The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 17 - Completion


What greeted my sight when I walked through into the hollow was nothing short of breathtaking. At the far back of the cavern, where a stream flowed, was glow worms that lit the place up like tiny little downlights hanging from the roof. There were candles placed at the start of the cave with white rose petals littering the grassy floor, an ensemble bed had been placed in the centre of the hollow along with pristine white and gold bed covers. I spotted, just off to the side, an extremely full picnic basket with a champagne bottle chilling on ice and two flutes.

“Hunter… it’s beautiful, but why so much effort?” Still unable to remove my eyes from the aesthetically pleasing layout in front of me. For any Elven born, nature was the very life that flowed through their veins.

He closed the distance between us, my back flush against his strong, muscular chest. I moaned the moment his hands slid down my arms and I felt his lips against my earlobe. His deep husky voice vibrated through my soul causing goose bumps to spread atop my skin, “you deserve it. This is just the first of many ways, I will show you just how much I love and care for both, you and Violet and any others that may happen to come along.”

The idea of having his offspring swirled pure happiness across my heart, “Hunter…” I groaned in pleasure as his hot wet mouth sucked and nibbled on the crook of my neck.

“I love the way you groan my name… Ononi-nar,” he whispered into my skin.

He spins me around in his large arms and I swoon at the lustful look in his hooded eyes. His hands clasp my face as my fingertips slide gently up his perfectly sculptured abs to rest atop his rounded pecs. “I want you more than I can express,” he whispers against my lips as my eyes close in anticipation for his kiss.

“I… want… you… too… Hunter.” I breathed heavily, nervously awaiting our flesh to meld together. I felt a strong gust of wind and a chill ran up my spine but before my brain registered he had left, he was back in the exact position as before. This time though, there was no light from the candles, just an entire roof lit from glow worms.

My eyes still burning bright aqua as he closed the gap, ever so gently capturing my lips in his, sealing our tender kiss. I slid my hand around his back to pull him closer, opening wider and extending my tongue to passionately slide against his. Deepening our need for connection, his hands moved down the sides of my neck over my shoulder blades, down to the curve in my lower spine, squishing our bodies even closer. Our tongues feverishly battled in a lustful haze and then I pulled back ever so slightly, gasping for air and moaning in pleasure.

A deep harmonious growl reverberated from inside Hunters chest as his claws extended through his fingernails and slashed away my white bodice within a mere blink of the eye, releasing my full chest, soft pink nipples - erect and ready to be touched as they bounced by his fast actions, eliciting a soft purr from within his throat as a smile graced his lips. He moved quickly to remove me from my skirt but I stopped him grabbing both hands and resting his palms on my chest.

“Feel me, Hunter,” I whispered hypnotically, capturing his mouth with my own again, pleased by the pads of his thumbs circling and teasing my pert nipples as waves of pleasure gather deep within my core, pulsing and clenching my pussy. I slid my skirt down my hips, allowing it to pool at my feet.

He pulls back to gaze upon my naked body, releasing a “shit” ever so softly from his lips. My hands unbuttoned his leather skinned pants and slid them down. His long and wide, perfectly chiselled penis, springs free from its restraints and I lick my lips in appreciation of his delicious, rock hard member. My wandering hands grip and slide over his mushroom head, down his thick and twitching shaft and I moan in satisfying admiration.

“I’m going to worship you, Drea...” he breathes as his hands skim over my arse, lightly squeezing before pulling my thighs up and wrapping my legs around him. “Worship every inch of your skin...” he nips the base of my neck as I groan, my pelvis pushing into his abdomen, as he walked. His erect penis tapping against my bum.

“Worship your heart...” his lips capturing the tip of my nipple before he swipes his tongue around my areola. “Hhuunntteerr,” I shivered, my back leaning into the ensemble bed.

“Worship your very soul...” he blew a hot breath across my now wet nip.

“Oh god,” I muttered, eyes rolling into the back of my head. He trailed wet hot kisses along my body and down my stomach, arching as he kissed passed my belly button until his mouth cupped my dripping wet sex, leaving it to clench repetitively in the need for penetration between my legs.

His tongue taking one swipe along my engorged flaps and I nearly came undone. I tried to roll, tried to close my legs, but his arms pried them open again.

“No my Mate, I’ve only just begun.” His flattened tongue swiping across my folds again as I writhed under his touch.

“Too good...” I groaned, “Hunter, it feels too good.” I whimpered with my eyes shut tight, breathlessly mewling to the unsuspecting glow worms bearing witness to our erotic union.

Stroke after stroke, his talented tongue assaulted my tender flaps, circling the tip of his tongue against my clit, the ball of nerves shooting up through my body as his finger entered my wet tunnel and I rocked into his face. My fists balling, one in his hair and the other gripping the covers as I moaned. I was so close to exploding as another finger entered and he flicked the tip of his tongue against my clit. His fingers rubbing against that magical spot deep within my hole.

“Hunter!” I screamed in pleasure as my juice exploded over his hand, his mouth lapping up every bit of creamy honey as I spasmed underneath his face.

Climbing on top of me, he brought his lips to mine, the scent of my arousal still perfumed his face as we pashed hungrily. He palmed his throbbing cock, pumping it in need for release, I kicked my heels into the soft mattress, flipping us over and taking control.

The surprise was evident on his face but he rolled with it. I leaned back, dragging my tongue across the slit in his bulbous head, collecting the droplet of pre-cum along the way as he rolled his eyes back and his head bounced against the bed. “Drea!” he groaned, a devilish smirk formed on my lips.

I wanted his enormous cock but I selfishly wanted it inside me, filling me completely. Straddling him, I rose to my knees, positioning him at my entrance, sliding his mushroom head back and forth along my folds as he grunted his erotic pleasure beneath me with my left hand tweaking my nipples. “Stop teasing Drea,” Hunter warned, watching me with blazing dark eyes.

“God, even just the head of you makes me want to cum.” I groaned back.

I stilled, preparing for entry, slowly pushing down to the hilt as my inner walls stretched to accommodate his exceptional size, my cunt weeping with ecstasy as it clenched in happiness. I felt it all, as I slowly rose and came down again, his bulbous head scrapping at my walls as they greedily gripped around his twitching cock. My eyes fluttered closed when I quickened my pace, rocking into his pelvic bone, his splayed fingernails lightly grazing against my thigh as I rode him.

My head was thrown back, my chest bouncing in front, as a familiar knot began to form in the pit of my stomach, swirling out and growing, the harder I ground into him. Leaning forward slightly, I rubbed the flesh around my clit against him, his delicious penis sliding against my G-spot deep inside.

“Open your eyes Drea, I want to see you cum,” he ordered, but they wanted to close, wanted to be lost to the darkness and oblivion. “Open them!” He bellowed in desperation, “open them and cum for me.” My phosphorescent eyes blazing aqua transformed to pink as I screamed out, practically collapsing from my heavenly explosion. “So beautiful,” he whispered brushing back my blood red hair.

He flipped us again, without removing himself from inside me, the feel of him sending goosebumps across my skin, our tongues meeting again, stroking one another with heat and need. His hips began to thrust, slipping his cock, easily, in and out of my tunnel. His pumps pushing harder and harder as I cried out, “ooh Hhuunnntteeerrr!” My teeth chattering by the sheer pleasure.

My back arched high off the bed as his mouth enclosed around my right nipple, swirling his talented tongue, causing my body to arch further into his face. His hips slammed hard, fucking me like nothing I’d ever felt before, I was quivering on the precipice, his buff deltoids, biceps and triceps shook with every pound he thrust into me and my greedy cunt clutched tightly around his shaft, squeezing against him. He pulled off my chest quickly, “fuck Drea,” he cursed as his canines extended.

He licked the crook of my neck, searching desperately for the sweet spot. My lids fluttered and I moaned as his long wet tongue hit it. “Don’t cum just yet baby, wait for me,” he grunted against my skin, thrusting harder and harder.

“Hunter,” I whimpered, desperate to orgasm.

“Wait for me!” He pumped, faster and faster. My moans and groans were incomprehensible as sweat poured from both of us, my fingers indenting into his back, squeezing the muscle. I moved my mouth up to his shoulder and graze my teeth against his skin, his grunts straining with pleasure as his tongue, once again, found my sweet spot. “Now!” He orders and sunk his teeth deeply into my neck.

I exploded in a flurry of multicolours that danced across my blurred vision, his hot seed shooting deep within me as he pumped out the last of his delectable semen. Like a bouquet of feathers trailing along my veins, I could feel our connection, my eyes flamed bright metallic pink and shone like beams of light to the roof. I could hear voices, see his memories, feel his emotions - it was like we were melding into one as wave after orgasmic wave crashed over our bodies, again and again.

Shuddering against each other he held, still breathing as one, our hearts beating as one, the entire feeling was indescribably erotic, the connection that combined us allowed release after release to pour from us. His seed still shooting into me as my walls clenched around his still rock hard cock, again and again, with no reprieve or break in-between each orgasm.

For a long time, our bodies shook against each other until finally, we both came apart for the last time and he collapsed on top of me, both of us desperately sucking back air as our lungs burned from lack of oxygen. He placed a chaste kiss upon my lips before sliding out from within me. Gathering what little strength he had left, he stood to his full height, dragging his feet towards the willow vines blocking the cavern entrance, pulling the leaves back, he sucked in a massive breath and howled into the night. The sheer noise of it vibrated the cave and my hands clamped shut over my ears as his howl was joined by countless more howls from the pack. I could feel their elation at the announcement of me officially being their Luna.

He dragged his way back to the bed and slipped in next to me, pulling the mangled covers from off the grassy floor and placing them around us as I shuffled in as close to him as possible.

“That was incredible my Alpha,” I whispered.

“You are incredible, my Luna,” he whispered back. My head resting against his chest, we fell quickly into a deep and delightful sleep.

The music from the celebration drifted slowly through the vined doorway and into our ears, rousing me from my slumber.

“What time is it?” I croaked, feeling warmth embrace me with a peck to my cheek, I also felt his hard rod poking into my backside.

“I think we’ve only been asleep for a couple of hours, how are you feeling?” His Deep husky voice an octave lower due to his sleepiness.

“Happy.” I murmured in his arms, sticking my backside into his cock, “how are you feeling?”

“Ready to take you again if you keep doing that my Luna,” his words were like liquid silk caressing every inch of my body.

“I would love nothing more, but I’m starving,” I whined.

“You’re right.” He removed himself from the blankets and walked over retrieving the picnic basket.

I sat up, still watching the glow worms sparkle above the stream. “It’s so beautiful in here,” I remarked as he poured to flutes full of bubbly goodness.

“Yes, it’s a shame it doesn’t get used.” He unfolded the array of food and spread it atop of the covers, uncaring that his manhood was on full display for my feasting pleasure.

“Doesn’t get used?” I questioned.

“The Hollow has sat here for hundreds of years, its beauty unmatched by anything around but it’s also the only place on my whole territory that these glow worms live, so… it remains protected and rarely seen or used by others. I guess, a secret oasis away from uncaring wolves who cannot appreciate the beauty and necessity of it.” His eyes wandered leisurely around before finding mine staring straight at him.

I swallowed hard, I had never prepared myself for what I actually received when I got here, he was far more than I ever expected, the rumours that plagued my mind - just before my arrival were wrong, everyone was wrong… he was beautiful. He was kind, caring, sensitive and above all else, a true, fearless and fair leader and he was mine, my Ononi-nar, my twin flame and my mate.

“You are beautiful, my Alpha,” I whispered as he handed me a plate full of delicacies, but I was suddenly no longer hungry for food.

“You must eat something,” he snarled lustfully, closing his eyes breathing in the scent of my arousal.

I moved the plate onto the grassy floor and rose to my knees allowing the blanket to slide off my body, “come here?” I beckoned, his movements small and unhurried as he crawled on his knees to meet me in the middle, wrapping his arms around my lower back, gripping my perky globes tightly, squeezing my arse muscles between his rough, strong palms.

“You are my only weakness Drea and my heart belongs to you.” He captured my lips against his, slipping his tongue between my parted mouth, tasting me from within as I groaned into his.

“I will never get tired of kissing you,” I announced when I pulled back for air. On our knees in the centre of the most comfortable, fluffy, soft bed, we made out like desperate horny teenagers, insatiable and unsatisfied, the never-ending need to take each other again and again. For the rest of the night and all the next day, we allowed ourselves pure bliss, the connection and completion of ravishing each other raw and completely.

My hands splayed across the cavern wall as he pulled my blood red hair with his right hand, thrusting deeply into me from behind, the sound of our sweaty skin slapping against each other, his left hand resting on the base of my spine, he groans, watching as his hard cock slides in and out of my sex tunnel.

“Fuck, my Luna,” he growls passionately, “you’re so sexy… I don’t… think I can… ever let you… leave.” He pumps ferociously - my whimpers barely audible as exhaustion swallowed my body. “Just come for me one more time, my beautiful Luna,” he grunted quickening his hip thrusts.

“I c-can’t,” I stuttered, pushing back into him harder.

“Yes, you can.” He reached his hand around, his middle finger circling the tender nub of my clit, stimulating and sending delicious vibrations up through my body, hardening my nipples to bullet points as that all too familiar knot formed in the pit of my stomach and grew.

I was hanging on the precipice, ready to fall when he released my hair and pinched my perky nipple as his hips slam deeper. I felt his cock swell as my walls bared down tightly around his manhood, “Fuck,” he spat out.

“Ooohhh Gggooddd!” I screamed, exploding all over his talented penis as he unloaded his juices, painting every inch of my tunnel.

“Fuck Luna,” he slapped my behind playfully before extracting himself, leaving me to miss his giant cock. He spun me around, swallowing my face again before lifting me up and carrying me bridal style to the bed. My eyes fluttering closed as he climbed in behind me. In the two nights and day, we had been held up in that private sexual oasis, I had lost count of the number of times I had orgasmed, amount he had orgasmed or even the amount of times we made love.

I thought being 126 years old, I had seen just about everything there was in terms of ‘a rumpus between the sheets’ but I was thoroughly wrong. Hunter knew how to satisfy my body in unimaginable ways and I was his violin being expertly played by his impeccable talent.

“I could never get enough of you.” He whispered in my ear before we began to drift off. It was perfect, from start to finish, our mate-ship ceremony was more than I could have ever imagined and I was lost in the ecstasy of my love, my twin flame, my Ononi-nar.

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