The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 11 – Do Not Resist The Bond


I scooped her up into my arms and held her tightly as though at any moment, someone would take her away. It was an odd mixture of emotions because as elves, we were never open with our feelings. Knowledge and logic prevailed and any form of feeling lay mostly dormant, yet, being here had begun to break the frozen exterior that sat thick, within my heart. Emotions had begun its control of my actions and without noticing, I had softened beyond repair.

“She has her voice but until she comes of age, her abilities are still locked away. A very powerful source has bound her that way on purpose. Due to her lack of nutrition and living circumstances, her natural body clock has somewhat, frozen. Her normal biology would have seen that she flowered in the next few weeks but now, with proper diet, I give her a few full moons before she begins her bleeding cycle and unlocks from her binding.” Alamiera was a great witch, I felt guilt at judging her so harshly, just outside the bedroom door.

I turned to face Alamiera, setting Thelexapia (Violet) back on the floor. “Thank you, thank you so much,” she waves off my gratitude as if she had done nothing to warrant it.

“I must go, Alpha, if you would be so kind?”

“Of course,” he left with Alamiera and we were finally reunited and all alone.

“How old are you?” I asked her, eager for burning questions to be answered.


“Have you shifted… into your wolf?” She shakes her head indicating a ‘no’.

“Not until I get my period apparently.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that’s how that worked,” I flopped down onto the bed.

“Can you continue to call me violet?” She requested.

“Sure, but - why not your real name?”

“Princess,” she began.

“Drea, Violet please.”

“Drea… there is much you do not know about me. My mother made sure I could write enough to get me by, should I be discovered but I could always speak. I know that you know, who I am and as you’ve explained, The Moon Goddess has sent you here. I do not know much about my abilities but I presume - that’s why you are here to help? I will share everything with you… in time - for now, I need rest, it has been a long night.” She slides into bed as my heart pumped wildly in my chest.

“Violet?” My eyes chased her with deep sadness, “I’m so sorry, it took so long to find you.”

“You found me exactly when you were meant to Drea, my mother was a seer, she knew my fate up until this point…” she yawned cutting herself off mid-conversation.

“Sorry, you need to rest, we will talk when you wake.” I kissed her on the forehead and strode out of the room, closing the door gently behind me.

Without thinking, I ran. I ran as fast as I could, down the stairs, through the house - slamming the front door behind me, not caring for a second, if anyone heard. My pulse raced and my chest ached, I had to get to Sudryl, he was more than my companion, he was the only one I could bare my soul too. He had been there through it all, my heartache, my tempers - when I was caught and lashed by Vampires - he was my saviour, and I needed him more than ever.

Pushing open the stable doors, I knew he had heard my heart. Greeting me straight away with determination, I mounted him and we were off. There was no destination planned, just a vital urge to escape the pack house and breathe.

After about twenty minutes of riding, he slowed down to a gallop, then a trot before completely halting. My phosphorescent blue eyes had transformed into a dull yellow and I buried my face in his mane allowing the tears to flow like a waterfall - there was no stopping them. I gasped for breath, trying so hard to keep everything together, the weight of this mission was more than I could bear.

Sudryl lowered down as I slid onto his stomach weeping, spluttering and desperate for clarity. My tortured soul was feeling every emotion and it sliced at my insides. Where had this uncontrollable pain and despair come from? Violet was safe, so why could I not control the heartache that burned beneath my chest, threatening to consume my soul?

“What are you doing?” His beautiful husky voice soothed my ears and I slowly tilted my head in his direction. “Come here?” Hunters masculine arms surrounded me, encasing me in warmth and love, calming my racing heart and frantic mind. “Shh, its okay,” he purred, calming my vulnerability, “you’ve never dealt with so much emotion before, have you?”

“H-h how d-d did you k-k know?” Catching my breath in my throat, I coughed, attempting to get out my spluttered words.

“You have not seen as much horror in your life. We see it daily, I’m guessing, now you know Violet is okay, your body is releasing your pent-up worry but your senses to, are multiplied here because of our bond. When you resist against the mate bond, you become miserable, angry and difficult, illogical and irrational, I’m not resisting against it and you are fighting with your logic - when you should be following your heart. You’re confused, reckless, unshielded and exposed, so stop rejecting me and hurting yourself - your mind will clear.” His honey amber eyes found my yellows as he looked down at me, shattering to pieces, with adoration. “Yellow?” he queried.

“L-l lack of energy or t-tired,” I replied snuggling into his chest as we lent against my reliable horse.

“I don’t want to let you go, Drea, ever. Say you’ll try, please?” His body pressed against mine soothing my soul, it cleared the emotional fog and renewed my strength, I couldn’t just let him walk away, not now, not knowing this horror without him. What I’d suffered was a few hours of emotional torture, if I left him now? I wouldn’t survive the torment.

“Okay Hunter,” his lips pressed softly against my forehead as we lay there, completely still, no need for conversation, holding each other was enough to ward off the darkness collapsing me, comfort, understand and security - that was what he provided.

What was to happen when he died? How would I get through it? Maybe this was the reason we were warned against mixed races. This overhaul of misery was not enjoyable and left me feeling in despair - something I was never used too - even when outnumbered and faced with the possibility of death, I never gave in. Now, I had succumbed to the feelings of the bond rejection and it was kicking my arse with no remorse or mercy.

“What the hell, are you two doing out here?” Val’s voice jolted us awake. I struggled to see his frame in front of us, due to blinding bright light.

“What the fuck?” Hunter snipped back, clearly unhappy about being disturbed.

“Hey, I’m all for the late night, outdoor rendezvous but in front of the horse, not even I’m that kinky.” He chuckled to himself.

“Go. Away. Val.” Hunter growled and pulled me back into his arms, burying my face in his chest.

“I would but more scouts have been spotted from last night’s petrol.”

“Shit,” he cursed, “my office, fifteen minutes.”

“No worries, Alpha,” he tipped his head. “Luna, have a good day,” he threw out before sprinting off.

“What did he just call me?” My eyes grew wide with surprise and recognition.

“Luna, when the Alpha finds his mate…”

“I know what a Luna is… just wasn’t expecting that.” I cut him off.

“Don’t go cold on me again, please Drea, you said you’d try?” He looked at me with hurt in his eyes.

“Sorry, I know… I know,” I leaned in and brushed my lips against his shoulder, “c’mon, we both have business to attend too.”

“I want you to stay with me, tonight?” I thought about his request momentarily, I had affirmed I would try.

“If Violet’s alright,” was my answer.

“You are beginning training today?” He knew this day was coming.

“I am, it’s time.” He nodded then brushed his lips against mine ever so softly. Tingles danced along the dry flesh upon impact.

“Okay, see you tonight?”

Sudryl walked me back to the pack house as Violet came running out to meet me, she was frantic with panic.

“Whoa, what’s wrong my precious?” I held her tightly as wet tears littered her rosy red cheeks.

“Y-y you did-didn’t come back?” She stumbled out through heaving sobs.

“Oh, my beautiful girl, my precious girl, I would never leave you, I will always come back for you.” I could feel my eyes flash bright pink, “come now? we have much to get done and breakfast is where we need to be.”

Her fear was understandable, however, I was not her mother, and yet, something stirred deep inside - primal, protective like instinct - felt once before when in her presence. I wondered if my fate was tied to hers due to her loss or due to my mission but I had a feeling the reason for my pink coloured eyes, was about so much more than just a mere recognition of familiarity.

We spent the day talking, getting to know each other, our lives and what happened to her. Her mother Talula, was a powerful seer from the ocean realm, her father Johan Fireleaf, an older omega that lived at the borderline. After losing his mate before they got to complete their bond, he became a recluse, choosing a life away from the pack, convinced he would never find another. Talula, was on a self-appointed voyage to learn other realms and happened to cross the borderlines when she was discovered one evening by Johan.

He offered her a warm bed and food, the first bit of kindness she had experienced in her months and months of travelling. She fell for him but she was engaged to another man, a very powerful merman but Johan knew he could keep her safe and hidden, even from the Alpha and the pack.

Three years ago, King Devon, the merman, came with his warriors after years of searching. Johan was no longer connected to anyone, after specially requesting his release due to his broken heart, from the previous Alpha and Hunters father. Talula bound and hid Thelexapia within secret rooms in the shack and sacrificed her life to keep her hidden.

My heart bled at her story, ached at the horrid situation she found herself in. Devon had stripped both Johan and Talula of their skin and left them to rot at the doorstep of the shack. Thelexapia, (Violet) had to bury both of her parent’s bodies at the volatile age of Eight. Because of no connection to his pack, Johan had no way of requesting help and so he and his second chance love, stood alone against Devon’s fully trained warriors.

Tucking Violet into bed after a rather exhausting day, I kissed her forehead. “I must see Alpha Hunter about getting you migrated into the pack, officially.”

“But then what happens?”

“Then my love, you will be connected to the rest of your wolfkin, your family.”

“You are my family Drea,” her words filled my heart with such happiness.

“I will always be your family, but you are entitled to more than just me. I have a brother and cousins and aunties and uncles, this will connect you to all of those, just like I am connected to mine. And when the time is right, I will introduce you to your Uncle Nic but he is very naughty and loves to play tricks, so you must be careful of his mischievous ways.” I winked at her, “I’ll be just next door if you need me.”

I opened the bedroom door as she replies, “thank you, for finding me.”

“I will always find you.” The statement was not a fallacy, it was a promise and one I would see through until my very last life on earth.

Knocking on Hunters bedroom door my heart begins to race, the turmoil of emotions had somewhat eased their clutch around my heart and I was hopeful it was due to the bond recognition and my willingness not to go against its pull.

“Come in Drea,” I hear him say. “You don’t have to knock, just walk in,” he continues as I shyly come through and close his bedroom door.

“Still, it is polite, you could of be…” my words were instantly cut off as my eyes perused the room. My mouth hung slack, in an instant - acknowledgement and identification. My breathing quickened as I attempted to swallow the saliva gathering in my mouth. “You!” I whispered shockingly.

“What’s wrong?” His eyes were wide with fear.

The window, that same window I had been dreaming of for months, Yellow and white bedspread and the actual bed surrounded by plants, the whole bedroom exactly as I had seen it in my dreams, I walked closer to the bed and craned my neck to the ceiling, the skylight - just as it was.

“How could I be so stupid?” I fall to a heap on the floor burying my head into my knees.

“I don’t understand?” He comes to the floor, eyes locked on my form, I could feel the intensity seeping off of him.

“I know… I know,” I caught his eyes with blazing pink ones. “I’ve been dreaming of this room, this place for months… it was my home, the place I felt safe, comforted and truly whole. It’s your room and you - you are…” I heaved deeply through my muddled and scattered brain, “you… are my Ononi-nar.”

“Yes, I am,” he confirms. “But I also have been dreaming of you for months.”

“What?” I gasped.

“I could only ever see your eyes and flashes of red, but when you revealed yourself, my heart almost exploded, you were more breathtaking than I could have imagined. You, Drea - are my mate.”

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