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jojo and the magic Silver stick

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Two peasant boys and their talismans,a silver stick,and a golden lute,and medallion leads them on a quest to stop a snow blizzard from enveloping the land in endless winter,fairies,Elves and Dwarves!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

On another planet and it is more colorful there, there lived within a kingdom called”Zarka”a little boy named Jojo. Everyone there dressed in medieval clothes,until recently they started dressing in 1970’s clothes because a magic portal opened to earth one day. Jojo was a peasant boy with his family there and they lived on a farm demesne with a neighborhood of houses and apartment buildings. Jojo had two friends there who helped with gardenening,. Brendan who looks like Charlie chaplin and jesse a blond laddie. Brendan liked to eat radishes and he bended over and his pants showed in back when he did gardening. Jojo had two friends there who helped with gardening,. Brendan who looks like Charlie chaplin and jesse a blond laddie. Brendan liked to eat radishes and he bended over and his pants showed in back when he did gardening. So when the portal opened one day for some reason,Brendan went into it to visit and came back next day to breing a wardrobe of clothes he picked up including a 1970’s car. And there he drove it around for a time,a mark 4 lincoln car, to everyone's amazement in the middle ages styled world,but it soon ran out of gas because there is no petroleum or gas in that world. So he still wanted to drive it,so one day jojo was digging while gardening and he discovered a floating rock that had suddenly sprung up a few feet into the air. This was Hover Ore,a semi rare substance. So Brendan collected it and smelted some down at the nearby Flintstone like village to the east called”Cambria.The villagers there helped and they dress primitively and they live in rock and cave houses. Jojo and Brendan had the flattened metal attached to the car and it began to hover so they could drive around without wheels or gas. They spoke to mr. Addio head of the village,and he has a farm there and took to help the orphanage of kids living in a big white mountain like building of rooms hollowed within. The walls glowed white,made of Milkzum glow rock. The kids did not age,they drank of a fountain of youth spring there. Addio said the car would be able to drive forwards if an Arrow stone was attached to the front where our driver’s wheel is located in this world. So jojo and Brendan asked them where they could get an ARROW STONE.and addio said out in south cambria,the land of many big rocks and subtropic plants and a semi desert plain with some lovely marsh reed huts out there on the Blue river that ran through there. It is Very royal blue,and the shore line is rainbow colors of many rocks! First they had a picnic in Cambria village and danced with some villagers .they did a bolero dance too and Brendan put on a toga of leaves,and baton battled a bontebok antelope at a bonspiel tournament. Then munched some borscht and blini(pancakes). Then Jojo and Brendan did a ballet in blue berry booties sprinkled with silver dust so they could fly in the air. They leaped over a small lake to the other side way up in the air as the Cambrians cheered near their Grain elevator castle. Butterflies breezed by. Well,after the tournaments ands meeting with Addio’s son TAylorian, then jojo and Brendan took a boat ride down the Blue river by the tropical royal palm plants and came to the the drive in movie theater in a circular desert like place with trees and plants surrounding it. There was lots of people there eating at a snack bar under umbrellas and selling brick a brack junkware like a flea market. It was not yet a movie theater,the big white screen was for holographic images projected on it from a magic purple stone wave beam to relax people in a sort of dream feeling. Much of the junk was mass produced by being magically multiplied and even enlarged! By a magic green emerald that only farmer Ashto had in his keeping. He owns the drive in and flea market,and he was there cooking vegetarian tacos and welcomed them to his junk yard next door. It was huge,with giant vases, and brick a bracks cluttering the valley as if you were a mouse in a antique store. Scrap metals and yet it was pretty,with sunlight shining through vases and and 2. stained glass windows it beseemed,especially when the 3 3 morning sun arose and shined through the yellow vases of glass. And sitting there eating raisin biscuits is a delight in the mornings. Ashto has a giant glass building he made out of the green emerald enlarging with its lazer beam,a tiny model doll miniature into a big glass building shaped like a glass building mall complex. It was very modern for the middle ages styled world,but things were progressing.”:ashto,we need you to trade with us some bag of blueberries for a magic arrowstone,we heard you sell the rare stuff”said jojo. “yeah,I got arrowstones .I mine it over there in the eastern hills,but the Dwarves claim those hills,so they have all the arrowstones at their place and I cant mine anymore because being made of rock just like Hover ore until I settle a peace treaty with the dwarf chief named Zippy” Ashto replied. So Ashto and jojo and Addio went to the dwarf palace a little ways to the east .its called “Azuria palace”.Its like a mall complex,long and white made out of white marble and lots of skylights to light up the hallways inside,and its surrounded by a tropical rain forest which is protected by a magic liquid biosphere around it where water geysers spurt up to water plants inside. Theres aloso a resort hotel within and a water fun theme park! There,they bowed before the dwarf chiefs with long beards .Many of the people working for them ,dressed in tarzan like cheetah print tunics and togas. Ashto had cheetah spotted tights. Jojo sorted out the peace treaty and so ashto would agree to give his beloved magic green emerald to them.It enlarges nonliving things from small to large! Then in return,he could have the Hover Ore Hills for himself. Plus he would have to agree to give the dwarfs free tickets to his ball games and music concerts there at the huge baseball stadium that had been magically enlarged from a round bottle cap. So all was agreed,and dwarfs already owned the magic yellow stone of multiplication. It could multiply nonliving items,after a prayer to make it happen. They agreed to build a giant blue glass bridge shaped like a letter “A’ at the border of their city state called “Azuria”,and from Ashto’s farm barony in south cambria. They did it that day.amazing to behold as a small model bridge made of light blue glass was enlarged by a green lazer beam to make it instantly large! It was translucent and shiny,shining baby blue in the sunlight. It became the gateway to the east of Azuria dwarf land and another town called Greenleafia, in the east. The baseball stadium is right next to the bridge. It renaissance baseball where everyone wears tights and togas and dresses like flintstones. Before enjoying a baseball game that night,the dwarves welcomed them to their watersplash fun park outside the mall palace. So jojo and ashto and Brendan had a good time swooshing through the water slides.Woo! Around and around! The whole palace has water tunnels of glass all around it ,plus a biodome of glass,and waterfalls,and chimps and gorillas and spider monkeys swinging around. Then they had lunch with the dwarves at their adobe restaurant munching some Spanish type food,as chips and salsa and rice and guacamole. They had fun in the restaurant dancing sambas and jojo sat in his booth table to watch with Brendan. He was feeling too shy to join in the dances. So the dwarf chief handed over a whiole load of arrowstones in wheel barrows and placed them on a hoverable carriage to bring to ashto’s junk yard. And just what are arrowstones? Jojo tried his out and he sat atop the hover craft and the magnetic force of the arrrowstones attracts to the hover ore built onto the craft,and he squeezed the arrowstone in his hand,and it pulls you forwards into motion! the dwarves showed them another substance called”Bubbleopia”. It is a liquid from 3. the ground that bubbles out and is a clear goo. It can be molded into hard glass,that’s why they had so much flexi type glass skylights everywhere. A dwarf looked funny with a big straw blowing bubbles on the goo and the others molded like clay the round bubble buildings, or flattened some goo into glass windows. So when jojo and Brendan began to rearrange the mark 4 lincoln car from earth. .Ashto helped weld the hover ore panels and sculptuired a arrowhead rock fastening it to the steering wheel. None of the car parts and gadgets could they understand what they were for but that was alright,the car would be moving forwards on the arrowstone. I forgot to mention,two people they met at the Azuria dwarf palace,one was long haired boy named Goee and he has a bow and arrow and colorful little rainbow wild haired trolls on his shoulders. A rock star with full brown curly hair named “Mickelio” and he wore a tiger imitation print clothes. He was one of the Cambrians.they are the primitive dressed people of the fantastic world. Mickelio said he was in search of magic music sounding rocks to construct the perfect music,called Electric guitar rock music,which he discovered once when a portal doorway opened to earth once and out flew a small disc shaped metal ring. It has music inside the ring metal,with memory microchips inside built into it that plays when you clap your hands or speak to it the song title. “we know theres yet more magic rocks that make music here so I can record them onto this music recorder and radio ring.” Brendan was excited”yes, we know theres no electricity devices we have ,so we have to find a way to get these magic music rocks to place them onto the guitar and they’ll sound like a electric guitar,and sythocopated sound also!”. “where to find the stones?” said Jojo. “who knows yet, at least I have a few already I found with my xray vision one day”said Mickelio”a prophecy says someday they’ll be found,these music stones”. Ashto said”I got a new idea! Lets construct more hover vehicles and how about hover surf boards or scooters?” so the villagers got to work in his glass factory welding them and painting colorful. They made a flower shaped lime green hover vehicle to sit in under a round glass bubbleopian window and even a hot pink Cadillac looking hover craft. “lets also start a new fashion style from the clothes I brought back from a vintage 1970’s thrift store on earth when I came through the portal there and spent some time there.”said Brendan. “I been embarrassed wearing tights and dresses”said Brendan. On the way home, to jojo anmd brendan’s village state called”Avalon”,they parked the 70’s Lincoln in the barn and kept quiet about it. A giant galley ship was stuck on the top of a green mound overlooking the village. “howd that get up there?” asked Mickelio the rock star singer. “that was when Avalon village state was first founded.It crashed way up there on the hill when us villagers were sailing down the east to west river looking for a home some years ago. Brendan was a galley shirtless slave,and the old lady who was captain of us,she was real bossy,so we threw her off in the river with a big splash and she lives in the boat,and sometimes in a hut by the river. So our pastor gene,we hired him to be captain and he found some fairy dust in a cave and so we sprinkled the sails on the ship with it and the boat flew in the sky,until a rain storm came and washed the glitter away and it crashed on this hill. The old lady and all her books inside went forward as we landed. It was funny. The pastor gene and us built straw huts and eventually built a big stone monastery and small cathedral and monastery for those who wanted to be students and monks and friars. So many stone rocks are plentiful in Avalon so many houses were built,lovely neighborhoods. Huge backyards for farming called demesnes or fiefs.gradually we started from slaves up to serfs,and some of us are now individual home owners,but the pastor still allows some of us to keep serfs in this manorial economy.”said jojo. “this is truly a beautiful village state called Avalon”said Goaee the kid with the bow who is a ranger. “we’re real close to Troll town,or Sam’s town they also call it. That’s below this place of Avalon which is built on a plateau,but the troll town is down in the river valley. Its where I got my pet trolls.”said goaee. They and Goahee spent the night in the barn but couldn’t sleep because the serfs were partying hard that night with drums and had gone in a frenzy dance. It was jack the grey haired troll,he had distributed troll ale to everyone and had made them this way,and he was doing it to every land lord in the city states,so he could influence them to follow orders from chief Sean sam of troll town. Sean sam is kind of chubby and wild colorful hair,a clown nose,and he lives in troll town palace down on the river plain, he was a big poker player and won much land from card games he did with landlords in Avalon and elsewhere. He even won many into becoming his slaves and since he could nt always win,he sent jack to hypnotize them. Sean sam wanted to be the richest person everywhere and make them give him too much stuff and work for nothing,especially at his grain elevator and other castle factories. They would soon be getting to work on a hover train when he discovered about the hover ore. So his casino palace is is red and green and has neon light bulbs powered by Geltonium electric gelly. Inside he eats lots of Chinese type food and spaghetti at his all you can eat buffet. Lots of his trolls work for him besides the human slaves, he smokes a pipe plant weed that’s called “Trollbacco”:It turns your hair real colorful,sometimes pink and that’s what happened to jack, and ears big for awhile and a clown nose. Brendan got addicted to the stuff and his hair turned lime green and real bushy! Jack tried to get a lady in the apartment building to be his girlfriend named Petunia and she fell under his spell and they went out to a tavern AND drank troll ale as she wrapped herself in a bunch of towels because she was gone bonkers and she wore a table cloth for a dress and sang silly and carried frogs around. Jojo rescued her one day and gave her bubble juice where she and Brendan started to belch hundreds of bubbles. You could see them even coming out of their underwear. Then they inflated like a balloon and flew around a while like a balloon and deflated. Well,jack tried to escape on a new hoverable moped and he put on a bubble helmet and zoomed off through the hallways of the apartment building and blasted out the front door! Brendan and Jojo jumped in the 1970’s Lincoln car and hovered after him through the fields and neighborhoods. Goahee the ranger kid flung a arrow at him from his bow. Strange enough,the arrow glowed into a golden ball as it swooshed away with lazer power. Jack landed in a ditch and kaboom a lot of smoke went up as he landed. It was his matches to light the trollbacco .jacklooked funny all sooty from the smoke. Goahee the ranger kid was amazed>”howd my arrow turn golden lazerlight?”. “it was your aura jojo, your very presence is empowering because youre about to part of something big”said addio the friend from cambria. Then it was that day many giant trolls and fuzzy monsters of lime green shaggy fur and blue colors,were invading the Avalon and the rest of Zarka kingdom. Everyone who was not hypnotized were being carried back to Troll town as slaves at the factories there and grain elevators. The pastor of Avalon city state convened a meeting and asked jojo to help, all who were in right mind,were knighted as knights and given swords and nets and squirt pistols to squirt antidote bubble juice on the hypnotic serfs. Jojo was knighted that day at the monastery,and the pastor’s beautiful supermodel wife anointed him with apple juice from a glass bottle. It had healing power. It made him happy and stronger! Thankfully,jojo used a big round magnet and attracted lots of serfs onto it and they rolled down the hill stuck to it. Was funny! Everyone else got squirted with the juice and then Brendan had to be wrestled upside down in the hay. Brendan escaped with jack not in their right minds. He was wearing a silly lime green tight one piece costume with green goggles. They were addicted to Trollbacco and brought a lot with them in barrels in the back seat of his lincoln hover car. Jojo was happy with his new steel vest and helmet with plumed feather. “soon,I will have a whole armor suit”he said. So there was no stopping the fuzzy monsters and giant trolls who have big ears like a mouse. Jojo and goahee escaped into the Avalon forest while many people stayed safe in the tall white rock towers of Zarka city. Ashto was now a slave and working at a hot bread factory in Troll town,and so were many of the children from cambria villages,the flintstone like place,who were also working at the steel mill and the grain elevator factories. They were constructing huge steel blimps and a train, the blimps would be coated with fairy glitter to fly. Down in the enchanted Avalon forest, jojo and goahee stayed in a hut as the raindropped and they had a nice time talking and eating sandwiches,and fruit from the woods,and a type of foamy flower plant fungi perhaps that tasted like melted cheese inside it. There is also cookies growing on the trees. Some trees elsewhere are cotton candy growing on sugar candy canes. They could see the Troll town down below the forest looking towards the north and far over yonder in the river plain below. It was pretty with its neonlights at night. Then theres the candy cane red and white tower in the distance too. They talked about electric jelly goo,slime,or officially called ,Geltonium,”it comes out of the caves and underground rivers of rainbow colors,and each color stays fully each its own ,as red,blue,yellow,green,and they are placed inside glass bottles or bulbs to light up a room. The color blue has a cool air come out of it,so its used to put in a glass box and keep food and drinks cool inside it”,said jojo. Suddenly they heard singing and went down to find a lady of the lake dressed in white gowns and white sequins in a white huge seashell on a pond. She handed jojo a wood stick that glowed silver and it had lazer beams it would emit out if squeezed a certain way with thought power. she smelled good like soap. She gave Goahee a golden bow and with or without arrows,it would create its own golden balls of light.he also got a golden sleeveless shirt and it glitters. The nymph danced with them in the air with her fairy dust,it was a lovely sight and poppies began to grow and lots of other flowers. She had ivies grow out of her fingers. She made a green furry terrier dog become enlarged and jojo leaped on him with goahee. The nymph named Lily,she gave them kisses and a silver tight coveralls ,like a space suit,made of some kind of rubber shining like silver. With that,she said see you later,and so jojo rescued the kid slaves at the factories in Troll town by lazering blasting his way through many walls and doors. Lily came along and she she wrapped around the whole castle factory,spreading magic ivy vines,so the trolls inside couldn’t get out,with their own knights dressed in purple armor. Some of the kids,nicknamed the “Sugar babies” who escaped , wearing fish net clothes and kiss style rock makeup flew out of there with Cameron their wild haired leader kid. Fairies helped them that day. Seam sean the chief of the trolls was mad and used his magic whip cream cannon to shoot up at them so they would fall out of the sky,and that would not feel good. Some did get a few broken ribs falling so far down with whip cream on them. It caused fairy dust to not work. Jojo and Goahee with the silver stick and golden bow,lazer beamed at the candy cane looking power plant,where Geltonium goo was stored in big tanks. A blast so loud made the jelly in a few tanks blow sky high and so gobs of rainbow jelly Geltonium sploshed everywhere! Sam sean was slimed, then a earthquake happened when jojo threw down the stick onm the ground and made the ground crack and open up. Goahee used a purple and pink peuce stone that lily the nymph gave him and he placed it on the ground. It caused giant lovely rock formations to grow out of it,but everything sure rumbled for a few minutes as the peuce range was formed in the river valley,and it went for a few miles growing large peuce color jewel hills. Ashto escape the hot bread factory,. finally all was at peace for a few days. Lily the nymph dressed herself in white chain mail with hoodie and she rested under white flowering tree in the green grass under her grey castle grain elevator, in troll town. Her little paige boy Johnny,he wore a one piece silver suit.He gave them some drink and fed the giant green dog. Then together they went west of the forest and to a green mound called West mound,as there is a east mound too. A blond muscle man was up there ,living in a cave of rocks atop it. He gave them some blue juice to drink and he and jojo did a kendo stick battle for fun. Adam is his name,yet the strongest man in Zarka kingdom,yet he got tapped on the arm by the silver stick ,so felt weak and passed out. “:What is that?” he asked. “the fairies gave me the silver stick”said Lily the nymph”to await the chosen one who will help us.So I awaited and jojo came”she said. Suddenly,Jesse a blond laddie from the fief farm where jojo lives,came up to them. He was excited. My dad Jo O’shaggy gave me our family heirloom,a golden medallion. It has a riddle on it,says,: When the snow monster starts to blow,the land will be covered in snow. But to stop it,we must go to a kingdom of the Golden Apple tree,the music of its wood. And the Crystal place,the music of its leaves”. “Only Quendemar,land of the Elves has a golden apple tree”said Jojo. Later that day, ,the mayor of the nearby Zarka city of the white rock towers,paid them a visit riding up the hill in her sedan chair with lime people with blond hair. Some have baby blue hair. Mayor Flower blossom was dressed like a big orange blossom.she asked they help defend Zarka city. “yes we will have thirty days to get to Quendermar as the medallion’s prophecy says from this solstice today until then. A snow monster in the far north snow kingdom trapped the snow princess in his mountain and made him more powerful when he got her powers. Now he begins to blow strong winds and magic white powder into the sky to create more snow.Snowland is made up of this powder and sugar and snow,pure white! A Golden apple tree with its music,is riddle for a musical instrument must be made out of it” said Jesse. Suddenly ,big blimps were flying overhead and parachuted trolls out of them with nets to capture everyone below., they were mainly after the bank money in ZArka city and landed in a big room full of silver coins. Some trolls rode on big fuzzy musk ox and came with fuzzy blue and green monsters trying to blow from their underarms sweat out on everyone.and many passed out. Jojo’s lazer beam from his stick lazered out of the sky,a huge blimp and it came crashing towards them! Adam muscle man grabbed its tip with his strength and held it inches from his chest. Then he flung it into the river far over Troll town and with a big water splash! Jojo riding on his big green shaggy dog, galloped into Troll town and sword fought the troll knights in their purple armor on musk ox. He didn’t like using a sword,so he stunned them with the silver stick lazer beams. If they were bad,they would be stunned even more and have lazer sores, Brendan zoomed around in his hover car and jojo lazered its front hood,melting it like a cheeseburger. Jojo used his power thoughts and made the silver beams lift some of the trolls into a magic silver netting web. Adam muscle man flipped some over his shoulders, many of the giant ones! As the day ended, Zarka city and Avalon village was finally safe. Adam would soon get to work on building a stone castle because he been homeless living in a cave so long. Jojo and jesse got on a boat a little way sdown the east to west river,but going east,and then jumped on a round magic hover shield,big and round,to fly fastly with an arrow stone over the grasslands northwards. Jesse’s dad came to Jo oshaggy dressed in green armor and a helmet shaped like a wok bowl. By the time they reached the land of Wisco, they spent the night at Jo osghaggy’s friends hall house. They live like ancient Saxons there and dressed like Vikings. Column posts were twined with gold and the hall house was lovely by the fire place with dancing and music. Jo o’shaggy’s friend Ranger John Blond was there and told jokes and sang too. So as jojo and jesse enjoyed dancing to the celtic music ranger john asked jojo for helping one of their friends named Eliyahu ,a boy who was under a spell put on him a while back. It caused eli to wander about in the Rainbow coral caves up north in Toba land and he couldn’t get free from feeling attached to the place,so he grew long hair and felt confused and it was all a black dragon who had him there as a possession. It also had a spell on other people putting them in a sleep spell in the coral caves. Jojo went up there with ranger john that day and battle the dragon who used magic lazer beams of dark light,but it was that jojo’s silver beams bounced back at them and prevailed. The peoples had to be awakened and eliyahu from his spell by finding the seven magic music stones. Jojo looked high overe the caves after the dragon was shrunk and flew away. Jojo could see the valley of rainbow caves below him like a maze design, they showed what looked like giant notes and at each one was where the seven stones each were. Jojo did not have fairy dust to fly,so he made silver wings with his silver stick through mind power,prayer most of all. He flew like a silver bird with his silver sparkle cape to each of the cave rooms shaped like lupine flowers but made of jewel glass rooms as a hive shape. The stones were inside each room he flew to sitting on a table. Jojo would make them into a super instrument keyboard soon enough! The seven stones placed together,and soon made a music to awaken everyone into their right mind and what joy they felt, it was a cosmic keyboard synthopop music! Sound waves they hadn’t known existed,beauty to the ears! Jojo and eliyahu flew down and hopped on a white horse as they rode together down the misty white shores of the rainbow sea lake back to the hall house. What romantic day it was rising on the white sands and white foam and misty beaches. After they returned<jesse awaited them at the Hall house where they boarded a Viking boat with red white sails,and they left to sail out to the rainbow lake sea. A rival group of Vikings surrounded their boat and tried to keep them fromsailing further,they were possessed by the snow monster’s ice spirits. Jojo used his silver stick forming huge lazer balls to sink their boats and carry the vikings away in the big bubble of light back to the shores. A storm on the sea came,and so jojo sprinkled fairy glitter on the sails and the boat flew up in the cotton clouds! Oh how nice that was! An island floating up there and it had the greenest grass and leprechauns who were nice in crystal cottages. They also showed them a enormous floating stained glass in the sky with a bubble city built on top the flat shaped glass sky colony. The leprechauns guided Jojo and jesse down to to the beautiful shores of Quendemar Elf Land looking similar to Ireland. Ah,on the hill of purest green grass was a gorgeous blue turreted castle and pure white walls with bubble green trees. A emerald valley of lush grass before it with colorful pavilion tents with small elves popping out wearing stocking caps and long stockings. They invited them to the castle called”Fana Melda” and the city was Eldalonde, made up of a candy cane lighthouse and colorful Victorian mansions. Inside the castle was a like a huge shopping mall with skylights as it was decorated with colorful decorations like Christmas time all year long!There the elves with the tall Elves,did dancing incircles holding hands. Some fairies joined in. In the back yard was the huge gardens of white caulioflower trees and Broccoli trees. Huge Petunias,roses! And a field of more flowers than anywhere seen called Bouquet valley. There was the cotton candy pink and baby blue trees,and the cookie berry trees ,and ice cream fruit trees. At last,there was the Golden apple tree! So jesse the blond laddie cut a small branch off the tree and took it to the music instrument maker to fashion the wood into a guitar. Goahee the ranger kid,made the seven stones be placed onto it and made a rainbow colorful keyboard,so that the guitar made a electric sound! The king’s joker found out about jesse cutting a piece off the tree ansd so jesse had to go to trial for doing that since it was too precious. The golden apples give youth and singing voices,and the juice when sprinkled makes the soil transform into a clump of gold fairy dust. King quelon ,a magic elf,was greedy for gold dust,and had a lots stored in his glass towers. Jojo escaped with the help of Cinnamon berry the girl elf in green cape and brown haired braids. They ran through the candy factory and squirted whip cream and fudge and other candy stuff at the Elf guards after them. Goahee misplaced his golden bow and was searching in the garden for it. Jojo had a funny time swinging lemon cream pies at the guards. Their faces looked funny. Jojo and cinnamon took off through bouquet flower valley and into the enchanted “ Oromeh forest” in the east. They rested there and viewed magnificent green mountains in the distance as the forest was in a valley. Overhead a small storm of weird lights was brewing from the snow storm soon to come ,the magic spell made by the snow monster! There was now but seven days left before it would happen at the next solstice. “ I must go back and free jesse from the kings dungeon”said jojo. “you can,but we should go to find the queen and get a pardon,she is at the duchess’s cottage”said cinnamon. So they traveled all day and kissed in the emerald forest. They came through a area of it with giant hollies and huge ornament like Christmas tree rocks,and they had glitter on them! There were glow berries at night,like a Christmas tree. Then they nibbled a fairy berry that caused them to shrink and they were in a fairy realm,where a good boy fairy named Kendo brio invited them to his village. He was handsome with long honey blond hair in pink and lime green shorts. Many fairies had pink and lavender hair,some baby blue and they were nibbling on a watermelon and living in huts. Kendo took them through a lovely thicket of latticed ivy mixed with sunlight. Ah ,and lettuce plants around them like big trees! Finally,he with his plasticy wings,flew them to the mixed vegetable rocks valley.they looked like carrots,peas,corn,and potato whites,but were all big rocks under a waterfall! Atop the waterfall in some more big pine trees and dark green woods,was a lovely snow white like cottage,half timbered. Inside,two ladies were talking and cooking and sewing The lady that was cooking donuts and rolls,her name was queen Kate in lovely dress and bunned hair. The other lady sewing was beautiful duchess JoBerry Louisa in her reddish purple velvet dress. “welcome to the duchy,their forest of Fernberry”she said,”I have a school here where I raise human and elf children.most of them live in tree houses”. Then the duchess and queen invited jojo and cinnamon the elf girl to spend the night up in the room with a cute quilted blanket and bed time stories. Next day,queen Kate and duchess jo took them for a walk under giant lattice ivy and in the flower gardens lovely by the lake. Scottish like mountains seen in the east and a grass savannah farther off beyond them. A handsome man,her gardener, rode on a horse in the blond grass prairie savannahs with her boys,many orphans she raised as her little men,and her little cavalry of the duchy. He led them on horses with joy and excitement. Duchess jo and queen kate stood on the ridge with jojo in the gardens to see a majestic hidden valley and pure green emerald hills,they are actually all made of pure emerald! And atop them is a candy swirly lolly pop trees and also broccoli trees! Then they went out on the lake in her swan shaped boat and had a picnic. Duchess Jo turned on a magic music ring cylinder in her hand as she spoke to it to play lovely strauss waltzes. She danced with jojo and was nice. “queen kate fanariel aldalomeh,you must come back with me to recue my friend jesse the minstrel from your husband king Quelon. He cut a piece of the tree for a good reason! To save the lands from a snow storm that’s about to happen!”. Some of queen Kate's funny leprechauns and wild haired brownies jumped out from under her dress. “What if the quest is not won?” asked Duchess jo. “then all the land will be covered in tons of snow and white powder for a long time. The snow monster is beginning to blow and we have six days left”said Jojo. The duchess had them join in for a game of renaissance baseball out in the valley,and big bears came wearing white tight pants and joined into play. They were talking bears and they live up in those big brown caves with tiki torches at night near her cottage under the forest trees. Dwarves and elves live up there too with them. So queen kate jumped in her special round glass innertube boat with jojo and kendo the fairy on his shoulder. They went down the Quendo river through the dark green mountains gorges with lots of big rocks. Lovely waterfalls,and mists,and it like new Zealand! Mountains with pinnacle formations at the tops. Jojo sat with queen kate under the red umbrella,”so howd you first become queen of this huge land?”. ”well actually im only one of many queens,im just queen of Fana Melda castle and the Eldalonde county. The elves and fairies have autonomous regions here. I started out as a boat captain and on a another river back like this,except it goes north to south. I had a showboat. King Quelon was a poor fisherman and he a vision given to him by fellow elves,though im not an elf, that if he beheld a lady standing on the deck of a boat eating an ice cream cone,he should marry her.And he had a time convincing me to marry him,but I did and he noticed that he had a fleur de lis tattoo birthmark on his chest ,and a half shaped flower ornament he wore as a necklace. I had one too coincidentally,half shaped,a family heirloom,so when we placed them together,was one flower necklace. It fulfilled a prophecy we as the chosen ones to be king and queen of Eldalonde county. Elves dressed in white welcomed us in a boat across the lake Rainbow you came across to here. We met the mysterious nature lady named Yava and she brought her sheep with her and we walked all through the flowers and that was the coronation day”said Kate. Suddenly a big water fall was ahead! And she and jojo held tight as they went overboard and the boat started to spin magically with its umbrella,and in a magic flash they sped in the air over the green mountains in a sort of tunnel of white haze. It was lovely,because it would taken 500 miles if they didn’t go through this magic portal. Suddenly at the river shores of the castle they appeared with its green pastures. Everyone in the Victorian like town of Eldalonde welcomed them,excited to see queen Kate. The fairies picked her up with levitation power and gently flew her to and Jojo over the grass to the castle. All the sudden, a cold blast of wind rushed over them from the north. On it came Frost Monsters flying down on hover surfboards with the cold wind! The flowers in Bouquet pass,they tried to blow with their maguic breath on them and turn everything to ice. Jojo and the lef guards foiught them and also at the blue faced ice nomes. Jojo ‘s silver stick lazer beamed them and melted them. With the stick,he created a bubble forcefield around bouquet valley and it was like a huge soap bubble! Leprechauns got on flying surf boards and used their chewing gum to pop and goo the ice Nomes., they chewed real fast and blew big pink bubbles! A boy in gold armor on a horse with wings flew over the castle with a sword that had gold beams of light. The Nomes and ice creatures fleed away back to Snowland. Yava the lady of the flowers,came to help use her power to uphold the force field bubble around the flowers in the valley. As jojo was feeling he didn’t have as much powers to uphold the field. Gallagher the golden boy suddenly transformed back to a regular farm boy. Yava comforted everyone. She told jojo “you must go the snow land and find the magic willow tree and get seven strings of leaves from it to place on the guitar as strings.It defeats the winter’s coldness”. Jojo climbed the castle and he swung down in on a rope through the skylights of the throne room. It is very big like a shopping mall food court. Queen kate blasted in the door as they both wanted to have a talk with king quelon. About freeing jesse. Goahee the ranger boy found his golden bow in the gardens. Jojo freed Jesse from the bird cage. King quelon ws possessed by a spirit from the snow monster. So he began to work out red lazer beams from his fingers and so Jojo fought back the energy with his silver lazer beams from the stick! Yava came to help with her green beams of lazer light. Goahee jumped real high across the room as she gave him the power,and he and elf friends leaped like grasshoppers to use their golden bows to battle his possessed elf guards. A ball of huge pink glitter avalanched into the room and and rolled towards funny king Quelon and he looked funny as he got caught into it and rolled out the window. Wew! All was calm,and then Queen kate got her best elf guards and army of knights together in marching rows. “ My knights,save our land!” They brought their boots filled with orange jelly Geltonium because it has a heating effect power and and they had their helmets and stocking caps. All was ready and they all flew away with their hover surfboards into the north! Jojo and jesse flew on a large hawk and it flew so fast in streams of rainbow light warping through the clouds. At last they came to Snowland and to the giant Snow mountain. Yes the winds were strong and sky was about to cloud up ,but still a bright ethereal baby blue! Lightning was at the top of the mountain! The hawk disappeared and jojo and jesse and goahee came gently down in white balls of light and stars. The ice trolls and nomes were marching towards them lazering with their wands,ice beams! Some of queen kate’s elf guards arrived to confront the army there and got turned into ice around them. The snow monster lived in a cavern room on top of mountain, He stomped and made a earth quake and the big crack in the earth made the elves fall down into it and snow poured over them,burying them. Thanks to jojo,he melted the snow with the silver stick lazer beams,and the melted the ice around the others. Jesse got zapped by lightning from the snow monster. The golden guitar did not crack apart by the lightning,. Jojo and goahee held jesse on their shoulders and brought him to safety in a side of the mountain. Jojo gave jesse a bottle of apple juice to drink from the pastor’s super wife had give to him back in Avalon. Jesse began to awaken. With that he got back much strength and he went out to confront the snow monster and had super strength an wrestled the big furry white snow monster. Jesse fell almost off the cliffs holding on for dear life,as far below him was a vast land of white snow as far as you could see. Jojo pulled him up to safety. The golden guitar fell far below into the snows. Suddenly after praying about it, the snow princess appeared behind a glass wall in the mountain. Jojo melted the glass wall and and she flew out in a lot of baby blue light and disappeared in a flash. Minutes later,she reappeared in a flying sleigh with her polar bear named Minty riding on board with her, with a team of deer. It looked funny. Wearing baby blue robes with white faux fur trim,and holding a snowflake shaped crystal staff,she gave them the golden guitar. It created blue lazer beams to fight off the lightning strikes from the snow monster. Her polar bear Minty was wearing a red scarf. He talked a lot and said funny jokes,and he and the Dwarves liked to go snowboarding a lot. Today,he was here to help be a hero. He rescued Dwarves trapped behind a glass wall,and he had a boxing and wrestling match with the snow monster. The snow princess led them to the glass castle that suddenly appeared on the side of the mountain. It was huge towers and beamed bright in the sun. jesse placed his golden medallion onto the side of a circle on the wall,it fitted perfectly. Oh it was amazing crystal heavenly room inside,all was white and crystal! The sky could be seen overhead in skylights and there in the middle of the room was a lovely willow tree and fountain. They took seven strings from it and placed them on the guitar and jesse began to sing and play music. Jojo also placed the seven magic rocks as a keyboard on the side and it began to make synthpop and rock music sounds. The music was so amazing and they sang a lovely melody that grew into a rock song and green swirls of light formed with actual music notes you could see surrounding the mountain. The monster was encircled by the eternal spring music. He suddenly turned to stone! Jojo placed healing water from the willow tree on jesse and goahee to make them feel better. “we know who created this healing water,glory to Him: said jojo. The snow storm ended and the dark clouds and lightning vanished replaced by by the skies becoming the most lovely baby blue! A blast of rainbow light broke out of the middle of the snow plain,beams of lazer lights! And they formed into kaleidoscope patterns of geometric huge crystals and gems clustering like big jewels in the sky forever hovering with the clouds in their translucent beauty. What a fine day it was,the spell had been broken,and the golden guitar sparkled in the snow. More magic music rocks would be later discovered,and more electric keyboard synth music and electric guitar music would soon be heard more often. Princess snow brought them on her flying chariot to the city shaped like clouds,a city of white rocks round and shaped just like clouds of cotton! Yet it was on the ground,and had all the chieftains there of the North lands celebrating there with Ranger John,their friend from Wisco. Here he was today dressed in a Scottish plaids tartan and smiled at them”welcome to North star city, the chiefs and all the realms have been united by this heroic event. The wars are over,you jojo and jesse are our heroes”said John. The chieftains celebrated that the snow storm was over,and lots of dripping was heard as snow melted in the towns that had been covered in tons of snow. Now spring was becoming longer through the year. Some trees stayed pink and yellow blossoms for all summer! The chieftains asked jojo and Goahee and jesse what rewards they would like to have. Jojo then replied”just a nice place to live happiness and these good friends with lots of love”.

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