The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 4 – The Meeting


…Alpha, a horseman just breached our borders… The omega mind linked me while I was in the dungeons with the guards.

…Do not allow him to live… I headed straight for the stairs and began to climb two at a time.

Marcus was the first officer on the scene and described what lay before him. I froze hanging on his every word - Dark figure, luminescent blue eyes, the mystery from my dream was here, on my land but when he said it was a woman, my pulse began to race.

The dark figure that haunted my dreams was a woman, a woman, who I had felt a strong connection too and by the sounds of the detailed description, she was one hell of a warrior.

She had single handily, managed to take down six of my wolves all whilst in human form, which is no easy feat. I awoke from my haze and shifted, excitement trembled every inch of my body.

When she spoke, requesting a meeting with me, I couldn’t help but revel in her words as they flowed like liquid through my furry ears, like the sweetest tune of softness, purity but also strength.

“You could have sent an owl?” Marcus stated in an annoyed snip.

“How many owls do you know that can get through a border protection grid?”

I couldn’t help but snicker at her come back, this woman contained a wild streak - fire and fearless. I mind linked Marcus to bring her to my office, he, of course, protested. I had issued that all intruders be killed on sight, but as usual, I ignored - I am the Alpha and I was completely distracted by the Blue-eyed vixen I’d been dreaming about for months.

Eight guards walked her to my office, including my Beta, Val, and Delta, Marcus. Val had linked me about her wearing silver cuffs around her wrists and fingers. She had kept her head low, still hidden behind her black riding cloak and he described how she entwined her slender fingers in front of her, I was desperate to see more.

He reported a blue glow from beneath her cloak and every time she searched the halls, a flash of bright blue could be seen radiating out. Her footprints kept light, so soft in fact, that as they approached the door, all I could hear was my men - but when they opened the door - my nostrils were flooded with the unmistakable scent of honeysuckle - it was intoxicating. Almost euphoric and so enticing that my mouth began to water.

I had never been blessed before - to smell something so aromatic. I looked at the others, it seemed they could not pick up what I had the privilege of.

“Sit, please,” I gestured.

“No thank you, I have been sitting for forty-eight hours straight, on the back of my horse,” her voice vibrated through me, rippling below the surface of my skin.

“Very well, do you know who I am?” My question was aimed more at wondering if she dreamt of me too.

“I do, Alpha Hunter, stories of your brutal conquests have reached our realm.” Her answer saddened me, clearly, she saw me as a beast, not as anything but.

“So, if I am as brutal, as you say, why have you come seeking me?”

“The moon goddess has sent me. I am to train a young girl about to come of age in your pack, she will tip the balance of this looming war, however, if I do not find her in time, the outcome could be catastrophic.” I listened closely for a change in her heartbeat or a jump in her pulse that could give away a lie but found nothing.

“What is her name?” My question seemed to stump her.

“I’m sorry, I was never given her name or a vision of her identity.”

“I find it odd, that you partook in a dangerous mission without any questioning?”

“I would never second guess the will of the Goddess.” She seemed somewhat offended by my observation.

“Please remove your hood?”

My hands grip the desk in anticipation to see this mystery woman that made my heart palpitate so rapidly.

“Um…” she seemed to stall, thinking of a way to get out of revealing her identity.

“Your hood and your name,” I ordered in a slightly more demanding tone. To my pleasure, I saw her shudder.

Her slender bronzed fingers reach up to grip the front of her hood and slowly pulled it back, revealing long, luscious, blood red flowing locks, bronzed skin and blossom pink, perky lips. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of me standing before her as sparks of electricity filled the air. Locking eyes with each other, sent shivers across my entire body, while her glowing blue eyes transformed to bright highlighter pink.

“Your eyes?” I gaped at her.

“Yes,” she looked toward the floor.

“They are bright pink.”

“Pink?... Pink?... Pink?…” she repeated, mulling over my attentiveness. “They’ve never been pink before?”

“What? What do you mean?” A deep crease crawled across my forehead.

“What? Oh - ahh - nothing.” Sending her eyes back to blue as she replied, the beat of her heart skipped. She had just lied.

“You’re from the Elven realm, you’re more than I expected.”

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing, never mind - oh, your name?” And now I just lied. She took a deep inhale, almost to prepare herself for our reaction.

“My name is Eleczonjdrea Lumerian, Drea I prefer. I am the High Priestess of The Elven court and Princess of Durak Arcadian Kingdom, daughter to King Theophelgham and Queen Sadoramalia Lumerian, rulers of the Earth Realm.”

“Holy shit,” Val choked from behind her as the room gasped.

Hour-long minutes pass as I try desperately to gather or even process her declaration through my mushy brain. She was beautiful, strong and feisty, she had been born into royalty and somehow, she had been placed here as my mate. My mate, I knew she was, I could feel it.

I was convinced she was unaware of her mate status but did elves take mates? Man, I need to do some research. I carefully scrutinized every inch of her face, observing the way she remained unfazed by my inspection of her, committing every elegant square of her to memory before making my decision.

“Come, I will show you to your room,” I moved around, beckoning for her to follow. “You may all part except Max and Ryka, you two are to guard Princess Drea. Anything she needs, let me know?”

“Alpha Hunter, while a bed is kind of you, I am well equipped to spend nights under the stars with my companion Sudryl. We have spent forty-eight hours without food, water or sleep to get here in my hast and would like to be pointed in the way of the nearest lake.” I frowned deeply at her statement, horrified she had denied herself basic sustenance.

“You have not eaten?”

“No, I-I had a mission,” she looks at me with confusion as a flash of pink crosses her eyes.

“There it is again - pink.” Her eyebrows knit together as her face scrunches.

“Perhaps, I am more exhausted than I realised.”

“Your horse is well taken care of and resting in our stables.” I opened the door next to my bedroom, that I had ordered prepared for her on her arrival. “This is your room, mine is next door, should you need me. Max, go down to the kitchen and gather a plate for Princess Drea…”

“Ahh... just Drea is fine,” I smiled at her.

“Drea... and bring it back.”

“Yes, Alpha,” Max bows. “But... what do you eat?” I heard her softly chuckle but then cough to cover up her slip of authority.

“Thank you, Alpha, but I would hate to impose more than I am.”

“Elves? Elves are vegetarian, so fresh fruits, nuts that sort of thing,” I threw back at him over my shoulder. He leaves muttering about damn fruits and veggies, obviously being heard by Drea.

“Bread, we’re not opposed to bread,” she smiles at me. “Thank you, Alpha.”

“Hunter, please... it’s just Hunter.” I rubbed my hands nervously on my jeans as she watches me with curiosity. Apprehensively, I close the door leaving Ryka outside.

“How long will you be here?” I question with interest.

“As long as it takes I should expect, all I need is access to your pups about to flower to find her. Like I said, Alp… Hunter, I can sleep outside if my being here disturbs you.”

“No,” I practically yelled. “Ahh… no. Please, my home now belongs to you, stay as long as you like.” Her gaze, unwavering from mine as a knock breaks our electric atmosphere.

“Here...” Max grumbles, “next time, find a non-meat eater to do it, that was hard.” I hear her clear her throat as a smirk danced across her lips.

Looking at her plate, I was annoyed at what he gathered. “I will have a proper meal prepared for you at breakfast Drea, the bathroom is just through this backdoor here and like I said, I’m right next door. The stable boys brought up your bag, although, I have kept your flail in my office as it strikes fear into the wolves.”

She nods at me and looks down in disappointment and shame, “I’m sorry, we train with all weapons, I had no idea about that being a torture device, I just needed protection.” I wanted to touch her, hold her, my fingers twitched at the need to run along her enticing skin.

“It’s okay, you can keep your sword, bow and arrows you have hidden under your cloak.” Her eyes widen with panic, “I can smell the silver and tigers eye they are carved from.” I chuckled at her horrified expression, “see you in the morning, Drea.” I go to walk out the door but she stops me.

“Hunter... thank you, for being so… kind,” her surprised expression melted my heart.

“Guess not all fables are true,” I smiled back while shutting the door.

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