Death's Record - The Beginning

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Chapter IV

“Why is it so noisy outside? It’s been so late, I’m trying to sleep here,” said me while waking up unwillingly. “Svart, wake up, we’ve arrived. Looks like the townspeople know that we’ve arrived,” said Ayano. “Oh, we’ve arrived at the castle, huh. Alright, after I receive my payment, I’ll return to my home,” said me. “A-are you sure about that?” asked her worriedly. “Yes, of course I’m sure about it, if not why should I bother to say it?” said me. “A-a-alright then, thank you for your helps,” thanked her. “Don’t thank me now. Thank me when we’ve met with your parents,” said me. “O-o-okay,” said her. After that, we continue in silence.

“So this is the imperial castle looks like,” said Light. “Don’t act like a fool, Hvit,” said me. “Alright, brother,” said Light. While we’re walking towards the throne room I take notice of the number of the soldiers and how long the hallway is in case I need to escape from here. Suddenly, as we walked, there is a shout from the hallway. “Sister!” shouted a girl in the hallway. “Hiyori?” asked Ayano. “Sister!” said the girl who called Hiyori. She run towards Ayano and hug her. “Sister! You’ve returned!” said Hiyori. When I see her, I notice that she is a bit different than Ayano. Even though her skin tone is the same as Ayano, her hair is black and little shorter than Ayano, that is only reaches a bit below her shoulders while Ayano’s reaches her back. She is also shorter than Ayano but as thin as her. And when I see her eyes, I notice that her eye color is black, the same as Ayano. From her face I can conclude that she and Ayano are twins, just like me and Light. “Sister, I miss you,” said Hiyori while hugging Ayano. When I see them hugging, I can see that Light is staring at Hiyori. ‘Poor boy, he never personally knew any girls in his life and now he’s already known 2 girls in a week,’ thought me. “I miss you too, Hiyori,” said Ayano. “Alright. Let’s save this for later. We have more urgent things to do,” said me. “Sister, who is this unpolite stranger?” asked Hiyori. “Oh, he is Svart. The one who white-haired is Hvit. The red one is Red. The blue one is Bla. Brown is Brun and green is Gronn. They the one who found and escorted me to here,” introduced Ayano while looking at us one by one.

Well, that’s true, with our clothings are basically just jacket and pants with different colors, and with me being added by scarf, that also covered by our plain cloak, it’s hard to differentiate us when we put our hood from height, so the only way to differentiate us is through our hair. My hair is black and quite long, reaching to below my neck while also covering my right eye and the scar below it. Light’s hair is white and a bit shorter than me, though it doesn’t cover his eyes. Ember’ hair is crimson and as long as Light but it’s really unruly and spiky unlike Light which is neat. Frost’s hair is deep blue colored with strands of icy blue here and there, and it’s as long as mine, even though it’s also a bit spiky, like Ember’s. Terra’s medium brown hair is also all spiky like Ember, but it’s neat and not as unruly as Ember. And lastly, Ventus, his hair in one word, is a disaster, his hair is like there is like a storm in there, with all of those curvy spike that is directed to the backside of his head, the only quite normal thing of his head is probably his front hair, that is just normal spiky.

“Oh, are they the Unexist?” asked Hiyori. “Yes, they are,” said Ayano while smiling. “Oh, I’ve heard about you. You’re the leader. They said that you’re so fast and silent that the enemies never know what has attacked them,” said Hiyori eagerly. “Yeah, yeah, I don’t care about that. What I care about is to get the job done. Let’s go, folks. We have to meet the king,” said me ignorantly. With that, I just leave them standing still in the hallway. ‘Tch, what a bunch of kids,’ thought me.

“Ah, you must be Svart and the Unexist. I’ve heard about you from Braddock. He said that you’re the one who found my daughter in Lupus Forest and have helped him escorting her here, for that I’m grateful,” thanked the king, Yoshitsune Ashikaga. Yoshitsune is a tall man, around 7 feet tall, one foot taller than me. He is also very muscular and charismatic, mirrored by his age and experience in handling the kingdom. His hair’s color is like Hiyori, deep black and also short. He wears a robe that I heard nobles from the main kingdom usually wear. “You’re welcome, Your Highness,” said me. “About the payment,” said me. “Oh, yes, Braddock has told me about that. About your payment, we have decided to give you 60,000 gold as a sign of thanks,” said the king while a servant handing me the gold. “Thank you, Your Highness,” said me. “But, I also want to request one more help from you,” said the king. “What do you request from me, Your Highness?” asked me. “As you know, there are some people who want to kidnap my daughter and use her as a hostage for money. Because of that, I request that you continue to protect Ayano until her wedding day. Of course, for this help of you, we will pay you,” said the king. “Of course, Your Highness. We will gladly help you,” said me while thinking, ‘Hah, looks like what I’ve predicted has just come true.’ “If I may ask, Your Highness, when is the wedding day?’ asked me. “About it, because of the “problem” my daughter has caused. We’ll have to reschedule the wedding to one week after her birthday, which is around one month from now,” said the king. “Thank you for the information, Your Highness. Then, we’ll proceed to prepare for the job. We ask ourselves, Your Highness,” said me. “Yes, you may go,” said the king. Then, all of us turn to go from the throne room when the king says once more, “And, Svart. I request for the best of you and your group,” said the king. “Of course, Your Highness. As you wish,” said me. After it, we leave the throne room.

“Brother, why did you accept his request?” asked Light after we got outside of the throne room. “Because, my sometimes stupid brother, we didn’t have any choices. If we refuse his request, he’ll punish us because of treason,” said me. “Will he really do that?” asked Ember. “Yes, I’m pretty sure about it. He finally has a chance to meet us, so, of course he will use this chance for his self-interest,” said me. “Anyway, he gave us quite a lot of money. If we finish this job, we’ll also receive quite a lot too, making us one step closer to our purpose. Which is why I accept this job,” said me. “Well, your reason is pretty logical. Then what we will do now?” asked Frost. Then I stare at him. “Are you drunk or what? Do you realize how late is this?” said me while releasing a yawn. “I only stay awake until now because we’re going to meet him. If we hadn’t, I’d have already fallen asleep by now,” said me. “Oh, I see,” said Frost. “Now, let’s sleep. We’ll have to wake up early next morning to protect Ayano,” said me. “I agree, brother. But, the question is, where are we sleeping?” asked Light. After he said that, suddenly an elderly servant comes to us. “Are you the Unexist? Your Highness has ordered me to show you the room where all of you will be staying for now,” said the servant. “Oh, I see. Lead the way,” said me. And then, we start to walk to the room.

“Can I know your name?” asked me. “Yes, of course, my lord. My name is Kinoshita Kenichiro. You can call me Kinoshita,” said the servant. “Alright Kinoshita, can you tell us about the man who will marry the princess?” asked me. “Of course, my lord. His name is Genjiro Inuyama or usually just called General Inuyama,” said Kinoshita. “How old is he?” asked Light. “He is a man in his 30,” said Kinoshita. “Is it true about all the bad things the princess said about him?” asked Frost. “About that, my lord. I’m afraid that I more than just agree with the princess. While it’s true that he is good at war, he is no good at all to be at Her Majesty’s side. He is cruel, a drunkard, smelly, and never bath! I don’t know why His Majesty insists so much that Her Majesty must marry him,” said Kinoshita angrily. “Looks like you know many things about him,” said Ventus. “Actually, I’ve known Her Majesty for a long time, since Her Majesty was born. So, when Her Majesty received the news that Her Majesty is going to marry, Her Majesty sent me to investigate her fiancé,” said Kinoshita. “Looks like the princess really trust you,” said me. “Yes, I’ve served His Majesty’s family for a long time. That’s why His Majesty gave this duty to take care of Her Majesty to me,” said me. “I see,” said Light. “Well, looks like we’ve already arrived, my lord. This is your room. I hope my lord will be comfortable in here,” said Kinoshita while opening the doors to the room. When I see the room, I can see six luxurious looking beds that seem comfortable and on the wall I can see some shelves filled with books. “What is this room actually, Kinoshita?” asked me. “Oh, this is actually the reading room, my lord. His Majesty ordered me and the other servants to renovate this room because there’re no bigger rooms left to hold all of you, my lord,” said Kinoshita. “I see, thank you for that, Kinoshita,” thanked me. “You’re welcome, my lord. Now, I will ask myself,” said Kinoshita. “Yes, you may go, Kinoshita,” said me. He then closes the doors. “Now, let’s sleep. We have many things to do at the morning,” said me. After that, I turn off the light.

I wake up early in the morning, when the sun is still far in the horizon. I decide to explore the castle first, it never hurts for you knowing your surroundings. I get out of the room and start walking to the right side of the corridor. In my exploring, I find the kitchen, courtyards, some guest rooms that I think occupied by Inuyama and his men, cellar, armory, barracks, training grounds and the towers on all the four direction of the wind.
When I return to the reading room I can hear sounds from the little part of the castle which I haven’t explored. “But, Mom, the wedding is still a month away. Why must I choose the dress and the other things now?” said a familiar sounding girl. “But, Ayano. We must make sure that anything is going as we’ve planned. We don’t want anything to be gone unexpectedly,” said another voice who sounded like an older woman which I’m sure is Ayano’s mother or in other means, the queen, Sayaka Hikari, or Sayaka Ashikaga now that she is queen. “Mom, can we just do this later? I’ve just returned last night, I’m still tired,” said Ayano. “Alright, Ayano, I’ll leave you to rest. Be sure to rest well, we don’t want you to get overtired,” said the queen. “Well then, I must go. I have other things to attend. See you later, dear,” said the queen. “See you later, Mom,” said Ayano. The queen then leave a room on my left side, I quickly hide myself behind a wall. I don’t want to be caught eavesdropping on the conversation. After I’m sure the queen’s already left I go out from my hiding spot. I see Ayano sneaking out of her room, luckily she doesn’t see me. I walk silently behind her and say, “Going somewhere?” “Kyaa!” said her surprised. She then turns towards me and when she realize that it’s me she says, “Svart, what are you doing here? I think you’re my mother.” “Well, I was walking around the castle when I saw you sneaking outside your room after your mother left. Do you intend to run away again?” asked me. “No, I’m not. I just want to get some fresh air. It’s been weeks since I ran away, so I just want to walk around a bit,” answered her innocently. I just stare at her, waiting for her next response. Seeing that I won’t accept her answer, she drops her head and finally relents. “Alright, I just want to escape my mother. I still don’t want to take part in this wedding things, I still want to live freely. And otherwise, I don’t like my fiancé,” said her. “But you still can’t just go outside like that,” said me. “Yes, it’s true, but,” said her. And I continue to stare at her. “Please, don’t tell my mother, please,” asked her. “I can’t do that. I’m asked to guard and watch over you, so I must tell your parents if you do something like this,” said me. ”Ah, then come with me. If you come with me, you won’t fail your duty and I’m not wrong doing this,” said her, now with a smile while trying to grab my hand. “No, I don’t have time for this,” said me coldly while pulling my hand. “Please, Svart, please,” begged her while finally succeed to grab my hand. At that time, I feel something strange in my hand.

For your information, my usual attire is a black hooded coat, a black shirt, a black scarf covering my lower face and black trousers as I’ve mentioned, with black bandages that I created with my power covering my arms. Beside all of it, I also have a “XIII” tattoo under the left eye under the scar. I receive this tattoo when I helped a tribe in the middle region. The locals on that tribe said that this tattoo is a mark and symbol for them who have been recognized that they have the same ability as the Reaper himself, making me better known as “The Black Reaper” because of my all-black attire and my speed and ability. About my all black attire, it’s because black is more appropriate while sneaking and blend into the shadow and night easily. The others’ attires are the same as me except they’re on different colors and without the scarf and bandages, as I’ve mentioned before. I use these bandages mainly to cover the marks from that contract I made. Since I made that contract, there is a tattoo that is shaped like a number 4 with some sort of weird tattoos like marks surrounding it on my chest, right above my heart, extending from that place to all over of my body. Why I must use these bandages? You might ask. Actually as I’m older, these marks start to extend from just surrounding the contract mark to all over my body except my face, and after it cover all of my body, it starts to emit some sort off miasma uncontrollably so I have to seal and cover it with these special black bandages I made. The other functions of this bandages is also to hide my arms’ skin because if anyone touch me directly, something bad will happen to them, I don’t want to tell the details.

When she touched me, I feel something I haven’t feel since a long time ago, warmth. The last time someone touch me and hold my hand is my dad at that incident 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve already forgotten what warmth feels like. Even though I now don’t have a heart, I can still the warmth from her hands that feels pretty same like my mother before she’s gone.

While I’m thinking about these things, she just drags me with her along the way. When I realize what is happening, we’ve already arrived at a courtyard that I remember located on the west side of the castle. The courtyard is filled with many plants, flowers and also some trees on the corner, and the ground is covered with grasses. “What are we doing here?” asked me while pulling my hands off from her grasp. “I always like being here. It always feels so relaxing when I sit here,” answered her with a smile while walking and then sit on a bench near the middle of the courtyard. Seeing her like that, I have no choice but to stand leaning on a pillar under its shadow. ‘Hmph, girls. They’re always acting like this, even Mom often used to do this when she’s alive,’ thought me. But then, I don’t know because of luck or not, come an old man with a beard and mustache.

“Ah, my lady, I know I’ll find you here on your favorite spot,” said the man with a smile not noticing me. “General Inuyama, it’s extraordinary that I find you here,” said Ayano with a forced smile. “Well, I was walking near here when I noticed that you’re sitting here, so I decided to meet you,” said Inuyama. “I see, then what business do you have here?” asked her still with a forced smile. “Well, seeing that you like to be here, I propose that we should use this place as the wedding’s location. How about it?” asked Inuyama. “No, General Inuyama, I still don’t want to start taking parts in the wedding preparations. I’ve just come back to the castle, so I think I still have time to rest first before I start to prepare the wedding and otherwise, it still one month from now, so I think we have enough time to talk about this later. Now, if you will excuse me, I still have to rest,” said her while starting to walk towards outside of the courtyard. When she walked past the general, the general suddenly grabs her right arm, not noticing that I observe them. “Well, if we can’t talk about the wedding, how about we talk about what will we do after the wedding, for example kids, hm?” said Inuyama. I notice that the friendly tone and eyes he showed before started to falter replaced by a more forceful tone and stare which I know the usual tone and voice he use to order his men. I also remember that touching or holding the royals’ hand without their permission is a crime. From these things I finally sure that he is like what Ayano and Kinoshita have said about him. “Please, General. I still don’t want to talk things like that. What if we talk about it after we’re married?” asked Ayano, only make Inuyama angrier. Want or not, I must commend her to keep maintaining her composure when she is facing with someone like him. “Well, I want to talk about it now, princess!” said him while pulling her arm, now without any traces of friendly behaviors he showed before. “I’ve already said, General. I don’t want to marry you,” said Ayano while trying to pull her arm, now starting to lose her composure too. “Well, princess, I’m afraid you’re still going to marry, after all your father, the king, has already ordered so,” said him with a grin while keeping her arm in his grasp. Sensing that I’ll be needed soon, I start to walk silently toward them. “But that’s my father’s want, General, not mine. I still don’t want to marry, particularly with an inappropriate man such as you,” said her, now with an angry tone. “Why you little!” said Inuyama while lifting his other hand preparing to strike her. Seeing that he is going to slap or punch her, I quickly positioned myself behind him and hold his hand.

“What the?” asked him surprised. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’ll receive many troubles if someone know about this, won’t you?” asked me. “Tch, who are you?” asked him while pulling his hands from my hold and releasing his grasp on Ayano. “I’m sure you’ve already heard about me. I’m the leader of the Unexist, the one who is going to guard her until her wedding. So I suggest you should go away if you don’t want to get hurt,” said me with a threatening look. Seeing that he’s taking a step backward, a sign of afraid, I’m sure that my threat to him succeeds. “So you’re the leader, huh. I don’t know how much the king pays you but I’ll pay you more, so please go away now. This is a private conversation,” ordered Inuyama. “Who talk about money? I just don’t want to be accused if she is hurt because of something because it’s our and my duty to guard her right now. So I afraid I have to ask that you are the one who should go away if you don’t want to get hurt,” said me with a more threatening eyes and look while taking a step forward toward him. “Do you threaten me, you brat?” said him, finally angry with me. He then pulls his sword from its sheath that is on his hip. “Let’s see who is the one who should leave now, shall we?” said him with an evil grin while moving to strike me.

“Ayano, I think you should get away from here,” asked me while moving to evade his attack. “O-okay,” said her while running to the distant. “C’mon, is that all you got, evade?” taunted him while keep striking me. ‘Tch, looks like I have to fight him to get out from here,’ thought me while evading his attacks. I then jump away from him. “What are you trying to do, brat? Running away? Because you don’t have any weapons you afraid you will lose? Do you think that with weapons you can beat me, the strongest in the imperial army?” taunted him. “Hmph, if you’re the strongest then I’m sure the men who told you that must be blind and deaf. And talking about weapons, I already have them,” said me with a cold smile. I stretch my hands and summon them, “Samael! Thanatos!” A scythe and a blade appear on my hands and I connect their hilts making them into one weapon on my right hand. “A Xixtear, huh. This will be fun. For your information, I’m also a Xixtear and no normal Xixtear, I’m the reincarnation of Minos, one of the kings of the First Civilization itself and so this sword, Oxbane, wielded by Minos himself. What chance you, a normal Xixtear have against me?” loathed him. “You talk too much,” said me while using my power to move very fast and graze his cheek with the tip of my blade. “Agh! My cheek! How dare you hurt me? You will pay for that, peasant!” said him angrily, now preparing to strike me again. But, while he is preparing suddenly a noise is heard outside the castle. “Graaaaaahhhh!” “Aargh! A dragon! Help!” shouted one of the guards. “Tch, looks like there is a problem. I will release you know, peasant. But remember, don’t let me see you again, you will be sorry,” said Inuyama. After it, he runs to the source of the noise, trying to look brave even though I know from his running style that he is afraid to fight me. “That is amazing! You can do something like that?” asked Ayano impressed, finally coming back. “Yes, I can,” answered me. “Wow, I guess that’s the advantages of being a Xixtear,” said her. “Graaaahh!” The noise appears again, startle her and make me remember that there is a dragon attacks. “Go back to the castle. I’ll take care of the dragon,” ordered me. “O-okay,” said Ayano. “And if my friends are still sleeping, wake them up and tell them to meet with me,” said me. “A-alright, then I’ll go. Take care of yourself and …,” said her. “And?” asked me, raising an eyebrow. “Thank you for saving me,” thanked her while blushing. “Just return to the castle already,” ordered me. “Y-yes,” said her. After it, she returns to the castle. Seeing that she’s gone, I start running to the source of the noise. ‘Hah, now I have a dragon to take care about. Such an infuriating day,’ thought me.

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