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Chapter 21 - Celebration


When Drea’s lips hit mine, relief washed over me. I had watched her die, I watched her burn by the hand of her own child, our chosen child, but I had also watched her rise from the ashes, incredible and glorious - as if nothing had even happened. Her broken and bleeding body completely healed as her eyes blazed a brilliant red and her face scathing, desperate, and in need of retribution of her child being taken by the fearsome Lycan.

I looked up as the last of the ethereal dome tendrils retracted from around us and my focus was drawn back to her alluring phosphorescent blues. “You told her to burn you if you got hurt?” It sounded like a statement but it was in fact, a question in need of an answer.

“I did, I’m sorry. I knew she was the only one that wouldn’t go against my wishes.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hurt flooded my face, I should have known.

“My Ononi-nar, I didn’t actually know if it would work, I had never tried it. It was written in the prophecy but I never needed to test it until now.”

“I hurt our daughter, I threw her away because I thought she purposely lit you on fire.” The tears ran down my cheeks as she cupped my face, wiping them away with the pads of her thumbs.

“I know... I know. She will understand, she will forgive you,” I brushed my lips against hers, relishing she was still here with me and placed her steadily on the ground.

“Well, I have to visit more often, this is more action than I’ve seen in years.” Nic slaps my back forcefully, grinning like a kid in a candy store. His ecstatic energy was infectious.

“Hi, Nic.” Twin she-wolves walked past, swaying their hips seductively and blushing at him.

“Ah, if you two will excuse me? I have an injury in need of healing by twins,” he winked, chasing after the two and draping his muscular arms over their shoulders.

“Ah, Nic? Thank the dragons for us,” Drea called out to him.

“Great surprise, huh?” He hollered back.

“Marcus?” I gasped as he approached with a gushing arm wound, being held upright by his mate Millie. He wore a mischievous smirk upon his lips.

“I’m okay, my baby here is going to take great care of me,” he wiggled his brows happily.

“Thankfully, that witch was no match for my magic. Alamiera sounds from behind me, “well done Luna, this was one hell of a fight.”

We smile at her as she strides off. “You get Violet, I’ll let the woman, elders and pups out,” Drea moved immediately and collects a comatose Violet, carrying her tiny limp form back to the pack house.

Once I had let everyone out of the bunker dens, the gruelling clean-up begun. The tortured wolves that lay dead, either still inside their wolf form or in a horrendously disfigured human body, were piled onto massive towing trays, it was not their fault, they had been tortured beyond human sanity and were forced into such unspeakable evil, they needed to go back to their land and to be buried properly with their ancestors. This is what our pack will do for them, light their way back to the moon goddess and back to their true selves.

Your wolf spirit and your humane side should always be a connected force, for one side goes crazy without the other, it should be even, a harmonious coupling but for them to have undergone such horrific mutilation as to lose one half of their whole, is a sad and deplorable act.

The sun shone brightly upon the dawn of the new day and for the first time in a long time, we could hear birds chirping musically. Drea and Violet had left me a long time ago and as I dragged my tired feet back inside the pack house to fall into my bed, I was able to feel that completeness again, the only feeling I ever had with those two - was home.

Opening the door to my bedroom, my nostrils filling with the luxurious scent of honeysuckle, Violet sat upright on our bed, staring out the bay window.

“Violet?” I tested the waters with a calm and placid voice as a wave of guilt washed over me.

She looked up with her purple eyes, “Dad?” She had never called me that before and I loved the way it sounded coming from her mouth.

“I’m so sorry my beautiful girl.” I fell to my knees in submission for my wrong judgement and utter dismissal of her. Violet scrambled out of the blankets and rushed to me.

“Dad, I am not angry, you didn’t know… how could you know? Please don’t cry.”

Tears of shame fell as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her in close and tight, “I am so sorry, so, so sorry Violet.” I begged her for forgiveness, my heart poured as I held her much too close but I could not let her go. Her and Drea were my everything and through misunderstanding, I had hurt her.

“Dad, I forgive you.” She squeaked out from somewhere beneath my mountain of muscle.

“You do?” I was surprised by how easily she could forgive me. I did not deserve it, at the very least - not without grovelling.

“Uh-huh,” her jet black braids moved, I could not see her face as she remained buried beneath the mass of my arms. How do I continue to remain this damn lucky?

I lifted us both and headed back to bed, she giggled in amongst my muscle and flesh and I settled us under my warm and fluffy covers next to my beautiful Luna Drea, who was now watching the curious display in front of her. “I love you, my mate,” she whispered and snuggled into the Violet pile in the middle.

This was right, this is what my heart had been missing and this was the sole purpose of a man’s life - to love and to be loved in return - this was my happiness and this was a moment I would never forget - mine, forever.

The next few days were spent preparing the other wolf pack members bodies for the traditional burial, fixing everything that had been damaged in The Great War and organising a celebration unlike any realm had ever seen. The Lycan’s despicable sickening behaviour had been recorded in the history logs and well documented, then hundreds of owls were released all containing the same message.

The Lycan, Vampires and entire horde of Riverstone pack wolves that attacked Mountain Storm pack, have died at the hands of Alpha Hunter and his family. Be this a warning to whoever tries to claim our land, we will destroy you.

The message was necessary to keep the other realms in check and away from my kin - strike fear to prevent war on a larger scale.

One owl returned, out of the hundreds sent out across the vast oceans and lands, only one - the Elven Owl. Drea and Violet sat weaving daisy chain decorations for the upcoming celebration, out on the grass field in direct sparkling sunlight. My words escaped me at the sight of my exquisite mate and our chosen daughter. I approached cautiously and in awe of them and their connection, finding the brightest smiles to greet me and my blessed heart. “An owl has returned from the elven realm,” I handed the tiny piece of paper over, when she released it, however, magic helped transform it to it’s original full and legible size.

“Dearest Eleczonjdrea,” she began to read the letter aloud, “we were disappointed to feel our bond to you, break. This could only have meant that you had indeed found your Ononi-nar but when the trees whispered the words of your new status as Luna to The Mountain Storm pack and confirmation that what we suspected was true, we became saddened. You are no longer our princess, you have allied yourself with wolves and forged an unbreakable tether to their kind. There are rumours of your war and how bravely you all fought, but shockingly, the rumour we found most intriguing was the findings of an adopted child ~ was by choice, now by blood. You will bring this child to meet us when Nic returns from his countryside gallivanting as now, our royal blood runs through her veins and protocol must be upheld, even if you choose to turn your nose up at it. I suspect you conveniently forgot your elven traditions and heritage when accepting your Ononi-nar...” she took a deep breath in as if calming herself for more of her mother’s harsh criticism and obvious lack of caring tongue.

“By accepting wolven kind and attaching yourself as their leader beside your twin flame, Wolf Alpha, Hunter Goldenriverwing, a treaty of peace and alliance must be drawn and co-signed by both realm leaders in order to maintain a harmonious relationship and safe passage for our newly appointed grandchild and any further children that may seek refuge in between our homes. You being reared around palace protocol must understand the enormity of this situation and the need to have this treaty set in place and fully operational as soon as possible. Congratulations our daughter, on finding your true place among this world, though, it plagues my heart you have chosen to forfeit your lengthy life and entwined your fate with a wolf, essentially adding years to his and subtracting yours ~ one shall not live without the other ~ so once he dies you must too...” she looked up at me with tears.

“Does that mean we get to share many years together?” I scratched my head trying to understand.

“I think it means, rather than me living for a thousand years, we will both die somewhere around the 500 mark… my years subtracted and added to yours so I will never roam this earth without you,” she seemed relieved at that.

“Then, I am happy.” I captured her soft gentle lips.

“I am too, I prefer that. I don’t want to even try to imagine life without you,” she smiled reassuringly.

“You will never have too. What else does it say?” I urged her to complete her task.

“Oh yes… we can only pray that Nic has the sense to find himself an Elven Ononi-nar worthy of this court before he is due to accept the crown. Looking forward to your presence soon, Your Mother and Father, King Theophelgham and Queen Sadoramalia of Durak Arcadian Kingdom.”

“That is a long journey…” I began.

“One we are not undertaking.” Her posture screamed defiance, I could feel the wall of fury within her heart.

“They seem concerned for Violet and for…”

“She is not concerned for anyone but herself. No, we shall stay here and you and I shall create a child, one I very much wish to see fill my belly.” Well, that settles that - how could I argue with her decision?

Drea, Violet and I, sat in high backed chairs on a purposely built stage, among the regrown ground of training yard, where the music filled the air and wondrous smells perfumed the breeze as it blew passed us from the spectacular feast. We were all in the mood to dance and be merry.

Nic requested a dance with his sister and now they graced the earth with such elegant and precise body movements - far different from wolf dancing but still incredible to watch. They were light on their feet and romantic in their approach - hand positions and pointed toes - structured but flowy and mesmerising. Violet sat beside me with her hands attempting to mimic the powerful poses of their angelic forms, I had to take my hat off to Nic, for such a tremendous fighter and muscular man, he sure was graceful.

The music changed and they bowed very low to each other but before I could stop her, Violet had collected Nic demanding he teaches her how to dance so elegantly. “Your movements are remarkable,” I commented as my Luna sauntered over.

“My hip sways are reminiscent of certain bedroom activities...” She smirked with a twinkle in her phosphorescent blues.

“I chose not to be so bold with my observation.” Leaning forward, I casually skimmed my lips across my mark that she wore proudly imprinted on the curve of her delicate neck, eliciting a very sexy moan. “But judging by your change in breathing and posture, your mind is conjuring up just as many naughty thoughts as I am.”

She smiled widely, “Hunter, you a far too much man for me, your beast is insatiable,” I laughed heartily.

“And to think, we might have missed this all had we not been brave enough to take a chance.” I watched her closely, thankful to the moon goddess for bringing her here.

“I choose not to think of such horror.”

Nic and Violet danced with the pack for hours, Drea and I glued to their entertaining performance from our seats, enjoying the freedom and loving energy that surrounded us, soaking in the ambience that only true happiness can bring. There was something different about our pack tonight as if they knew the winds had changed and somehow could sense the relaxed and bright future we all had coming in our direction. After such upheaval, they all deserved this celebration, after all, it was to mark a momentous occasion… the death of the evil Lycan.

Tomorrow, Nic was due to depart but tonight, we were able to do what wolves do best - candidly frolic, play and create happiness.

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