Death's Record - The Beginning

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Chapter II

"There it is. That is my home," pointed me to the cabin in the middle of the forest's clearing. "So that is your home. Why are the lights on?" asked Ayano. "I guess that my brother and friends have already been home. I haven't even made the dinners," said me. "You're the one who is cooking?" asked her. "You will see," said me with a grin.

I open the door and find my brother and friends are already waiting at the table. When seeing me, Light automatically cry, "Brother! Where is the dinner?" asked him. "Wait a minute. I met a guess while I was walking here," said me. With that, I just go to the kitchen ignoring his question. "Guest? What guest?" asked him. "I think he means me," said Ayano. And when my brother and friends sees her, their jaw literally fall. "B-b-b-brother, what were you actually doing on the way here?" Not wanting to answer his question because I'm cooking, I ask, "Ayano, can you explain?" "So, your name is Ayano, right?" said Frost. "Yes," said her. After that she starts to tell her stories while I'm cooking dinner.

"So that's what happens, huh?" said Ember. "Y-y-yes, so, can I stay here tonight?" asked Ayano. "Sure, why not? We have spare bed, I think," said Ventus. "Thank you, thank you very much," thanked her. "Dinner is ready," said me as I put the plates on the table. "Finally, dinner time," said Light as he starts to eat. "And what if we don't have any spare beds, Ven?" asked me. "Uh, that is, I can sleep here," answered Ventus. "No, the last time we let you did that the food supplies are gone. If there're no spare beds, I'm the one who will sleep outside," said me. "Oh, okay, at least I get the bed," said Ventus. "Um, I still don't know about your name. Svart said that you can introduce yourselves," said her. They look at me and I just nod. Light is the first, "Uh, my name Hvit." "I am Red," said Ember. "I am Bla," said Frost. "I am Brun," said Terra. "I am Gronn," said Ventus. "Nice to meet you," said them. "Nice to meet you too," said her.

"Have you finished your dinner? Then go sleep" said me. "I didn't believe you when you said that you can cook, but it's true, your cooking is good," said Ayano. "Thank you," said me. "Can you cook, Ayano?" asked Frost. "Yes, I can, even though it's not as good as this," said her. "Heh, brother have cooked since we live here 10 years ago," said Light. At that time, I look to Light's eyes, 'Do not tell her.' "What's happened? Why do you live here?" asked here. "Uh, our parents died in an accident 10 years ago and since then we chose to live here," answered Light while I just nod. "Oh, I see, I'm sorry to hear that. Please, forgive me," said her. "No, no, no, no, you don't have to apologize for that. It happened a long time ago and we've already accustomed for that," said Light. "Now let's sleep, it's already too night for chatting," said me. "Okay, brother," said Light. "But before we go to bed let's take a bath first. I don't want any trace of dirt on the bed," said me. "Okay, brother." "Ayano first because she is our guest and then the normal sequence," said me.

"What are all of you doing here?" asked me while seeing my brother and friends stand in front of the bathroom's door. "Eh, brother," said Light. "Haven't I told you? Stay away from the bathroom," said me. "But brother," said Light. "Hvit, what do you think Dad will say if he finds you're peeping on a girl that is taking a bath, huh?" asked me. "Eeh." "Now, get away from here! All of you!" shouted me. "Okay, okay. Don't be angry, Svart," said them. After they left, I ask her while leaning on my back on the door, "Do you hear all of that, Ayano?" asked me. "Um, yes," said her. "Hah, I'm sorry for their behavior. It's because we've never received guest before, especially a girl. I thought they would behave better than this, especially Brun, as he is the oldest of us. But, I guess I'm wrong," said me. "No, it's alright. I'm the one who should apologize because I have troubled you," said her. "Is the water okay?" asked me. "Yes, it's okay. I don't know there are hot and cold water spring here," said her. "Heh, it is Bla’s idea. Because everyone likes different water, he makes two springs, one hot, one cold, for us." "Wow, such practical power. I don't know that all of you are Xixtears. Why don't you join the army?" "We're still too young. All of us still 17, except Brun, he is 18, and Gronn, he is 16. And the rule says that only 20 and older may enter the army" "I see. Well, I'm still 16 and I think around a month I will celebrate my 17th birthday." "Is that when that happens?" "Yes, my wedding day." "I see. Tomorrow, after have a bath we will return you." "I, I see. Thank you." "It's alright, now if you don't mind I will leave you."

"Hah, such a good bath. Death, what are you going to do with her?" asked Frost. "I'm going to return her to her family tomorrow morning," said me. "Can't we let her stay with us?" asked Ventus. "No, we can't let her know our secrets. This is the only choice we have," said me. "By the way, I haven't seen her anywhere. Where is she?" asked Light. "She said that she wanted to go outside for a moment," said me. Suddenly the bedroom door is opened, and Ayano comes in. "Ah, sorry. I forget to knock. I don't know that this is the bedroom," said Ayano. "No, it's okay, we should have escorted you around our home so you won't get lost. Oh yeah, we found a spare bed so Svart doesn't have to sleep on the floor," said Ember. "Oh, thank you, and by the way, now I can see all of you without your hood," said her. Awakened by her words, I realize that we forgot to wear our hoods because of our habit. "Ugh, she saw us," said Light. "It's okay. There're nothing wrong with our face. Except Light," said Ventus. "Oh yeah, what is wrong with your left cheek? There is something that looks like a cross-shaped scar," said her. "Ah, it is a scar that I received at the accident 10 years ago," said Light. "Oh, I see," said her. After that, she starts to look at us one by one and when she looks at me she becomes surprised by what she sees. I then realize that she is surprised by my cross-shaped scar on my face. "Ah, you see it, huh. I also received it at the accident 10 years ago. It must be pretty disgusting, huh," said me while touching the scar. "Brother received it when he saved me from rubbles that fell to me," said Light. "You don't have to look at me if you don't want to," said me. "No, it's just I'm surprised that you have a scar that big on your face. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings," said her. "No, it's alright. I'm accustomed to it," said me. "Okay then, now everyone goes to sleep. This is already too late," said me as I turn down the lights.

As we lie down on the bed, Ayano turns to me as she is on the right side of my bed on the corner of the room. "Thank you for your helps, Svart," thanked her. "It's alright. You don't need to thank me, after all tomorrow I will return you to your family," said me. "But I still have to thank you. After all, you've already troubled yourselves to help me," said her. "I see. Good night, then, Ayano," said me. "Good night. See you in the morning, Svart," said her.

The next morning, I wake up and take a bath first to ensure that she won't run away. While taking a bath, I think, 'Is it the right choice to return her?' When I get out from the bathroom I bump to her. "Oof, sorry Svart. I don't think that there is someone in the bathroom," said Ayano. "What are you doing this early? Do you intend to run away?" said me. "No, I don't have any intention to run away, it's just a habit that I have. As you already know, I come from a noble family so waking up early in the morning already becomes a habit for me," said her. "I see. Then I will stay outside just to ensure it," said me.

After all of us has taken a bath we gather at the front room to have breakfast. "So you will return to your family today, huh," said Terra. Surprised because Terra doesn't talk often, Ayano says "Oh, yes, today I will return to my family." "Oh, and by the way, where do you come from?" asked Ventus. "I come from the main kingdom," answered her. "The main land, huh. We will miss you so much," said Frost. "Save the farewells for later. After all, we will be the one who escorts her to the town. For now, let's have breakfast first," said me.

At the forest, she starts to talk again to me breaking the silence. "Hey, why do all of you always wear hoods when you're going outside?" asked her. "It's work's necessity," said me. "Work? What is you work?" asked her. "You don't have to care about that, what you should care about is what your family reaction when they see you," said me. "O-okay," said her. After that, the silence starts to come again.

After we arrive at the town, Light asks me, "What are we going to do now, brother?" said Light. "For now, we should search an imperial soldier so he can return her to her family," said me. "Will it be alright?" asked Light. "Don't worry. She comes from a noble family, if we tell the soldier about the circumstances he will be happy to return her to her family," said me. "Why?" asked Light again. "Simple reason, prize money," said me. "Oh," said Light. While we're walking around the town I see the people're whispering to each other and sometimes take a glance of us. "Hey, leader, do you realize the condition of the surrounding?" asked Frost. "Yes, there seems to be restlessness in the air," said me.

Suddenly, a group of soldiers appear in front of us. "Stop right there, criminals. We have received information that you're the one who responsible for the kidnapping of the princess," said one of them. "Looks like your parents and fiancé have publicly said that you're kidnapped to save their honor, huh, Ayano," said me. "How dare you talk like that to the princess, you criminal! You will pay for that! Charge!" said him. "Brother?" asked Light. "Yes, looks like we have to fight them to prove that we aren't guilty," said me. "Sometimes, your logic disturbs me, leader. But, I can't agree more than you, right now," said Frost. "So, what're we waiting for? Let's go get them!" said Ember. And with that in mind we start to run towards the soldiers.

"Hey, stop that! You don't have any weapon, you will get yourselves killed!" cried her. "Hm, watch and learn, princess," said Frost. "Einherjar!" shouted him and then a battle axe appears on his hands. "So, Frost is serious, huh. Then looks like I have to be serious too," said Ember. "Siegfried!" shouted Ember and then a great sword appears on his hand. "Looks like we have to join the action too, huh, Brun," said Ventus. "Alright, Gronn," said Terra. "Tyr!" shouted Ventus. "Hercules!" shouted Terra. After they shout, a spear appears on Ventus's hand and a hammer appears on Terra's hands. As they charge the soldiers, I maintain my power so they won't die, just unconscious. "Looks like now is our time, brother," said Light. "Okay, then, let's start," said me. Both of us stretch our arm to right and left and then shout. "Samael! Thanatos!" shouted me. "Kirin! Fenrir!" said Light. And then a scythe and a blade that are so familiar appear on my hands while two swords appear on Light's hands. Different than Light who wields his swords separately I fuse their hilt and wield them on my right hand. "Are you ready, brother? Let's go!" cried Light. "Hm, do as you please," said me. And then for a while we just hacking and slashing trough the enemy. Of course, no one is dead and injured. I use my power to make them only feel the pain but not the physical injury so they won't die.

After a while, their number starts to increase more than we beat. "Brother, do you have another plan?" asked Light. "Wait a minute, I will think about it," answered me. "So you actually don't have any back-up plan. Argh, we're doomed," said Light. "Don't be so frustrated. We will be fine," said me. "Sometimes, brother. I don't know if you're optimistic or just apathetic," said Light. 'Well, that maybe because I don't feel anything,' thought me in my heart. Suddenly there is someone who shouts an order, "Stop it at once!" And then the soldiers stop and open a way for the one who shouts that order. When he appears, I'm relieved that he's my old acquaintance, General Braddock.

"Ah, sorry for this commotion, my friend. It's just when they heard that there are people who bring along a girl who looks like the beautiful lost princess, they just couldn't hold themselves and started to run," said him. "It's okay, Braddock, we've been already accustomed to this thing," said me. "How dare you talk like that to the general!" said one of the soldiers. "It's okay, sergeant. He is my friend. What actually bring you here, Svart? And how can you be with the princess?" asked Braddock. "I found her yesterday, lost in the forest and get cornered by wolves while running away. Want or not I have to save her," answered me. "Oh, I see, the family said that she's been kidnapped but I think your reason is more logical with that whole arranged wedding rumor," said Braddock. "Heh, but I want to know. I know that she comes from a noble family, but with so many elite soldiers. Who is she actually?" asked me. "You don't know? You usually know many things. Well, the princess you save is none other than the royal princess herself, Princess Ayano Ashikaga," said Braddock. "What? So what we do is-," said Light. "I see. Well, Light and the others. For your information, the punishment for 'that' is eye-gouging, you know," said me. Judging from their expression, I'm sure they're thinking, 'We're doomed' right now. "Alright then. Braddock, can you take her from here?" asked me. "Sure, the king and queen must be overjoyed to hear about Her Majesty's return," said Braddock. "Wait a minute. Who are you actually, Svart? How can you know General Braddock?" asked Ayano, confused by our conversation. "Well, for your information, Her Majesty. The one who saved you here is none other than the renowned leader of the best mercenary group, Unexist, Svart himself," said Braddock proudly. "Don't exaggerating, Braddock," said me. "So, you're the Reaper, Svart himself. I always think of you as a cold-blooded killer or cruel man or something like that. I've never imagined that you're actually very nice and the same age as me," said Ayano. "Well, with that sorted out. Can you take her now, Braddock?" asked me. "Sure, my friend. Men, escort the princess to the chariot!" ordered the general. "Wait a minute, general. You said that they are the best mercenaries, right? Then, I have one requirement if you want to take me back to my parents. I want them, the Unexist, to guard me along the way to the castle. That is an order," said her while looking at me. "Uh, Svart," said the general nervously. "The answer is no, Braddock," said me straight away. "This is an order, Svart. You know what is the punishment for rebelling against an order," said Ayano while smiling. When I look at my friends, they just look at me with stares like saying, 'Please, Death. We don't want to die.' Sighing, I finally accept, "Okay. But until you reach the castle only, and we want payment for it. Deal?" asked me. "Deal," said her while smiling. I don't know that at that time, that I just sealed my fate.

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