Falling for the Alpha

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Dalia Oak believed she was not a 'real' wolf. Considered to be a rogue, she thought her life would never be complete... until she found her Alpha-mate, Locke. "Listen crazy, I don't know who you are but Taya is my friend and asked me to come to her birthday. I'm just trying to get home." I mumbled my plea so fast, hoping he had caught every word and I would be allowed to leave. "You are home." The strikingly handsome man with pitch black eyes with the gold ring, looked at me in solid confusion. It was only now I began to notice, just how beautiful he truly was. His muscles rippled as he moved, every inch taut and bold, every defined line stood out, without an inch of fat. He had been carved in Hercules honour, from the tip of his thick black hair, perfectly tanned colouring upon his bulging physique, all the way to his gigantic long - oh my god, he's naked. I quickly spun around as my eyes closed. "Where the hell are your clothes?" Secretly, I wasn't mad, but I attempted to sound it. One glance of his magnificent penis had my core instantly on fire, blazing with the need to be stroked - completely moist, willing and ready. "From the tantalising scent between your legs, I'd say you didn't mind the view." Damn, I had forgotten about the sensitive wolf smell, and my body had just betrayed me.

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Chapter 1- The Rogue


His canines punctured my skin. Fuck, I need to get out of here.

My mind races, panic-filled and frightened as my legs kicked into his side, causing his chompers to take a massive chunk out of my arm.

What the fuck is this crazy thinking? RUN DALIA, RUN.

The wolf throws his head back and roars an earth-shattering, ear-splitting and monstrous roar to the sky. Without attempting to watch the view any further, I high tailed it out of there as fast as my legs could go.

“You are MINE.” The deep husky tone of my attacker sent knee-weakening shudders throughout my body, causing me to stumble on the twigs and leaves underfoot.

“You are crazy and need help!” I screamed back through deep breaths that burned my lungs.

Faster, I need to get away. Run faster for Christ sake. I turned to see where he was but to my surprise, there was no one there. Laughing inwardly to myself, I relished in this tiny victory, when suddenly... BANG!

My body slammed into something solid and unmovable; sending me flying backwards, and I collided with a tree.

“Ow,” I moaned, desperately seeking strength and hope to fight against being left vulnerable.

“Why would you run from me? I was made for you?” His voice caused my body to quiver, only this time, it reached down deep, in-between my legs, clenching my core.

“Get, away, from, me!” I coughed up some blood and spit it on the ground at his feet.

“No, you’re now injured. Why would you do that?” Dread appeared to seep from this now transformed stranger, for some unknown reason.

“Why do you care? You’re trying to kill me.” I held my head for stability, trying to curb the nausea.

The wolf laughed so loud, it vibrated through both eardrums, again rendering me both weak and aroused. “Kill you, why would I kill my mate?”


My alarm bleared through the silence of my apartment, I Get Around by The Beach Boys instantly caused me to smile.

For as long as I could remember, ‘The Beach Boys’ had been my dad’s favourite band, I knew every lyric, every change and could twist, mash potato and jive like the best of them.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, all I could think about was bacon and eggs and how hungry I am. Deciding there was no time like the present to get ready for another week at Hammericks Hardware, I launched myself out of bed, swaying my hips to the tune.

I liked working at Hammericks, but with so many qualifications behind me, I did wonder why I hadn’t bothered to move jobs this time, instead, opting for minimal wages and horrid customers. Guess something within me wasn’t quite ready to let go just yet.

Walking in the front doors, I headed directly to my locker. “Ah, good morning, Dalia,” my boss called out as he passed by.

“Morning, Jack,” I replied, watching him enter his office. He was an excellent boss, probably one of the friendliest I’d had in a long time.

This job, I was given the incredible position of paint counter attendee. I threw on my apron and began to serve the collection patient awaiting people as Sam knocked my hip with his, “morning Lia.”

“Morning, Sam. I can’t wait to hear about your sexy adventures this weekend,” I snickered at him with a wink. He was one of the few in my life I’d genuinely connected with, I would miss him and his wild renditions when I moved on.

Sam stood quite short, at about 5ft 2; however, his height restriction never deterred the ladies that flocked in their droves, just to have a speck of his attention.

Sam’s eyes were a lovely morning blue that was framed perfectly by tanned skin, chocolate brown hair and straight white teeth. One smile from him, I swear, made the high school girls cum instantly.

“You won’t believe the beauties I had screaming my name toward the sky this weekend, Lia.” Sam chuckles proudly, internally high fiving himself - you could see the spark of giddiness written in bold print across his face.

“I bet you did.” I smiled at him devilishly while he recounted every thrust, every moan and every single dirty and delicious erotic detail. He sure was one to engross you into his fable, true or not, it certainly was entertaining.


After eight hours and many, many customers later, my shift was drawing closer to the end. Sam had left an hour before, only to be replaced by Taya, a quiet girl, very young and extremely beautiful. She was tall, legs for days with shiny blonde, short hair that sported light pink streaks and stood out against her pale skin, all perfectly designed to accentuate Taya’s alluring light brown eyes.

A group of extremely well-built men walked in, the kind that had human women falling over themselves to get at. I smelt them before I noticed the intruders, raising my head towards the roof, I inhaled deeply... wolves.

Taya was alone at the counter as they approached, but she seemed to not be bothered by their appearance. I wondered if she knew what they really were?

“Lia, can you give me a hand please?” I placed the swatches down and stepped behind the counter.

“What’s up Taya?” I smiled at her. I had crossed wolves before, though, I was never a threat, and so most of them left me alone. They somehow could always scent that I didn’t belong - that I was a rogue.

“This is my brother Arkai, he’s here for some paint, but I need help with the right pigments. Arkai, this is my friend Lia,” her sweet voice introduced us so casually. Brother? Fuck, she’s a wolf.

“Rogue.” This Arkai appeared to be unimpressed by me being so close to his sister.

“Look, are we gonna have a problem? I could just leave the paint here, and you can wait two hours until Jerry clocks on to tint your tins?” Asshole.

There’s nothing I loathe more than a cocky, entitled wanker whose ego was bigger than his dick.

“Does Alpha, know you work with a rogue, Taya?” By now, the three other men were staring bullets in my direction. Sadly, this was not an uncommon situation for a wolf without a pack, but I had never been apart of a pack or even been invited to join one - I was born alone and probably will die alone.

“Arkai, she’s lovely, stop being such an arse.” Taya smiles back at me, trying to offer support and comfort. Thank god, she was sensible enough not to judge me.

“It’s okay Taya, comes with being me,” I retorted, grabbing the tins of house paint and putting them under the tint machine.

After thirty minutes of me attempting to focus on the correct colours and not listen in on the four men and Taya arguing amongst themselves, I was pleased to have finished the highly uncomfortable and tedious task, moving the paint with a little more enthusiasm than intended.

“Here you go.” I placed the tins on the countertop, “see ya tomorrow Taya,” I waved before leaving.


Back inside my apartment, I flicked on the T.V and settle in for a chick flick, some popcorn and hot chocolate, when my phone vibrated against the table.

~Lia, I’m sorry about my brother. Taya <3~

~Hey, how did you get my number? Lia~

~Sam gave it to me. I wanted to apologise. Taya~

~That’s okay, I’m used to it by now. Though, I’m surprised I never picked up your scent. Lia~

~Our pack females are taught to mask their scents. Taya~

~Neat, I didn’t know that was possible. Well, thanks for the apology but it wasn’t needed. See you tomorrow, Taya. Lia~

***Please note: This was my second book ever written and my first wolf one, thank you.***

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