Death's Record - The Beginning

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Chapter III

“Why must me the one who sit in the chariot to protect her? Can’t you order your men to do that, Braddock?” asked me. “Sorry, Svart, Her Majesty’s order,” said Braddock apologetically. “Hah, what did I do to receive something like this?” asked me. “Be grateful, Svart. We also want to have that privilege, but why you, the coldest of us, are the one to get that chance, even I wonder” said Frost jealously. “I don’t know. Maybe because brother is the leader,” said Light. “Only you the one who want something like that, Bla. And maybe Gronn, and Hvit. But surely not me,” said Ember. “Just make sure you don’t do something weird to her, alright Svart?” said Frost. “Yes, yes, I understand, Bla, I understand,” said me. “Okay then. My friends, let’s move,” said Braddock.

At the chariot, I look around at the chariot while Ayano sits opposite of me. The chariot is a bit big, made from sturdy wood and has some carvings on it. “Impressed?” said Ayano while smiling. “Nah, it’s normal. I’ve seen many chariots like this while on my missions. It’s just I’ve never been inside one before and I also just want to make sure that this is safe and strong enough,” said me. “Hmph,” she tried to hold her laugh but then she just laugh. “What is so funny?” asked me. “It’s nothing. It’s just seemed to me that you’re too serious at everything. You should be more relaxed,” said her. “You’re the one who should be serious. After we reach the castle, you should think how you will face your parents,” said me. After she heard my words, she just turns silent and face downward. ‘Hah, what did I do to receive something like this?’ asked me in my heart. After that, the chariot becomes silent along the journey.

After some days, I started to notice something weird so I ask Braddock while we’re stopping on a town. “Hey, Braddock, don’t you notice that something is weird?” asked me. “What is it?” asked Braddock. “It’s just, if the news that she has been kidnapped and now found and on the journey to the castle have spread, why are there no bandits that attacked us? With the news already spread out, I’m sure there must be some bandits that will try to attack us and kidnap her,” said me. “You’re right, Svart. I wonder about that too. I think the news have already spread too that the Imperial Army and the Unexist are the one that guard Her Majesty,” said Braddock. “It’s just I think that they’re gathering forces right now,” said me. “You worry too much, my friend. With both of us here, there will be no bandits that dare to attack us,” said Braddock. “Don’t forget, Braddock. I’m usually always right,” said me coldly. “Okay then. What is your idea then?” asked Braddock. “I think you should tell your men to be more careful from now on. I will tell my group about it too. That’s all we can do for now,” answered me. “Alright. I’ll do as you say,” said him. “Thank you, Braddock,” said me. “No, thank you. With your predicament I’m sure we’ll be ready when there’s an attack,” said Braddock. “Now, if you don’t mind I’ll return to my position. You should return too. I’m sure that Her Majesty has already waited for you,” said him with a smile on her bearded and mustached face. I just ignore him, but I have to admit that he’s right. Ayano has returned from walking a bit around the town and is waiting for me when I return.

Tomorrow morning, what I’ve predicted become true. While we’re moving around a cliff, a rumble sound suddenly comes from the place above. “You, stay here,” said me to Ayano. When I get my head out through the window I see what makes that sound. Bandits. “I always right,” said me to myself. “Get ready, men.” I can hear Braddock shouting order to his soldiers. “We have to take action too, brother!” said Light as he appears near me. “Alright then. Ayano, you stay here,” said me. After said that, I get outside from the chariot and shout, “Gather!” And then the rest of our group has gathered. “Are you ready guys?” said Light. “Yeah!” said the others. “Let’s get them!” cried Light. After that we summon our weapon and run ahead.

By my thinking, I assume that their numbers are quite many judging from the target and the scale of the attack, but their strength is still bad, if not worse. ‘This’ll be a long useless fight,’ I thought to myself. And once again, I’m true. Their numbers are many but all of them are weak. We defeat them very easily, well I think only me who think like that because I’m not even serious, while the others try to repel them with all of their might. “So stupid,” thought me. Because of my heartless state I always analyze things through logic and complete it using the effort that is needed, never more, never less. By later, their numbers have dwindling very fast to one or two dozen only. Of course, none of them are dead. I use my power to do the same like what I did at the town. And I think Braddock’s told his men about our fighting style because none of them confused with the unconscious body of the bandits that don’t have many injury on the ground. ‘A little more and this is over,’ thought me. But that is a wishful thinking, because as I think we’ve already won I hear a scream from the chariot.

“Kyaaa!” After hearing that scream, I stop first and thinking, ‘Hah, what again now?’ And after it I turn my head to the source of that scream. I see someone who looks like the bandit’s leader carries Ayano on his shoulder. ‘Hah, damn, she’s being kidnapped, for real this time. Now what will I do?’ asked me in my heart. ‘Seeing that none of the others notice the scream, I think it must be me again that save her. What a pain in the neck,’ thought me followed with a sigh. And after it, I run half-heartedly to chase that bandit’s leader. ‘This is why I don’t like immersing myself too much in battle. It makes you lose your attention on the other things,’ thought me. As I run after him I found myself in front of a cave. I see some shadows inside the cave, so I think this is the right place. ‘Hah, looks like I have to go in then,’ thought me. So, I go into the cave.

First thing I notice is there are so many bandits inside of it until it smells like pork’s barn. Second, I don’t know if they’re stupid or just not paying attention, but they just left Ayano boundless inside a cage, which is also not locked, it think both but at least I praise their effort to make her unconscious, which is a smart move to silent her so no one can hear her voice and know her whereabouts, but not me. I use my power so they can’t see me and only me. I sneak to the cage, knock out the guard and put the body behind a pillar. Silently I open the cage’s door and carry her on my back, because unlike the bandit’s leader, my father taught me how to carry a girl properly. But like what I said before, I can only move invisibly when I am alone and not carrying or with other people, so I have to walk silently towards the way out because I don’t want to fight another useless battle. But lucky me, because of her height she accidentally bumps her head on a stalactite that makes a sound. “Who is there?” asked one of the bandits. ‘Damn,’ thought me, now hiding behind the shadows. “Show yourself!” Now the other bandits are also searching for me, luckily they only heard the sound but not see me. So, I continue to walk silently again towards the exit and hope that they don’t see me, but once again I’m not lucky. “There! There is a boy who takes our hostage!” said the bandit who sees me. “Charge!” shouted one of the rests. ‘Hah, looks like I have to fight this useless battle,’ thought me, sighing. After summoned my weapons I go ahead to face them.

If you ask me, how it feels when you fight with a girl on your back, the answer is, it’s just feel normal, as normal as it can be. Even though I can’t move as freely and as fast as I when not carrying her, it’s quite worth it because they don’t want to hurt her which is an advantage for me because I don’t have to care about my back and I can also swing her legs to attack the bandits. In a short time, there are no more bandits left to fight me. “Well, looks like that’s it,” said me. “Ugh, where am I?” asked Ayano. “Oh, you’ve awaken. We’re in the bandit’s cave, they’ve kidnapped you,” said me. “W-what, ah, um, thanks, Svart, you save me again. Um, can you drop me now?” asked her. “Sure,” said me. And then, I just drop her. “Ugh,” said her when she falls to the ground. “Let’s go. The others must be waiting,” said me, walking to the exit. “Alright,” said her while still hold her hurt bottom.

As we get outside, I notice something strange. ‘Where is the leader? I thought he is in there with the other bandits,’ thought me. And as soon as I think about it, there is something that grabs Ayano. “Kyaa!” screamed her. When I turn around, I see she has been held as a hostage with a knife on her neck by the bandit’s leader. “I’m just out for a while and you’ve already taken my hostage and cleaned my cave. I find that offensive to me,” said the bandit’s leader. “Well, that’s your problem not mine. Now be a good lowlife you are and give her back,” said me. “What? Who do you call a lowlife?” shouted him. “Hm, I don’t know. Have you ever see yourself on the mirror, I guess not. Now return her at once,” said me while taking a step forward. “Ah, no, no, no, take a step forward and she will be dead,” said him. “Why do you want to kill her anyway? If you do that you won’t have any hostages left and I will be free to kill you,” threatened me. “Huh, I’m no fool. You need her alive and if I kill her, the king will be angry with you because you’re the one who are responsible for it,” said him. “Really? I wonder about that. Actually, I don’t even care about it. Even if the king searches me throughout the region he still won’t find me. But if you kill her, I’m sure he will search for you too, and when he finds you, I want to know what type of death punishment you will face. Guillotine, poison, tortures, burned, drown, hanged, or maybe fight to death with monsters, I don’t know. So, if you really want to, just kill her, I don’t mind,” said me with a flat voice and expressionless eyes while smiling. Hearing my answer and threat, his grip on the knife starts to loosen. ‘Hah, always work on weakling,’ thought me. ‘Alright then. Time to finish this.’ At that time, I use my power to move very fast to behind him and knock him out. “Hah, weakling. Always prone to mental torture,” said me. “Th-thank you,” thanked Ayano while rubbing her neck. “What will we do to him?” asked her. “Just leave him alone. He won’t dare to raid for a few weeks after this and I’m sure Braddock will mark this place at his map,” said me. “I see. I thought you intended to kill him. Do you really serious when you said that you are fine with he kills me?” asked Ayano. “Of course not. It’s just a bluff. I’m really good at doing that,” lied me. The truth is, that is true, I don’t care whether she’s killed or not, I will just do as I said. “Okay then. Let’s go back before they’re starting to panic,” said me. “Y-yes,” responded her.

At the chariot, I can see Braddock, my friends, and the others searching for us. “Well, looks like we’ve already been too late. They’ve panicked already,” said me while smiling. “Then, let’s go there,” said her. And with that, we go down to their place. “Hey, looks like you’re searching for something. What are you searching for?” asked me to Light. “Huh? We are searching for-. Brother!” said Light surprised. “Where have you been? We’ve searched you everywhere,” said Light. “Well, you’d have known where I’ve been if you just paid more attention to your surroundings, Hvit” said me. “Eh, what happened actually?’ asked Light. “Hah, well, while all of you were fighting like an idiot I was searching for her because she’s been kidnapped, and you don’t even realize that, great,” said me. With my words, all of them just put their head down. “Just like I thought. Now let’s just continue to the castle, I’m tired with this play” said me. “Y-yes. Men, prepare to go,” shouted Braddock.

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