Alpha Joshua

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13. Morgan and Kyle are what!?

Camilla’s POV

I stood still wide eyed and I felt rather ill. So many thoughts and confusions were running through my mind and I couldn’t make sense of any of them. Morgan and Kyle still stood frozen, they looked as awkward and as ill as I did. I dropped my bag with my dress in on the floor, bringing my hand up to my head and leaning over to breathe deeply. Morgan and Kyle both rushed to me concerned, Morgan placed his hand on my shoulder and I couldn’t help but shrug it away. I snapped up and pointed my finger at him then Kyle, accusingly.

“W-what the h-hell is going on here this thing.” I say waving my hand in between them both. I was so confused, I’d been getting to know them for 2 weeks now and this just didn’t make sense. Kyle sighs and looks lovingly towards Morgan.

“Just tell her. It’s been a year, someone should know.” Kyles voice was velvety and smooth, making me wonder if this was more than just curiosity. Morgan sighed and nodded in response, his gaze lifted up to mine,

“Camilla, please can you promise not to tell anyone about this. We will eventually but for now just please” his eyes were full of desperation and when I looked to Kyle I saw the same thing. My throat went dry and I found myself nodding. Morgan blinked a few times then took in a deep breath.

“Me and Kyle were mates.” His voice was cracking and I could just about hear him. Kyle placed his hand on his shoulder and whispered comforting words into his ear. Morgan nodded then straightened up and continued.

“We didn’t have any idea we were gay, in any way until we were both 16. We were bedding countless girls, but when we were both 16 we obviously discovered we were mates. We have told no one, and we’ve been making up stories to Josh, Chase and Jake about us sleeping around for months. Josh goes out every now and then, so we come up here as no one would dare disturb” I felt my eyes glaze over as I sat and stared into space. That was a lot of information to take in, but the pieces were starting to come together. Last time me and Josh met up with Kyle and Morgan, this girl was eying Kyle up. Morgan let out a growl and insisted we move away from the girl, I didn’t get it at the time but now it all makes sense.

Morgan and Kyle were gay.

Now I don’t have anything wrong with same sex relationships, but it was just a lot to take in. I felt Kyle place a hand on my shoulder and I shook my head to clear my mind. I nod to him then to Morgan.

“I won’t tell anyone” I whisper, earning an appreciative look from both of them. Before I could register what I was saying I blurted it.

“So, have you two? Umm?-” oh god I should have kept my mouth closed. What kind of question was that?

They both snickered and smirked at me, okay I was scared.

“You could say that, yes” Morgan said, causing Kyle to eye him lustfully. I grimaced, I was happy they were in love they looked honestly happy together, but I was NOT ready to hear that! Or see it! I slid in between them quickly, and smiled awkwardly at them both.

“Okay! I’m actually very happy for you both, looking at you two I can see your in love. Its actually really sweet.” they nod at me on understanding and I find myself wrapping them both in a hug. My ears prick up as I suddenly hear the door knob being turned. The door swings open before any of us can pull away and Josh is now visible standing in the doorway. His expression grew angry but was very very confused. I wriggled out of their arms and rushed towards Josh to calm him. I took his hands on mine trying to ignore his shaking.

“Baby. Baby. Listen to me.” His wolf was no longer in control but he was still angry.

“Camilla what is going on here, why are you all in here? And what was the hug?” His eyes snapped from mine to theirs, narrowing and making them both whimper. I couldn’t tell Josh, I’d promised. But I can’t lie to him! AGRRGGHHH why did I put myself in this position!

“I-I umm. I came up here to show you my dress, but you weren’t here! Kyle and Morgan were here checking if you were here also and I showed them my dress, they thought it looked awesome so that’s why we were hugging” it was basically the truth, I only twisted it a little bit. Josh formed his mouth into a 0 shape and smirked at me.

“Okay, let’s see this dress then” I sighed I relief, okay I didn’t think he’d believe that! I nodded then skipped over to my bag to pull out the dress. I’d bought some jewelry while we were out too but I’d only show him the dress right now. I pulled out the dress and held it against me, while showing him a little mink smile. Josh’s eyes went dark with lust and I suddenly remembered Kyle and Morgan were still here with us. I turned towards then and bit my lip.

“Okay can we talk later” I shot them a begging look and they both snickered, then nodded in understanding. Because they both had to pretend they were straight, they both shot looks at Josh and waggled their eyebrows before leaving.

I had turned to watch the door slide shut and jumped a little when Josh wrapped his arms round my waist and leant his head forwards to start nibbling my mark. I let out a moan and turned round so I could press my lips on his. I could tell he was impatient and so was I, it had been ages and I was longing for his touch. He began playing with the bottom of my shirt which made me gasp and pull back, while raising my eyebrow at him.

“Josh, bedroom?” I say smirking

He smirks back and suddenly walks towards his desk. He raises and eyebrow then with one swift sweep of his arm, pushes everything off his desk, then taps it with his palm. I snicker and walk towards him teasingly, he pulls me in then lifts me up so he can rest me on the desk.

This was certainly different.

Joshua’s POV

We’d eventually moved from the office to the bedroom and both collapsed in exhaustion onto the bed. We’ve been sleeping for about 6 hours before I had woken up, going over exactly what we’d done in my head. I could feel a smirks starting to crawl onto my face, Oh it was definitely interesting. The first time either of us had ever done it on a desk, trust me I’d done it in some strange places but a desk was very new. I liked it, very kinky. Camilla was a very naughty girl on that desk....but then again I’m also a very naughty boy so there you go.

I glanced over to the clock, seeing it was already 4:41 am, I was still very tired but I couldn’t get myself back to sleep. I knew this Jamie, I knew he was trouble and I knew he wouldn’t take too well Camilla having an Alpha mate, he would see me as a threat. If he tried anything on Camilla I would be a threat! I knew Jamie was a tough bastard, I also knew he had a disgusting mouth on him and when he got angry exercised it regularly. I tensed at the memory of Camilla’s words coming back when I asked if he’d hurt her. “Not physically, no” she’d looked very troubled when she had said making me realize he had obviously mouthed off at her several times. My arms tightened around Camilla slightly and I snuggled my head into the crook of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent. She was so beautiful, so perfect, words cannot express how much I love her.

We had already packed our things and the meeting began at 6:30 meaning we would have to be there got 5 to settle in. We would have to leave here about 2:30 and when we get there get dressed for the meeting, we had quite a lot to do today so had to be up for about 6. I decided I would force myself to sleep, Camilla’s mind was so peaceful while she slept, she’d opened the link up to me a few hours ago but hadn’t actually close it yet. I gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek then closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come.

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