Death's Record - The Beginning

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Chapter V

I run along the castle wall toward where the noise comes from. ‘Where is that dragon?’ asked me. And then, I see it. A massive black serpent-like dragon is flying above the castle’s west tower. “What the, a dragon?” asked Light who now has get behind me. “So, all of you have arrived. What make you so long?” asked me. “Well, they were still sleeping when I found them. I don’t know why they can still sleeping after all of the noises, so I tried to call their names but they still wouldn’t wake up so I forced to scream in their ears to wake them up,” answered Ayano. “Why don’t you just shake our bodies if you want to wake me up? You don’t have to scream at our ears, it makes us surprised, you know,” said Ember while rubbing his ears just to clarify that she is really screaming at their ears. “What are you doing here? Didn’t I have told you to stay at the castle? And, if the reason of your lateness is because you’re exploring the castle I can accept that. But sleeping until now? That’s unacceptable,” said me coldly. “W-well, you said last night that we should take a rest, so that’s what we do, take a rest,” answered Light. “But, I also told you that we have to wake up in the morning to prepare to guard her, aren’t I?” asked me coldly. “Y-yes, s-sorry, brother,” said Light apologetically. “S-sorry, leader,” apologize all the others. “Hah, forget about it. We have more urgent matters to handle. Bla, do you know what type of dragon is it?” asked me. “N-no, I’ve never seen one like that,” answered Frost. “That’s the Taiga Dark Dragon, it usually roams in the Kuroda Plans west from here. It’s very rare that there is one from them to accidentally stumble here,” said Ayano. “I see. Do you know why it attacks?” asked me. “Is there is a chance that it is startled by its surrounding? So when he stumbled into this castle he thought that this castle is an enemy,” said Light. “No, they’re pretty smart for their kinds but the males are really wild, so they have tendency to attack anything on their sight as long as they see that it has potential to attack them and they also have tendency to fight to expand their fighting experience to increase their proficiency. So older they are, stronger they are and these tendencies keep going until they’re death,” answered her. “I see. Then, judging from his scars and size, the one that attacks us here is probably a mature dragon,” said me. “Well, does it has any weakness?” asked Light, a little afraid. “Actually, until this time, no weaknesses have been known,” said her apologetically. “Then, how we suppose to defeat it?” asked Ember frustrated. “Well, I don’t care with how to beat it. What I want to know is where you learned all of these things? A princess shouldn’t supposed to know all of these” asked me. “I-I-I read a lot during my spare time,” said her. “I see,” said me while thinking, ‘I’m sure that she just want to prove that she isn’t weak and that she can choose her own path.’ “Wait, leader, did you said that you’ve already find a way to defeat it?” asked Terra. “I haven’t still tested it yet, but I’m sure that it’ll work,” answered me. “H-how?” asked Ventus. “Just stand there, if you help me, you’ll probably just become a burden,” said me. “Wait, you intend to take it alone. Even the general can’t defeat it,” said Frost while Inuyama, Braddock and their men are fighting the dragon and seem to be on the losing side. “Just watch,” said me ignorantly. And then I start to walk toward the dragon.

I walk toward the dragon ignoring the shouts of the soldiers. “Hey, stop it! You’ll just die horribly!” “All hundreds of us even can’t defeat it, do you seriously think you can beat him?” “Just go away!” Ignoring those shouts, I step forward until I’m in front of the black dragon. The dragon just flying still, I’m sure measuring his opponent potential abilities. “Hmph, you’re pretty long for a dragon. Well, after all this is the east region, not the middle again. Well then, let’s begin, shall we?” said me. Stretching my arms, I shout “Samael! Thanatos!” With my weapon in my right hand, I’m now ready. “Prepare yourself. And, welcome to nightmare,” said me with a cold smile. With my power I move and jump quickly and slash him along his back, evading his movements that try to throw me away. Ending my first attack, I land and turn to the back to see the effects of my attack, just for seeing the wound’s already closed. “It’s useless, you’ve seen that we’ve already tried before, haven’t you? It’s useless, it either a devil itself or something the same dreadful as it,” said the soldiers. “No, that’s wrong! It’s just has a really strong healing power. You must either defeat it with one really strong attack, top its healing power or attack him continually until he can’t heal his wounds as fast as before,” shouted Ayano. “H-her Majesty? What is she doing here and how did Her Majesty know about the dragon?” asked the soldiers among them. “Hm, how about, all of them,” said me with a cold smile. Facing the dragon that now has measured my ability and preparing to attack, I focus my power in my weapon. “Pρώτος Pύλη, Cάρος,” said me. I jump to a height where I’m higher than it and slash it diagonally. Landing behind it, I turn to see the wound. The wound didn’t healed and still on the dragon’s body. “He-he did it. He is a Xixtear. He used his power to attack it and stop its healing power. He is going to win!” said the soldiers excitedly. But at that time, Ayano cries, “Watch out!” When I return to see the dragon, it’s already releasing a big black flame breath towards me. I then dodge to evade the attack, unfortunately, the attack still successfully hit my left hand. “Nooo!!” screamed Ayano. “Relax, just watch,” said Light to her. While I’m trying to stand, the burn wound on my left arm starts to disappear like it’s never existed like all of the wounds I receive after making that contract. “Th-the wound is disappearing. He also has a healing ability?” asked one of the soldiers. “S-Svart?” asked Ayano. Seeing the dragon’s startled look, I’m sure it isn’t expecting this. Now fully standing, I say, “Dεύτερος Pύλη, Aφανισμός.” And then attack it with the same style like my attack before, but with more and stronger slashes than before. Finishing my attack, it’s finally fallen and unconscious on the ground.

“It-it’s fallen. He defeats it! He defeats the dragon!” shouted the soldiers. “H-hey! But the dragon isn’t even wounded!” shouted other soldiers. “He is a Xixtear! He must be using his power so the dragon would feel pain but wouldn’t die!” shouted other soldiers. “But why he did that?” asked other soldiers. “I don’t know, maybe because the princess’s watching,” said other soldiers. “I don’t care about that. The most important thing is he defeats the dragon,” said other soldiers. “Yeah, that’s right! All hail Svart! All hail Svart!” shouted the soldiers.

It’s normal that many people are cheering me like this, this always happens every time me and my friends finish a job, usually after driving away bandits or defeating monsters like this. Even though many people are cheering on me, I’m not feeling anything, no happiness, no excitement, and even no self-accomplishment. All I feel is nothingness, just like I’ve done this many times before, which is true, and not find anything special in it.

But that change now, as I walked towards the castle and my smiling friends, ignoring the cheers that are starting to disappear, I receive something I’ve never expected before. As I walked towards them on the hallway, I ask, “Where is Ayano?” “Ah, she is…,” said Light. Then, I’m suddenly slapped by someone, making everyone silent. As I’m recovering, I see the one who slapped me, Ayano. “D-do, do you realize how scared am I? Seeing you walking off on your own to face the dragon alone, do you realize how afraid I am? Especially when it successfully attacked you with its flame breath? Do you know that I’m thinking that you’ve already dead?!” shouted her. “I-I,” said me, losing words for the first time in my life. But then, something that really surprises me happens, she hugs me. “W-what?” asked me surprised.

For your information, the last time a girl or woman hugged me, it was my mother. My mother hugged me right before her death, telling and making me promised to take care of my brother which I always try to fulfill. When she hugs me, I feel the warmth that I felt before and finally realize that it’s the same warmth as my mother’s every time she hold me or hugged me. When she hugs me, I realize that she is crying, proving that she truly cares about me. “I-I,” said me, not knowing what I should do. “Do not do that kind of thing again, you hear me! At least tell me or your friends about it. Don’t just go and make me worried, you understand?!” asked her while still hugging me. Not knowing what I should do or say, I take a breath, close and open my eyes, and finally say, “Yes, I won’t do it anymore,” with a smile. “I’ll hold onto your promise,” said her with a smile too and then she suddenly pushes me away.

When I see her, I can see her blushing. ‘Ah, she must be blushing because she hugged me in front of my friends,” thought me with my usual flat tone. ‘Wait, hug me?’ thought me surprised, suddenly realize what she’s just done. “I-I’m sorry, I have to go,” said her and then running towards the end of the hallway. “Hey, wait!” said me with confused tone but it’s already too late as she’s already disappeared. When I turn to see my friends, I can see all of them trying to hold their smile. “What are you smiling for?” asked me with my normal expressionless face and flat tone. “Um, brother, do you realize that you’ve just been hugged?” said Light while trying to hold his smile. Being reminded about that, I suddenly blush. “I-I,” said me stammering so uncharacteristically. “Hm, brother, you should see yourself in the mirror, so funny. This is the first time I ever see you like that,” said Light. “Light,” said me, returning again to my usual tone. “It’s nice to see you smile again brother, after all this time,” said Light, now releasing his sincere smile. “But I still have some things to attend to do, so, see you later,” said Light, still smiling. He then proceeds to run away from me. “Hey, wait!” said me. “Uh, we also have some things to attend too, don’t we, guys? So let’s go!” said Frost. “Hey, wait!” said me. But it’s already too late too because they’ve also gone. “Hah,” said me while sighing. ‘What’s wrong with them? No that’s wrong. What’s wrong with her? No, that’s still wrong. What’s wrong, with me?’ asked me in my head. Realizing that I’m alone in the hallway, I decide to go as well. For now, I need to rest.

For your information, even though I have so much power within me, it’s still useless if you don’t have the capability to use it. While I have the capability to use it, it still put some strains to me after using it so much in a battle. The stronger the power that I used, the longer I used it, the bigger the strains that it’ll put to my body. Fortunately, I only use my basic power after all this time. If I start to get serious and use some of my true power, I’ll be given strains so big that I think will be straight unconscious after the battle’s ended.

As I’m walking to the room where I and my friends stay for now, I decide that I will talk about this with Ayano later. I’m too tired to talk about this thing now and I’m sure that she’s also trying to calm herself. Little did I know that I won’t talk again with her after this for a while.

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