The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 16 – Awakening


“I am a Phoenix.”

Her words reverberated again and again, through every corner within my brain. An animal, a bird type creature, not just any bird type creature… A PHOENIX. I knew I could sense an animal within her. Okay, now was not the time to be mentally praising myself.

Like a gust of stormy wind, it slashed at my face, throwing my whole body backward. thumping it continuously, the realisation that she - my mate - was more spectacular than I could conceive.

“Hunter… say something?” Her worried expression sought solace and comfort from my bewildered body and mind, the rarest of all mythical, supernatural and ethereal creatures lay next to me, seeking my love? She was special, this, I had always known even in my dreams, but to know she was indeed an animal - just like me - was both exciting and scary.

I had heard stories in my youth, how ‘The Phoenix’ brings the balance between all life, they belong to the side of right, no matter if the fight is wrong, they will always seek to protect, to nurture, to regrow and connect. This explained every slight little doubt or bit of confusion that lingered in my mind. She fiercely protected Violet and was determined to help - even if it meant rejecting me in the beginning.

I felt her tense and watched tears gather and flow from her yellow eyes, snapping me back from my thought. “Drea, do not cry, you are more than I ever imagined, how could I not be completely impressed by your lineage right now? You are a gift from the Gods and Goddesses, both the light and the dark, brought to earth to save it and restore the balance, you are my miracle.”

Her eyes bulged but she leant in, pressing her erogenous lips against mine as my cock wept in need of her but I pulled away difficulty. “We have to stop, I’m sorry,” I squeezed my eyes closed tightly as I felt her softness pressing gently against my entire face, She moved tenderly, giving her romantic caresses and placing them on every part of my skin.

“Only a few more days,” she assured.

“Are you still accepting of me?”

“With all my heart and soul.” She replied, filling my ego, readying it to burst.

It was time to face the pack, Drea felt the need to shrink away for a while but there were no more days left to hide, the New moon was here and after all this wait and anticipation, I was finally to be connected completely with my mate. To say I was nervous was an understatement. We headed towards the food hall for breakfast, just as normal but this time, sweat gathered on my palms as I furiously wiped them on the back of my black leather skinned pants. She sashayed in behind me, looking remarkable as ever, her blood red hair flowed like silk, down her back and across her shoulders.

She adorned a beautiful cream coloured bodice that wrapped tightly across her ample cleavage and crisscrossed along her back and ended above her belly button revealing a toned stomach. Her crème velvet skirt hung low across her hips and hugged her remarkable curves, flowing outward at the knees, almost as if her lower half were a crème coloured mermaid tale. Gone were her usual silver cuffs, instead, she wore daisy chains, her, violet and other pack pups had weaved especially for our union, the yellow and white flowers glowed against her soft tanned skin and radiant blood red hair. She wore crème slip-on flats, her ankles loaded with delicate daisy chains.

I felt a pang of jealousy thumping at my heart, What if they can see her beautiful body? I growled out over my pack, warning them to not look at my mate.

“Jealousy Hunter… really?” She voiced loudly.

“Yes Drea, I can’t believe just how beautiful you look today.” My heart swelled with lustrous desire and inappropriate thoughts caved my mind.

“Enjoy your naughty thoughts while you can, Alpha, because come tonight - you will be unable to hide anything from me.” She swayed her hips erotically, moving seductively to me. I snapped left and right, furiously attempting to catch anyone thinking of peaking at my Ononi-nar.

“You tease me so, my twin flame.”

She leans forward, swiping her wet hot tongue along my ear and purrs, “you have seen nothing yet.”

My cock sprang to life almost instantly, with the knowledge that tonight, I will enter mateship and my forever with the woman I love. My solid pole was reacting to her very essence and I was not willing to shy away and hide my utter and pure delight.

I stood proud of my soldier, lusting after our mate as she giggled, eyes swirling to an aqua hue. Ah, I clicked, aqua means lust, our mate is as turned on and just as excited as we are.

“Down boy,” Nic laughed reaching our table. “You’ll poke someone’s eye out with that monstrous thing,” he snorted, finding amusement and thrill in my throbbing bulge.

“There’s only one somebody I want to poke and never leave Nic,” I retorted back, unfazed by his playful behaviour.

“Oh Jeez, I don’t want an image, it’s bad enough that the whole pack already knows what’s meant to happen tonight, but to flaunt it around? C’mon?” He choked as the last words left his mouth.

“Sexuality is a very open, celebrated and expressed event among Wolf packs Nic, I actually believe you’ve encountered that.” I winked at him with a smirk playing upon my lips, “because of our link to one another, it allows all of us to share in the pleasurable feelings, yes, it can be blocked but sometimes, especially during orgasm, the wall falters and you feel the wave of ecstasy, only slightly - more like a heated sweat crawling over your body. Everyone tonight will be howling in their own pleasure zone at the fact their Alpha, has finally captured his Luna.”

The pack takes their seats at various tables as I begin my announcement. “Good morning wolves, a few days ago Scarlet chose to challenge my true mate to her rightful place at my side. Obviously, you saw how your Luna never attacked only defended and blocked. She is deeply ashamed by the colossal event that happened when Scarlet saw the opportunity to break the rules of engagement and stabbed her thrice, in the side rib cage. I will hand you over so you may receive the answers you seek and to squash any rumours floating around.” I sat myself down as Drea rises.

“Thank you Alpha,” she smiles respectfully at me, understanding her place in front of our pack. “First of all, I’m deeply sorry for my detrimental mistake. The loss of any wolf life is one that haunts my soul daily...” her beautiful eyes reflected sadness when Scarlet did not deserve it.

“Tonight, I am to officially join your pack as your Luna. I am completely in love with this incredible Alpha and wish nothing more than to strive and make you all proud. In doing this, I must be honest with you all. I am no ordinary Elven Princess. I am an incarnated Phoenix. I’m not sure if you know but elven folk live around a thousand years or so, which means I am 126 years old…” gasps sounded out across the deathly silence.

“Please, I understand we are asking you to put faith in the unknown and in the animal that lives within me. What happened, on that field, was a lapse in control and I promise to be better, to work harder, in order to make sure that never happens again. For our union to continue, I would like you to step forward and discuss any grievances you may have, I am willing to answer any questions and face all rumours, free from judgement and with full understanding at your hurt too, from losing your pack member and family.”

She stood there waiting for any member to step forward, I watched their faces as they mulled over the words Drea had spoken. There was no trickery or deceit in her spoken tongue, just plain and honest truth. An Elder stands after several heart-stopping minutes of awkward silence and begins.

“Luna, my name is Starleigh, I am Grandmother to Scarlet. I was deeply ashamed by my girl’s actions and the lack of respect she had for herself, her family and then for you. I do not harbour any ill feelings towards you, however…” she took a step closer, Drea’s full attention soaking up the words of this Elder. “How do we know your animal will not attack an innocent?”

Drea dragged her bottom lip through her teeth rather hard. “We don’t. This is the second time in my life where my animal has risen, the first was when I was captured by vampires and whipped and the second, was when I was stabbed by Scarlet. It seems that the only time in my 126 years on earth, my Phoenix comes out, is when I am in life-threatening danger. Other than that, I am no threat, I promise you.” I was proud of her answer.

“Is that why your eyes change colour?” She enquires, I could tell by her wide-eyed surprise that Drea thought she had managed to hide her unique ability.

“My eyes change colour to reflect my mood or situation I’m in at the time. Hence why, when I look at both Alpha and Violet, my eyes transform to pink, in recognition of my soul connection to both of them.” Starleigh nods her head in satisfaction. “Um, Ms Starleigh… I am truly sorry for your loss.”

“You can release your guilt Luna, I forgive you. We all have a beast inside of us, that at times, is hard to control. We have all felt the pull to allow the animal to take over, it clearly furthers your connection to us and in your understanding from within the pack. I had doubts about an elven born leading but you have shown true strength in character, at the way you have adopted a wolf pup as your own, fought against the mate bond for said pup and then stood with your head high, accepting whatever judgement or enquiry that came from all pack members. I respect you for that.” She smiles and rests herself in the chair she had previously occupied.

Ryka and Max stood with their goblets raised, freshly filled with refreshing juice from their pitchers and sang out across the hall.

“We accept you, our Luna, Eleczonjdrea Lumerian.” They raised their glasses as I follow suit, in turn, everyone else does too. “WE ACCEPT YOU, LUNA ELECZONJDREA LUMERIAN!” The pack chimes in.

I howled towards the roof with the pack chorus blending vocally together in harmony. I have never felt more proud of The Mountain Storm pack then at that very moment and Drea’s tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks as she held violet close, Nic smiling away at his sister.

The fire pit burned brightly with a large hog roasting on the spit, the smell was delicious, I was salivating as the music swished and blended with the darkening sky. The entire pack had shown up for the celebration and I later found out, they too were involved in creating the perfect night, once they heard what Millie was up too.

I couldn’t believe it. They had set up the Pergola with faerie lights and littered solar lights throughout the grounds leading towards our cave. There were piles of food scattered across numerous tables, both inside the food hall and outside, they all had gone to a lot of trouble ensuring her welcoming to the pack was special. Violet, as usual, was wearing an almost identical one shoulder crème crop top and skirt to Drea. I loved how they both never minded but just enjoyed each other’s company - like they had always belonged together. Drea had braided the daisy chain through Violet’s hair, she looked beautiful with her bright purple irises shining back with happiness. Much had changed since the night Drea somersaulted off Sudryl and into my heart and I was thankful for every moment.

The night continued smoothly as Drea and Violet danced with the pups, my eyes trained on her and my daughter the whole time. Remembering to complete the bond and mix blood with Violet, sealing her as my daughter officially, at a later date. She bent over and whispered in Violet’s ear before stroking her cheek with the pad of her thumb to which, Violet nodded and carried on dancing as Drea’s hypnotic hips swirled and shimmied over to me, finally reaching down and seating in-between my legs as Val and Marcus respectfully bowed and left.

“I didn’t mean for them to leave?” She gestured towards the vacant seats.

I leant back further into the wooden log and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. “I know but they obviously didn’t want to disturb our moment,” I replied as my thumb stroked her soft luscious skin.

“How long do we have to be here?” Her question bewildered me for a minuet second before the lustful aqua, blazed a fire from her eyes.

“We can leave now if you’re ready?” I smiled down at her.

“I’m ready,” she blushed, the aqua still burning brightly.

“Then, let’s go?” We both stood as I impatiently grabbed her hand, beginning my soft gentle kisses upon each finger as we descended the moss and dirt path.

The walk was rather a long way but the solar lights and the new moon, illuminated our path as we briefly stopped to passionately devour each other, than continue, all while lips grazed skin and hands groped at body parts. She was just as ready and enthusiastic as I was and her movements set ablaze my heart.

We reached the cavern, naturally carved from years of storms and unforgiving weather, creating the perfect home for a Mate-ship union. I parted the willow tree leaves that hung over the cave from above - over the years it had overgrown so much, it had created the perfect doorway to hide the Hollow. She placed a chaste kiss on my cheek before entering.

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped from inside. A wide toothy grin adorned my face knowing what lay within and I was so thankful for Millie. Part of me knew Marcus will be spending the next few days in torture at the fact that ‘he should have done this for her’. I shook the thought from my mind and entered in behind her.

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