Alpha Joshua

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14. The international meeting

Joshua’s POV

I fell asleep about 5 so had about an hour sleep before my alarm went off.










Camilla grumbled in my arms as the alarm got louder, waking her. I grumbled also and reluctantly rolled over to the edge of the bed to stand up. I turned my head to see Camilla had pulled her pillow over the back of her head and was using it to block her ears. I snickered, she was so adorable.

I sighed then leaned back over the bed to shake her shoulder gently. “Baby. Come on, we’ve got to get up.” I kept my voice low as I could tell she had not yet adjusted to being awake. She grumbled in response and slid the pillow off slowly. She turned her body so she could see me, but looked even less impressed now that I started laughing yet again. Her hair had gone all frizzy and static from where the pillow was on it and her facial expression didn’t help. She looked so funny!

“You jerk” she grumbled, then sat up to slide off the bed. I walked to my closet to grab some clothes while Camilla went to the bathroom. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a fitted white t-shirt, out clothes for the weekend were already packed but we had a few pack problems we had to solve before we left. I know it may sound stupid us getting up so early but the pack is going to be left without its Alpha’s for 2 and a half days. We would come back Monday and obviously were leaving today (Friday), it doesn’t sound long but a lot of things had to cleared up with Sam before leaving. As my Beta Sam is second in command, along with Camilla so while were gone he’s in charge.

I heard the shower being turned on an felt a smirk crawling onto my lips. I walked over to the bathroom door to go she hadn’t locked it rooky mistake Camilla. I turned it and slowly made my way through to the shower room, she was already in the shower and the mirror was starting to fog up. I tiptoed back to the main bathroom and lowered my hand onto the toilet flusher. I knew she was going to kill me but I couldn’t resist. I push it down vigorously and suddenly smirk as I hear her yell.

“AHHH Joshua you bastard!” I snicker at her tone and then walk back into the shower room. I could see her silhouette behind the misty glass and laughed so she knew I was there.

“Hmm you shouldn’t talk to an Alpha like that honey” my tone was practically dripping with sarcasm causing her to growl, I thought the sound was going to continue but suddenly it stopped as well as the water. I felt her suddenly block the mind link and then open the glass to reveal her naked body. Her skin was dotted with water droplets that cascaded all over her stomach and chest, man she was doing this on purpose. She smiled at me smugly then walked past me and into the bedroom. I could feel how she had affected me and growled at the fact that my body had betrayed me. I followed her willingly and almost poured when she covered herself up with a towel spoil sport. She snickered at me then grabbed a blue spotted summer dress, it was short enough for her to not get hot but long enough for me not to want to hide her from every males gaze.

We both brushed our teeth and finished doing everything else we needed too e.g. Camilla did her hair and makeup while I sat on the bed playing Candy Crush damn that game it’s seriously an addiction! When she was done she smiled at me warmly and sat on my lap facing me, I smirked as I realized she was straddling me. I of course leant forward to kiss her only to have her peck me....she pecked me! She snickered again then jumped off happily. I shook my head at her.

“You haven’t won this, I’ll get you after the meeting tonight” I raised my eyebrow at her slyly, only to have her chuckled at me.

“Yeah yeah whatever, you want to come get breakfast with me?” She said tilting her head curiously. I sighed, I would have to get breakfast later I had a lot to do in the office before the pack meeting at 8, so technically Camilla could have stayed in bed it was only 6:30! Oh well I’m sure she’ll live. I shook my head at her and she looked down slightly hurt, I was about to comfort her when she smiled again.

“Okay, I’ll see you at 8 then” I nodded as she turned to exit the room and go to the lift. I watched her go then grabbed my phone and walked to my office to start the pile of paperwork I had....ugh being Alpha can seriously be a pain at times.

Camilla’s POV

I was quite upset that Josh couldn’t get breakfast with me, but it wasn’t a biggie. I knew he was busy and the sooner he got it done the sooner I could see him properly. I didn’t bother taking the lift this morning as if I ran into anyone I’d probably snap at them. I took the steps 2 at a time and when I reached the bottom I ran into the kitchen, I was really hungry and I don’t think a few pop tarts would do it for me today. I looked in the cupboards to see if they had sugar loaf, I jumped a little....I love sugar loaf! I grabbed it quickly and searched in the draws for a knife to cut it. I found one relatively quickly and cut a few thick slices, then popped them into the toaster. They had butter already on the sides so I got it out ready to spread as soon as the toast was done. I had to spread it as soon as it came out so it would melt...oh there’s nothing like melted butter on sugar loaf toast. I felt a spot of drool spilling from my lip at the thought.

I thought about all the different types of toast I’ve had, cinnamon, blueberry and French of course. Mmmmm................................................

The toaster suddenly bounced up as the sugar smell hit me. I felt my knees go weak as the scent swirled around my nose, it smelt so good. I grabbed the toast and threw it on the plate I’ve gotten out, I had the butter out already so dragged the knife across it and spread it across the bread quickly. I’ve spread both pieces now so hopped over to the lounge to eat.

It had been a while since I’ve watched T.V, so I decided to do that. I roughly knew how to use the T.V here so clicked the red button on the remote. The T.V flashed on so I left it on the channel that it was on....there’s nothing wrong with a bit of Disney Channel now is there?

I had finished my toast and was sitting quietly watching “Henry Danger” when someone suddenly jumped on me shouting.

“Camilla!” I struggle to see who it is and come face to face with a beaming Riley. I laugh and scruff up her hair with my hands, making her scream again. She wriggles about on my lap, while I try to push her off, bear in mind we were both still in stitches laughing. I manage to catch her off guard and push her off the couch and onto the floor, I laughed so much when I saw her face, she wasn’t hurt but was definitely shocked. My chest starts to bounce from we’re I’m laughing so much and eventually my whole body does the same. My body moved involuntarily and I find myself beside Riley on the floor. She laughs even harder so now were both rolling on the floor laughing together.

“Yes, girl on girl!” Chases voice interrupts us and were silent for a second. Both me and Riley turn to each other looking confused, ’ see her lip quiver trying not to laugh again.... that made me lose it. I burst out again and Riley joins me, I don’t even know what was so funny! After about 5 minutes chase suddenly interrupts again.

“I actually came because the pack meeting is about to start and Josh wanted you to meet him in his office” his tone was now deadly serious, me and Riley snap out of it and scramble off the floor as fast as we could. Riley runs to chase and kisses him gently, they had been together for a little while now and honestly, I think he really like her. I rush past them both, smiling on the way past. I click the button and hop around impatiently for the elevator to arrive, once it does I jump when Josh is standing there. I wasn’t concentrating and only noticed him when I was about to step in, so we were literally face to face.

“You ready?” He snickers, flashing his pearly teeth. He was so hot, I was seriously lucky. I nodded and took his hand as he walked us towards the meeting hall. Everyone was already in there by this point, so every head was facing us as we walked toward the stage. Josh went up before me and I followed nervously. Even through this would be the second time I’ve been up here I’m still really scared about this whole thing. Every set of eyes was staring at either Josh or me with expectation glimmering there very visibly. Josh began and I just listened.

“Thank you for coming here this morning. As you know me and Camilla will be attending the International Meeting today so Sam and Brittany will be in charge for the days we are gone. I expect you will all treat them with the respect and kindness you have for me and Camilla as your Alpha and Luna. While we are gone, Sam and Brittany will be running the new training program which me and Camilla will continue when we return. There has also been a sighting of hunters in the area lately, so far, we don’t think they are aware of our species, so we are not too concerned. If things do turn for the worst, we will return. That’s all.” With that he stepped away from the platform and stalked down the steps. I looked around confused for a second then followed him quickly, realizing that people were looking at me strangely.

Everyone waits until we are gone before getting up from their seats, but by the time I found Riley in the crowd behind me, me and Josh were already getting into the elevator.

The doors slid shut and Josh sighed in relief

“Right we’ve got about 5 hours before we have to leave, I’ve got everything packed for both of us but still have to talk to Sam. I’ll probably be free around 11 if you maybe wanna go for a swim?” I snap my head to him quickly, I hadn’t actually used the pool here yet and that had caught me off guard. I felt a smile creeping onto my face and nodded at him.

“Yeah that would be nice!” I chirped really happy that we would be able to spend some time together before having to leave.” And I’ll then be able to see you in a bikini” he had that signature smirk plastered on his face and that sly twinkle in his beautiful eyes.

He just totally ruined the moment.......................

I shook my head but couldn’t help the smile that was on my face. He was such a perv! He’d already seen me naked, what else did he want? The elevator stopped on our floor and Josh jumped out waiting for me to join him.

“You coming?” He questions raising an eyebrow at me. I shake my head.

“I’m going to go back down, maybe spend some time with Riley” he nods in agreement, then blows me a kiss before the doors block him from view. I raise my hand to click the button but before I can the lift starts moving. I decide to just see what floor it’s going too, it’s probably ground.

Just like I thought the lift went to ground and revealed a group of people waiting for the lift, including Riley and Chase. She squeals and jumps in to hug me, I wrap my arms around her also seeing chase over her shoulder. He starts waggling his eyebrows, ugh he was so gross, I grimace and pull away from Riley, so he can see what her boyfriend is doing. She turns sharply just missing it, she turns back to me with a questioning look on her face. She didn’t see it so had no idea what I was on about, Chase smirks at me in triumph while I stick my finger up at him.

If I was going to spend the next few hours with him and Riley I was really going to have to hold myself back from hitting him!

Joshua’s POV

Sam was already in my office waiting for me. I didn’t have too much things that I had to discuss with him, so it wouldn’t be taking too long. He stood up, so we could both bump fists.

“You, alright man?” He says, Sam wasn’t really, I knew that “Fucker”, but this greeting suited him.

“Yeah not too bad man” I reply then sat opposite him.

He agreed on running the training and we then began talking about the hunter that had been seen. Honestly so far, they seemed just like normal animal hunters, but in Vancouver you could never be sure.

His eyes suddenly gazed over and he stared into space for about 5 minutes, I wasn’t sure what to do, was he okay? I shook his shoulder.

“Sam?” He shakes his head to clear it and looks up at me smiling nervously. I lower both my eyebrows so they are scrunched up together confused.

“Man, what’s up?” I ask, I hadn’t seen him like this in a while and it was kind of worrying. He dropped his head and then looked back at me, his expression was concerned and I knew something was up. He was my best friend and seeing him like this was not good for me.

He bit his lip “Brits pregnant” he croaks, I again pulled a confused expression. “Isn’t that a good thing?” I know we’re both young, but Sam was always very excited about having a baby with Brit. He shakes his head and tears start to build in his eyes.

“It’s not mine” his voice cracks at the end and I jolt in my seat. Not his?

“What? How can it not-” he cuts me off and raises his voice slightly. “She’s been having an affair! It’s been going on for a few months, I ignored it until now but when she told me she was pregnant It broke me up. I can’t live without her Josh! But it kills me to think about her having someone else’s child” the tears were flowing freely now and I walked around to hug him.

“Come on stand-up” I say gently. He stands up still sobbing and I wrap him in my arms. I know it sounds a bit feminine but he needed a hug.

“It might be yours” I say, turning my head so he could see me. He shakes his head and snickers through the tears.

“No, we haven’t had sex in over 4 weeks and she’s only a few weeks pregnant. It isn’t mine” his tears began to fall even more, I could not imagine being in his position. Why would Brittany do this to him? It didn’t make sense, she loved him.

I felt bad, but I would have to tell Camilla we couldn’t swim today, Sam needed me, I would have to leave at 2 anyway so he needed me while I was here.

Camilla’s POV

We were in the game room on the first floor playing air hockey, Chase and Riley were playing right now and I was set to play the winner. I sat in one of the beanbags watching when my phone started to vibrate. I reached into my pocket grabbing it out and unlocking it. I had a text from Josh, I smiled a little before opening it and gasping at what I read. Brittany had an affair? Oh my gosh, bless I bet Sam’s a wreck! He loves Brittany and she SHOULD love him! I sighed, I couldn’t understand how someone could do that to their mate, I could never do that to Josh I loved him way too much. I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and sat on silence.... poor Sam.

“Camilla? Shouldn’t you be heading upstairs its 2:00pm!” Riley warned, I gasped I’d completely forgotten. I had been sitting down thinking about Sam for hours now, I turned down chase when he wanted to vs me on air hockey so had been sitting down for ages. I jump up and yell my goodbyes over my shoulder. Josh would kill me if I was late, we had a 2-and-a-half-hour journey ahead of us and he wanted to get a move on as did I. I clicked the elevator button and jumped in, waiting as it started to rise. The bell went and I lept out towards our bedroom, the door was open and Josh was pulling out our already packed suitcases. He turned his head when he me and smiled at me.

“Okay, well there’s your bag! You ready?” He asks smirking at me and throwing me my duffle bag. I laugh as I catch it but my body drops as I realize how heavy it is. He laughs at me and steps over me not caring.


I growl at him, no fair I wasn’t ready. “No I just....I wasn’t ready” I defend while standing up. He laughs and turns the corner towards the lift, I stumble over with my bag and meet him just as the doors this bag was heavy, how much did I pack? I drag it into the lift and dump it on the floor as I start gasping for air. Hmm he was right I really was a weakling.

We got to the ground floor and I began dragging my bag behind him to his car. Seriously you’d think he would help me, but nope obviously not. Ha men! He opens the trunk and throws his stuff in, he turns to me and start laughing when he sees I’m struggling

“Come on, we haven’t got all day” he jokes, taking my bag from me when I get close enough to him. I skip to the passenger seat and buckle up, I was really tired after carrying that bag so decided to close my eyes for a bit.

“Camilla? Baby were here” Josh gently shakes my shoulder and I open my eyes to see his beautiful face smiling down at me. I didn’t realize I’d slept the whole way, but was kinda glad because I hate car journeys.

“Oh, okay” I sit up and unbuckle myself going round the car to grab my bag. Josh opens the trunk but instead of leaving my bag he grabs both and then closes the trunk. I raise my eyebrows at him causing him to snicker.

“I felt bad for making you carry it, plus I’m a gentle man!” He says smugly. I make sure I’d blocked off the mind link and sure enough I had. Okay we obviously just think alike. I smile and skip after him as we make our way towards our hotel room, he says he already had the key as it had been mailed to him a few days ago so we just had to go straight up. I looked around taking in the hotels grandeur, marble floors, velvet rugs and sofa’s everything was so posh I really felt out of place.

It felt like we were walking for ages, past god knows how many doors, the scent of wolf is unbelievably strong. We came face to face with number 342 which apparently was our room, I was really excited at never stayed in a hotel before. Josh slid the card across the slot and the door clicked open, he pushed it open with his foot and slid in without bags. I followed and my mouth fell open. Our room was beautiful, big cream shaggy rug, red curtains, red king size bedspread, cream walls and from what I could see a huge bathroom. I ran past Josh as he began to unpack and went straight for the bathroom to look at it. White tiles, huge jacuzzi, even a nice toilet! This place screamed posh! I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist and pull me in against his chest, I giggled and tilted my head back and rested it on his shoulder. He leant forward and placed his lips right by my ear, if he began talking we would make contact.

“After the meeting I see us in that jacuzzi, you?” His voice was low and husky like, it was so sexy. I moaned a little as he leans even further to kiss my mark and nod in response. If I attempted to speak I would only moan louder and I don’t want that! I reluctantly pulled away and turned to face him.

“Right, I should get ready. It will take me a while and since we only have about an hour or so I better start.” I skip past him and I hear him snicker before I leave the bathroom. He’s a guy he wouldn’t understand.

I ran to my duffle which was empty? How? I turned behind me to see he had already hung everything up in the closet, how did he do that so fast? I shook my head, I didn’t have time to think about it, I had to get ready. My dress was hung up with all my other clothes so I took it out and closed the closet door. I then hung the dress up on the closet handle, I still had to do my hair and make-up first so I started with that first. I had packed my curlers and found that they were laid out with my makeup on the bed side table, he was too cute bless him. I suddenly remembered Josh was in the bathroom and he was awfully quiet, I leaned my body forward so I could see into the bathroom and saw he was running the jacuzzi. Bless him taking a bath on his own.

I grabbed my tongs and plugged them into the wall, I placed them on the side and began to section out my hair. This could take a while.

I’ve curled half my hair by now and I only had 40 minutes left, I should be okay but still I was concerned. I had to do my make up yet, damn being a girl is hard. Josh was already dressed and look mouth wateringly gorgeous, he was wearing a charcoal grey suit, black tie and dress shoes. Ugh why did he have to be so hot? His hair was styled messily and all I wanted was to run my hands through it. Josh sat on the bed and began playing on his phone yet again, I bet he was playing Candy Crush ohhh he better send me some extra moves, I’ve been stuck on level 105 for ages! I wrapped the last stand of hair around the tongs and waited for 7 seconds before unwrapping it. I placed the tongs down and unplugged them, I was done with my hair. I looked in the mirror, it looked really nice, before starting in my make-up I grabbed my hairspray and literally drenched my hair in it. It didn’t look greasy thankfully, it just wasn’t moving anywhere! I ran over to my dress and slipped it off the hanger then onto my body, I would put on the jewelry later but for now I just needed the dress on. My make-up was already laid out so just grabbed what I needed and applied it. I went for a natural look, with just facial powder, eyeliner and mascara, it looked really good with my hair and the jewelry will look great. Not to blow my own trumpet but I do think I look pretty hot!

I had bought a black choker and some black gem studs, not very much but still it’s the accents that will enhance the look I guess. My shoes were black crystal platforms, so it matched with every accent I added. I stepped in front of the full-length mirror and looked over my appearance, an intake of air suddenly made me turn and face a very VERY horny Joshua. His eyes were so wide they looked like they would pop at any minute, his mouth was wide open and he looked like a fish! I giggled at his expression and decided to prompt him.

“Good? Bad?” I ask bobbing my head from side to side, I’d never seen him like this. He composed himself and put both his hands on my shoulders, boring his eyes into mine.

“You look amazing, beautiful, stunning, words cannot describe” he whispers before pressing his lips gently onto mine and snaking his arms around me slightly tighter. I sigh and pull away with my eyes still closed. “We should go” I open them slowly and see that he’s nodding, he takes my hand and leads me out the door. As we’re walking down the hall I suddenly realize in less than 5 minutes I will be coming face to face with Jamie, will he have found his mate? Will he be mad? Will he be jealous? Why am I so concerned? I shake my head to clear my mind and decide to open the mind link, Josh turns to me when he realizes and opens his also.

“It will make me feel better if I can talk to you if I get scared” I giggle and kiss his cheek. He nods

“Understandable, it’s going to be fine I promise” he squeezes my hand and leads me through the entrance to the event hall. The scent of wolf is unreal, I’ve never seen so many Alpha’s in one room. I didn’t recognize any of these people, the room was packed. Rows of tables lined the hall, couples at together and the meeting lasted about 4 hours, I hate sitting in one place for too long so having Josh in my head may distract me a little. Everyone so far was chatting standing up and walking around, a few males looked my way but looked away when Joshua growled at them. Alpha or not Joshua didn’t take well to other wolves looking at me, I hoped they would stop because Josh would hit the next one I could tell. We walked around a little while before I felt faint, my stomach started to twist and I could feel my throat drying up. Before me stood Jamie and a very beautiful brunette, she was wearing a black maxi dress and him a black matching suit. I wasn’t ready for this, I felt physically sick.

Jamie smirked at both me and Josh and walked towards up still smiling, he was doing this on purpose to annoy me. “Relax its okay baby” Josh’s voice rippled through my head immediately relaxing me and making me sigh. I shouldn’t be this worried, I don’t love him anymore.

“Alpha Parker” Jamie greeted taking Josh’s hand in his and shaking.

“Jamie” Josh grunts, I could tell it annoyed Jamie that Joshua greeted him so casually but I silently whooped in triumph. That’s my boy!

Jamie suddenly turns to me and smiles

“Hello Camilla, you look very beautiful” his voice made me shiver, but I would not show my fear. I smile back.

“Hello Jamie” I decided I would be victorious in this little battle that was obviously going on between us. I turned to the women beside him and smile genuinely.

“Sorry I don’t know your name, Jamie I thought you would have introduced your mate” I laughed and shot Jamie a smug smile. The women laughed too and smiled back at me.

“I’m Emma, actually I’m not his mate I’m just a date” she smiled. I turned to Jamie to see he was pushing back embarrassment and was forcing a smile.

“Ha you got him there!” Josh echoed in my head, making my smile grow.

Jamie turned to me

“So, mated to an Alpha, I never saw that for you” he smiled smugly, what a dick! Josh growled making Jamie narrow his eyes at him, this was not going well. I smiled and began stroking Josh’s arm, very visibly.

“Well Jamie, none of us saw it coming but it happened. I guess I’m just lucky” Jamie nodded then turned with Emily and walked away. I sighed in relief and embraced Josh.

“It’s okay, see you handled that okay” he comforted me stroking the back of my head and holding me tight. I nodded into his shoulder. I pulled back and realized I still felt very sick. “I think I’m going to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back” I say, he nods “I’ll meet you back here” he says. I nod then make my way through the crowd, for some reason I feel like I’m being watched. Like majorly watched! I turn my head from side to side, hmm okay no one. I shrug it off and head into the ladies, there was no one in here so I was alone. I was very happy about that, I needed to think. I leant against the sinks and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My stomach began feeling slightly calmer and I felt a bit more like myself now. I blocked off the mind link quickly, I needed to just hear my own thoughts for a while. Okay I felt better. Suddenly the door opened, I didn’t look behind me, I figured it was just someone here to use the toilet.

Oh, was I wrong.

I smelt him.

He grabbed my waist and turned me sharply towards him, I gasped and when I saw how harsh his face looked I whimpered.

“What are you doing?” I whisper, I tried to talk normally but my voice would my respond, why was I such a wuss. He wouldn’t hurt me I’m sure he wouldn’t.

“I’m not over you and I can tell despite you being mated to Parker you’re a bit over me” his voice was so harsh and it just brought back terrible memories of how he used to talk like this when I refused to have sex with him. I was over him, I realized at that moment how much I despised him.

I shook my head and bared my teeth “I am over you, now let me go!” I hiss, attempting to struggle from his grasp. He held me tighter and I could feel that I would be bruised, I wriggled again and my hair fell behind my shoulder exposing my neck. He growled when he saw the mark and his eyes went pitch black, oh my god now I was scared! I opened my mouth to scream but he clamped something over it, before I knew it my eye lids felt heavy and I could feel myself falling...

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