The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 22 - The End


My life had taken an unexpected but welcomed turn and the events that followed were nothing short of remarkable. The day I left our kingdom, heading for unknown territory on the back of my ever faithful companion Sudryl, I had never imagined this is how my heart would end up… complete, full and adventurous. There are many of my kind that would never get the chance to roam outside the confines and safety of our kingdom and for them, I feel great sadness that they are unable to share in such a spectacular experience.

Not only had I undertaken a dangerous mission, but that mission, led to the most feared Alpha, that has ever roamed this earth, I adventured across his land to find a child that was bound by magic - who ended up as my daughter - befriended a wolf witch, then became mated to the once scary but now incredibly kind and brave Alpha. Became a Luna to a pack of adorable wolves, fought in a great war and now?... anything is possible, how sad for me, if I did not trust in the moon goddess?

Clearly, we are to be mated outside of our own kind and obviously, our hearts seek adventure outside of our chosen restrictions and sometimes taking that chance, is more than needed, to show you the truth, what is possible and to inspire change in the best of ways. Violet had shown me more love in the first few days of knowing her than I ever knew of in my 126 years with my own kin.

Finding Violet completed a missing piece of me, a love found so deep within that when discovered, it is all consuming and overwhelming at the same time, a reward within itself. I fought against the bond when I recognized the connection and it hurt me both physically and mentally - all because of a preconceived idea of what perfection was and not understanding that what was perfect for me - was right there with his arms open wide and everlasting love in his heart. I will never give enough thanks for the completion of my soul.

Nic refused to head back to our kingdom, he had bravely decided it was time for him to find his own Ononi-nar and unite his soul with that of his twin flame. He had decided that his completion would not be found within the Elvin realm or he would have connected to her by now. I can only hope that wherever my brother roams, he will always come back to visit, he will be the only thing I miss of my old life.

When the Queen realises both of her children deliberately disobeyed her owl, she will either send someone seeking answers or make the journey herself, my reasons for disregarding her command were simple - she is not accepting of my union because it goes against everything she expected of me. She dismissed my blood tie as elven born because I chose a wolf as my mate, yet, there really was no choice at all. This was fate and blessed by the moon goddess long before either of us were born, this much I know is true.

I watched from the grass as Hunter blew bubbles into the air and all the pups as they jumped up to pop them. This life, simplistic and yet so fulfilling, was the grand adventure I yearned. We had overcome such horror as a family and not just the family of us three - but the family pack as a whole. We may be the leaders of this jovial bunch but we are all connected as one, watching the way the pups played confirmed this, they were not in competition to see who could pop the most, they were helping each other to burst them together. Wolves are such an incredible species, while I didn’t understand them at first, I understand them now and I adore the way they live and love and the bonds they share with each other.

“What are you thinking about my mate?” Hunter comes close to pull me to my feet, leading me toward the pack house and away from Violet and the pups. I no longer feared to leave her as the threat had diminished, quite literally, Violet had screamed him to dust.

“Where are you taking me?” I inquired suspiciously.

“To our room, now, what were you thinking about lying on the grass?”

I smiled, “I was thinking about how different my life was, to how it is now.”

“And do you regret it?”

“No way,” I furrowed my brow, “how could I? Look at what I have been given.”

“I’m just checking.”

He smiled back at me and my breath caught in my throat at the sight of his undeniably attractive and charming primal allure.

“Why are we heading to our room?”

“So I can ravish you,” he winked.

“Hunter!” I moaned… excitedly, breathlessly, seductively.

We reached our bedroom and he pushed me up against the door, bringing his dominating and smooth lips to mine. My usually phosphorescent blues swirled to aqua at the possessive claiming of my body. “Aqua,” he smirked lovingly, his knuckles grazing my cheekbone and tucking my blood red hair behind my ears, capturing my lips once more. Our tongues combining inside our connected mouths, grazing gently against one another’s.

Excited arousal rose from within us as our hands explored broadly over every curve, dip and heated bit of flesh as we pushed our way inside the room, clothes being briskly torn from our heightened and sensitive flesh. His impatient mouth closing around my erect nipple and massaged it with his hot, wet tongue as the silk material falls in shredded pieces to the floor.

A deep guttural growl emits from within his chest at the sight of my nakedness and leaves me to giggle pleasurably as his monstrous and aesthetically pleasing erect cock, drips desperately in need to be plunged within my soaking wet and warm tunnel. He wastes no time at throwing me onto the bed and diving down in between my legs, extending his elongated wolf’s tongue, sweeping out and slurping along my glistening folds as my body raises, curving off the bed, leaving me to gasp at the sensations crashing in beneficent waves across my body with his fingers sliding in and out, coated in my delectable honeysuckle scented arousal.

His sensual tongue assaulting my pulsing mound as he brings me closer and closer to explosive ecstasy, the tip lapping at my clit as his talented fingertips reached up to roll my nipple as I writhed beneath his talented touch. He moves around, bringing his pelvis close to my head, allowing access to his mouth watering penis, as he slurped away at my honey coated centre. I gripped his monstrous cock, stroking him up and down with excitable fervour, his delicious salty droplets of pre-cum dribbling from the head - I couldn’t help but lean over and lick along the slit, collecting his sensual essence with the tip of my tongue.

He groans into my heated sex generating vibrations that shoot off across my entire body, causing me once again to arch off the bed while I continued my tight strokes around as much of him as I could manage, he was always far too big for my delicate hands. The mate bond heightening our senses, tingles ravishing our skin from tip to toe as he twisted and curled his deft digits deep inside of me. His fingertips sliding across that magical grafenberg spot ( G-Spot ) hidden within my inner walls, manipulating it with the pad of his middle finger as I breathed heavily, climbing higher and higher and in no time at all, my walls contract around his thick fingers and my exploding orgasm forcefully drips and clamps its way around his hand, his tongue lapping up the fluid as my head floats down from the clouds and back to earth, triggering my blazing pink eyes.

Never one to withhold, now we had been well acquainted, he turns my entire body around, spreading my liquefied legs and plunges his shaft deep inside me. “Oh,” I moaned, he retracted to the head and drove back in deeply, his hands gripping my hips as his relentless ramming pushes wave after pleasurable and erotic wave rolling through my whole body like the ocean crashing upon the shore.

The force of his pelvic thrusts moving us further and further across the bed, there was something different, primal, more animalistic to the way he hammered hard into me as if he were on a mission to impregnate. This raw primitive state spurred my own lustrous urges and my hips rose to meet his pummels head-on. Bearing down around his titillating seduction tool, milking him too sweaty but sweet insanity, his canines extended as my excitement builds once more, higher we climb, his pelvic bone grinding against my clit, his ab muscles straining and with just one more solid thrust… then… “Aaaaaaaoooowwwwwwlllllll.”

My eyes snap open as he howls erotically toward the ceiling, flooding my entire being with the most powerful climax I had ever experienced, black dots appearing before my swirling silvers, both our bodies convulsing abundantly. But this was something different - through my mind’s eye, I watched as his seed travelled up my birth canal and embeds itself inside my now fertilised egg, images of a son swarm my head, a boy, identical to Hunter… Hunter’s beautiful son - our beautiful son.

“Did you feel that?” His eyes wide with shock as he looked down from above me.

“A son Hunter, our son.” I reached up sliding my hands around his neck bringing him down to my kiss, magnetic and raw with unwavering passion.

We pull apart, gasping for breath. “I felt his etheric cord attach the moment my ejaculation embedded in your egg. I can’t believe it.”

I had never seen a more beautiful sight than the man I love, overcome with happiness at his successful implantation. We had conceived and we are to birth a son, our elation was hard to control. This would go down in my memoirs as one of the happiest days of my life, along with our mating ceremony and the day we made Violet our official child.

Our happiness could not be contained and our infectious mood spread throughout the pack, this is why we were blessed with such long lives, so we have more time to appreciate blissfulness and share our good fortune with others. My life was once a grey dreary nothingness but as my tummy grew enriching our goodness within his heart, I noticed just how my world now incorporated the rainbow.

I had prayed for adventure, I had received a miracle.



I had left my sister, her mate and their pack, with Marcos, my Arabian horse-kin and avid loyal companion. Determination, sadness and anxiety rolled relentlessly around inside the pit of my stomach - what I now sought for was my twin flame, my Ononi-nar. I had seen the benefit of completing your soul and longed for my chance to fill that void that had plagued my chest for years.

I had always been a promiscuous man - filling my nights with warm, succulent, desirable creatures and their tantalisingly, seductive flesh - what I didn’t realise until now, was that the lust was powered by my heart’s true desire for love and acceptance by the one fated to me.

I had no idea where I was heading but Violet had foreseen my future and guided me with specific confirmations I would be heading to the correct location. Armed with that knowledge and weaponry, my expedition looked bleak with just a whisper promise of hope, little did I know what awaited me at the end of my perilous journey - and nothing I had experienced in my long life, could prepare me for what I was about to discover.

Sequel: The Wolf Siren 2, Nic’s journey of heart.

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