The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

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Chapter 5 – The Hunt


I had woken feeling extremely fresh and was desperate to find the young Siren - the reason for my being here. Upon arriving, I had pleasantly been surprised with a rather kind and understanding Alpha, far different than the one from the stories and gossip I’d encountered, however, I would not make a mistake and let my guard down. For some strange reason, last night my eyes had glowed pink, a colour I was unfamiliar with, though - right now, they were not my concern or my priority.

Opening my rucksack, I pulled out my clothes. Today, I was on the hunt for my Siren and a relaxed outfit minus my weaponry would probably serve best if she was to trust me. I dressed in a long sapphire blue skirt that clung to my hips and flowed out at the bottom, a strapless sapphire blue crop with my silver cuffs around my upper arms and wrists. Leaving my hair to dry in its natural blood red waves, placing my silver leafed headpiece on my forehead, I flung open the door ready for my mission.

There, slumping exhaustedly, stood two rather annoyed and tired wolves.

“Have you not slept at all?” I requested an answer to my question.

“Huh,” the shorter one snorted, ignoring me.

“Ryka? Isn’t it?” I watched as he pushed himself off the wall.

“Listen, princess, not everyone gets the luxury of sleeping like you have.” His arrogance seeping from his skin as my face stayed in its neutral position.

“Max, have you not slept either?” Without speaking he shook his head, both of them grumpy at the lack of rest, especially, after last night’s rather late interruption on my behalf.

“Please, come in both of you and take a seat on the comfortable chairs.” I moved aside to allow them to enter but they both eyed each other in suspicion. “Please… I would like to talk.”

Entering the room, their eyes went straight to my sword, bow and arrows propped up in the bay window, before seating themselves in the comfy chairs. I began, in elven, reciting a slumber spell. Normally, it would have taken time for it to take effect because wolves can block with their minds but since these two were so tired, no restraint was felt and within seconds they were both out cold. “Sweet dreams young wolves.”

Walking out the back of the large pack house, I studied a very bare upper-bodied wolf. Hunter had his back to me while my eyes feasted upon his broad shoulders and rippling muscular back. I had barely half a foot out the door when his head snapped to the side.

“Drea, you are missing two wolves?” By now, I could see he had been watching the young pups train. I stepped forward, halting beside him and his Beta.

“They are sleeping,” I remarked, scanning the young ones, hoping my goal would be amongst them.

“What?” he replied with an upset tone.

“I may have put them to sleep,” I confessed, grabbing his forearm before he had a chance to turn around and go after them. On our touch was magnetic. What felt like lightning, shot up through my fingertips and crawled along my arm causing me to gasp in surprise and I quickly withdrew, shock and confusion evident on my face.

His eyes snapped up to meet mine, “pink?” He blurts out as I blushed furiously and turned away. Why did my eyes keep changing to pink in his presence? “C’mon, let’s get you some breakfast?” His arm darted out for me to hold but I simply ignored it and walked inside. After the first touch, I was thrown back and hesitant about touching him again.

Taking a seat next to him at a large wooden table, my mouth began to salivate over the vast amount of delicacies laid out. Obviously noticing my reaction, he handed me a plate with a dashing smile, “something more substantial than bread and a banana.”

“Hunter, this is incredible,” I couldn’t help but catch his movements out the corner of my usually phosphorescent blues, the daytime sun seems to dull them to a deeper shade of sapphire. Here, seated beside me, was the most feared wolf in all the realms and yet, I suffered no fear from his magnificent presence. He was unexpected and gentle but confusing, all at the same time. I had to brush aside those thoughts as he was not the reason for my visit.

“I have questions.” He states while I place my fork spared melon down.

“I figured you would,” his eyes narrowed as if trying to unravel me, “but I must not delay any longer in my urgency to find the young girl before she comes of age.”

“After my questions,” he replies, returning to his food.

“Your fighters have giveaways before they strike.” My remark had not gone unnoticed by many of the warriors surrounding us.

“How so?” He drawled out slowly, carefully observing his wolves reactions as my gaze stayed glued to the scenery out the window.

“The two that were sparring in the centre just before, the dark-haired boy lifts his front foot roughly three centimetres off the ground before planting his stance properly. In battle, that would be an easy striking point. The other one’s elbow recedes twice before unleashing causing a slow reaction, almost like he’s preparing his blow. His hesitation will cause the loss of his limb,” biting down hard on my apricot, I continued after a second, allowing for that to slowly soak in. “The patrol from last night jumped high as if trying to leap on top of me, which leaves the entire underneath space to maneuver around in, exposing their front and rendering them vulnerable.” I sipped slowly on my water while they contemplated my words. “You had six attack me, yet none came close. Your packs reputation is legendary and I do not deny the power, skill or strength of this, however…” I paused to look him square in the eye, “if you want to win this war? You will need to train them how you train yourself.”

“They can’t handle my training.”

“They have too. I felt what lurks beyond your borders, what hides deep within the darkness…”

“Come, this is not the place to talk.” He grabs my hand as tingles erupt all over it and I swoon. An involuntary moan escapes my parted lips as his head snaps around, eyes blazing with electric heat. Ignoring the euphoric feeling creeping up my arm, I reeled in my ludicrous thoughts, regaining my composure and followed, receiving a very curious scowl from a young brown-haired woman whose chest was practically falling out of her top.

We arrived at his office within minutes and he locked the door behind us. “What have you felt?” He questions eagerly as I gaze absentmindedly out his high windows.

“Something hooded watches from the trees, the scent is thick and ripe, full of death and destruction, it lurks watching - waiting. When I opened the barrier last night, it tried to get through, I fear it knows of the young girl and will stop at nothing to get her.”

“Why is she so special?” He questions, joining me at the window.

“She is a Siren. It is exceedingly rare to have one born, let alone one born away from the water realm and to have one breed into a wolf pack - can you imagine the repercussions if she fell into the wrong hands?”

He stared blankly at me as if trying to comprehend the magnitude of what I said. “Why didn’t you tell me last night?”

“I didn’t know I could trust you.” I stepped directly in front of him, imploring with my eyes, “am I mistaken on my judgement that you are in fact, nothing like your rumours?”

“Battle is different from Pack life,” he whispered, before nodding and moving to the door. “Come, let us find this young girl.” This time he does not make a motion to touch me, instead, I just followed.

We had spent the day going from den to den in search of a dream - I couldn’t understand, where is she?

“That was the last den, Drea… your Siren is not here.”

“Impossible, she is here, I can feel it. Why would the moon goddess send me on a wild chase?”

“I’m not sure but we have been searching for hours, she is not here.”

I stood there consumed by thoughts, “I need to meditate, somewhere in your forest. I know you wanted me to have guards but you must feel by now that I am no threat to your pack? Please… may I go alone? I have to concentrate.”

He pondered for a moment, watching my eyes for any sign of deceit but naturally, there was none. “You may, there is a particularly magical spot straight through those trees, please be back before sundown.”

“I can’t promise that Hunter, I need to speak to the Goddess, I don’t know how long that will take? But, I shall try.” I offered a small smile.

He slowly reaches out for me, then creases his forehead before nodding and turning away. I was a little perplexed by his odd motion but rotated and headed off in the opposite direction.

After walking for a while, I stumbled across the most beautiful waterfall. The trees buzzed with ancient knowledge, strong, vibrant and unharmed - this sacred place had remained untouched for thousands of years, surging with uncharted power. The water sparkled with purity as I climbed the moss-covered cliff wall to perch atop the magnificent naturally aesthetically pleasing formation, folding my legs under me, I breathed deeply, forcing my body into a tranquil and meditative state.

Focusing in on the forestry sounds, I slowly inhaled and then exhaled. There was no usual animal sounds only the water, gushing down, hitting the pool at the bottom, minutes turned into hours - when suddenly, the wind was knocked completely out of me.

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