Alpha Joshua

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12. Shopping for the international meeting

Camilla’s POV

The international meeting was tomorrow and I was dreading it. The idea of seeing Jamie terrified me, I loved Josh and I didn’t want my history tainting anything between us. Jamie was my history and always would be, I would never look at him the way I used to, not only because I had my mate but also because Jamie could be violent. He never physically hurt me but his words were enough to leave me depressed for days. He would insult me, tell me I was worthless, ugly, fat, the usual stuff but those words really hurt when they’re being said by someone you loved.

I shook those thoughts off and stood from the edge of the bed, Josh had been constantly busy in his office for the past week with preparations for the meeting so I had been hanging with Riley allot more. It was 8:00am and we were going shopping at 9 to buy me a dress for the meeting. It was a formal event so everyone dressed up.

The meeting was held in a place about 2 and a half hours from here and we stayed in a hotel built specifically for werewolves. The meeting lasted the whole weekend and apparently it was excruciatingly dull. They discussed issues facing the werewolf world today, any battles that some of the packs may need to help with, any help packs needed, things like that. Thankfully I only needed to be at the welcoming and the goodbye meeting and the rest of the time I can chill at the hotel.

I had dressed for the weather today, so had worn my ripped jeans, black Hollister tank top and a white zip up hoodie. My hair and makeup was done and I looked okay, we were only going to the mall and I wasn’t bothered about dressing up. I left the room, grabbing my money and my phone then stuffing them into my bag, Josh had been calling allot more when I went out so I always took my phone. If I didn’t answer he would come and find me and I didn’t fancy that! I decided to say goodbye to Josh before going so I gently knocked on his office door then slid it open.

“Come in” he croaked, I could tell he hadn’t slept, his voice always went like that when he didn’t sleep. I poked my head round the door, causing him to smile widely at me.

I stepped forward and kissed him lightly.

“Me and Riley are just going out to buy me a dress for tomorrow, thought I’d pop in and say bye to my big strong Alpha” I joke and he laughs with me and pulls me down for another kiss. He slides me on his lap, our lips never parting. I could see this getting heated so decided to pull back, I needed to meet Riley and I wouldn’t be out for roughly 20 minutes if we had sex. Yes and that’s on a bad day, we can usually go for ages, I know it’s weird. His expression sinks and he looked like a kid who just found out there was no Santa Claus. My head flew back as I began laughing, this was too funny, just as funny as the time I left him in a closet in school with a boner!

Good times...

“I’ll be back in a few hours, if you’ve finished in here then I’ll show you some..” I raise my hands to do air quotes “loving” he smiles then raises his eyebrow.

“Oh for some-” he also did air quotes “loving” “I’ll definitely be done in here” he smirked, raking my body with his eyes, I shivered under the look, I’d missed him. I sighed then left his office towards the lift.

Me and Josh hadn’t had sex for about 2 weeks now and it was killing us both. We’ve been so busy and we just haven’t had time, Josh had been sleeping in the office for the past week so I barely saw him. The week before I’ve been with my mom, enrolling her in the pack and helping with stuff at home.

My dad was coming to visit in a month or so, so neither me or my mom could wait. It had been 7 months since I’ve last seen him

and I’m desperate for him to meet Josh. Honestly I don’t know how mom survived 7 months without her mate! When I asked her about how she survived during heat she replied “Well in cases like that you have to take measures into your own hands” ugh I almost threw up...the image it’s not even worth mentioning.

Anyway I’d emailed dad about Josh and he was eager to meet him, just like Josh was eager to meet my dad. He loved my mom and she was already very attached to him, they’d been properly introduced during half term break and she had very much liked him. He liked my mom, but she was so embarrassing, the first thing she said to him was “I hope your being gentle with my little girl, a bit of head board banging is alright but remember us girls like it tender too”.

I cringed at the memory, that was so embarrassing, his reply was even worse “Don’t worry Mrs. Jones, I’m gentle with her, although you should probably tell your daughter that! She gets a bit carried away you know” I’d hit him so hard after that! One that was not true and two why would you tell my mom that?

I clicked the button for the ground floor and thankfully no one entered the lift as I was going down. I ran to the kitchen, I was starving and I was determined to get some pop tarts! Never again would I share! I opened the cupboard and beamed as I saw a full box, I grabbed 4 and put them on a plate then put them in the microwave. I was hungry and being a wolf gives me the excuse to eat shit loads. As my pop tarts were heating up I saw Riley smiling at me as she approached.

“Hey girl’ she greeted hugging me tightly and smiling. Something was up, since Stewart dumped her she never smiled. I narrowed my eyes at her and waited for an explanation. She giggled then began to explain.

“I’m dating someone!” She shrieked making me gait as it was actually quite loud. I jumped too, I was happy she was happy and the microwave dinged telling me my food was ready.

“It’s Chase!” She said happily and I suddenly forgot about my pop tarts. She can’t date Chase.

“What no!” I reply, making her give me a confused expression. I sigh and bite my lip.

“Riley he doesn’t date, he was with Stacy a few weeks ago. He bangs you and then he moves on, he’s just like what Josh was like”

Her smile faded and she sunk into the dining room chair that was beside her. She looked up at me

“Should I hold off with the sex then?” I nod, maybe he does like her. If he does then hen wait, and if he doesn’t then at least she doesn’t get hurt. She nods then stands up smiling again and heads to grab some corn flakes. I skip to get my pop tarts and sit down to dig in, the kitchen was empty as everyone was either out or in bed. We eat quickly then head out to Riley’s car, it doesn’t take long to get to town so we sat chatting with no music. The silence was fine and we felt perfectly comfortable in it.

Joshua’s POV

A few minutes after Camilla left I’d finished everything I needed too so decided to go out for a run. I hadn’t fazed for a while and my wolf was itching to be set free. I hadn’t even seen Camilla’s wolf yet so made sure to ask her to faze with me later. I decided to take the stairs and was down in a couple of seconds, taking 3 at a time. The doors to the grounds were already open so once I’d walked up the hall then out the doors I could finally change! I slid off my shirt, leaving my bare chest in view of the sun. It was quite hot now and I could feel the heat on my skin. Then my trousers came off and I felt the same on my legs and then my crotch when I took off my Calvin’s. I’m not embarrassed of my body, in fact I’m quite proud of it. Camilla always checks me out when she thinks I’m not looking, and I know she loves my abs.

I set my wolf free and he begins to escape. The usually stretching pang if pain begins and I bend forward, as my bones adjust. The noise was awful, all those bones moving around and bending where they needed to, it was gross but it didn’t really hurt. I felt the fur sprouting from my flesh and soon my senses were heightened and the change was complete. My chocolate brown wolf stood still getting used to being free again. My fur matched my hair and my eyes were like my own, I loved being in wolf form I felt more relaxed. I started to gag for a run, so take off into the woods as full speed, fulfilling the need I had for so long. The trees buzzed past me and the breeze felt amazing against my fur, brushing it back with every stride I took. I had forgotten how amazing running as a wolf was and regretted not taking Camilla out with me sooner.

Camilla’s POV

“I feel naked!” I yell as I look in the mirror to admire a “dress” (huh! More like underwear) Riley had thrown over the door to me. It was a black skin dress which clings to you, it only just covered my booty and the neck line was plunging! No I was not wearing this! She pokes her head round and pulls a face in disgust.

“No I get what you mean! Oh try this!” This was the 6th store we’ve been too and I’ve tried on so many. I had a dress for the goodbye meeting but I wanted a new one for the welcome one. I groaned and waited for the dress to be thrown over the curtain, down fell a long cherry red maxi dress. I looked at it closely, it wasn’t terrible. It was a halter neck, it had no patterns of stones on it which I liked. It was plain but stunning at the same time. I slid the current material I had on over my head and held up the dress so I could step into it, I pulled it up once I was in line and slipped the neckline over my head. The dress clung to my curves, but in a classy way. My feet were covered but I already had some black heels I would wear with it. I looked very slim and slender and with some jewelry this would look very nice.

“I’m buying this one” I say bouncing a little as I really took myself in, it was very nice. She rushed in and cupped her mouth when she saw me, her eyes became moist oh no....yep she was crying.

“Oh you look so beautiful” she sobbed then pushed my back in telling me to buy the dress quickly before she nicks it from me. I giggle and push her out so I can change, once my clothes were back on I grabbed the dress and made my way with Riley to the check out. There was no que so we were immediately served, yay the dress was mine! I squeezed several times in the car, forcing Riley to finally put the radio on.

My favourite song was on the radio and I just sing along with it.

Do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin’ done with you, girl

So fuckin’ done with all the games you play

I ain’t no tic-tac-toe

Send the X and O’s on another note

I’m do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin’ done with you, baby

So send the X and O’s on another note, I’m ghost

When we finally reach the pack house, I was dying to show Josh my dress so grabbed the bags and legged it to the lift before Riley had even completely stopped the car. I felt my feet go from underneath me and hit the floor, I jump up and grab my bags running to the lift ignoring Riley’s yells. The lift goes all the way up and I jump out eagerly, I run to his office and burst in without knocking.

My mouth drops and I feel very very strange. Both Morgan and Kyle pull away from each other, yes you heard me right.

I looked around for Josh quickly, and saw he wasn’t there. Why were they in his office? Both boys stand embarrassed, the silence is killing me and my stomach starts to feel uneasy. They were both so good with the ladies, what was going on? Morgan shuffles uneasily and decides to speak first.

“Umm Camilla....did you-”

I cut him off, I couldn’t hear him say it, that would make it real.

“See you guys playing tonsil tennis, yeah saw that” oh god why didn’t I knock?

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