Death's Record - The Beginning

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Chapter I

10 Years Later

"Are all of you alright?" asked me. "Yes, we're fine," answered Frost. "Okay then, let's continue." We continue to walking silently. "Where is that safe?" asked Ember. "Be patient, you don't want other guards to attack us, right?" said Frost. "Look, I found it," said Ventus. "Good," said me. I step closer to the safe and put my hand on top of it. The safe's door then opened. I reach inside and search through the paper and other valuable things inside it until I pull a paper that has the content that we're looking for. "I found it. Now, let's go," said me.

After we got outside, I say, "Now, let's go to the promised place." Then all of us jump to the roof. "Where is the place?" asked Light. "It's supposed to be around here. There," pointed me to an old wooden pole. "We should put it here. They will come at midnight to take it," said me. "Because the job is done, let's go back," said me. "Eh, brother. Do you mind if we go around the town? After all, the job is done and we still have some spare time," said Light. "Hah, alright. You can go but don't let anyone see your face and be sure to return at midnight or you won't get any dinner," said me. "Okay, brother. C'mon guys, let's go!" said Light. "We excuse ourselves, Death," said Frost. "It's alright. Go have some fun, but remember what I said. Don't let anyone see you," said me. "Okay, Death," said Frost. And then, I watch from afar as they go to the town's crowds until I can't see them. 'Now, I must go myself,' thought me.

As I walk my way into our home in the forest. I repeat what I've experienced so far. It's been 10 years since that incident. Now, I'm 17 years old and become the leader of the mercenary group that I and my friend created. This is actually Terra's idea. We met again with each other in the middle of the forest after that incident. While the others were grieving by what has happened, he proposed that we should live there to prevent anyone who was chasing us and we should create a mercenary group so that we could fulfill our needs and plan for whatever we want to do on the future. But because all of them were still inexperienced, for a while I was the one who gathered food while they trained, because for a reason that they don't know but I know, I have surpassed them in terms of power and control. Because of that too they chose me as their leader.

Our mercenary group's name is Unexist. It's because of our states that should have been dead and therefore we're dead people or ghosts or like what Frost said "people who shouldn't have lived now". Our group started with helping small problems like helping the peasants recovering their lost things or helping the local rulers to drive away bandits that have attacked their towns or something like that. Over time, we got our own fame and reputation and started to be given big problems like driving away monsters that attacked towns like dragons or chimaeras or something like that. We sometimes also tasked by the royal council themselves. Usually killing monsters or delivering something that was important but sometimes we also tasked to help escorting one of the royal families from behind the shadow or stealing information for them just like what we did. Our motto, or to be exact my motto, is we don't accept assassination mission because I don't know why, even though I no longer have feelings, I just feel that killing people for money or payment is something wrong. So every time I face an enemy I always make him unconscious but not killing him. About payment, we sometimes asked for payment and sometimes not because like the reason before, I feel that taking or asking payment from people that actually don't have anything left is wrong.

About my purpose in life, of course it is to have revenge on Cadmus. After that incident, even though I wasn't grieving or dreaming about it, I always heard my brother and friends talk in their sleep about father and their family and even though I don't feel pity towards them or hatred to Cadmus, I just know that they have to be eliminated. For these past 10 years, I've seen what they'd done to their enemies or people that have become victims. In my opinion if we let them seize control of the world they will only bring pain and sorrow to the world and I can't let them do that. That's why I help Keimashin in fighting Cadmus and when I already have enough power I will eliminate them myself. I don't know about the others' purposes, but I won't tell them about this as they have their own life and I can't let them waste their lives with helping me, because rather than helping me they should enjoy their lives after we've had enough money to go our separate ways including my brother, because they only follow my instructions until now because what we need is money to pay for our needs and future plans. Even though I don't feel anything, I can't bear the burden if he is getting killed because of me, after all, after father died I'm his only family and I've sworn on my father's tomb that I will protect and help him whatever happens. I know that if I get killed on my revenge, he will be sad, but all of this is for the greater good.

While thinking about it, suddenly I hear a girl's scream in the middle of the forest. 'What is a girl doing in the middle of the forest?' "Help!" There is a scream again. 'Ugh, calm yourselves there must be someone who hears her scream and will help her.' "Help! Please, someone. Help!" But, then I remember that there is no one who dare to enter the forest because of the wolves, except me and my friends, because, for a reason I don't know, they never dare to attack us, even though I think it is connected with my power or Light's habit imitating wolf's sound. "Help!" It's getting louder and more panic than before. 'Hah, looks like I'm the only one who can help her.' With that in mind I'm starting to run to help her.

It doesn't take long enough to find her. I find her cornered to a tree by what that looks like a pack of wolves. 'Looks like I really have to help her.' After that I jump and position myself between the wolves and the girl. The wolf in the front that looks like the leader growls to me but I just focusing a portion of my power in my eyes and stare to them. 'Go. Leave her alone,' said me in my heart. And after it they just run away to the depths of the forest.

"Hah, looks like that's it. Now I have to go," said me without turning my head. "Wait a minute, I haven't said thank you yet," said the girl. But when she takes a step forward her leg is accidentally stumbled and she starts to fall. Luckily, I fast enough to catch her. "Oof, looks like I owe you twice now," said her. Under the moonlight that now appears, I can see her more clearly now.

She is white-skinned, no, that's wrong, she is more white than me, my brother and Frost even though we're the whitest in our group, so I think she is what my father used to say about the girl who live in the main kingdom of Keimashin, "they are yellow-skinned", even though now I don't understand why they're called like that. Her hair is long and its color is brown while her eyes’ color is black. Her body is thin and tall for a girl even though she is still shorter than me, but I think she is taller than Ventus. She is wearing common clothes even though by skin that is so clean and smooth like this I know she must belong to a royal family or at least a noble family. Luckily, I wear my hood so she can't see my face.

She starts to balance herself on her feet. "Um, my name is Ayano. Thanks for helping me. I came here while looking for firewood and then-." "Cut it off. I know who you are. You must be come from a noble family. You run away from your home because of family problems. Looking at your age, you must be around 16 to 17, so I guess the problem is arranged marriage and you either don't like the man or the man is really bad. And then, while you're running away you accidentally enter this forest and then lost. And while you're searching for a way out, those wolves attacked you. Am I right?" asked me.

Surprised by my words, she says, "H-h-how do you know all about it?" "Figures, I sometimes see girl like you trying to run away for only to get caught by their fathers." "No, you must be the man my father and fiancé sent to catch me." "Are you stupid or what? If I'm the one who is sent to catch you, I will have make you unconscious since I saw your face, otherwise it's more largely possible that your fiancé is the one who is searching for you, because after all you escaped right from under his nose. So I think he must be really determined to get you back so he can save his honor because I think he and your family haven't publicly told this." "How do you know about that?" "If they have already told this publicly the news should have spread through the region but there is nothing about this which meant they haven't made it public, not yet."

"Well, I have my own reason. You haven't met my fiancé. You wouldn't know how bad he is." "Let me guess, he is far older than you, I think around 30, has beard and moustache, very hairy, likes to drink beer and alcohol, the type who want get everything he wants including women which means he isn't loyal, maybe a little fat because he rarely moves, and what else, oh yeah, he is smelly because he rarely takes bath and maybe he is a little cruel. Am I right again?"

Surprised again, she says, "H-h-h-h-how did you know about that? It's all true except that he is actually muscular because he is a general. Have you met him?" "Nope. I can read it from your face." "Please don't take me back. I really don't want to return to him." "No. I will take you." "Please, I beg you." "The answer is still no. I don't care about your personal problems. Why should I care about your problems? It is yours, not mine," said me. I think I've been too much because I start to see tears gather at the corners of her eyes. "Please, I beg you. A-a-and otherwise, it will be midnight soon," begged her.

Awaken by her words, I realized that she is right and it's already very dark. Light and the others may have returned by now and they maybe are starving. And one thing of many that I don't like is shirking your responsibility, in my case, making dinners. "Okay, I won't return you to your fiancé. But don't let me see you again or I will return you," said me. "Thanks, but, it's already very dark. I don't have any money left and there will be no people that want to shelter me," said her. "What is your point?" asked me. "So, can I sleep at your home?" asked her. "No." "Please, I don't have any place to go to and I don't know how to get out from this forest," begged her. Tears are starting to gather at her eyes again and I remembered my father words that make a girl cries is the worst sin a man can commit. Don't want to make my father become restless in the Underworld, I finally relent. "Hah, alright, you can sleep at my home," said me. "Thank you, thank you very much. Oh, and by the way I never know your name. What is it?" asked her. I am hesitating whether I tell her or not but finally I decided to tell her my name because I think it is safe enough, my alias of course. "Svart. My name is Svart," said me. "Svart, huh. Thank you for your helps, Svart," said her. With that, we're starting to walk to my home in the middle of the forest. At that time, I haven't realized yet that my time that had stopped has moved again and that I have made a decision that will change my destiny forever.

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