Daughter of Fire

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19. Bedroom Hymns

“But why!?” Luxus complained for about the fifth time.

I huffed, grabbing my laid-out clothes from the bed and throwing them in the closet. “Because,” I said as I stalked to the mirror, trying to undo my hair. “I told you what the King told me. Do you really wanna be here when he comes?” At that I saw his tail twitch along with his whiskers.


“Well, then you`ll have to find somewhere else to go until we`re…done.” This time I was the one who shivered, attempting to focus my mind on anywhere else but the would-be events that might happen tonight. Untying the braids on my head seemed to do the trick just fine, well at least until I ran out of hair.

“But, where am I going to find a place at this late hour?” he whined, placing his small head over his paws while his tail waved back and forth in the air. I looked at him through the mirror.

“I don`t know, Lux. Maybe you could crash the kitchen for a while?”

He seemed to deeply consider that. “Well, those prawns were delicious. I wonder if there`s still some left?” My lips twitched at how thoughtfully he gazed at the space before him, but I couldn’t crack a fully functional smile for the life of me.

Even through my reflection I could perfectly see how my fingers trembled as I tried to pull out a hair-pin that refused to unclasp for some reason. And words couldn`t even explain how hard I tried to ignore the enormous pile of tension forming in my gut. I knew it would catch up to me soon but for now I just concentrated on freeing my hair.

“Are you going to be ok?” Luxus was now looking at me, the thoughtfulness, laced with worry, still in his eyes.

I sighed, forcing a closed smile on my lips as I turned to face him. “I`m going to be fine, Lux. Don`t worry about me, alright? Now go, he could be here any minute now.”

He didn`t seem convinced, and I couldn’t really blame him anyway. But nonetheless, he jumped down from the bed and started walking towards the door. I skipped pass him and opened the door wide for him. He stopped just halfway outside, cranking his neck up to me. “Just so you know, if he starts misbehaving just call out to me and I`ll be right there with my claws ready.”

I made a face at that. “You`re not gonna stand outside now, are you? Cause that will be just weird.”

“Of course not! That`s gross! I`m just saying I`m going to be close, so he better watch out.” That made laughter escape my lips despite how nervous I was. Not to mention, it made something warm spread through my heart at how protective my cat was of me.

“Don`t worry, I`ll make sure he will.” He could tell I wasn`t as confident about that as I tried to sound, but thankfully he didn`t say anything else and just walked back quietly. I watched as Luxus`s small, black form disappeared within the dark, empty corridor, before closing the door with a soft thud.

I heaved a huge breath, my forehead leaned against the door. Now what? What am I supposed to do? It`s like Luxus` leaving was the trigger for all the emotions I had stifled to surface up, and now anxiety, fear, and stress was written all over my face.

I headed to the bed and plopped down on it. The bed that the King will surely be on top of me in. His words were still repeating in my head, topping all other events that happened tonight. It`s like what Agatha said to me and the sudden appearance of a new Slifer never happened, and the only thing my mind seemed to focus on is that the King would be here any second now. I tried to tell myself that this is what I wanted, or needed anyway. And the sooner it is the sooner I can get out of here.

I laid down on my back and stared at the celling. An hour ego the ball ended and I found myself grabbing Luxus by the tail and rushing to my room. I told him everything I learned today including what the King said, and the fact that an Earth Slifer was here and he wasn`t alone.

The Queen of Vallas was with him, which only increased my theory that each Slifer was assigned to a ruler. Meaning that the Wind Slifer might be with the King of Trinivan. And according to what Ayana and the Fate Watchers said, we are destined to protect them.

But from what, exactly? And why would the four most powerful rulers in Ignolia want our protection? Were Slifers really that strong?

Maybe I should ask Aramis more about this? I mean, after all he did say he was a messenger of the Gods. So obviously he knows better about Slifers and their true potentials.

You see this, Lydia, now you`re not thinking about his hands all over you…

What else? Oh, the things Agatha Alastair said. What was that about? A war? Could it really be? If that`s so, I need to read more about the legends regarding Slifers. I`m pretty sure I could find something in the library of the castle, I just need to ask the Princess where it was. Which also goes back to asking Aramis about what he knew. If he really is what he says he is, then he should be able to answer my questions better than any book.

You`re not thinking about his warm breath on your skin…

The image appeared out of nowhere, but I quickly brushed it aside. Hmm, let’s see…the Earth Slifer! To my knowledge, all the rulers will stay at the Imarina palace for the festival two months ahead. So that means that boy Redmond will be here as well.

I have to talk to him about how he managed to stay with Queen Adria, and just how powerful he was. Was his powers more grown than mine, like Ayana`s was? Or was he at the same level? Speaking of Ayana, I did have a chance to speak with her. When I was done admiring the stunning ocean-inspired gown she wore, I told her all about Aramis and his book. True to my suspicions, she indeed possessed the Book of Aeliana; The Sea-Haired Goddess.

I had to know how was she learning from it, and she did respond by saying it wasn`t easy. There were a lot of things she couldn`t get her head around yet, but some she had mastered.

You`re also not thinking about his intense eyes…

No, Lydia! Work! Yes, work! I need to find something to do in order to earn a little money. I know Grandpa left a small fortune for me, but it didn`t quite feel right spending it all. I needed to make something for myself.

Or, how his body would look without all the clothing…

Stop, no! It doesn`t matter! I`ve already told myself to endure it until he`s done. Just close my eyes and shut my body and not feel a thing! Now, what`s next? Gerard Vastia! Yes, him! What`s his deal? He came all the way here just to see me even though he dislikes formal occasions.

How deep he was inside me…

Ugh! Focus, Lydia! Clothes! I need new clothes, and maybe something for Luxus too.

How fast…

I mentally groaned, desperately trying to keep my mind off those vivid images that are threatening to overtake. And defiantly ignoring how my body suddenly grew hot, especially at the lower part. I grabbed a nearby pillow and yanked it to my face, hoping that by burying myself in it those thoughts would fade away.

Now, think! What else did I need? New books? Yeah, maybe I can get them if I landed a job somewhere. That way I can buy the sequel to that book I bought in the fair. Okay, what else? I need to work on physical training more, maybe have Aramis teach me new ways I can defend myself?

And hard…

“URGHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed into the pillow. Dammit, Lydia! You stupid, dumb, little slut! Stop thinking like this, Gods damn it!

“Maybe it`s better if I come back another time?” I yelped as the voice echoed in my head, my limbs going still for a moment before my body jolted off the bed and lost balance as I fell over the edge. I hit the soft, carpeted floor with a squeal while the bottom of my dress toppled over my head, leaving me momentarily blind.

Oh, shit! For a second, all I wanted right now was to bury myself in the garments of my dress and never emerge back for another century. My face matched the colour of the gown. My breath came out as frantic as I felt. And I knew sooner or later I`ll have to face the voice that startled me.

I decide to save myself from further embarrassment, if that was even possible, and peel back the fabric that shielded my face from him.

And there he stood, looking as collected as ever with his black eyebrow raised at me. My eyes shot wide, and my mouth followed. How in hell did he get in here? “Y-your majesty!” I gasped, moving my sight from him to the closed door. “I-I didn`t see you come in…” Or hear you for that matter. And I really needed to stop stuttering!

And get OFF the ground!

He gave me a curt nod. “Yes, well I used my teleportation to get in.”

“Oh…” That was all I could say as I picked myself off the floor, careful not to step on the hems of my dress.

I noticed that he had ditched his tuxedo jacket and the bow-tie, and was left with only a clinging white shirt that had the first two buttons open and his black trousers. I gulped, my eyes lingering at the exposed hallow of his throat. And for some reason that gave me so many treacherous ideas that I had to close my eyes for a second.

It`s his throat, Lydia! What`s so good about that?

Now that the surprise was gone from my body, the previous anxiousness and fear returned. And they intensified to the point where my fingers and toes felt utterly cold and numb. Now what? He wasn`t doing anything, yet. He just stood there, staring at me blankly with no hint of emotions what so ever. And as for myself, I tried to look anywhere but his face, suddenly finding the crafting of my wooden book-shelve very interesting.

A few seconds ticked by though they honestly felt like long, enduring minutes. Why wasn`t he doing anything? Was he going to pin me forcefully to the wall and have his way with me? Or will he choose the floor perhaps? Either way, I hoped he would just get on with it. Even though I hated it, I just want it to be over.

I waited for extra seconds but he still didn`t say a word or lifted a finger, so I thought maybe I should be the one to say something first. “Umm…would you like some water?” Okay, that was bad. First, I didn`t have a jug of water in the room. And second, I said it so quietly that I doubt he heard it.

He softly shook his head, his masked eyes still pinned on me. Okay, so he can hear. What`s next then? Should I tickle him to see if he can make a sound? Somehow, the image was oddly disturbing, for I couldn`t imagine him laughing even if his life depended on it.

“I—“ he finally opened his mouth, but clamped it shut again to clear his throat. Though he seemed like he was trying to form the sentence in his mind first. “I want to get your consent again, Slifer.” I could tell every letter he spoke was either a struggle or he didn`t really understand what he was doing.


He cleared his throat again, and something tells me there was really no particular lump in there. He just looked as if he was trying to sound as clear as possible. “I have already said that I don`t wish to dirty myself by taking you against your will. So, I ask for your consent before we proceed this.”

“You weren`t asking for that when you invited yourself to my room.” The words rolled off my tongue like a lash. And they hit every part of his being, hard and painful, for his body twitched and his jaw tensed.

His mouth was set in a grimace before he said, “I realize that. But I still stand by my words when I said that I would leave you be if you don`t wish to do this.”

“You do?”

He didn`t like the tone of uncertainty in my voice, but he still nodded. “Yes.”

“So,” I found myself stepping forward. “If I asked you to leave now, would you do it?”

His jaw hardened, and his teeth grinded together. “If that is what you wish. Although, I would appreciate it if you stopped acting so surprised whenever I ask this of you. It would do a little good to trust me—“

“I will never trust you.” My eyes burned into his, not caring if I have stepped over a line. It was a simple truth. I will never place any ounce of trust to that man for as long as I live. I didn`t waver before him, every shred of confidence mixed with those words. “I will only rely on you, for the time being. So, please don`t ask that from me.”

I expected him to get mad, throw a tantrum, or demand to be trusted. But an understanding crossed over his face and he simply nodded. How fast, and respectfully, he agreed to this alarmed me. And I tried to push the thought away.

“Very well, I cannot have your trust. But do you still consent?” Why does he keep asking me that? It`s bad enough that I was silently allowing him to touch me, now he wants me to say it out-loud?

“I told you back in the woods, didn`t I? That I needed you to make me stronger.” The words ‘need’ and ‘you’ combined together left a bad taste in my mouth, but he wanted me to be clear and this is as clear as it gets.

“Yes, you did. However, I ask that you say yes or no. I need to know that you fully want this.”

“I don`t ‘want’ this, I need it. There`s a difference,” I said through gritted teeth, my temper rising. Why is he so insisting on making me spell it out for him? “And why do you suddenly care, anyway?” This unexpected change in his approach was disturbing me, to think I actually preferred him when he was a brut and not being suddenly all gentlemanly.

His eyes slightly narrowed at me, but I couldn`t detect no annoyance or irritation. “Is that so? Then…” With his stony expression, he moved towards me at last. For a moment I thought he was going to grab me, my shoulders tensing, but he caught me off guard when he brushed pass me and sat on my bed.

I turned on my heel to face him. He comfortably sat there with his legs open and his arms placed at either side, his broad shoulders relaxed and his penetrating eyes never leaving me.

“Take off your dress.”

He said the words so surely, making my eyes widen and for me to take a step back. I could feel heat creeping up to my body, all the way from my feet to the top of my head. “W-what?” I blinked twice, hoping somehow I heard wrong. Was he serious?

Apparently he was, because he didn`t say anything else. He just waited for me to do his bidding, and I wasn`t exactly sure what to do. I thought he would be the one to do all the work, and I would just lay still and wait for it to be over. But now he`s making me take off my own dress!?

I huffed. Fine! If it`s going to make things faster, then I`ll do it.

I sucked in a breath, my hands moving to the zipper on my back. His eyes followed my movement with interest, and I had to toy with the small piece of metal for a second before eventually pulling it down. Bit by bit the dress was becoming looser, and although there was no sound but me unzipping my dress, my ears only picked up the loud thudding in my heart. I was afraid it would burst out of my ribcage and my palms were becoming more stained with sweat, the shaking of my fingers didn`t help either.

Finally, the soft material glided down my body, resting between my feet in a crumbled mass of red. My heated skin was met with the cold feeling of suddenly being completely naked, save my white-laced panties. I kept my eyes glued to the floor, aware that I stood before the King of Imarnia half nude.

The blush rose from my neck and painted my face when I heard a loud exhale of breath. I didn`t even dare to look up to see what kind of expression he wore. This wasn`t like when we were in the woods, my body was mainly covered thanks to the darkness of the night. But this time I was in a brightly lit room, and he could see every bit of my flesh as clear as crystal.

“Come to me…” His voice was husky, heavy, and contained a groan. At that my head snapped at him, gasping when I registered his lust-filled eyes roaming all over my body. So this is how he wanted his answer, he wanted me to come to him willingly…fearlessly.

And I deeply loathed how this managed to tone down whatever tension I had within me. This one, simple, stupid act. I also despised how my legs seemed to move out of their own free will, slowly taking every step as the fear I had muted and was, to my distress, gone completely.

No, Lydia! You should be scared!

But now my hands and legs shook with anticipation, and just for that I wanted to run as fast as possible away from him. But it was too late, I was already standing between his legs. My own seemed to refuse to cooperate with me and only be drawn to him.

Curse this!

There was a knowing smirk playing on the corner of his lips. I wanted so much to ram my fist into his face but all I could think of was when will he put his hands on me?

The answer was now. He finally freed his hands from his sides and ran them over the length of my thighs. I had to grit my teeth in order not to feel how warm they felt on my skin. His attention was now focused on my stomach as he rested his palms on my hips.

“Is this your mark?” He was referring to the Slifer mark stamped over my waist, his now dark grey eyes travelling over the insignia. He removed one hand and traced the emblem with his long fingers, and my gasp was the answer to his question.

My body wasn`t ready to what he did next. Instead of his fingers, his lips took over. And it felt like burning coal was being placed all over the spot where his lips made contact. I bit my lip hard, trying to contain the threatening noise as he gripped my hips and kissed the sensitive spots.

He started out slow, sensual, for he trailed soft kisses over my waist, stomach and hips. He was teasing my skin, lazily taking his time with it and that caused my knees to buckle. I had no choice but to grab his shoulders for I didn`t want to fall down on my knees from just him kissing my hips.

His nails grazed my thighs, caressing them gently and sending little sparks down my spine. Oh, hell. I tried my best not to make a sound, I really did. But when his tongue moved into action that only made things more difficult.

Oh, double hell!

He licked the spot near my belly button, softly sucking on it until I was sure he had left a mark. My hand fisted his shirt, closing my eyes shut and attempting to discard the tiny ripples of pleasure he was doing to me from just licking my fucking stomach.

Get a grip, Lydia!

“You`re so soft,” he murmured between feather-like kisses. I blushed but still kept my eyes shut. Why the hell is he being so…gentle? It`s too unfamiliar, and it`s supposed to make me on edge. But now all it made me want to do is to further press myself to him.

I felt his mouth trail up, as did his hands, until they stopped just under my breasts. “Oh!” I gasped out-loud, my eyes peeling open when one of his large hands cupped my breast, while his lips moved to the other breasts.

He took his time kneading the lump of flesh while he blew hot air over the other. I couldn`t help but watch him toy and play with them, each breath coming out shorter than the other and it was nearly impossible for me to hold back my voice any longer.

Shit, shit, shit!

My nipples hardened under his merciless teasing, and he didn`t waste his time in taking one in his mouth, making me arch my back forward and hold into his shoulders for dear life. Burning heat formed at my lower part and I didn`t know which one to focus on.

He sucked hard, rolling the small bud with his tongue while thumbing and massaging the other one. I could hear his low moans and feel them vibrating from his throat, which only made mine escalate. “Mmmm.” Yes—No! I mean no!

He obviously heard that and instead of maintaining his eyes on my breasts, he moved them up to me, our gazes locking together as his eyes darkened even more when seeing the look he put on my face. Damn him!

My hand went from gripping his shoulder to intertwining with the back of his head, his soft black locks weaving between my fingers. He moaned harder, my small act seemed to drive him up as his teeth bit and tugged at my swollen peak, causing me to cry out, “Gods!”

My knees almost gave away, but he quickly snuck an arm under my waist and secured me against him, letting go of my breasts and allowing me to breathe heavily against his ear. It only took seconds before he went back to action again. This time, his hands were back on my thighs, squeezing them until he reached a certain spot. Oh, no! His dark eyes glinted, a full smirk appearing on his lips. “Let`s see how really sensitive you are.”

He didn`t give me time to comprehend before he cupped my centre, his hand and fingers rubbing me slowly, almost as if he was testing me. Either way, there was nothing I could do but wither in sudden desire, my moans becoming louder, and my thighs threatening to clench if it wasn`t for his other hand keeping them open.

He rubbed me through the fabric of my underwear, this time more roughly. Then his head moved down, his teeth tugging at the side of my panties before he started lowering them to the point where half of me was exposed to him.

Before I knew it, the last piece of clothes left was completely discharged from me, and I was left with nothing but my naked sex for him to feast his eyes upon. And he seemed to enjoy the view, his eyes glazing and his tongue sweeping over his lower lip. My face was the exact colour of the thing he was so shamelessly looking at, and I desperately wanted to throw my entire body into freezing water.

A cry mixed with a moan burst from within me when his fingers toyed with my lips, stroking them before he buried one thick finger inside me. “Ahhhhh, shit!” I couldn`t help it anymore, I threw my arms over his shoulders and buried my face in his neck. His sweet masculine scent overwhelming my brain.

Lighting ignited within me, sparking inside me as he stroked my moist flesh fast. “Fuck, you`re so wet!” he groaned, adding another finger and making my body quiver. My moans were muffled into his neck, but they were still coming out louder with every thrust.

My core was clenching and unclenching, and that seemed to drive him wild for he picked up his pace. The lewd sounds and the heavy breathing only added an insufferable pressure in the room. Not to mention the unbearable lump that was growing inside me with every inch he reached.

And suddenly nothing mattered anymore. Nothing except that I needed release. And I needed it now!

“Your Majesty, please! I can`t take it anymore.” I knew exactly what I was begging for and I was going to make myself pay for it later, but now all I needed was for him to be completely inside me.

Thankfully, he also seemed to reach his limits. So he pulled out and licked the juices off his drenched fingers, all while his hungry gaze never left mine. “You don`t taste so bad, Slifer.” I didn`t have time to blush. He grabbed my waist and hauled me on the bed, my back hitting the sheets as he towered over me.

Seconds went by and he was removed from all of his clothing as well. He knelt on the bed before me with all of his naked glory and I felt my throat tighten and my mouth going dry. I don’t know what came over me when I ran a hand all over his chest to his abdomen, feeling the hard, ripped skin underneath my palm and knowing it gave him shivers as well.

I stopped at his V-line, my eyes drifting down to his manhood which sprung hard, long, and thick. Shit! I forgot how big he was!

“You can touch if you want,” he told me, his voice lathered with desire.

I quickly took my hand back, shaking my head wildly. I had to remind myself that this was something I ‘needed’ not wanted. And touching him is not something I particularly want. “No.” I swallowed.

He didn`t say anything, just gave me a quick scan before parting my legs and placing them on each side of his waist. His hands moved to my own, grabbing them, then pinning them above my head. He trailed his fingers down my body, brushing my hips before taking hold of them.

He was slowly grinding near my entrance and the delicious contact made my back arch. Oh for the love of Ignolia! The spot between my legs was pulsing, craving to be satisfied and the bastard was taking his time teasing me!

And I sure as hell won`t plead again! It`s bad enough that I`ve already said ‘please’ once!

And then I felt it, his tip entering me as he plunged himself inside with one thrust. I moaned, feeling my body fly off the mattress as the crushing sensation of being filled jerked every nerve. My head rolled back and so did my eyes as he pushed himself inside of me even further.

He hissed. “You`re still tight!” I could see the veins in his arms throbbing, his hips moving back slowly before he slammed them forward again. Then he moved his length inside me, hitting and reaching every wall to the point where my back was practically hung in thin air.

My body formed a mind on its own. My hands moving to wrap around his neck while he pumped into me faster, my nails scratching his skin as our voices rang through our heads. My moans became screams when he was reaching parts inside me I didn`t know they were even there.

Fire was spreading through me and it exploded when his hand reached down to rub my clit and send me into a convulsing wave of pleasure. I dug my nails into his back, clawing at him as he moaned and buried his head at the crook of my neck.

He suddenly pulled out his shaft but slammed back into me in a swift motion, causing my eyes to widen and for my lungs to feel raw from all the screaming. He still had his fingers teasing my core as my toes curled and my legs trembled.

The lump at my lower stomach was building up into an intolerable amount and I held into him tighter. My brain and whole body was turning numb and there was nothing that I could feel except for pure pleasure.

Sweat covered our bodies and the room was filled with the sounds of skin slapping and the breathless grunts, moans, and pants from both our sides. Squishing noise came from between my legs and that only proved that I was getting wetter by the second.

He quickened his pace, the strokes long and smooth as his body splashed over mine and he rubbed my wet slit even quicker, kindling the spiralling orgasm. A scream tore through me when I couldn`t handle it any longer and my climax hit it`s breaking point.

My orgasm wheezed out of me, coating his throbbing member as he too seemed to reach his endgame. He growled, pulling out then spilling himself all over my stomach, the whiteness of his seeds felt hot on my already heated skin.

His large form toppled over me and collapsed at my side, both of us catching our breaths as our bodies gleamed with sweat. I brushed the sticky hairs out of my face and forehead, pushing my body up and hissing during the process.

My core still ached obviously and so did my entire limbs, but I managed to grab a tissue from the bed-side table and wipe the King`s cum off me. Suddenly I felt chilly, and really exposed, so I gathered the blankets and covered my body.

The King stirred beside me, propping himself on his elbows. He ran a hand through his wet hair before he got off the bed and started re-dressing. I kept my eyes on my hands as I heard him open the door then closing it behind him with a thud.

And it all came rushing back to me. The voices I made. The position we were in. The things he did to me! I groaned, grabbing a pillow and burying my face in it.

This is going to be harder than you expected, Lydia…

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