Alpha Joshua

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10. Betrayal

Camilla’s POV

Josh finished his announcements then reached down to entwine his fingers in mine. I would have slapped him away, I was way confused and very suspicious about the looks I was getting. I knew Josh had slept with a few people but how many is a few? I ignored the urge to hit him and let him take my hand, I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his pack. He led me off the stage and then out of the meeting room to the elevator. I glanced around as we were walking down the hall, still noticing the same girls glaring at me. I felt Josh tense beside me and I guessed he had heard my thoughts (as of yet I haven’t perfected the mind block, I’ll get there!) We stopped in front of the lift and I whipped my head to him. I narrowed my eyes at him and hissed at him in my mind “We will talk about this upstairs!” He gulps and tries to look all innocent.

“I’m sorry mate but that ain’t gonna work! You got about 20 girls in there who were practically sharpening their daggers to attack me with, and you wanna act all sweet and innocent? Oh if this isn’t sorted out soon someone is SO sleeping on the couch!” I mind linked to him.

He doesn’t respond. The elevator arrives and we both slide in awkwardly. There was a young boy in there with us, so I thought better of snapping at him right now. The boy lowered his head on respect to us then ran out eagerly when it came to his floor. Me and Josh stood silently until the bell singe again telling us we were at level 5. I barged out the lift and stomped into our room, throwing myself on the bed and waiting for an explanation. He walked in slowly and leaned against the now closed door, guilt practically dripping off his face. I sigh heavily and put my head in my hands, I probably was over reacting I should listen to his side of the story. I look up and muster as gentle smile, this seems to reassure him a bit and he joins me sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Yes, I slept with them” He says flatly. I feel a sharp pinch in my chest, it really did hurt to think about him with anyone else even if I didn’t know him then. I turned to him and nodded in understanding, I respected him being honest I really did. I had to ask him, just for simple curiosity. I bore my eyes into his and breathe out heavily preparing myself.

“How many girls have you slept with?” All colour drained from his face and he sat as white as I’ve ever seen him. He looked at me nervously “Are you sure you really want to know that?” I thought he was kidding, but from the shock on his face I realized he wasn’t. Jeez how many could it be? I sigh and look down towards my shoes.

“I don’t want to, but l’ve got to do it.” I say, looking back up to him. I loved him so much, I needed to know roughly where he’d been. There was so much I had to tell him about my history that I felt I should know a bit of his as well. He nodded and started playing with his hands nervously.

“46” he blurted, making me feel physically sick. “46? 46 fricking girls? Well I atleast hoped all 46 were girls but you never know do you?” I gagged “Yes they were all girls!” He snapped, softening his expression quickly when he sees his tone had hurt me. I hated when Alpha’s snapped like that, I’d had a lot of that in my last pack. His face suddenly grew suspicious and I mentally slapped myself for not blocking that out.

“What do you mean you had a lot of that in your last pack?” He knelt in front of me so he was directly in front of my legs. I looked down then back up at him “I dated the Alpha there for a little bit” I looked up suddenly when I heard him growl quietly. I narrowed by eyes at him and stood up and jumped over him, he stood up also so he was again in front of me.

“What was that for?” I hissed

“I knew you dated but I didn’t know it was another Alpha” he moaned I should have told him sooner. I can’t judge his mistakes, I’ve made plenty of my own. He steps even closer to me and pulls me gently into his chest. He rest his head on my head and kisses my hair.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my big number, honestly I regret each one now” I nod against him and then apologize also.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Jamie, I should have. I just didn’t think it mattered anymore.” I expected a further kiss or even a proper embrace, but all I felt was him tense.

“Jamie? Jamie Cooper? The Vengeful Silence Pack?”

I pulled back and looked up at him suspiciously “Yeah” He growls and slumps back on the bed.

“I can’t stand that guy. I met him a few times at the international meetings” The intentions meetings are for each Alpha of every pack in America to attend. That includes Luna’s, I never thought about that. I suddenly began panicking, Josh rushed over to me and took my hands in his. “Are you alright” I nod and slowly began to compose myself. “I just realized that in a few weeks we will have to see Jamie at the meeting and he doesn’t know I have a mate.” Josh looked at me strangely and I knew I’d have to tell him the whole story.

“Me and Jamie were...quite serious at one point we dated for a year and a half.” I pulled back and looked at his expression, each word I said was hurting him and I wasn’t even done yet. I grimaced before spilling my guts. “I.... I loved him” Josh avert his gaze away from me and clenched his jaw tightly. “We never did anything but kiss and I broke it off when he started to pressure me. 6 months after that I realized how stupid I was to tell him I loved him because he never let me live it down. I grew to despise him and I hated being in his pack. Mom thought I should look for my true mate and then we moved here”

His expression was slightly calmer but I could still see he was fuming. Perhaps not with me but I couldn’t be sure. His head whipped to me “Did he ever hurt you” His voice was full of emotion and his eyes were slightly moist. Was he crying? I rushed over to him and sat as close as I could, I reached out to him and he leaned in to kiss me gently. I pulled back and shook my head “No, not physically anyway”. His face flooded with relief and he quickly took his sleeve to wipe his eyes.

“Sorry, just the idea of you ever loving anybody else it hurts. I understand why you were angry about my big number, if it felt anything like this I’m sour” My anger, frustration and suspicion all melted with those words. I had hurt him. I lifted my hand and rested it against his cheek, he closed his eyes and leant into my hand. I leant in and pressed my lips against his, both of us deepened the kiss and I shuffled back further onto the bed. My lips never left his and I slowly slid my shirt over my head, he pulled back then to my surprise rolled us over so I was on top. I looked at him curiously and was met with his smirk, he tilted his head to the side exposing his neck.

“You still wanna mark me?” He whispered seductively, oh yeah he’s back! I smiled and leant down so I was right by his ear.

“Yeah, why not?” I teased, he snickered at me and I began kissing down his tender neck. He groaned slightly as I nibbled gently on a tender spot. I kissed it one final time before my teeth sharpened and I sunk them into his skin. He winced and let out a growl of pain, I continued until he moaned in pleasure then licked across the wound to heal it. It took its picture form and the same picture from my neck appeared on his. Each couples mark is different but the two mates have a matching pair, I think that’s awesome!

He looked up towards me smirked as he slowly grazed his hand up my thigh, I closed my eyes and moaned as he reach the top. “Love that sound” He purred then flipped us again so he was now back in control. I sighed, I didn’t think it was gonna last that long, but it was fun while it lasted. He smirked then slipped off my leggings so I was just in my bra and panties....well when I say panties..

Josh’s eyes went black with lust as he saw I was wearing the red thong he’d begged me to pack. I bit my lip and smiled widely, this was about the only thing I did have control on. I tilted my head teasingly “You like?” I whisper, sitting up so I was directly by his ear. He pressed his forehead against mine, tingles rippling all around that area because of it.

“Oh yes” He purred

I smirked back at him and slid his shirt over his head, he took care of getting his trousers off so now we were both in our underwear. Josh had literally ripped off my underwear last time but that might have been because I was being effected majorly by the heat. It wasn’t effecting me right now but even still me and my wolf wanted him. Josh was straddling me and caressing me gently as he kissed me, I slid my hand onto his ass causing him to growl in approval. I loved that sound...

He eyed me lustfully “Wow, someone’s getting into all this..” He purrs as he kisses my stomach, working his way up...

I attempt to answer but all that escapes my lips is a moan when he reaches his destination....well destinations if you get what I mean. He nibbles, kisses and teases until he slips off my remaining clothes. I do the same to him, then let out a further moan when we start with the dirty stuff.........

Joshua’s POV

I roll off her, both of us panting and sweating buckets. I knew I had satisfied her and she had definitely done the same to me. She turned her head to me, still breathing heavily.

“How was that?” She panted, she was so self-conscious when it came to sex. I turned to face her and tried to slow my breathing, she’d really tired me out.

“Wow!” Is all I could muster, seriously she was a fast learner! She smiled appreciatively, the mind link had kicked in and now we were even. She turned to me and raised an eyebrow at me.

“You’re not curious about your performance?” She asked sarcastically, I snickered and sat up.

“Don’t need to baby, your panting and you screamed my name out several times, how much better can I get?” I shrugged, she blushed a little and bit her lip remembering.

Hell yeah I was good!

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