Alpha Joshua

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11. Guy talk

Joshua’s POV

The weekend had gone pretty quickly, me and Camilla spent most of our time in the bedroom. Her heat began to really play up and she was in agony I of course being the loving, caring and selfless mate I am was willing to do it as many times as she needed...

It was Monday now and Camilla’s heat was now starting to die down. It would be her last day of it this month as it only lasts 3 days, but it would start again next month. Camilla and Sam had now sorted things out and they were going to hang out together later. I was really happy they’d sorted it out, there two of the most important people in my life and I couldn’t stand when they didn’t get along. Especially since it wasn’t Camilla’s fault that she was in that situation.

Camilla had gone into town with Sam, Riley and Sam’s mate Brittany to get pizza. I didn’t really have that much to do, as it stands were not under attack from any other pack so I didn’t have any Alpha business to tend too. The international meeting is 2 weeks from now, so in about a week or so I’ll be busy helping with preparations but at the moment I’m free as a bird.

I stood up from my chair in my office and decided to go down to the games room on the ground floor, it’s been a few days since I’d met up with the guys and honestly I was kinda missing them. Sam was my closest friend but I did actually have a group of friends, Sam obviously, Kyle, Jake, Morgan and Chase. We’d all been in the same pack since we were pups, so grew up together. wed been through the tough times, puberty being the hardest! wed all been Man-Whores at one point so were there to “support’. one another. Sam, me and Jake had found our mates but as of yet the others hadn’t, so were still shagging anything that moved!

I waited about a minute or so before the elevator showed up, then clicked the ground button quickly. I was itching to see my boys, it had been a while what with meeting Camilla and everything. I was going to introduce them but what with her still being in heat and having 3 horny unmated friends, I’d wait a few days.

Don’t get me wrong, I trust them. I know they wouldn’t try anything but still. Females in heat smell...divine. Very hard for us males to resist.

The lift began going down but stopped at the 1st floor, I grimaced dreading who would step in. I’d slept with pretty much every teenage girl in the pack and there’s about 40 of them! I nervously bit my lip when Kayleigh stomped in, I had slept with her a few times but of course I never wanted anything more than that. She didn’t like that.

This was a while ago though, it’s so weird to think about my past now. I was a whore. That’s quite trashy actually, I kinda wished I’d had waited like Camilla did. The only thing I like about all my experience is the knowledge it has given me. I know how to pleasure a girl, how to drive them wild in to make them scream.

I felt a smirk pulling at my lips as I processed my own thoughts. It diminished as soon as I remembered Kayleigh in the lift.

She whipped her head to me sharply, after pushing the button to the 4th floor and narrowed her eyes. I averted my gaze upwards but had to look at her once she started speaking.

“Well well well, you’re mate is incredibly lucky to have found you. I’m sure you’ve changed your ways and are faithful to her, yes?” Her voice practically dripped with venom and sarcasm and the look she was giving me was just as bitter.

I sighed and finally looked at her, she was pretty but Camilla was just...a goddess!

“Camilla is my mate, I have very strong feelings for her so of course I’m faithful to her. You and me were nothing serious and I made that clear from the start” I kept my voice gentle but gave her a look which told her I was serious. I snickered and shook her head a little.

“A title don’t mean shit to you Joshua, I doubt you’ve changed, you cheated on Stacy plenty of times and you called yourself her boyfriend” she shouted a little and I wasn’t going to have that, whether I hurt her or not was irrelevant, I was still her Alpha.

A growl rumbled in my chest and her eyes widened, as she realized she may have pushed too far. I could feel my eyes going black from rage and she backed up against one of the sides of the lift. I edged towards her slowly and she whimpered with every step.

“Don’t talk to me like that! I am your Alpha and you will show me some respect!” Tears started to show in her eyes and I melted a little, I didn’t like making girls cry. I sighed but continued to talk, but slightly softer.

“Now I’m sorry I hurt you, but Camilla is my mate and despite what you may think I will be faithful to her” she nodded a little and I slid out gently when the doors opened on the ground floor.

Jeez I shouldn’t have to speak to anyone like that!

The games room was opposite the lift so I could already see the boys laughing and joking around on the sofa and I couldn’t help feeling the smile starting to creep onto my face. I walked towards them still smiling, they all started yelling greetings when they saw me. “Hey, look who it is!” Chase joked standing up and patting me on the back as we hugged quickly. Chase had brown short hair, with green eyes like mine, we did actually look quite similar.

All the guys I’d say were pretty good looking and from the amount of girls they’d all bedded, society obviously agreed. I greeted each one of them and then took a seat beside Chase and Kyle.

“I’m sorry I ain’t been round much, I’ve been busy with-” I was cut off by them all when they darted wooping and whistling. I laughed but looked at them all confused, what were they doing? Chase patted my shoulder and Kyle did the same to the other one.

“Oh we know what you’ve been doing, that mate of yours is in heat! We all smelt it at the meeting” Chase waggled his eyebrows at me and smirked cheekily. Kyle then began doing the same.

“And I was on the 4th floor all day yesterday, all us guys could hear you. She really is a screamer ain’t she?” Kyle, Chase and Morgan all high fived where as Jake just laughed. He was mated so knew that the heat process can be time consuming.

Chase, Kyle and Morgan all started moaning and crying out, trying to imitate Camilla.

“Ugh Josh!” “Ugh!” “Joshuaaaa”

I know I should be offended that they were trying to make fun of my mate but honestly I couldn’t help but laugh. They were crazy! Seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! We all burst out laughing and I rubbed the back of my neck, this usually happened when a situation was awkward.

“She’s not that loud” I defend, still laughing at their attempts. But earning 4 pairs of raised eyebrows, even from Jake. He’s the sensible one of the group!

“Sorry Josh but she is a screamer!” Jake laughed.

I put both my hands up in surrender “Well either that or I’m just amazing in bed” they all laughed and high fived me.

“You can’t be that good” Morgan joked

We joked around like this for about 20 minutes before Chase his current bed buddy walked in. I took her in and grimaced. Stacy.

I shot him a look of disgust which he wasn’t able to catch before Stacy sat on his lap and began kissing his neck. Me and Jake shot each other looks of disgust while Morgan and Kyle waggled their eye brows at Chase. Stacy really was the pack slut and I’d known that when I was dating her but back then I just wanted the sex, so that didn’t matter to me. The rest of us began talking about the international pack meeting while Stacy began rubbing at Chase through his jeans. I felt physically sick, Chase could do so much better!

We all snapped our heads back to them when Chase let out a low groan.

Oh god this was disgusting!

She whispered something in his ear which caused him to smirk, then stand up. He turned to us and said goodbye before grabbing Stacy’s ass and then stalking out the room. Me and Jake began playfully gagging while Morgan and Kyle looked at us confused.

“What is up with you two! Stacy’s hot!” Morgan defended, he didn’t look particular convinced by his own answer, which really baffled me.

Kyle let out a whimper, and looked generally hurt. What? Well maybe he likes Stacy....yeah that’s gotta be it.

Morgan’s eyes filled with sympathy and...something else? Before he dropped his gaze and pursed his lips.

Me and Jake shook our heads, I now realized how much of a dog I was before meeting Camilla.

Camilla’s POV

Sam and Brittany were actually really nice. Once Sam explained everything out to me about his parents and his hatred for rogues, I actually understood. I would have acted the same way if my parents died. Brittany was lovely, she was seriously beautiful! She was a blonde just like him, with dazzling blue eyes covered by luscious lashes. She was one of those girls that you immediately hate unless you get to know them. we just had pizza and were now on the way back to the pack house, I’d promised Riley I’d help her get rid of all Stewarts things.

They’d only been broken up 3 days and she was already dating someone else! He was also in our pack but as of yet I haven’t met him, probably a good thing otherwise I would have personally killed him! Sam and Brittany hugged us goodbye then scooted over to the lift to take them to their room on the 4th floor.

Me and Riley were about to also take the lift when I heard Josh in the game room. My ears pricked up and Riley giggled a little.

“Go” she nudges me slightly towards the game room, I’m about to protest when she interrupts me.

“You can meet me in a bit! Go! If I had a mate I would not waste any time away from him!” She smiles then walks over to join Sam and Brit (She’d insisted we called her that) in the lift.

I wave at her as the lift door closes and she winks at me playfully.

I turn and begin walking towards the game room excitedly, the heat had been calm today but the ache was still there. I had a feeling it would get worse when I saw Josh.

I walk in and see him and a group of guys laughing and joking. He suddenly stood and looks up to me, his smile grows and he rushes to me embracing me. I wrap my arms round his neck and kiss him passionately, I didn’t linger too long as I realized his group was now smirking and watching us. Well two of them were anyway, one sat their smiling at us, aww I liked him he seemed nice.

Josh pulled me gently over to them, but kept me securely in his arms.

“K guys this is Camilla” he said kissing my cheek as he did.

The nice guy nodded “Hi Camilla, I’m Jake” holding our his hand for me to shake it. I reach out and shake his hand smiling. The remaining two, eye me up lustfully and smirked, but for some reason it looked as if they were forcing it. I was so glad Josh hadn’t seen that, he would have slaughtered them, whether they were forcing it or not! One of them held out his hand.

“I’m Morgan, very nice to finally meet you Camilla!” I shook his hand only to be shocked when a low growl erupted from Josh’s chest, also Kyle growled too. Ummm confused!

I snapped my head to Josh to see his eyes were narrowed towards Morgan. Morgan whimpered and pull his hand back sharply, Kyle didn’t attempt to shake my hand but just nodded nervously.

“I’m Kyle” he peeped then they both looked down in shame. Jeez Josh really did scare them didn’t he?

After that awkward start we sat down and began chatting, I sat as close to Josh as humanly possible. A growl rumbled through me as Stacy and another guy walked into the game room, when she saw me she back up and ran off leaving the guy on his own and now very confused. Josh laughed next to me and even I felt my self-chuckle a bit. The guy walked to us and his eyebrow raised as soon as he saw me, Josh held me a tad tighter and the guy sat opposite us.

“Well hello, I’m Chase” he smirked and held out his hand, Morgan and Kyle shot him looks of warning. I didn’t have time to hold out my hand before Josh growled, making Chase lower his hand, but unlike the others he didn’t look at all scared. I smiled at him.

“I’m Camilla” He smirks again “Oh I know” he said seductively. Josh began to shake so I slid my hand on his thigh. He calmed a bit and sighed with the contact. Once that was over we all started talking about Stacy, thankfully I wasn’t the only one who hated her. Jake and I shared that, where as Kyle, Morgan and Chase practically worshipped her. I discovered Chase had literally just banged her about 10 minutes ago so the perverted guys all started talking about that. Me, Jake and Josh just listened and kept our mouths closed.

Suddenly I felt the burning in my stomach get so much worse and I craved Josh’s body. I rested my head on his shoulder and slid my hand over to his thigh again.

Oh god, the aching! My whole lower half was on fire. I needed Josh. I craved him. I wanted him inside of me.

He had seen in the mind link now that the heat was effecting me and linked me.

“We will go up in 2 minutes I promise baby” he looked at me as he mentally comforted me and I nodded. He slid me onto his lap and began stroking the tops of my thighs. Usually I would have protested at him doing this in public but I needed it. I couldn’t understand why he needed to stay any longer, we weren’t actually active in their conversation. He kissed my neck and his hand moved up until he was in his favourite place. I shivered and moaned as he kissed my mark.

The guys all stopped and turned their heads to us. I was about to stand up but Josh had other ideas. I knew he had noticed them staring but he continued stroking me, his intensity getting stronger as he noticed. I let out an even louder moan, making him snicker at his torture.

He was seriously a dick!

Jake stood up and walked off, silently laughing but the remaining perverts all sat and watched. Josh lifted me suddenly and sprinted to the lift with me still in his arms. When the doors closed I growled at him.

“You asshole!” I hissed, earning a loud chuckle from him.

“Oh that was so worth it!” He mumbled, running me into the bedroom as we reached the 5th floor.

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