Alpha Joshua

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18. Revenge

Camilla’s POV

I saw the guys arm twitch as he was about to snap my mates neck, I struggle underneath the guy restraining me and let out an ear-piercing scream.


My voice cracks at the end and Jamie holds up a hand to the person holding Josh to tell him to hold it. My voice is affected by the tears but I just need him to hear me. Already I can see malicious joy dancing in Jamie’s eyes at the idea of my protest. “Take me” I whisper, Jamie raises and eye brow at me and suddenly walks towards me. His strides were large and despite my struggle I couldn’t move. Bear in mind I’m still underneath the hippo! He bends down beside me so his face is right next to my mouth, I flicker my eyes to Josh and see him shaking his head.

“Camilla No!” Josh yells, being silenced when his restrainer puts pressure against his windpipe.

My heart clenches at his sudden silence but soon enough my attention is back to Jamie.

“What was that?” Jamie asks very amused, his face lit up and I bit my lip forcing myself to say it again.

I swallow the lump in my throat and choke back the tears stinging my eyes. “Take me. Do what you want with me, but please, let them and the pack live. You don’t ever attack or harm any of them. Leave them alone, take me” I whisper. My voice sounded broken, I felt broken. I wanted to die right at this moment, I’d rather die than be without Josh, than be with Jamie. He let out a snicker then stands up sharply.

“Release her” He hissed the guy suddenly stood up off me, leaving my body feeling ridiculously light. Jamie grabs my hair and pulls me up beside him, Josh begins to struggle against the guy holding him, growling and yelling at Jamie.

As Jamie’s grip tightens I feel the burn start to ripple across my skull. Guys always go for the hair!

“Don’t touch her!” Josh growls, his eyes are black at this point and he’s actually starting to budge the guy holding him. Jamie growls at him then drags his tongue up my cheek. I gag at the contact and hear Josh really starting to fight. His form begins to shake and I can tell he’s about to faze. Jamie pulls me harshly over to Josh and throws my roughly on him.

“Calm him down” he hisses.

“Camilla don’t do this!” Josh pants, I feel the muscles in my face constrict as I feel my tears soaking my cheeks.

I put my hands-on Josh’s face and cry as I know this will be the last time I ever look into these eyes, I’ll never see his smile, his smirk, his laughter ever again. My wolf whimpers at the thought and I can already feel my self-dying, if I was taken from Josh I would. I push my forehead gently on his as I look into his now glassy eyes.

“I love you” I whimpered. I squeezed my eyes closed and listened as his breathing becomes uneven from him now getting emotional.

“Camilla-” he tries to cut in but I need to say this.

“No. I need to do this” I cry

“Camilla don’t. It doesn’t matter what he does to me” He whispers. It does though. Jamie would kill him, then he’d kill the pack or at least enslave them. I couldn’t have that, these wolves are like my second family.

Suddenly 12 shots are blown, one after the other, taking 12 of the assassins down and leaving them dead. I whip my head to the shooter, as does everyone else. Two more shots are taken and the remaining 2 were out, leaving Josh and Sam now unrestrained. We all look in the direction of the shots and I jump up as I see who it is.

“Dad?” I ask, he smiles at me but interrupts me as I’m about to speak.

“Joshua, take your chance now to finish him, while we start a fire. They’re not dead, just knocked out.” My dad’s tone was harsh and I run off to grab some wood as Jamie shot off onto the woods attempting to escape Josh.

Josh is pissed at him for all this shit. Jamie stands no chance!

Joshua’s POV

I shot off in the direction Jamie went, pushing myself, willing myself to go faster. He was breathing heavily and I could smell the fear radiating from him, he knew this was it, once his body hit that fire he’d be gone for good. I take one final stride and throw my body on top of a struggling Jamie, we roll over and over, each one of us trying to gain control. I finally put all my weight on him, holding him securely down. His eyes fill with fear and I take this moment if weakness to finish him.

“I killed you once, I’ll do it again” I his and take my right hand to his head, I quickly snaky his neck to the right, the loud snap piecing my ears. I sigh and get up to carry his body back to the flames, he wasn’t heavy so I was back in a few minutes. The fire was roaring boldly when I returned, I couldn’t bear to look at it and I noticed neither could Sam or Camilla, all those bodies were grim. Camilla’s dad strides towards me and bower his head in respect, I shook my head at him.

“Thank you for saving our lives” he smiles and holds out his hand for me to shake.

“I’m Aaron, Camilla’s dad” I shake it firmly

“Joshua Posey, her mate” he smiles at me then takes the body from me and throws it into the flames. I close my eyes as trim away in disgust, but not before seeing the flames begin to lick the skin from Jamie’s body.

Sam suddenly joins me and I look over at him to check if he’s okay.

“Where’s Brittany?” I growl, I don’t expect him to get over her, he never will. He sighs and looks down in pure despair “She’s been taken down to the dungeons, she betrayed the pack.... I hate myself for loving her still” he whispers then turns abruptly and walks from me sharply. I couldn’t put myself in his shoes, it’s beyond belief I couldn’t even comprehend how he’s handling all this. I turn towards Camilla and her dad and see them hugging and chatting, it had been over 7 months since she’d seen her dad so I owed her this time with him. She deserved at least that after all that happened. Her dad seemed like an okay guy, her mom was lovely so I had high hopes for her dad.

Camilla’s POV

It had taken hours and hours for the bodies to burn and the smell was truly disgusting, causing my nose to wrinkle up and try to avoid the awful smell. We had returned to the pack house, well except my dad. He had gone to our house to spend time with mom, I told him I’d go back tomorrow and even asked mom if Josh could stay round also, she said “of course he can!”. The biggest question that kept revolving around my head is “why my dad in this area was?” he had simply said he had sensed my danger and he rushed over quickly, I guess it’s possible but I still don’t understand it.

Sam, Josh and I had been taken immediately to the pack doctor to get checked over after the attack. Me and Sam were fine, it’s Josh I was worried about, his arm had been pulled into an unnatural position. It wasn’t broken but he had strained the muscle there, quite severely although there was nothing they could do except wait for it to heal, which would be in a couple of days. Josh had been in the doctor’s office for a while now so me and Sam were waiting outside. We had been talking about the situation with Britt, he’d actually started it so I got the idea he wanted to get some advice. The problem is I have none to give, I can’t imagine being in his position.

“What are you going to do?” I turned my head as I asked him so I was now facing him. He sighed and leaned his head against the wall behind him.

“I don’t know. She betrayed me and the pack, Joshua won’t hesitate to kill her-r-r” his voice trailed off near the end and his body began to bounce as he sobbed once again. He covered his eyes with his left hand but his body still moved involuntarily. I walked up to him and wrapped him into a hug, he didn’t deserve this Britt was meant to be his mate. Mates aren’t meant to do this to one another! I look up at him to see he had calmed down a little but was still close to distraught.

The door opening to the doctor’s office made us turn our heads to face Josh as he walked out. His expression was grim but I hadn’t been able to touch, kiss or hug him since the attack so I pounced into his arms and wrapped my legs round his waist as I hugged him. I thought he’d wriggle away or tell me to not jump him in public but to my surprise he pulled my head down and joined his lips to mine passionately. I ran my fingers through the back of his hair and reveled in this sweet moment, I cannot explain the love I have for this boy. I suddenly pull back and turn to see Sam, he had left which made me feel really crummy seeing us had obviously hurt him, I didn’t blame him for leaving.

I turned back towards Josh and bored my eyes into his emerald green ones.

“I love you”

He took his left hand and stroked my cheek gently with his index finger and echoed my words.

“I love you”

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