Alpha Joshua

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16. It's finally over, I think?

Camilla’s POV

Josh and I left the meeting straight after the killing, word would soon spread and we needed to get back to the pack to warn them about what happened. Jamie’s old pack...they would announce war on us after killing their Alpha and there is a very good chance most of us wouldn’t make it out alive.

It was all my fault, I should have just let Jamie have his way with me.

I grimaced at the thought of Jamie touching me, teasing me, being inside, can’t even think about that. Josh’s hand covering mine as he drives us home, pulls me out of my thoughts. I look over to him to see his head turned to mine for a second, his expression is harsh but I can still see kindness in his eyes. He turns back to the road but begins to shake his head.

“Don’t, think like that. This is not your fault, I was the one who killed Jamie. There was no way he was going to get away with what he attempted” his voice was dripping with venom and his eyes darkened as he began getting angry. I sigh as I realize, I’m going to have to fight all those I used to know as my friends Lilly.

Lilly was my best friend back in New York, we’ve been video chatting since I left and calling each other at least 3 times a week. I miss her, and now my pack is going to have to fight her and the rest of my old pack. I turned my head to the window beside me to look out at the passing road.

We had been driving for about 2 hours so were almost home. I couldn’t sleep, despite it being about 2 am, my eyes were not intending to close for a while. I hated this, why did this have to happen to us? To the pack, they didn’t deserve this. Oh yeah, I forgot...

It’s happening because of me.

A low growl rumbled through Josh his chest, causing him to grip onto the wheel with great force, I look at his knuckles to see they are white with the pressure. “Camilla please, I love you don’t blame yourself.” His voice was suddenly gentle and his thumb began stroking across the top of my hand tenderly. I muster a small smile and block out the mind link quickly. I didn’t want to upset him anymore with my thoughts. “I’m sorry, but if it makes you feel any better I love you too” he snickers a little, showing me my favourite bright smile He looked so charming and loveable like this, not that I didn’t love him anyway but oh you know what I mean. He turned his attention back to the road and sped up a little as we approached the woods, we would be back at the pack house in less than 5 minutes so I had to try and keep it together.

I closed my eyes and began breathing slowly and deeply. I mentally whispered little reassuring’s to myself.

“Everything is going to be fine”

“Training has already been stepped up”

I sighed and made one promise to myself.

Joshua would survive this, even if I did not. I would make sure of that, he is a great Alpha and would continue to be a great Alpha. I loved Joshua with everything I had and would willingly die for him.

The pack house suddenly came into view and we pulled into the stony driveway slowly. Most of the lights were off, which meant most of the pack had gone to sleep. I unbuckled my seat belt, just like Josh did and ran around to get my bag. After the killing we had ran back to our room, packed then left immediately. Josh grabbed both bags and made his way into the house, I shrugged and then followed him.

“Josh we can’t tell them tonight they’re all asleep” I whisper, trying not to wake any of them. I know none of them sleep on the ground floor but with werewolf senses you can hear stuff going on, on the fifth floor from down here. We took the stairs, as not to wake people with the lift. He took two at a time and I jumped in an attempt to catch up. He suddenly stopped and faced me directly.

“Camilla, we will be under attack in god only knows how much time. It could be tomorrow! We need to tell them now! I’ll have to sound the alarm when we get to our floor” I sighed then nodded when I realized he was right, we both rushed up the stairs, then ran into the bedroom as he chucked the bags on the bed. He then rushed out the bedroom and into his office, running begin his desk and pulling out a small plastic control panel with a large black button in the center. He pressed it rapidly and a low drone of rings echoed throughout the pack house. I shivered as I heard the sound of growling and yawning as people were awoken abruptly. It turns out the button activated the intercom, so after a few seconds of the ringing he spoke.

“I’m sorry to wake you all at this hour but as you can tell me and Camilla have returned ahead of schedule. Pm calling a pack meeting, everyone needs to be in the meeting hall in 15 minutes. This is high urgency” His voice was authoritative but also apologetic, he pushed himself away from the desk and in the next second Sam had burst through the door.

“Josh, what is it?” His face was full of concern and I could tell from his tone he was already panicking.

Joshua’s POV

I walked round the desk and leant against its front, as I tried to figure out how to tell Sam about our situation. I would have to tell the pack anyway so I had to figure out how to word it. Camilla was standing by the door frame, guilt plastered across her beautiful face. I hated that she thought this was her fault, it wasn’t, it was Jamie’s he got what he deserved for trying to harm my mate.

I heard Riley outside the door, and so did Camilla as she excused herself and ran outside to see her. Sam looked at me expectantly so I decided to tell him straight. I sigh then look grimly at the floor. “I’m going to level with you Sam, Jamie from The Vengeful Silence Pack used to date Camilla. When we saw him at the meeting he found out I was her mate, when she went to the bathroom he followed her and brought her up to his room...” My voice began to crack as I tried to swallow down the sadness if what was coming. “...I heard her struggling in the mind link, I heard her cries as he hit her, when I found her she was tied to the bed in nothing but her panties...” The sadness I had felt only a few seconds ago had quickly escalated into cold, hard anger. I clenched the side of the desk causing my hand to throb with pain. I ignored it and looked up to Sam to see his pained expression, I could feel my jaw clenching also and could already tell my expression was harsh. “...I killed him” his eyes grow wide and he diverts his gaze quickly to the floor.

He looks up again after a few seconds, his expression flat with no emotion. “We are under attack, aren’t we?” His voice had no emotion or even life to it and his eyes had lost their signature glint. Although this whole Brittany thing has probably been a contributing factor. I bore my eyes into his and just answer truthfully, no point sugar coating it.

“Yeah. Yeah we are” my tone had gone as lifeless as his and honestly I didn’t know how we were going to survive this. I mean yeah, we were strong, we had trained well and all of us were perfectly capable of fighting, but I hadn’t ever had to deal with a war or even a pack attack.

I shake my head then stand up to walk over to the lift. “We better go” I grumble, I stride past him and head straight to the elevator. Camilla had broken down to Riley and was crying on her shoulder, I rushed over to her and Riley guided Camilla’s head over to my shoulder and I wrapped her crying body in my arms. I hated seeing her like this, she was my everything. I can’t stand seeing her cry.

She pulled back after a while, her eyes all red and puffy but her tears no longer falling. She wiped her eyes one final time. “Okay, I’m okay now. We should go.” I nod but take her head in my hands gently.

“Are you sure you’re okay coming? You don’t have to baby” She smiled a little then holds her head high.

“No, I’m okay” I nod then take her hand in mine as me, Camilla, Riley and Sam make our way to the elevator.

Camilla’s POV

The meeting last night had me in tears yet again, I’m not usually a crier, you know somethings really wrong if I’m crying. The pack had been shocked at the news but respected their Alpha for sticking up for his mate, they all agreed to fight if it came to it, which Joshua and I hoped it wouldn’t. It was 6:00 am and me and Josh were outside the front of the house, stretching out for training. Training would go on out the back, but me and Josh decided we would stretch and warm up out here in private, this way we could talk and discuss a system. Josh had one of his arms bent at the elbow with the other one resting straight across the crook. I did a similar stretch and turned my head to start a conversation.

My eyes suddenly drifted to slight movement approaching the house. I looked directly at it and my eyes widened at the group approaching. I knew this people, the Vengeful Silence Assassins. They were lethal, no one ever escaped them, despite there only being 15 of them they had taken out packs the size of ours several times. If I was scared then I can’t even describe the emotion I felt next. The group suddenly stopped in a V shape formation, with someone suddenly walking between them. He walked forward and now I could see who it was. Josh suddenly looked where I was looking and his eyes widened. I began hyperventilating and fell to the ground in panic, my body began to shake and I couldn’t catch my breath, my eyes still glued to the person who stood before me.


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