Alpha Joshua

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15. Kidnapped

Camilla’s POV

I awoke in a room I hadn’t seen before, both my arms and legs tied to a King Size metal frame bed. I whipped my head from side to side searching for some explanation to where I am, I couldn’t think straight my breathing was all over the place. Memories suddenly came flooding back to me of how I ended up here, Jamie. I was going crazy, why would he have done this? It just didn’t make sense. From what I could see I was in a hotel room, which means Joshua wasn’t far away. I opened the link, praying for an answer.... please be listening Joshua please.

“Joshua!” I mentally scream, I heard no reply which means he’d blocked off the link, oh god please someone help me. I had no idea what Jamie wanted, why would he bring me here? I felt myself going into a panic attack and sure enough I began, struggling and kicking against the rope, I let out a scream and began shouting out. The door shot open and Jamie darted to my side, clamping his hand over my mouth to stop my screaming. I continued to struggle and bit down on his hand in an attempt to get him off me. He winced a pulled it back to examine it, sure enough I had drawn blood. His eyes darkened and were now pitch black with rage, he shot his hand out and slapped me across my face. I gasped and turned my head with the movement, my cheek was throbbing and the tingles were becoming more painful. I’d never been hit by anyone, before Jamie never used to hit me he never ever abused me physically. I slowly turned back to see his eyes had returned to their normal blue, I could feel the tears stinging my eyes and knew if I screamed again I would only get hit once more. His expression stayed flat, which just made him even more terrifying.

“J-ja-Jamie.” I couldn’t compose myself, the tears were now flowing freely and my lip quivered with each word I attempted to say. My cheek was still throbbing and I did think I would have a mark for a while. “Why are you doing this?” I clear my throat and blink back the tears, no I can’t show him weakness, he hasn’t won. He won’t win. My mind still remained my own and I knew Joshua had still not unblocked the link, please Joshua please.

A smirk crept onto his handsome face, which only made him all the more sinister looking. He began sliding up so he was closer to me and leant forward, his arms were either side of my body and he was now hovering over me. I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw him smirk had grown once I began to show my fear. Jamie had always been a bit strange but something had obviously sent him over the edge.

“I’m doing this, so I can claim what is rightfully mine.” His voice was sharp and I shivered when his gaze traveled down my body. No please, I don’t want this please lord, stop him! Suddenly a familiar booming voice echoes through my mind, almost making me bounce with joy.

“CAMILLA! WHERE ARE YOU?” His voice was loud but I could tell from his tone it wasn’t because of anger it was because of concern. I didn’t answer I simply thought about the room and looked around it so he would see it, as what Jamie was about to do. Jamie noticed my suddenly silence so reached up and grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked it down. I screamed, causing Joshua to growl and I could tell he would rip Jamie apart when he found him.

“Camilla I’m coming!” Josh’s voice was shaky and I knew he was struggling to control his wolf, Jamie’s smile only grew when he saw my pained expression.

“HA I knew I’d make you scream for me, in more ways than one”: his voice sent tingles of pure horror through me and I felt my stomach tighten as he began unbuckling his belt. I kicked out my arms and legs and started whimpering and let out another cry, it would be worth the hit I needed Joshua to find me now! He growled at me and with 2 seconds he had a knotted cloth in my mouth and all my cries were now muffled.

I knew what was coming. My eyes grew wider as he had put his belt back on, maybe he had changed his mind?

“You never gave yourself to me all that time ago...” He snickered and his eyes lit up with a sick joy. “...I will have what was mine” he grabbed the neck line of my dress and ripped it clean off, it was a halter dress with built in padding so it looked like I was wearing a bra, but technically I didn’t. His eyes grew black with lust as he looked at my bare chest, I began trying to scream and wiggle away as he lowered himself to my chest. My tears were falling heavily now and the bedding was becoming wet with each tear. He grabbed the bottom of the dress and ripped that off as well leaving me only in my platforms and my panties, I screamed with each bit of contact Jamie made with my body. He was teasing me, which made me struggle against him, I didn’t want this, I don’t even think Jamie wanted this that much, he was just punishing me. His hand slipped down and slid of my shoes, so now I was only wearing my panties, Joshua’s growls grew in my head and I could hear him rampaging around trying to smell me out. He was upset by what Jamie was doing and was going to kill him.

I was wearing lacy black panties, which were pretty much see through. As Jamie reach down to slip them off I smelt him, Joshua! He was close! I began struggling and shouting muffled calls, I soon heard a loud bang at the door and realized he was about to kick it in. Jamie’s head shot up to mine and his eyes narrowed as he realized I had gotten Joshua here.

“You bitch!” He hissed as Joshua’s kicked the door in and sent the door falling in to the hotel room. He pounced from the door way and straight onto Jamie, he had him by the neck on the floor and was tightening his grip when Jamie managed to flip them over and picked Josh up. I began screaming as Jamie threw Joshua against a wall, sending him flying and objects around him to fall or break as he came into contact with them.

There was nothing I could do, I couldn’t get out of the knots he’d tied. My nose twitched as I suddenly smelt blood, I whip my head to Joshua to see he was on the floor with some glass shards in his hand. It was a deep wound but he ignored it as he lept at Jamie, baring his teeth banging Jamie’s head against a nearby cabinet. I couldn’t control my wolf any longer, she was shaking inside me and she knew if we changed we could escape these knots and help out mate. I let her take over. I began shaking and my back suddenly bent as well as all my other bones as they were changing and rearranging their shapes. I tore from the rope and now in my wolf form lept at Jamie, Joshua took this time to transform as well so while he did I closed my teeth around Jamie’s neck, I wouldn’t kill him. I’d let Joshua take care of that. Jamie yelped as my teeth pierced his skin, drawing yet more blood. Josh nudged me and I let go so he could take care of this, I couldn’t watch I despised Jamie but I couldn’t watch as he died. I turned away and tried my best to ignore the growls and the screaming as Josh bit down harder and harder into his flesh, the screams suddenly stopped, I turned around to see a very statue like Jamie, with blood pouring out the deep neck wound.

Josh padded towards me a nudged me affectionately. I change back into my human form, ignoring the fact I was now naked and just burst into tears, Josh had changed as well so he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top if my head as he began to cry a little too.

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