The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 3 – The Journey


Sudryl and I had been riding for two days and almost two night’s, without food, water or rest. We were close to The Mountain Storms borders when a rush of panic swept over me causing the tiny little hairs on the back of my neck to stand up - I was being watched and not by wolves.

My eyes began to shift with pinpoint accuracy but could pick up nothing but the eerie feeling of being observed.

“Rim – poldor,” (run with force) I whispered to Sudryl in Elvish and just like that, he picks up his pace. I could not have received a more gallant or remarkable warrior horse. He was fearless and we shared a bond of understanding unlike others and their animal kin.

Sprinting at the speed of light, I reached for my double ended flail, unhooking it from my waist sash and sliding one end through my fingers on my right hand, the four tendrils with the arrow hooks held at the ready but hanging loosely. The other four tendrils latched tightly in my left hand as I clasped onto Sudryl’s black mane.

I shifted closer to his bare back, allowing for minimal wind resistance, all while my eyes flitted side to side, scanning my surroundings. We galloped harder than we ever had before, I knew my horse could feel the unknown presence, just as much as I could, and the inability to see the figure in which the aura radiated was unnerving.

His hooves pounded against the lush green grass, although due to the pitch black darkness, it looked more like a lush blanket of black. You had to hand it to wolves, they really flourished in nature. From tending to their own crops, to using the trees around them for everything they required - besides the whole eating meat thing, I guess they were a lot like elves.

Lost in my train of thought, I hear a ‘whoosh’ sound from behind me, which causes my back to stiffen straight. I snap my head to the left and look over my shoulder… a shadow. I focused my eye sight but could not distinguish anything besides a dark figure.

I can see the faint sparkle from the packs borders ahead, someone had protection zoned their boundary? Lucky I am who I am. Riding closer to the sparkly partition, I centred myself, closing my eyes, I spoke in old elven.

“Pant.” (Open)

Sudryl and I go flying through the barrier with quickening speed as mist streams from his nostrils. Turning back around, I spoke again.

“Kir.” (Close or cut)

I noticed the shadow just outside the borderlines and I shuddered, the threatening and dangerous presence that radiated from it, made my skin crawl but at least we were safe - for a moment. Why was a shadow targeting a wolf pack? He must know the Siren was here and that meant - I was running out of time. My mission could not be a failure. This war, for some reason, must need to be tipped in the favour of this pack, though, from the horror stories that spread throughout the land, this was not a pack - in my opinion - worth saving. If the Siren had grown up here, that would mean she too may be just as cruel and unhinged as the Alpha. By imparting my knowledge onto her, would she become a friend or foe and what would she do once fully trained?

Losing my train of thought, I heard a howl of warning.

“I was hoping to make it a little further before you noticed me,” I spoke with clarity, knowing full well they could hear me.

Out of nowhere, two large brown wolves appear at the rear, I can feel my blue orbs glow brighter with determination. Thanks to my black riding cloak and hood, they would only be able to see the burning glow of my eyes and from the look on their furry faces, they were confused.

An even larger grey and black wolf heads in my direction. I could sense power radiating from him but not enough to call him an Alpha or even a Beta, but he’s still higher ranked than the Brown’s on either side… Ahh, a Delta.

Two smaller grey wolves joined the others and leapt to attack me. Rising to my feet, I kicked off Sudryl and back flipped onto the grass, swinging my flail and slicing their necks. The brown wolf on my left jumps forward as I spun, releasing the four tendrils and they slashed across the front shoulders of the wolf, while the brown wolf on my right, connects with my foot and is thrown back as I flung the chain through my hands and the arrowhead hooks embed into its stomach.

Forcefully pulling the flail back, the hooks rip chunks of skin from the wolfs body as I spin the chain around my wrist and above my head like a helicopter, just as two more wolves jump towards me baring teeth and snarling menacingly. I propelled the flail right and it connected - hard - with the face of a wolf, blood gushing from the open wound while the other end connected with the jaw and slices straight through.

With my knee and hand on the ground as my right leg extended out, the flail ready on my right, I looked up, prepared for the next attack, only to be greeted by what looked like, over a hundred massive growling wolves. There, standing in the centre, was one GIGANTIC pure white one with honey amber eyes boring into me. A shiver of excitement flowed through me.

The large grey and black wolf nods and shifts into human form, “what are you doing here?” He barks.

“I seek the Alpha.” My head hung low while my eyes darted left to right, awaiting their next move.

“Put down your weaponry.”

“And have you attack me defenceless, never.”

“We are on the brink of war and you show up brandishing wolf torture weapons?” my mouth falls open, I was unaware that my trusted ‘go to’ was used in this manner and I drop it immediately.

“I didn’t know, the moon goddess has sent me, your war is why I’m here,” an urgency and shame filled my voice.

“How do we know we can trust you?” I slowly rose to my feet.

“You don’t. But either way, I must speak with your Alpha. Do you honestly think I would risk my life like this if it wasn’t absolutely imperative that I speak with him?”

“You could have sent an owl?”

“How many owl’s do you know that can get through a border protection grid?” I hear a snicker and a smirk graces my dry lips. Wolves, sheesh, I shook my head slightly in exageration.

The humongous white wolf turns and walks toward the pack house.

“My horse?” I requested.

“Will be taken care of in our stables.”

“Thank you.” The naked man that had shifted from the grey and black wolf narrowed his eyes at me and extends his hand towards the horde of huge wolves.

“After you,” he gestures as I begin to cautiously step forward.

“You are a Delta?” I questioned.

“I am,” he replies without offering his name.

“I’m sorry about the flail, I didn’t know,” he nods in acceptance of my apology.

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