The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 12 – First Of Your Kind


“I am your mate.”

We sat in silence as my eyes trailed his body resting beside mine, unsure of what to do or say, after my admission but the silence was killing me inside. Hold me again… was all I could think but neither of us moved.

Finally finding my voice, I spoke, “Hunter, she told me everything, who her father was, how she managed to stay hidden and the fact that your father was the one, to release him from the packs connection.”

“My father?” He gasped.

“Yes, Johan Fireleaf was the one staying in that shack.”

“I know of no Johan, all I know is father mentioning that when doing border petrol that particular section was basically unobtainable by anyone other than our wolves and it’s best to keep the patrol away from there and not waste resources. I never thought to question him about it.”

“Well, that’s probably because he knew someone already patrolled that area.”

“How could I have missed something so drastic?” He questions with furrowed brows.

“Oh, well, that’s because half of you is human, humans make mistakes, hence the almost eradication of the entire species,” I point out flatly.

He just blinks at me processing my words, “perhaps… you’re right.”

A half smile transforms into a toothy grin on both of our faces. “Okay, but I will never admit I just said that in front of any of the wolves,” he laughs.

“Your secret is safe with me.” He moves on to the bed and holds out his hand for me to take. I hesitantly accept and we lie atop the covers side by side.

“Drea, I want you to stay with me every night that you’re here. I want to hold you, kiss you and if you permit me, make love to you. I understand if you need time but it is hard for me to hold my wolf back, he wants to mark you, he wants you to be ours and I want that too.”

My thoughts are shredded, shattered pieces of only fragments remain. Too much has happened since being here, the weight of everything piles upon my shoulders and my heart aches at his words. The bond will inevitably consume me if I try to fight against it again. Being this close to him causes my body to hum with unimaginable pleasure - his warmth radiates and surrounds me, even though, we are not physically touching. His honey ambers desperately seeking my answer through my twisted face and confused mind. What answer do I give? I want him to touch me, I want him to love me, I want him to kiss me but I don’t want him too, because one day he dies and then I’m left without him.

There was an elder that lives at the edge of our forest, back home, who chose not to accept her Ononi-nar and her mind has long since left her. A mere shell of her former self, the soul ripped from her body and only emptiness left in the presence, no offspring to call her own, no family gene to pass on, a fate worse than death. Complete and utter loneliness.

This would be my chosen fate and yet, before I opted to not believe its truth but now, after feeling just a slight effect of the mate bond rejection, this was not a fate I was willing to now accept. If by allowing us to continue further, a real risk of heartache becomes reality.

Muddled thoughts swirl as fear crept across his face in response to my outward silence. My decision was made and I scoot closer to him, he moves in surprise, onto his back, wrapping his arm around me as I rested my head on top of his chest.

Continuing my silent revere, my entire body alights in tingles at the simple act of a cuddle. He exhaled rattily at my unexpected movement, my palm rests delicately on his chest as happiness, warmth and pleasure course through our bodies, lulling us into a comfortable slumber.

“Argh!” With a horrific scream penetrating through our dreamtime and piercing our eardrums. I jumped to my feet and swung open the door, instantly being thrown back by the scream energy wave radiating from her mouth, I’m flipped over the bed and slam into the ground.

Hunter curled at the door, his hands desperately trying to stop the sound from bursting his eardrums and causing his sensitive wolf hearing to bleed.

Straightening back up as my eyes swirled purple, I centre myself, trudging forward again, out into the waves of the scream exploding from Violet’s throat as tears stream down her face. My body was thrown into the wall at the end of the hall, I turn to plant my feet and face her. Pulling my arms from the wall I chant, “KIR – DUR – HURO!” (cut the storm) and slam my extended arms together in front of me.

The sound expelling from her parts and I bolt forward. On both sides of me, where the scream still vibrates like knives hurtling past at rapid speed, I run straight to her and without thinking, throw my arms around her as we both collapse to the floor.

She awakens from her trance in shock as silence fills the hallway once again. Hunter stumbles out of the doorway as she bursts into tears. “Shh, my precious, my love,” I soothe as more wolves come up to the Alpha’s level. The entire placed resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

“Val, Marcus - get everyone back to bed please, I’m sorry for the disturbance,” he controlled the entire situation and stood guard in front of us, shielding us against accusing and curious eyes. “Please everyone, go, now,” his voice rising slightly.

Violet was howling in pain in my arms as I rocked us back and forth in a huddle on the floor. Hunter extracted her from my arms, much to my distress and walked her to his bedroom while I scrambled to my feet to follow.

“What are you…?”

“Drea, she needs comfort, this room is your comfort, it can be hers too.” He places her small frame in the middle and climbs in one side, Violet was silent, though her eyes were the size of the moon watching everything unfold. “Get in,” he orders and without delay, I do as he says.

“The dream, I-I’m sorry,” her whisper was barely audible.

“Hunter I…” but my words are cut off,

“Do you think you’re the only one that feels protective of her? You love her, I love you, so therefore I love her.” Definite and not to be argued, we both snuggled in creating a cocoon of protection around her and she finally falls back to sleep.

Despite Hunter’s eyes being closed, I could tell he was still awake due to his obvious restlessness - my head still reeling by his incredible words. To me, he claimed her, he claimed her as his child - of sorts - but since I had claimed her as my family and he had claimed me as his, then he confessed and accepted her into our unconventional union.

I slid out of the covers as his eyes flipped open revealing glowing honey amber eyes. I placed my forefinger on my lips to hush him as I walked around to his side. Leaning down on one knee, he rolled over to meet me.

“I-I don’t want to try anymore…” I began but he cut me off.

“You can’t mean that…” he whispered loudly with fear and heartache sweeping over his beautiful features. I placed my hand across his mouth to halt his mouth.

“Let me finish...” I exhaled, slightly riled by his interruption, when this was important and needed to be said. “I don’t want to try because I choose you, wholeheartedly and without conditions. I, Eleczonjdrea Lumerian accept you, Hunter Goldenriverwing as my mate, soul and Ononi-nar and choose to complete bonding with you, under the next new moon.”

He was stunned, his mouth opened wide and his cripplingly handsome face displayed shock by my declaration.

“Now, would be a great time to say something?” I jolted him from his frozen state.

“I, Alpha, Hunter Goldenriverwing, accept you Eleczonjdrea Lumerian, as my Ononi-nar, my soul and as my true mate and choose to complete our bonding under the next new moon.” He grasps the back of my neck roughly and pulls me forward, sealing our fate and our promise, in a single breathtakingly incredible kiss.

Hunter gently rolled Violet over and I climbed in between them. Wrapping me in his warm and gentle embrace, surrounded in the caress of his body, I melted. This felt so right, so good - exactly as it should have always been and we finally manage to fall back to sleep, content, happy and connected.

A few days had passed, Violet was taking up residence in Hunter’s bed, which unfortunately meant we would have to sneak off to the room, I was first given, next door. He didn’t mind though, at least she was able to have a good night’s rest while Hunter and I worked on ‘connecting’ with each other.

When we had decided to accept one another, our need to touch, to taste, to just hold each other was becoming harder to deny and we relished in our happy snuggles and late night kisses. Truth be told, I was excited about finally completing our mating and the new moon was just a couple of weeks away.

“So, you’ve never known anyone else like me?” Violet asked sheepishly.

“Not that I can remember, Sirens were always born by the ocean, so, I guess that my precious, makes you unique and special - but we already knew that.” I winked at her as she swings back and forth on the playground.

“So, what does that make me?” She asks curiously.

“Besides my family… the first of your kind.”

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