The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 13 – The Arrival


A few days had passed, Drea and I were deliriously happy, sneaking away every chance that we got to kiss and touch each other, as though we were rampant lustful teens. Though Violet lately, required more of her attention during the day, I got to hold her every night. The new moon was drawing closer but it wasn’t fast enough, we were desperate to complete the bond and both of us had held off from sexually touching each other but it was becoming more and more difficult as the days progressed.

Violet had become our child without ‘officially’ declaring it but everyone kind of knew - guess another thing we could contribute to pack life. She was making friends within our community but even with all the happiness, there was darkness lurking just outside our border. It hung in the shadows taunting us, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Drea, Sudryl and Alamiera had taken up, protection grid checks, Drea and Sudryl during the day and however Alamiera managed to do it, at night. Truth is, she scared the living hell out of me, so I just left her to what she does best.

I watched Drea and Violet, laugh and play in the meadows through my windows, her vibrant flowing blood red locks cascading down her back. During daylight, her usually phosphorescent blue eyes darkened to a sapphire blue. Even from a distance, she could still take my breath away.

In walked Val and Marcus and made themselves comfortable forcing me to take my gaze away from my beautiful mate, her scent still lingered on my skin which kept my wolf calm and my growing horniness at bay.

“Okay, so as you both know, the new moon is fast approaching. Marcus, since you are mated to Millie, I am requesting your help to provide my mate with our perfect ‘sealing the bond’ ceremony, as you are aware, I cannot be seen doing anything out of the ordinary so she does not get suspicious…”

“Alpha, you’re going to a lot of trouble for one night, Millie and I completed in the forest, after a chase,” Marcus interjected.

“And how long have you been hearing about how ‘unspecial’ that night was?” I counteracted.

“Ahhh… good point… proceed,” Val snickered behind his hand at Marcus’ blindness to feminine ways.

“Val, since its customary to mate continuously for days after completing the bond, I will need you to assume my role and continue my tasks, however, Drea might not want to be away from Violet that long, so we could only be away one night. I am not sure until it happens.”

“No worries Alpha.”

“Marcus, you and Millie are to watch Violet with your lives, she is unofficially, our adopted child and needs to be protected.”

“Understood,” he nodded.

“Now, the borders need to be secured at all times, we can’t risk a…” my words stopped immediately.

“Alpha, what is it?” Val requested.

“Day patrol has picked up a hooded lone rider heading straight for us being chased by wolves.” I, once again, kicked out the window and leapt onto the roof, transforming into my wolf on the way.

We were heading into a fight, I linked some warriors to follow us and with my canines bared, we were ready to kill. The rider opened the protection grid, he was large and solid in frame but completely covered by a white riding cloak. His brown, Arabian thoroughbred, thundered at an incredible pace. The hooded figure closed the borders off too late and allowed access to a few wolves. His horse slid to a stop, hooves digging up the earth to help halt his fast run, allowing the rider to leap off his horse, withdrawing his sword from his side and drove it straight through the heart of an oncoming wolf.

We stood there, backs raised and bodies lowered to the ground, ready to pounce into action the moment needed, but out of nowhere, Drea came flying over the top of my body with her bow and arrow. Her impeccable aim hitting its target directly through the eye, she spun on the tips of her toes as the bow collided with the skull of the same wolf, sending it flying backwards. Her white strapless crop and white flowing skirt was now covered in small red blood splatters. She gripped the hand of the hooded man and as he flung her over his back, both feet planting a deadly kick right in the face of a smaller black and orange wolf, the rider grabbed an arrow at her hip and slammed it down through the muzzle of the white, orange and grey coloured wolf. It was all so arousing watching her in all her magnificence that I simply could not move - or do anything - just watch her as she hypnotically worked.

That was, until Drea leapt from her position and straight into the arms of the mysterious figure, my wolf snarled and growled in disapproval of him touching my mate. I shifted immediately and ripped her out of his arms, my grip holding her back as she fought for me to release her.

“Let her go!” The hooded man warned.

“Don’t you ever touch my mate,” I spat furiously while my chest vibrated, emanating a snarl and radiating powerful energy waves of Alpha fury as my pack took a few steps back.

Drea swung her arm backwards, knocking my knees. Not expecting her attack, I fell to the ground, releasing my grip on her. All of a sudden, I was flipped and she was straddling me with my arms pinned to the ground.

“You know, if I wanted to, I could get out of this hold Drea,” I say, rather enjoying my predicament.

“Oh, I don’t doubt that for a second… Alpha,” she purred and leant forward to kiss me.

The rider pulled off his hood and stood over us. “What the fuck is going on here?” I looked up at this long blonde haired, forest green-eyed, elven man with a confused look on his face.

“Nic,” Drea squealed… wait, when does she squeal?

“Drea? What is happening right now?”

“Hunter, this is Nic, my brother… Nic, this is Hunter, my Ononi-nar.” Her head motioning between us as her hands still held down my wrists and a giant, proud smile on her face.

“Guess that makes you my brother then? Tell me, do you leave fur balls in the bed?” His own joke, he found hilarious.

Drea inwardly groaned and I lay there unimpressed but then she went to move off me.

“Ah, Drea, I wouldn’t move if I were you.” At first, she seemed perplexed but then realisation dawned on her. She could feel my rather large cock, brush up against her folds between her legs and it had her giggling.

Pants finally arrived by an omega.

“Don’t tell me you’re naked under my sister sunshine? Jesus, I had no idea you were into such foreplay Drea,” his quip had him laughing louder and louder as Max and Ryka snickered in the background.

“Druderosnic Lumerian, I am a lady,” she scorned.

“Yes, you are, but even ladies like a little bump and grind,” for his own amusement, he started to thrust his hips before buckling over in pain. I looked up to see Drea’s purple eyes, “okay, okay, I give, sorry.” She had used magic on him. Nic forfeited and bowed in defeat, “now, can you remove this knife from my arm?”

He threw back his cloak to reveal a Stirling silver blade protruding from his bicep. Drea gasped and went to move, much to my disappointment. She flashed me a wink and wiggled a little on top of me, causing my cock to stiffen harder. “Gawwww,” I groaned, not wanting that pleasure to leave.

“How on earth did that happen Nic?” She poured her sympathy toward her brother.

“Bloody leaches, now they are using weapons? When did dead things become smart enough to use more than just fangs?” She laughs at him while I put on my pants.

She gripped the knife and just like before - all sound escaped from her, she looked like her lungs had collapsed and her eyes swirled silver.

“Drea… Drea… Drea?” I desperately tried to pull her from her frozen prison. Her visions had never constricted her this long, several hour-long minutes passed by and she stayed there, not breathing - statued to the spot.

“She’s never been under this long?” I panicked, pleading at Nic for help.

“She was under half a day when the war with the humans began,” he simply shrugged and patiently waited.

There was nothing he could do, her delicate hand was wrapped tightly around the knife and none of us wolves could touch silver. I sat there, mesmerised, waiting for any sign of life.

Suddenly, without warning, she unfroze and ripped the blade out from her brother’s arm as he let out a cry. She slumped on the grass gasping for breath, sucking in as much air as possible while she coughed and gripped her chest in pain. Fear crept across her beautiful face.

“Drea, are you okay?” She pushed me off her and dragged herself to the barrier - mad as hell. Lifting her hand, she slit from her wrist downward, the gash on the inside of her arm pouring with blood as she wiped it across the protection grid’s force field causing a ripple that set off in both directions. She turns with blazing purple eyes.

“I know who the shadow is…” and with that, she took off sprinting toward the pack house.

Nic and I looked at each other with wide-eyed concern before hauling ass after her. Arriving back at the pack house, she grabbed Millie. “Please Mills, I need you to watch Violet,” she implored.

“Luna, I am watching Violet,” Millie was confused by her sudden frantic reaction.

“No Mills, keep her away for the rest of the day, don’t let her sneak off anywhere.”

“Yes, Luna,” Millie replied with knotted brows and a creased forehead.

I grabbed her by the wrist, “what’s going on?”

“Hunter, take who you trust and Nic, and meet me in your office, I will be there shortly.” I did as she requested, glancing back, I noticed she escaped into the pack library.

We sat there in silence awaiting her return, everyone seemed fairly nervous just hanging around… waiting… when her sweet scent filled my senses and I motioned for Ryka to open the door just as she was about to knock.

“Oh, well, thank you Ryka,” she smiles and steps forward, dropping a giant dusty book on my desk. Her eyes swirl purple as the book flies open and the pages begin to turn. She seems to be scanning the scripture in search of something… then abruptly, paused. She spins the book in my direction for me to read out loud.

Lycan Lucius Amadeus

First Lycan of his kind, he was unable to transform fully from Human to Werewolf and so became a Hybrid. Staying in a humanoid form with an extended muzzle and canines, his fur spread throughout his body. It was never understood why Lucius was unable to fully shift but the few documented cases since his discovery, have not survived the transition, instead, being found half shifted. History tells of Lucius’ hate for both species in which he attempted to create a war between all races. Those who were close to him mentioning that he failed due to the missing weapon, he was unable to find. (No details were given as to what that weapon was) Lucius preferred to kill the Alpha of a pack, stacking his rule, torturing all pack members to the point of no humanity, rendering them killing machines under his iron rule and then ordering them to attack.

His downfall was due to his ever-expanding ego. He underestimated the banding together of all realms and the strength of their combined power was enough to see his demise. Lucius Amadeus’ body was never recovered after the great battle with some scholars claiming he is still alive today.

“Are you saying that - that thing out there is Lucius the Lycan?” I stand to my feet and slam my fists on the desk causing the boys to flinch.

“Hunter, I’m not saying that’s who it is in particular but maybe a descendant? Not much is known about Lycan’s and this is the only book in your entire collection that even touches on that particular subject. What I saw, when I touched the blade was a vision through that particular vampire, he was fearful as he watched this Lycan parade around the room. Unfortunately, I was unable to hear the conversation but I felt his fear. When have you known a vampire to tremble?” Her words rang with truth. Vampires were cocky and arrogant, they cowered to no one, even as their hearts were ripped from their chests, they are cruel, merciless creatures that cause suffering and carnage wherever they roamed and if she could feel terror? That only meant one thing… our war was about to become a battle for the history books.

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