Zachary and The Sand Horse

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“Good afternoon, young sir,” a voice from the sand calls back. Startled, Zachary steps backwards and stumbles a bit. “Do not fear, I don’t eat humans...” the voice says, trying to soothe Zachary. Zachary has always wanted a horse. However, the circumstances by which he obtains one aren't quite as he would have liked. Join Zachary and The Sand Horse as they journey to save the kingdom and the precious Princess Miranda.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Origins

A boy around 13 years of age is trudging exhaustedly through the dense desert sand with a white pail. The vast desert has been all he has known as his mother and father left him here with his grandma and grandpa when he was little. There is a refreshing oasis not far from the home and everyone in that part of the desert kingdom (which is known as Dayzerk) goes there for water. The goal, of course, is to make it home with at least half a pail of water. The hot sun tends to evaporate most of the water before you get back to the shelter of your home.

This young boy, named Zachary, has just been sent out to get water. His grandma went off to play games not long ago and he still misses her. In Dayzerk kingdom, it is common practice to put dead relatives in a tomb with games to play. Whenever someone dies, it is considered going to play games.

“I wish I had a horse. I never got to have one, though...” Zachary mumbles to himself, “I see some people sometimes. They ride their horses through the sand like camels. They always come home with more water than I could carry alone.”

Zachary reaches the oasis and dips his pail into the pool of water. While there, he washes his hot, sand scarred face and takes some water for himself to drink. A few palm trees grow around the oasis as that’s where their roots can obtain water, and their leaves provide shelter for the boy.

“I must hurry back... Grandpa will be worried, and thirsty,” Zachary says, this time talking directly to his reflection.

He stands and grabs his pail of water, hoping to not lose too much of it. A lone vulture circles in the sky, hoping Zachary will die so that it can have a much needed meal. Not much can live in such a desert, and the humans tend to pick up after themselves, leaving nothing for the bald-headed vultures. However, Zachary is alone, making it less likely anyone will take his body away before the vulture gets a nice big bite or two.

Well, too bad for that large dark bird, because Zachary isn’t going to die. He keeps on trudging through the sand, his feet becoming sore.

“Yes, if only I had a horse... At least then I could have company. Someone to talk to other than myself. Horses cannot talk back, but it still would be nice. I want a horse...” Zachary says.

Zachary makes it home safely and with half a pail of water as planned. However, once he reaches home, a horrible sight awaits him!

“Grandfather! Grandfather, no!” Zachary cries out.

He runs to his grandpa and rips a snake off of his arm. He had been bitten by one of the deadly snakes who roam the desert...

“Grandfather... Please... Don’t go to play games...” Zachary cries, hugging his grandpa.

“Ugh... Zack... Power... Inside you... Use it... I... I believe in you...” Zachary’s grandpa moans.

“Grandpa... What power...?” Zachary asks.

His grandpa says no more as the toxins destroy his heart and brain.

“GRANDFATHER!” Zachary wails.

His tears evaporate instantly in the hot desert. He’s all alone now, nobody is left to look after him.

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