The Fallen

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"It's all fiction. The white feathered wings, the ability to fly, it's all fake. Angels aren't real." Tick-tock. Eighteen year old Jade Carter is a troubled teen who lives in a society where everyone must conform to today's social standards. Jade does not fit in, though she tried, she eventually fails. Tick-tock. Jade tries to make it through her last month of senior year, graduation is just around the corner. Insert the ever so mysterious and some would dare say... angelic, Liam Ryker. Jade is drawn to him, as if she has met him once before. Liam seems to want to both threaten her and protect her. But Liam has secrets, secrets he wants to keep hidden from Jade. Tick-tock. The clock never stops. Tick-tock. The secrets are out. Tick-tock. Time is up.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

My name is Jadalyn Carter.

People who know me call me Jade, or the ‘biggest slut of Lincoln High.’ Either one works for me. I don’t have a preference anymore.

I’m so used to being slut shamed, that being the resident ‘bad girl’ doesn’t even phase me anymore. People don’t come around me, either they are scared of me or they think I’m a ‘disgrace’ to humanity.

You see, being single for your entire life isn’t so bad. It saves you from massive dick-weeds who show the entire football team your nudes.

The sad part is, I didn’t even send any nudes.

I have dark brown hair with brown doe eyes. I stand at five foot four inches and I have been the better part of a toothpick my entire life. Last year, I was popular. I had all the preppy friends, the quarterback boyfriend, captain of the cheer squad, and everyone worshipped the ground I walked on. I was living it up, until everything came crashing down in a fiery blaze.

Now, for every popular girl, there is one other girl who is slightly less popular. That slightly less popular girl is extremely jealous of what you might call the “Queen Bee.”

I, Jadalyn Carter, was the so called “Queen Bee,” and Julia Maxwell was the slightly less popular girl. We played best friends on the outside, but when no one was around, we were arch nemesis. We hid behind our phone screens, bashing each other from afar. But, when we came face to face, we became sickeningly sweet to one another. When we were younger, we actually were best friends. We look the same, so it’s only natural that we became besties and called ourselves ‘twins.’ We stopped being actual friends when Julia realized that I was more popular than she was.

One day, during one of our phone wars, Julia took things to a whole other level.

I was showering after a very tiring day of cheer practice. We had regionals coming up, so we were practicing night and day to kick some ass and take home that giant trophy. Anyways, after my shower, I couldn’t find my towel. I figured I might have left it in my locker. Seeing how all of us girls change and strip in front of each other all of the time, I didn’t think much about it. I strolled right through the locker room butt-ass naked. Little did I know, Miss Julia was taking pictures of me, somehow with amazing quality.

I’m not denying the fact that I look hella hot in those pictures, because I did, but I’m not saying it’s okay.

Well, Julia decided to send the pictures to my dumbass boyfriend, Eli Hough, that I was only dating to get a higher social status because he is the quarterback. When Eli got the pictures, he decided to show off to his friends, and like I said before, Eli is a dumbass. Some of his buddies talked him into sending them the naked pictures of me, because yet again, Eli is a dumbass.

You can probably guess what happened from there.

The pictures were everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean all over the freaking town.

I had kids I didn’t even know adding me on Snapchat, following me on Instagram, and Twitter asking for more nudes.

With a snap of the fingers, my “Queen Bee” status was replaced by “Queen Slut.” Now Julia Maxwell is the new “Queen Bee” of Lincoln High and I’m the slut.


Now, I have perfected the resting bitch face and own up to my new reputation as the new senior class slut. I only have two friends now, Jeremiah Nichols, my gay best friend, and Macy Bradford, my overly available best friend.

Jadalyn would have never talked to them, but Jade does. My squad is basically the most cliche friend group ever, but they love me and I love them. They make this whole “slut” label a little more easy to wear.

So as of now on this gorgeous Wednesday morning, I make my way down the hall to my locker. People move out of the way when I walk down the hall. Used to, people got out of the way to admire me, now they move to get away from me.

I open my locker and grab my algebra book when Jeremiah appears right beside me.

“Jade, WTF?” Jeremiah says literally spelling WTF instead of actually saying it. He fixes the collar of his button up shirt and slicks back his already slicked back black hair. “You promised me you would go with me to Pretty Boy’s locker!”

“Jer, I have much more important things to do than help you stalk your crush.” I say slamming my locker door.

Jeremiah is a hopeless romantic, mostly because he is the only gay guy in our school. All the other guys are straight or either closeted gays. He swears up and down that he has a “gay-dar detector” and can tell when someone is actually gay. I think it’s just a whole bunch of bull, but I humor him.

Pretty Boy is a new kid in the junior class. As soon as he got here, Jeremiah’s gay-dar detector was off the charts. So, for the last couple of weeks, Jer has been stalking the poor boy so he can prove that he’s actually gay.

Back to Jeremiah being a hopeless romantic, he doesn’t know how to talk to his crush. I usually go with him and give him some encouragement, but it’s time for Jer to grow up a little. I have nurtured him into being a full fledge flirt, now all he has to do is flirt without my presence.

“I’m not stalking!” Jeremiah says defensively. “I’m simply observing.”

“AKA, stalking.” I say walking into my classroom. I hear Jeremiah groaning in the hallway, I just ignore him and take my rightful seat next to Macy.

“Yo what’s up, Daddy?” Macy asks giving me a crooked smile.

“What’s up, sexy, how’d your date with the Starbucks barista go?” I ask opening my book to the assigned page on the board.

Now, if you were wondering why I called Macy my overly available best friend, here’s why. She literally dates everyone. Everyone.

From plumbers to law school graduates, this girl has dated them all. Though, things never work out and never go further than the goodnight kiss, she can give you any information you need about a guy. Somehow she can get into their minds and make him spill every dirty detail about themselves. It’s kinda creepy, but she’s a tiny five foot nothing, brown hair blue eyed creep, and she’s my best friend.

“The date went awful, as usual, but I did find out how to make the unicorn frappuccino, so we def have to try that out.” Macy says crossing her legs.

“Nice, I wondered how they make that.” I say giving her a fist bump. “Did you get any gifts?”

“But of course.” She says pulling out her wallet. “Two twenty-five dollar gift cards to Starbucks! The only thing is we can’t go to the one he works at. After I insulted his sister’s hairy armpits, he didn’t have much to do with me after that.” Macy hands me one of the gift cards.

“This is why I love you.” I say with a toothy grin as I accept the card and stick it in my purse. “When’s the next date? And with who?”

“Tomorrow night and with a cashier Sephora, of all places.” Macy says. “I thought he was gay, but apparently not. I know not to assume someone’s sexuality by where they work anymore, but I can try and get us some freebies.”

“Proud of you, now let’s get through the rest of the day so we can go to our favorite spot.” I say taking the worksheet from the teacher.

“Really?” Macy says getting excited. “We haven’t gone in forever! I’ll text JerBear and let him know!”

Our spot is the first ‘O’ in “Hollywood.” We hike up to the Hollywood sign and we just sit and watch all the city lights, listen to the sounds of construction and car horns. It’s so peaceful when you’re not surrounded by all of that hustle.

After school, Macy and Jeremiah meet up at my house and we change into workout clothes. I have to dig through the Jadalyn part of my closet to find descent clothes. I grab a pair of black tights and a coral sports bra. I grab my Polo hat and my tennis shoes and meet Jer and Macy downstairs.

“Hello, female with vagina.” Jeremiah says as I finish tying my shoes. He sits down on the couch and props his feet up on the coffee table.

“Hello, male with penis.” I say and rest my arm on his shoulder. We greet each other with weird names and crap, it’s just who we are. “Are you about read to go?” I ask them and they both nod, jumping up to run out of the door.

Soon, we head off to the Hollywood sign, which happens to be right across the road from my house. We start our hike and almost immediately Jeremiah is out of breath.

“Oh bitch, I can’t breathe.” Jer says huffing and grabbing his stomach. “It’s so hot.”

“It’s probably because you have fifty pounds of hair gel in your hair.” Macy says rolling her eyes.

“Do you know how long it takes to look as good as me?” Jer says tracing his eyebrows and glaring at Macy.

Macy and I lock gazes and then smile evilly. We have a silent conversation and then we both look at Jeremiah. We then take off running up the trail, leaving him behind.

“You hoes!” Jeremiah yells. I look back and he’s flipping us double birds. I blow him a kiss and he yells out more explicit words.

Macy and I make it to the big ‘O’ right as the sun starts to sink down. It’s not too long before Jeremiah comes along.

All three of us sit there, looking out over the city of Hollywood. I look at my two best friends they both admire the city lights while I admire them. In a way, I’m glad Jadalyn the “Queen Bee” is now gone for good. Although being Jade comes with downsides, like being the class slut, I got two amazing friends out of it.

A few minutes pass by of pure silence, except the hum of the busy city. Suddenly, I hear voices approaching us. I get out of my seat and look back towards the trail. No one ever comes out here at night, no one.

I start to see the silhouette of a few people form on the ground. I motion for Macy and Jeremiah to crouch down behind the sign.

“This is the big famous ‘Hollywood’ sign. You can’t really party out here, but it’s one of the must sees in Hollywood.” I hear a man’s voice. I back up behind a tree and peer out from around it.

Eli and his buddy David round the corner along with another guy I have never seen before. I can’t make out who this guy is, but I can tell he’s attractive with dark messy hair and tanned skin. I wish I could see his face.

“Since you’re new here and all, I should go ahead and tell you who you should hang out with tomorrow and who to steer clear from.” Eli says clapping his hand down on the guy’s shoulder. “Obviously hang with me and my boy David, and pretty much any dude wearing a football jersey. You should hang with Julia Maxwell, she mostly prances around in her cheer uniform or short dresses. She’s hella hot, man, and she’s single.” David gives Eli a fist bump as they talk about how hot Julia is. “Now, you should definitely steer clear of all the freaks. They usually stay in a circle around the bathrooms, so don’t go over there. The stoners are okay sometimes, especially when they’re high. I can even help you get a discount on some weed if you want some?”

“No thanks, pal, I’m good.” The new guy says with a chuckle. His voice is deep and kinda alluring. I peek over at Angel and Jer and they are both swooning. I roll my eyes. I’m staying single for good after what happened between Eli and I.

“Now the last person you should definitely say away from is probably the biggest slut you’ll ever meet. She’s absolutely disgusting, but if you want an easy bang, Jadalyn Carter is your girl. Though, I wouldn’t recommend it. She’s had so much sex, she’s probably carrying every STD you can get.” Eli says, David agrees and they both burst out in laughter. The other guy awkwardly chuckles and kinda backs away from Eli and David.

It takes everything in me not to come from behind this tree and knock the hell out of Eli. We were together like seven months ago! We dated for two years and we never even had sex! I’ve never even had sex! I’m still a freaking virgin, and now he’s telling this new guy that I probably have every form of STD’s you can contract? My anger soon turns into rage and the tears begin to flow down my cheeks. I grit my teeth to keep from making a sound.

A few more minutes of Eli and David talking about what a whore I am, they finally leave. I find myself walking back down the trail with Macy and Jeremiah trying to catch up and comfort me.

“Jay, slow down!” Macy calls out to me. I begin jogging to get further away from them. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now. Not even Macy and Jeremiah.

You don’t realize how much you are hated by other people until you hear them say how they really feel. It hurts so damn bad. It hurts worse when just last year, that person who is saying all of those harsh things, used to claim that they love you.

Love is a term that is definitely ruined for me. As a child, I lost both my parents by a car crash, and I was steadily in and out of foster homes. Families would get me and say that they loved me, only to return me later that same week. Then, when I finally think I found a permanent family, the mom falls pregnant and then they don’t want me anymore.

Finally, I was adopted by a social worker and I’ve been with him since I was 13. Life was great, I finally felt like I fit in somewhere. I finally had a lot of friends and people liked me, and then Julia had to ruin it.

When you’re the most hated person in your entire high school, it gets to you. Although I try to ignore it and love the amazing friends that I do have, it still hurts. The whole ‘bad girl’ reputation that I uphold is completely fake. I may be big and tough on the outside, but on the inside I’m still a seventeen year old girl who has feelings. However, those sensitive feelings are starting to be replaced with anger and hatred. I don’t want to become the person that everyone thinks I already am.

All I want is to be able to be myself again. I don’t want people to run away from me because of what they’ve heard about me. I just want to be loved again. I don’t want to be “Queen Bee,” Julia can keep that job. I just want to be me again.

I completely leave Jeremiah and Macy behind me. I go home, rush up to my room, and lock the door behind me. I completely ignore Andrew, my adoptive dad, as he calls my name. He doesn’t know much about my social life at school, mostly because I lie about it. I hate lying to him, but I don’t want him to worry.

I lay down in my bed and put my earphones in. Whenever I’m sad, I turn on Adele and just cry in my pillow. Every once in a while I get in this mood, sleeping always cures me. Soon, I drift off to sleep and prepare myself for another day in Hell.

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