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I wrote this in 2015, check out my new book. Goodnight, sweet Ethan! It's way better. Camilla is now 17 and she has been looking for her mate for just over a year and has realised he's obviously not in her home city New York. In order to help her find her mate, she and her mom move to the wolf infested streets of Vancouver. After leaving her pack in New York Camilla is temporarily a rogue, making her a huge target for the local pack. Rogues are seen as dirty by any Alpha but to Joshua Posey, Alpha of the Wild Star pack they are scum. Sensing a new rogue on campus, Joshua is determined to end it's life then and there. It's only when he looks into the eyes of Camilla Prince that he knows he can't kill her. The two find out many truths together as well as experiencing things only true mates would appreciate. Love between 2 humans is wonderful but matehood between 2 wolves is sacred.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. New home

Camilla’s POV

I wasn’t too bothered about moving away from New York. Yes, it was where I grew up but it was very busy. When they say it’s the city that never sleeps, they aren’t kidding! There was always activity, day and night and eventually you just crave a bit of ........ silence. Don’t get me wrong here, I really love New York but I was also excited to move somewhere new, meet new people, find new friends and most importantly find my mate. I am 17 now, so I’ve been able to find my mate for a year but as you can guess I have not yet been that lucky.

I already talked to much, but now I am going to proper introduce myself to you guys. My name is Camilla Rose Prince, as I said I am 17 and I am moving to Vancouver. I was part of the Vengeful Silence pack back in New York but now since I’m moving I have to also move packs.

I left my pack 2 days ago and I already feel empty. My mind link has been disconnected and I feel so alone, usually I would be bombarded by my friend Lilly through the link but now that I’ve left there is nothing. I don’t really want to join another pack. I loved my last one and I feel like I’d be betraying them just going and joining another pack like they didn’t even matter. But unfortunately I don’t have a choice, first. because being a rogue is definitely not a good idea for me if an Alpha catches a rogue they usually kill them and I’m too young to die and secondly because my grandfather lives in Vancouver and is very close to the Alpha of a specific pack out there so is desperate for me to join. He said that he spoke to the Alpha and when I get to Vancouver I need to go straight to the pack house after my first day of school. Oh gosh......

As I was saying in order to find my mate, I had to start looking in other places. This is actually one of the reasons why my mom wanted to move, not the only reason but definitely one of the main ones.

My mom is a doctor....... a werewolf doctor to be precise, so she also wanted to move because Vancouver is actually full of werewolves. They are everywhere so my mom jumped at the idea of being able to treat so many of our kind. I had to love that, my mom is so compassionate and loving so I couldn’t stand in the way of an opportunity like this for her.

So here I am in a brand-new town, with brand new people and potentially my mate. Let the fun begin people....


I shifted in my seat as I laid eyes on our new home, honestly it was beautiful. A small white house with green detailing on the window panels, pale green window boxes full of sweet little flowers and a garden with flower beds and even a little pond. A small pebbled path led towards the house from the road but it had a small white picked fence separating it from it completely. Honestly it looked like something from a fairy tale, it was that breath taking! It looked quite out of place next to the modern, oversized condos surrounding it but who cares! It was adorable!

Trust my mom to pick this place, she loved houses like this and was bouncing up and down excitedly in her chair when she turned to look at it. Her blonde hair bounced as well and her blue eyes sparkled with curiosity. My mom was truly beautiful, she only looked about 25 and to be fair that’s how old she actually was ...... well that’s how old she technically was.

I think I should explain. When a werewolf finds their true mate, their ageing stops and they are frozen in the body they have when they find their mate. Once you are united with your mate you live forever, age cannot hurt you and unless you are beheaded, poisoned with wolfsbane or destroyed by fire, you will never die.

My mom found my dad when she was 25 so that is how old she looks, in reality though she is 49. My dad and my mom are still together but he’s never around, his job keeps him constantly busy. He’s a rogue catcher so is never at home.

“Camilla, isn’t it beautiful?” My mom shrieked turning to me with an overly enthusiastic smile and continuing to bounce. I snickered at her and nodded in agreement.

“Yes, mom it is very pretty” I said still laughing. I shook my head at how cute she was, because sometimes she seriously acted like a 12 years old kid!

We grabbed all our boxes from the car and waited about 20 minutes for the rest to arrive in the moving truck. Even through only two of us technically were going to live here, we also brought dads stuff so he would feel at home whenever he could visit.

We brought all the boxes from the truck and began dragging, carrying and pushing them into the little house. When we finally brought the last box into the house, the hall was over crowded with them. Me and mom both giggled as we tried to slide in between boxes in order to pull other boxes into the correct rooms. The house had 3 bedrooms so I had my choice of the remaining 2 that were free because my mom snagged the biggest one. The other rooms were pretty fair sized as well so I wasn’t too disappointed.

I wandered up the stairs and came face to face with an open door which was attached to a pale pink room with 2 alcoves which joined in the middle with a window on that unique wall. Honestly it was a strange room.... a really strange room, but as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I didn’t even bother looking at the other room and just darted down the stairs to grab some of my boxes and move them into my room. It took me about 15 minutes to get them all upstairs and then 3 hours to unpack and build my bed. I had also brought in my chest drawers and my wardrobe and tv. It wasn’t perfect but I really liked it. I stood back to admire my work and smirked in triumph.

My victory dance was interrupted by my mom’s voice calling for me from her new room down the hall from mine. I stopped doing the funky chicken and hopped over to the door at the end of the blue hall way. I poked my head from the open space between the door and frame and saw my mom sitting on the floor noting down something on a pad. she looked up when she smelt me and smiled at me welcomely.

“Sorry honey to pull you in here but I really need to tell you something quite important.” her tone had lost its casual cheeriness and she was biting her bottom lip. She only ever did this when she was nervous so I nodded to show my understanding and came over to sit beside her. She smiled at me nervously and placed her hand on my knee.

“Camilla, tomorrow at school I need you to keep your head down and you can’t draw any attention to yourself. After speaking to your grandfather, I found out that the wolves here really don’t take well on rogues and which technically honey you are.” She gave a nervous laugh at her last words then went back to the serious tone she was previously using.

“If you happen to see the Alpha while you are at school, you need to talk to him and you need to address him with respect and inform him who you are. See him before he sees you, if he sees you and has no explanation he will kill you, honey.” She hisses.

I shudder slightly at her words. Woahh they really were serious here people.

I didn’t want to react verbally as I knew I would just make her worrying worse. I searched my mind for a response so just nodded and gave her a thumbs up. I stood up briskly and ran out her room panting at the stress I was now feeling. I was not a together person, I’m clumsy and knowing my luck will end up getting myself killed tomorrow.

I leaned against one I’d the walls and put my head against it thinking about what my grave would say.

‘Camilla Prince, Death by wolf brutally attacking her for temporarily being a rogue.’

I snickered at how stupid that sounded then laughed nervously at the thought of actually dying tomorrow.

I pulled my limp body from the wall and dragged it into my room. I shut the door and pounced on my newly made bed, I couldn’t bare thinking anymore I was putting more pressure on myself by the minute and could hear my wolf whimpering inside me. I pulled my legs up so I could grab the folds of my duvet and pull them up to crawl in. I pulled it up so I was buried in quilt trying to hide from the thought of my clumsiness finally getting the better of me. I know you may think I was over reacting but if you saw how clumsy I was you would understand. I let out a heavy sigh and let myself fall into the hands of my nightmares.

I woke up panting and damp with my own sweat. I sat up suddenly and began trying to calm myself down, I glanced at my clock to see it was 7:30. I had school in 2 hours and had to have breakfast, get dressed and find my way around school to actually find my first class. Hey maybe if I’m lucky the Alpha will find me before I make a fool out of myself by actually attempting to look for my classroom. I winced at the thought and then decided it was way too soon to start joking about it. I ran my fingers through my long hair then swung my legs over the side of my bed.

I walked over to my dresser and carefully picked out an outfit for my first day. I sat there thinking for about 10 minutes before actually choosing one; it was a very important decision. 1: because I wanted to make a good impression and look at least slightly decent. 2: because if I was going to die today I wanted to at least look hot doing it.

I chose a pair of black skinny jeans, a white strappy tank top and of course my red checkered hurt to go over it. I’d worn this outfit a few times before and it was becoming one of my favourites. It was casual yet hot at the same time. I slipped it on then ran to my full-length mirror to look myself over. I turned sideways, then facing forward again. I nodded in approval then ran to my bathroom to do my hair and make-up.

I suppose I was lucky, I actually was quite pretty. I don’t mean to sound conceited and if you met me you would be able to tell me I’m not. I’m actually quite shy. I had light blonde straight hair that went just under my boob. I was so glad my hair was naturally straight because I really would not be able to handle having to straighten it every day. I also have hazel coloured eyes.

I brush my hair and teeth, then quickly apply some light make-up. I don’t like wearing heavy make-up, it makes me feel like I’m wearing a mask!! I only use eyeliner and foundation that’s all.

I run back into my room and step in front of my mirror to take a look. I smile, I looked very good. I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs to grab some breakfast. I round the corner into the small kitchen to see my mom standing in front of the stove cooking her famous blueberry pancakes. She looked up at me, her face lighting up as she sees my smiling expression. My nose twitched in pleasure, ohh it was heavenly. My mom was a great cook and the fact that my senses are slightly heightened compared to humans meant that I could smell the scent from halfway down the street. I closed my gaping mouth as I felt a bit of drool starting to drip onto my chin. I sat down at the table and eagerly grabbed a plate my mom pushed towards me.

“Thanks mom, you rock!” I quickly exclaim before stuffing my face with the syrupy goodness. “Mmmhmhmhmh” I couldn’t help the sound which escaped my lips after swallowing the first bite.

My mom stood there amazed, watching me as I finished my plate within two and a half minutes. She sighed humorously and shook her head while taking the plate back from me.

“Jeez Camilla, I swear you’d rather mate with a plate of pancakes than actually with your mate.” she said eying me strangely before turning to start washing up the dishes. I snicker at her last comment.

“Yep” I say popping the p. I suddenly pull a face of disgust once I consider how weird that would be. Ughh I’d get syrup in places that no women should ever get syrup! I grimaced then grabbed a bottle of water and stuffed it in my bag along with my pens, pencils and other stuff. I walk into the front room and grab my lunch money from the money jar and also put that in my bag.

I quickly checked myself in the mirror and saw that I still looked okay, even after stuffing my face. My gaze dropped from the mirror and onto the last box that was left in the hall reading “Camilla’s shoes” I unflab the top and look for my black military style boots. They pull the outfit together and I was overjoyed when I finally came across them. I grabbed them both eagerly and slid my feet in each one. they were zip up so within two seconds they were on and secure.

“Okay, ready Camilla?” I jumped as my mom’s voice suddenly pounded through my ear. She was not there two seconds ago! I turned and saw her in stitches at the reaction she had just gotten out of me, I huffed angrily. This was the woman who called herself my mother.........

“Mom!” I hissed and she managed to compose herself. She shook herself slightly and then smiled mischievously.

“Okay, okay I’m sorry honey! Okay let’s go.” she said opening the front door and allowing me to go out first. I look at her suspiciously wondering what she was going to do to me while my back was turned...... she was one of those parents. I ran past her quickly before she could attempt anything and sprinted towards the car. My mom clicked the button on her keys and the car lights flickered meaning I could now get in the car. I smile in triumph and pull on the handle to open the door only for it to stay locked. I try again, this time pulling very hard. I look up at my mom in confusion only to see her snickering once again.


“I opened it earlier so I could do that!” she said between waves of laughter. I pulled a face and reluctantly waited for her to actually open it this time before pulling the handle and then climbing in. I sat there with my arms folded like a child. If my mom could act like one why couldn’t I?

She also got in and turned to me, she was about to speak when she saw my stance and just sighed. She knew it was no use trying when I was like that, so just started up the engine and pulled out the drive way.

It was about a 15 minutes’ drive to my school so I had plenty of time to get over my sulk in the car. My mom pulled in to one of the parking spaces near the front entrance so I could find the reception easily. This however did not calm me even in the slightest, I could feel my palms beginning to sweat and I could already see a few werewolves just by looking out of the window. I gulped and turned to mom, I managed to muster a fake smile which actually seemed to convince her. She smiled back and pulled me quickly into a tight hug. I hugged her back, inhaling her scent. My smile soon faded as she began to hug me wayyy to tight and I mean tight! I squirmed.

“Mom! Crushing bones!” I croak.

She gasped and pulled away suddenly. “Sorry!” She squealed, while rubbing my cheek with her thumb. I sigh then climb out the car, I jump down but before I could shut the door mom shouted goodbye. I wave and smile back before turning around and letting that smile completely fade as I look around at my fellow class mates.

States were already being thrown my way.

Yeahh, I think I have a 96% chance of not going home today after school......

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