The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 15 – Who I Really Am


“Nic what happened?” I observed helplessly as she runs off into the forest.

“Look, there are some emotions she can’t control, when she’s attacked and hurt, she goes into fight mode. I don’t know how it all works, I’ve never quite understood it - the changing eye thing, where her source of power is derived from - but I’ve seen this colour only once before. She was captured, when she was much, much younger, around her twentieth year. She was a cocky supreme being with an attitude to match but no brains or skill. A vampire had lured her into a trap and ransomed my kingdom for her safe return. I was sent to retrieve her with the elven army, she looked fine when I first saw her - just tied up to St. Andrews cross frame, bound at her wrists and ankles. It wasn’t until negotiations failed, her clothes were stripped from her body and they began to lash her repetitively. That’s when her eyes switched to red. She snapped the ankle restraints first, then her wrists... and then she murdered an entire coven in a matter of minutes. She still to this day does not know how she did it, that she-wolf stabbed her triggering her response.”

I turned on my heels attempting to comprehend what he just told me. Does she just change back? I have to find her? She would never forgive me if I left Violet without checking on her safety.

“Drea!” Violet screamed at the top of her lungs, tears shed as the pain ripped through her soul. She had obviously seen her change, maybe into a monster? Violet was desperate to get to her, you could tell by her whole auric energy changed.

“Violet? You have to calm down,” Marcus warned, he held strong as she struggled, twisted and turned, in a frenzy to get out of his grip and to Drea.

“No Delta Marcus, you don’t understand!” She was thrashing fiercely and when he wouldn’t let go, she focused, her body went limp in his arms, her purple eyes flicking back and forth - then out of nowhere, a massive gust of wind blew in between Marcus and Violet, separating them instantly and throwing the packs Delta, hard against the wall.

Violet took off sprinting as Nic and I helped up a very befuddled and disorientated man. “I don’t know what happened Alpha?” He admitted sincerely.

“It’s alright Marcus, take Millie and retire for the day, I have a mate and our young girl to find,” Nic grasped my shoulder.

“I’m coming with you.” I nodded in understanding, Drea was his sister, I couldn’t very well say no.

“Me too,” Val arrived next to us.

“No Beta, you stay here, keep everyone calm.”


“I know Val, I don’t understand what happened either, but I need answers and I’m not going to get them if we all go after her.”

“At least take Ryka and Max, they are her friends.”

“No, I’m sending them after Violet,” I turned around and Nic and I swiftly moved, we had a lot of ground to cover and she was well and truly ahead of us.

We had been searching for over an hour, fear began to rise up from the pit of my stomach, she was dealing with this all alone and there was nothing I could do. We doubled back but slightly to the left and came across the waterfall I had once mentioned to Drea when she needed to meditate. There, thankfully, at the top, I spot a bright flash of red surrounded by green, I knew it was her. I could sense the pain and regret rolling off her and trickling down the falls.

“Oh, Drea,” my heartfelt sympathy poured at the sight of her.

When I approached, her usually phosphorescent blues where pitch black and cradled in her arms was violet, completely comatose, dry tears streaked her face as she shook with fear. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her and she flinched at my touch.

“Don’t,” she croaked out, “I’m a beast.”

“You are not,” I soothed.

“What’s wrong with me?” Her pitch black eyes, desperate for answers.

“There’s nothing wrong with you Drea.” Nic rubbed her back attempting to calm her wayward and frantic mind. “You are light and dark, just like all of us.”

“It’s like, I could see it happening Nic but I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t stop it - I couldn’t stop.” She sobbed into Violet’s dark onyx hair.

“Drea, why is violet not waking?” I asked thickly with concern.

“I didn’t hurt her, I promise,” she looked at me with so much angst and alarm, it broke my heart. “She thought she could pull me out, but her power wasn’t strong enough, she zapped herself dry and now she’s asleep until her energy refills. I begged her not to but she couldn’t hear me, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Drea’s chin trembled as she swayed on the spot.

“Shh, it’s okay. Nic can you take Violet home, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Sure,” he lightly clasped my shoulder then moved to lift Violet from Drea. At first, she was hesitant to let her go but then gave in.

My beautiful mate was broken. In such a short time here she had experienced so much, feelings, from what I gathered, were not expressed in Durak Arcadian Kingdom, the realm of the Elves, and being so exposed to such deepness was unnerving and overwhelming for her. To me, she was perfect but today she showed a side to her, the animal within, the animal I could always sense, I knew was there but never acknowledged.

What threw me the most, was the fact that here, nuzzled into my chest, lay my mate. A High Priestess, an Elven Princess and a secret animal. I needed more information and I was unsure how to obtain such a thing. Yes, we had books and yes, we skimmed across the pages but I had never come across one that mentioned such striking features as Drea or a hidden beast that lay in waiting, just below the surface of the skin.

“My beautiful mate.” I cupped her soft face in my hands, sending electrically charged sparks shimmering across her flesh as she shuddered under my touch. “I need to know more, I need you to open up to me?” I requested, pleading with her black orbs.

“I don’t know if I can?” she whispered brokenly.

“You have too, how can I fix you if I don’t understand you?”

“But what if the beast within doesn’t like it?” She replied tearfully.

“I think your beast within needs this just as much as you. At the moment you’re a little cracked, but I have the glue for you and you have the glue for me, that is how mates work, we are each other’s stronger, better half’s and with the New Moon so close, our bond will be sealed and completed. You will be Luna and I, your adoring Alpha.”

She softly smiled as her black hue began to swirl back to that ever so alluring phosphorescent blue, which shone like my own personal stars that hung from the sky.

“I am yours, take me back to our room?” She whispered.

I needed no further push. I scooped her up bridal style and headed straight for the pack house and for our bedroom. She buried her face into the crook of my neck as we passed a small gathering awaiting my return but everyone remained silent.

Drea needed comfort, she needed warmth and she needed a safe haven where she could thoroughly express herself away from prying eyes. No doubt, the pack had become curious about today’s events, no doubt, there were rumours already surfacing but in truth, Scarlet had pissed off way too many women. She was loose and enjoyed the attention and affection from males. she craved acknowledgement, acceptance and validation, even at the cost of her reputation and humanity. Almost as if she sought herself in the touch of others.

I had no idea what had happened to her to make her turn that way but her challenging my love like that, was unacceptable, but then having her cheat and hide a dagger with the intention of killing my mate to acquire her spot was unforgivable. She was spineless and malicious, deceit ran rampant within her veins, how I had not seen this before was beyond me? But then again, I never focused on anything but her being a giant easy flirt.

I tucked Drea under my plush white and yellow duvet, placing a soft kiss upon her head before changing into briefs and sliding in next to her.

“Drea, what happened?” Her eyes downcast, sadness blanketing her soft gentle features.

“I wish I knew,” she began. “It’s happened only once before Hunter, when I was captured by Vampires and slashed. A red film slides across my sight and it’s like I became extracted from my body, I looked down and watched as my beast took control. We were bleeding, trying rapidly to heal and close the wounds that lay bare on our side. There was nothing I could do, the beast took over filling my heart with unparalleled rage and just - decapitated Scarlet - without warning, it all happened so fast. What’s really terrible is that Violet felt the entire thing, she knew exactly where I had run too and exactly how to pull me from my rage haze, only because she is on lockdown within her own body until she flowers, she was not strong enough and depleted her energy in order to reattach my soul back to my body.”

“The time with the Vampires… how did you return then?”

She winced before revealing, “I had to stay for days, trapped inside my rage haze, until…” her heartbeat quickened. “I happened to wander across a human boy that lay starving to death in the middle of the road. He was barely conscious and severely malnourished. We had been to war against the humans and their cruelty but here lay an innocent, he possessed no hate or malice, I fell in love with him Hunter, the need to nurture and protect this boy was strong and it immediately knocked me back into my body. I had a reason to break free from the beast, but it always sat there, waiting, attempting to break free, to come out and play. The young child, Arvadias, was taken in by an elven widow, whose twin flame perished in the Great War against the humans and was raised as one of our own. He died at the age of seventy-two, father to three children, two sons and one daughter. He had left our realm in search of his future and found it in a small village high up in the mountains. I loved him, yes, but not the same way I fell for Violet like Violet was always meant to belong to me, to us… as our child.”

I slid my arm across her waist pulling her in close. “She is our child, the first of what I hope will be many,” Drea crookedly smiled.

“You are not afraid of me?” She queried, stunned by my talk of the future.

“Of course I’m not afraid, why would I be afraid of my mate? You are my completion, the good and the bad and let’s not forget the fact, that I too, carry a beast within me. Just below the surface, lurking, ready to attack, maim and destroy without logic and without resistance. Over time, we have learnt to control our beasts, work with them, connect to them and today, what I saw was control, poise and my true Luna. You did not attack until you felt your life being taken.”

“And, this is something, you are okay with?”

“I thought I made it perfectly clear, I love you and want you, the whole of you, without missing a single piece.”

“You are far more than I ever expected Hunter.”

“So about this beast?” I began, but she raised her fingers to my lips, gently tracing the outline with her fore and middle fingers, sending magnificent waves of pleasure humming through my body.

“My eyes change colour because it is waiting to be released. Hunter, I am not just an Elven princess sent here for The Wolf Siren, I am a Phoenix.”

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