Alpha Joshua

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17. Jamie isn't dead, how?

Joshua’s POV

My body began to shake with anger, confusion and most of all frustration.




I immediately rushed down to Camilla’s side as her breathing became so rapid I thought soon she would pass out, her eyes were so wide with panic, after what he did to her I understood why she feared him. Why the hell was he here? He died? He did! I narrowed my eyes at the walking corpse (he should be dead!!!! What the hell?) his eyes were dark with sick joy. Seeing the effect he had on me and Camilla pleased him greatly, Camilla began to attempt to crawl backwards as he came even closer. I wouldn’t let him touch her, I stood up and brought her up with me, me shielding her body with my own. He snickered and stopped a few feet in front of me, still snickering as the group began to surround us. I could tell this was not going to be pretty, I couldn’t even call for Sam to help us out. Maybe if there was allot of noise out here, he or anyone would come out to see here’s hoping.

“Aww look at you two, its sweet really” his voice was maliciously cheery, he tilted his head making him look very very creepy. Camilla shivered a little against my back but tried to stay as strong as she could. I clench my jaw and make sure to emphasize the venom in my tone.

“How the hell are you still alive?” I hiss, keeping my eyes hard and trying a hard as I can to keep Camilla calm, she was on the verge of freaking out, this shouldn’t be happening.

He smiles and lifts his hand up and waves it around a little. “It’s a funny story actually, after you killed me, I actually went into the darkness. I was there for 2 hours, nothing around you, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. The noises are what keep you on edge, the sound of other wolves, something creeping around you. But anyway, after I was killed, somehow I was found by a witch, she took me back to her lair and used wolfsbane to heal my wound” he was perfectly serious but humor still glimmered in his eyes. Did he just say wolfsbane?

“Wolfsbane?” I ask, I wasn’t getting what he was on about, wolfsbane is deadly to us. He snickered and rubbed his neck

“Yeah it is pretty strange but with just the right measurement of wolfsbane mixed with lavender and holy water, poured onto the wound it heals it. She said an incantation and as the wound healed I did too.” I was still confused, wolfsbane? He saw it in my face and sighed in frustration. “Wolfsbane irritates the skin of a werewolf if its poured directly onto it, makes it bubble. Well that combined with holy water and lavender, bubbles up the skin, the water and the incantation make the skin join itself back together. It’s really not that confusing” this guy was seriously getting under my skin, why the hell would a witch just randomly heal him? There’s got to be something more that I don’t know who would? Why would they? Who was there that cared abo- Emma that date of his at the meeting, it had to be. I shook my head, this can’t be happening. Camilla suddenly struggles as the group move in closer to us, I let out a loud growl to warn them off and hopefully draw Sam’s attention. Sam would be our lifeline, no we couldn’t beat them with just three of us but Sam would at least be able to get help.

The group are about to start something as Jamie suddenly puts both his hands up to holt them. He smiles at me then smirks at Camilla, he was going to hurt her. I lunged at him, he grabbed my left arm and yanked it back, folding it behind my back sharply. I groan as a sharp dig of pain shoots up and down my arm, if he pulled it anymore he would break it. Wolf bones don’t break easy so that just proves how much force he was using. Camilla suddenly growls and next thing I know it she’s behind Jamie with her hands either side of his head.

“Push anymore and I’ll snap your neck like a twig” her voice was harsh and eyes black at this point with anger, I’d never seen her like this I now knew how she must have felt when I was protecting her. Loved.

Jamie snickers and smiles widely. Touché he says smiling, he makes a clicking sound with his tongue and suddenly two of the group grab Camilla and push her down to the ground. I struggle and begin to shout at them to get off her when I suddenly feel another pull on my arm, letting out a yelp as it becomes almost unbearable. Camilla screams at the top of her lungs, but not out of fear, I knew her better than that, she did it to draw attention. I suddenly hear a familiar growl, one that I and Camilla both recognize all too well. A few pull away from the group to deal with the intruder, I hear growls and then someone wincing as the pain is delivered to him. I lift my head a suddenly see Sam being dragged into the circle with his arms behind his back and a blade held to his neck.

This was it, I had failed my pack.

I had failed Camilla.

Jamie suddenly stepped right beside Sam and looked at him with recognition. He smiled widely and I suddenly heard another voice, this one was female and no one attempted to stop her as she entered the circle, she walked up to Jamie and suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his, this kiss was meant to disgust us, to tease us one of us in particular. Sam.

Camilla’s POV

My eyes widened and I truly felt for Sam as Brittany practically jumped down Jamie’s throat, this was who she was having an affair with, this was the babies daddy? No oh god no! What no, she can’t be on his side, she’s no sweet and lovely, how can she do this to Sam? I turn my head to Sam, trying to ignore the pain as the weight on top of my back seemed to get heavier.... jeez who was sitting on me? Felt like a bloody hippo!

Sam had tears in his eyes and I wanted to run to him to comfort him, he didn’t deserve this. No one did, they’re both going to die because of me.... this is my fault. I’m the only one who should be punished.

Britt walked slowly towards Sam, with no sign of guilt in her eyes. Bitch! She snickers and strokes his cheek, grinning. “Awww poor Sam! If it makes you feel any better, I decided to slowly reject you instead if doing it full on! I thought I’d give you that much” her voice was soft and patronizing and he whimpered as he realized shed now just rejected him, I could see him about to full on sob.

No, I couldn’t have this I had to stop this.

Jamie suddenly growled “Well this has been fun, honestly I thought you guys would at least make it slightly challenging, but whatever. Kill them all, the Alpha first” The guy now holding Josh, grabbed his head and was about to break it. Josh quickly shot his eyes to me, love and sorrow clearly sitting in them. I suddenly felt the link open and Josh’s voice ripple through my head.

“I love you”

“I love you too..............”

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