put her on his bed. He then demonstrated that the hammock would suit her just fine by climbing in it, tossing and turning, and even bouncing a bit.

Marcelina pulled a face, but accepted it. Arturo gently placed her in it, then gave her a blanket. It felt odd at best, soft but dry. Marcelina silently braided her hair and laid down, sleep arriving quickly from exertion. Arturo was grateful for it.

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