The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 14 – He Is Mine


We walked out of Hunter’s office with spinning heads. I had blindly walked into danger thinking my sister had forgotten me after hearing no word from her for weeks - okay, that’s not true, I’m completely overprotective of her, especially since she was captured by vampires at one stage.

“I can’t wait for you to meet her Nic,” her eyes swirled pink, a colour I had never seen my sister wear before.

“Drea, why are your eyes pink?”

“I’m not sure, I can feel the change, like usual, it’s a screen of that particular colour covers my eyes but it’s happened since the very first day here, from the moment I met Hunter.”

“Yes and wasn’t that a dramatic turn of events, think of how proud our parents will be of your twin flame?” I teased.

“They get no say in who I was blessed with, he is my match in every way, I am complete when I am in his arms Nic… it’s indescribable.”

“Forgive me, sister, my jest is not meant to hurt. I am simply jealous at you finding your match first.”

“Maybe your Ononi-nar is here too?” Her eyes sparkled at the prospect of my twin flame being a wolf.

“I doubt it, but we can only hope and pray, after all, why do you get to have all the fun pissing off our parents?” I wiggled my eyebrows as she laughs.

Drea sees me to a room where I can stay, we continued to talk while I changed into new dress robes in the bathroom. I assessed my appearance in the mirror, straightening my white silk dress shirt and white dress pants. My long blonde hair fell loosely over my shoulders as I adjusted my gold leaf headpiece.

As we entered the dining hall, I’m confronted with an overpowering smell of wet fur. You could tell, I was the only one not accustomed to wolf scent, I tried my best to act as if nothing had changed.

Hunter sat at the head of the back table with his beta, Val, on his right and his Delta, Marcus, next to him, with a woman I had not met yet. On his left side sat a young girl, small for her age with bright purple eyes and vibrant onyx hair.

“Drea,” she screamed and slid under the table. My sister fell to her knees with her arms outstretched and she ran full speed into her.

“My precious, my love, how I have missed you. I have someone special for you to meet,” she cooed and spun around with glowing pink eyes. “Violet… this is your Uncle Nic.”

I stared at the both of them, contemplating if I heard my dear sister correctly? “Ahh, Uncle Nic?” I questioned.

“Yes Nic,” her face meant business.

“Wonderful.” I exclaimed and clapped my hands together, “c’mon squirt, me and you have some catching up to do,” I wink at her and lifted her up into my arms, attempting to walk.

“Put me down please,” this tiny little girls attitude huffs out, “I’m eleven, not five.”

I laughed awkwardly, reprimanding myself, shit, I gotta spend more time around kids, who knew they didn’t like to be coddled?

Drea takes her chair next to Hunter and he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. Secretly, I loved how he adored her and clearly viewed her as an equal, I must speak to her later about how she managed to tame the most feared Alpha. Violet sat next to her and then I sat at the end. It was exciting for me to see how pack life worked, yes, we had books but they were all written by our elven scholars, so their view would have to be somewhat tainted.

“Good evening everyone, please raise your glasses and join me in welcoming Druderosnic Lumerian, Commander of the High Elven Guard, Prince of Durak Arcadian Kingdom, Son and first born to King Theophelgham and Queen Sadoramalia Lumerian, rulers of the Earth realm and brother to your Luna and my mate, Eleczonjdrea.” He was well equipped to command a room but also understood protocol, no wonder he was paired with my sister.

“She is not our Luna, she does not wear your mark, she is nothing but elven scum.” I stood ready to confront this disrespectful mutt, attempting to discredit my sister and challenge her position as Luna of The Mountain Storm Pack.

“How dare you?” I snapped my head right to see Hunters dangerous honey amber eyes narrowing in on the brown-haired, long-legged, she-wolf with her chest about to fall out of her top, he was ready to kill her.

“How dare you?” She spits back. “You expect us to fall in line and accept this as our Luna? I should be your Luna.”

“You?… you were nothing more than a useless fuck. You better watch yourself before I banish you from this pack.” His fists clenched in balls as they shake with the rage building up within him.

My sister, having watched enough, gets to her feet. “Please Nic, sit down,” I nod and take my position. She holds Hunter’s upper arm and whispers in his ear as everyone watches her curiously, but his posture releases from its tension and he takes his seat.

Clearing her throat she begins, “it seems that since I have arrived here, you have sought to challenge me and my rightful position beside my destined mate…”

“You’re damn right scum,” the woman callously laughs.

“Please, I did not interrupt you,” she stills herself looking bored of the she-wolfs actions. “Scarlet, I believe your name is? Correct?”

“Yep bitch, you better remember it,” I see my sister’s jaw clench.

“Right, it seems you were taught no respect, you have no class and I have no respect for anyone that does not respect themselves. You challenge me to my mate? Yet, you do not actively seek your own, your true intended, the soul made perfectly for you. You wish to sit next to Alpha Hunter as his love and Luna to his pack… then I will give you that opportunity.” Gasps of surprise can be heard around the room as a smile dances across Hunter’s lips and Drea raises her hands to quieten down the crowd.

“Since you feel the need to fight me for the position, then tomorrow morning, we shall do just that. You will have your chance to fight me, in human or in wolf form or both, however...” her tone just dropped to a dangerous level. “If you lose, you are left with two choices, Rogue or Den toilet scrubber. If you choose the toilet scrubber you will be banished from the pack house indefinitely and you will spend your days going from den to den scrubbing their toilets, or, you back out completely now, apologise to your Alpha, to me and then the entire pack and sit down to enjoy your dinner.” Wow, I had never seen my little sister like this before. She meant business and for her to offer the stupid wolf the opportunity to fight her in any form she chooses, meant she knew the she-wolf had no chance.

“I will fight you bitch and you will lose!” She spits back with venom.

“So be it, tomorrow morning in the training yard.” She waves her hand dismissively and sits down.

I leaned over a whispered, “you, my amazing sister, will make a fierce ruler.”

She smiles and entwines her fingers with Hunter’s. Yes, tomorrow will be a glorious day.

Being who I am, meant that I rise with the sun and today happened to be a particularly great morning with two very accommodating she-wolves caught sneaking out of my bedroom by their Alpha and Beta, who both just smirked at me before carrying on.

We headed out to the training yard, where I decided I was in need of some extra toning of my already sexy body but was greeted by almost the whole pack gearing up for Drea and Scarlets fight. Someone named Max had organised the cup and Drea was sitting in the lead, double the odds for her to win.

I came to rest next to Hunter and Val as the tramp from last night stretched in the centre. She was dressed in tiny black shorts and a tiny black crop top. “So new brother, how good is your wolf?”

He laughed at my question, “you know just as well as I, Scarlet has no chance.”

“It’s a shame about her attitude, she looks alright.”

“Huh, it’s not even worth it and I’m ashamed I touched it.”

“Bet Drea gave you a hard time last night?”

“No, she simply said we all have pasts and we need not discuss it.”

“Wow, I knew she wasn’t a jealous person but that’s really…” he cut me off.

“How a Luna should act,” I swear you could see love hearts floating out of that boy’s eyes.

Our attention was drawn to Drea and Violet walking hand in hand toward the training yard, both wearing matching outfits, blood red boob tubes and blood red skirts that sat low on their hips below the belly button, with a split at each leg, allowing access and movement. Drea wore our traditional silver arm and wrist cuffs and no shoes with her silver leafed headpiece.

“Alpha, don’t you think it’s a bit unfair, that slut, is wearing silver?” Scarlet was pushing me, she really was a horrid person.

“You call her that again and I will rip out your heart.” I snapped, seething with anger. Drea pulls off all her silver and hands it to me to hold, “Violet you coming to sit with Uncle Nic?” I asked as she jumps up next to me. “Who are you going for squirt?” I elbowed her jokingly.

“You must be joking Uncle Nic, Drea has been teaching me to fight, that wretched woman has no chance.” I laughed a body vibrating laugh.

“You’re right there squirt, she is pretty magnificent.”

“Okay, we know what we are here for. Scarlet has propositioned Drea for Luna of Mountain Storm, you both know what’s at stake. Drea, if you lose, you and Violet leave, Scarlet if you lose, you have a choice between going Rogue or The Dens Toilet Scrubber. I will not intervene, you may both proceed.”

They circled each other in the middle, Drea had her guard up ready to defend, Scarlet, however, was in attack mode. She launched forward with claws drawn but Drea easily sidestepped, spinning around. Scarlet growled and lunged with a jab but Drea blocked. Back and forth they went for a good ten minutes, always Scarlet leading the charge and Drea either blocking or swiping away. We were trained right from the moment we could move on how to fight, Drea was simply taunting her, wearing her out and making a fool out of her.

“Fight me, bitch!” Scarlet voiced, laced with hatred.

“A leader does not strike unless necessarily,” she replied.

“Well, you’re in luck… it’s necessary.”

“No Scarlet, I believe I can beat you without smashing your body to pieces,” calm and calculating Drea replied.

Scarlet sneered at her and leapt into the air, shifting into her dusky brown wolf. She lunges forward snapping her jaws, Drea blocked by pushing the heel of her palm into the bottom of Scarlet’s chin and pushing upwards while she spun under her body, lifting up with her back and flipping the wolf over, hitting the ground with a heavy thud. Scarlet whimpered, then pushed off the ground, canines bared and claws open but Drea slammed both palms into her ribcage sending her flying back and again, she hit the ground. True to her word, Drea did not strike at her - merely defended.

The fight had been going for half an hour and Scarlet was exhausted, she shifted back to human form behind a tree and dressed while Drea waited patiently for her to reappear.

“Okay,” her hands were up in surrender mode as she walked toward Drea, she leant forward breathing heavily. “It’s obvious that I can’t beat you, but please, I can’t scrub toilets and I can’t go, Rogue. I won’t survive,” she pleaded.

Drea closed her eyes thinking for a second but without reluctance, Scarlet pulled a dagger from her sleeved top and drove it straight into the side of her ribs with three sharp, fast and precise jabs. Drea fell to her knees cursing and held up a hand to stop us as we leapt to our feet. Her eyes opened to reveal blazing red, the only other time I had seen her eyes that colour, was when the Vampires lashed her skin and she murdered them all.

I grabbed Violet and threw her into Marcus’ arms. “You need to get her out of here now,” he nodded and left with the woman who I still hadn’t met, in tow.

I clasped Hunter’s shoulders, “Get everyone back now.”

“Her eyes?” He mumbled, watching on in horror.

“Yes, now move everyone back.” I pressed in urgency.

Turning around, I headed cautiously for Drea. “Sister… calm down, let’s talk about this?” I implored reason but found no reply.

Her stare was murderous, blood oozed from her wound. She lifted her hands high above her head and slammed them into the ground, creating a creator around both scarlet and herself, the ground rose up, separating them from us. Drea ran at Scarlet, her eyes blood red but vacant, like she was no longer there, throwing an uppercut straight into Scarlet’s chin, lifting her high as she flew into the air. Gripping her by the throat, she squeezed, scarlet’s arms flailing wildly, scratching at Drea’s arm clasped tightly around her neck. With brutal force, she pushed towards the ground, slamming her body into the once lush green grass.

She flipped over Scarlet’s limp body, but as she stood up Drea lifted Scarlet’s severed head, gripped tightly in her hand by her hair. She had completely decapitated the she-wolf. Hunter stood there frozen as she threw the wolf’s head at him and it rolled coming to a stop at his feet, blood still freshly spurting. Nobody moved, nobody even breathed and their once beautiful and sweet Luna had torn the head off their kin, without mercy - Drea had turned into a beast.

A nightmare, their Luna was to be feared.

She took off running in the opposite direction with blazing red eyes, leaving behind the foul stench of fear from the entire pack.

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