The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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An Elven Princess is sent to find, protect, and train a rare young girl, a Siren, born to a wolf pack, when fate decides to step in. Forcefully pulling the flail back, the hooks rip chunks of skin from the wolfs body as I spin the chain around my wrist and above my head like a helicopter, just as two more wolves jump towards me baring teeth and snarling menacingly. I propelled the flail right and it connected - hard - with the face of a wolf, blood gushing from the open wound while the other end connected with the jaw and slices straight through. With my knee and hand on the ground as my right leg extended out, the flail ready on my right, I looked up, prepared for the next attack, only to be greeted by what looked like, over a hundred massive growling wolves. There, standing in the centre, was one GIGANTIC pure white one with honey amber eyes boring into me. A shiver of excitement flowed through me. The large grey and black wolf nods and shifts into human form, "what are you doing here?" He barks. "I seek the Alpha." My head hung low while my eyes darted left to right, awaiting their next move.

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Chapter 1 – The Moon Goddess


Staring up at the skylight, the one feature I had enjoyed for months as the stars twinkled brightly, breaking through the pitch black darkness. I nestled deeper under the beautiful yellow and white covers, that scent, just a hint of vanilla. This was perfection to me, this is where I felt safe. Moving my head to the left, my eyes fall upon a bay window - white with blue cushions - ideal for star gazing or reading, not that I had time for that anymore. To my right, I can see a large wooden door and a bathroom - I’d often wondered why this bed sat in the middle of the room surrounded by plants? There was nothing personal about this room, no pictures hung from the walls, no personalized items but yet, it was a place I relished being in. To me, this room was home, a deep connection to something far greater than I’d ever known. To me, this room meant happiness but I guess it was never truly meant to be, after all, I only visited this room in slumber.

I had been dreaming of that particular room for months now, unable to pinpoint its location which frustrated me to no end. I was an Elven High Priestess, whose skills far surpassed that of any mere Elves and yet, I could not locate the one place my heart indisputably needed.

Life at the kingdom offered no sanctuary for my wandering soul and I was in desperate yearn to explore the countryside, to find that place from my dream, to find the adventure that I craved. I had been in one battle - against the humans, when I was very young. We had won but regretfully nearly wiped out the entire race. To be fair though, we did try to negotiate first, only they refused to budge and a lot of nature was destroyed at the hands of careless humans. They brought weaponry meant to maim and dismember, and our people suffered.

Rolling onto my stomach whilst tying my blood red long hair into a messy top knot, I stretched from the tips of my fingers all the way to the ends of my toes, my eyes would always burn bright yellow first thing in the morning - a clear indication of my tiredness and low energy.

Having eyes that glowed different colours to suit your mood meant that I was unable to lie or in fact, hide anything from anyone. My mother had seen to it that my eyes were studied so as better to understand, why I was chosen to bare this ‘gift’ from nature but no one else had.

During those years of observation, I felt very exposed and uncared for. A lab rat, used for the entertainment of others, until I realised I didn’t have to be subjected to this anymore and was removed by my father. Thank god, he had seen my side.

I slid out of my King sized bed made from bamboo, Adaron - Lord of the trees, had specifically designed this room for me. It was equipped with all I required, space for nature magic, a bathroom to wash, no walls, just vines, so I could watch the forest from my perch. In fact, the strong and wise tree spirit had designed all of the rooms on his unbreakable branches for the whole Elven Royal Family - and had done for thousands of years.

“Eleczonjdrea?” My mother called from the hall below. Poking my head out of the window opening that was surrounded by vines and leaves, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at the sight of her with her hands on her hips.

“Yes, my Queen?” I replied, looking down at her.

Like usual, she was breathtaking, hip length fawn hair with a slight wave, tall and slender in frame with bright forest green coloured eyes. Today, she wore a floor-length, pastel green gauzy gown that flowed out from under her chest and a pearl headpiece that shone against the fair complexion of her forehead.

“The King requests an audience with you.”

“I shall get dressed,” I replied as she bowed her head in acceptance.

“Namarie.” (Goodbye)

Mother was the epitome of Elven class, strong, demanding and regal. Her presence magnified by a deep knowledge of our history and protocols. She was breed to rule beside my father and took her responsibility seriously. Her position would never be challenged and our entire kingdom, both feared and admired her. I, however, found her smug nature annoying.

I took my time heading down the tree, I guess defiance from my youth still ran rampant in my veins. Many would shake their head from side to side as I apathetically moved through the wooden halls but no one would comment, how could they? I was Royalty, I was also a damn fine warrior and possessed magic greater than anyone in the kingdom.

“About time,” my mother walked up beside me, holding back her annoyance for my obvious actions of delay.

Standing there before my father, in the grand meeting room, wearing my official Princess attire of a white one-shouldered crop with silver armbands and wrist cuffs and a long white skirt that sat delicately on my hips, just below my belly button and had two open panel strips, running up both legs, all topped off with a silver circlet headpiece. By now, my eyes sparkled with their usual phosphorescent blue, the natural blood red colour of my hair only accentuated my unique features.

My father adorned dark green dress robes, his gold crown and long blonde hair, significantly different from my own but identical to my brother Druderosnic or Nic for short - the Elven prince. At first, father had denied me as his child, until the Elven elders presented him with a prophecy scroll that spoke of my arrival and my abilities but not much else. How could he deny what had been predicted for hundreds of years and could only be produced via the royal bloodline?

“Eleczonjdrea,” he motioned for me to kneel.

“Father,” I bowed my head in respect as I knelt.

“The moon goddess spoke to me last night. A Siren, born to a wolf pack in the hinterlands where war looms. I am sending you on a mission to find, protect and train this Siren.”

Keeping my head still bowed as I allowed his words to sink in, “do we know what tribe?”

“Yes, The Mountain Storm Pack.”

I gasped in horror, “but father, their Alpha?” He raises his hand to stop my mouth.

“Yes daughter, I have heard the rumours but considering our lack of knowledge on werewolf life, all we can confirm is that they are just that - rumours, designed to strike fear in the hearts of enemies.”

“When do I leave?” I swallowed the dry lump that had formed within my throat.

“Immediately, this Siren is about to come of age, you have read of an untrained Sirens destruction? She is without guidance and if captured, will destroy more live’s than numerals available. You know I would prefer to leave them to their own business but it seems your particular skill set is required.”

“I shall not let the moon goddess down.” Rising to my feet, I bowed deeply before exiting and heading for my room.

“Drea, wait up?” I heard my brother’s voice calling for me.

“Sorry Nic, I have to leave,” I shouted back without stopping.

“I know, I heard,” he grabs my arm halting me in my tracks. “I want you to take this,” Nic hands me a small leather satchel with shimmering dust.

“Dust?” I frown in confusion.

“Its moonstone, renders them unable to shift, extra protection against the werewolves or rather the Alpha,” he softly smiled.

“How did you find this?”

“You know me, Drea, I’m resourceful,” he smirks with a wink.

I hugged my brother tightly, “thank you,” my hand cups his left cheek, “I will be back before you know it.”

“Har-varna.” (Stay safe)

Nic was my best friend, my partner in crime and in training. We were extremely close and out of everything in this kingdom, he would be what I missed most, but I had a mission and a Siren to find, train and protect and they all knew I was the best fit for the task - the moon goddess had spoken.

Without hesitation, I grabbed my bow and arrows, my double ended flail with arrow hook ends and my sword. Changing quickly into white leather pants before loading up my pitch black with white socks, Clydesdale horse Sudryl, and pulling my black riding cloak from the wall. Without another moments delay, we were off.

I had a lot of land to cover in as little time as possible, on the end of my long journey lay a pack of the most feared werewolves of all realms and my expedition required success in order for balance to remain. A Siren had not been born for quite a few decades and for one to come now, meant change and necessity. I wondered, as Sudryl and I thundered through the grasslands, if in fact, their Alpha knew of the girl or what a Siren was? From folk law, Sirens were born by the ocean and belonged to the water realm but here one lay, at the end of my tedious task, within a pack of wolves.

From my earlier years of map revision, this journey should take roughly three days to complete, if I stopped. However, I did not know the girl’s name or what she looked like and there were no guarantees I would be let into the packs borders, I had no time to waste.

The truth would be my only saving grace and a prayer that the most feared Alpha, would be able to see my urgency.

***Please note, this is a fantasy, I am well aware a Clydesdale Horse was not built for speed but if she gets to be an awesome elf, why can’t her horse be epic too? Thank you***

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